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(Do people not use Yule Goat anymore? I didn't notice last year.)

Thank you so much for signing up to write one of my fandoms! You are a rock star. These are all particularly close to my heart, whether we're talking about a sci-fi novel I just fell in love with this year, the comic series that really cemented my passion for the medium when I was barely into double digits, or anything in between. As you maybe noticed, I'm the kind of person who likes to give lots of prompts and details, mostly because that's my preference as a writer! However, if you have a completely different idea already, go for it. I'm going to be thrilled no matter what.

While I enjoy a certain amount of angst and tension for spice, my fic preferences tend strongly towards the upbeat, silly or quietly comforting/hopeful, especially for Yuletide. (Things I enjoy at the end of a long year/in the cold of my New England winters: fluffy blankets, mugs of hot cocoa, and stories that warm my heart. I'm kind of a cheeseball.) This varies somewhat by fandom, of course!

General likes include: first times/getting together, wacky hijinks, humor, power play/dynamics/exchange (the DS is my favorite part of BDSM), romantic/sexual relationships that develop out of something else (ships with a basis in solid canon interactions of various kinds), conflict that sparks sexual tension, hot/desperate sex. Expansion on worldbuilding, AUs that take canon in an intriguing new direction, and relationship development intertwined with/based out of plot. Clever wordplay/banter, fake relationships, mutual pining, good communication (or bad communication that gets re-evaluated and resolved), consent. Found/chosen families, group/team dynamics, ridiculous living situations. Smart trope subversions. Happy endings.

DNW: non-canon character death, non-con, grim-darkness, character bashing (even if I don't particularly like a character/relationship), cheating/jealousy, excessive (ie non-canon-typical) violence, A/B/O and other biological imperative tropes, soulmates/marks, sheer fluffy romantic domesticity with no real story arc, unearned redemption/woobification. I also tend to be really picky about non-canon-based AUs and crossovers; when in doubt and unless otherwise specified, it's generally better to avoid them.

Canon-specific details for each of my fandoms (including the prompts from my sign-up), in AO3 tag list order:

Craft Sequence: Tara Abernathy, Catherine Elle, Seril, Teo Batan
There are so many complex, engaging female characters in these books that it’s really hard to choose between them!

I have a particular love of stories about the rebuilding/social restructuring/etc that happens after the end of canon; I also love the business/legal trappings of the books’ magic system, and exploration of professional relationships/partnerships would be very interesting to me! And after reading FOUR ROADS CROSS, I’m very intrigued by complicated goddess/human relationships.

You DO NOT have to include all four of these characters in one story. I’m interested in the following combinations (romantic/sexual or otherwise): Tara/Cat, Tara/Seril, Cat/Seril, Tara/Cat/Seril, and Cat/Teo. I’ll elaborate on each in my letter, but blanket DNWs: please no death, non-consensual sex, darkfic or excessive angst. (Dubiously consensual divine experiences that end well are another matter.)

I like the somewhat uneasy partnership between these two; they have different backgrounds and internal issues, but they’re good at working together where their interests align, and I appreciate the way that they both seem inclined to push each other. I’d enjoy a story about them working together through aftermath/rebuilding, set after either Three Parts Dead (as Tara deals with her career change, and Cat with the shift from Justice to Seril) or Four Roads Cross (Seril could give them some interesting common ground at that point)! Fighting, arguing … making out?

I was not expecting to ship this, but after Four Roads Cross … a goddess brought down almost to mortal level, and having to deal with thinking, communicating and perhaps feeling in those terms? And a Craftswoman, already off-balance because of her shift in allegiance, who finds herself working so closely with the divine that they practically share a skin? Damn. An elaboration on their interactions in the book could be fabulous, or working together (complete with continuing tension) on post-book rebuilding projects? Seril, having regained her sky, dealing with the shift in perspective (again)? Tara getting a little fed up/reluctantly intrigued by Seril’s continuing tendency to borrow Tara’s appearance for physical manifestation?

I’d love to read an exploration of the bond between avatar/servant and goddess, especially one that explores Cat building a new relationship with Seril in the wake of her more problematic and painful experience as a soldier of Justice. Perhaps set after Four Roads Cross, building on what we’ve seen there … Cat has finally ’surrendered’ in some sense, so what now?

Some combination of the above? :)

I would be particularly interested in thewe two working out their partnership and joint mission during and prior to the events of Full Fathom Five. They must have been uneasy allies, with their huge philosophical differences; both have such strong personalities and dramatic past experiences. It could be fun to frame this like a heist movie, maybe, with added UST?

Oxford Time Travel: Polly Churchill, Kivrin Engle, Verity Kindle
While this series (with the exception of Doomsday Book, naturally) is basically comfort reading for me, I’ve been thinking a good deal lately about aftermath, recovery, dealing with (temporal) culture clash and reorienting to life in one’s own time, and so forth. And trauma. I’d enjoy something that brings these three together at Oxford after their various canon adventures, sharing experiences and helping each other out. (Bonus if you include the whole feline re-population project ...!)

I’d prefer something that ends on a happy or hopeful note and doesn’t spend too much focus on darkness/depression. Also, while I’m okay with Ned and wouldn’t mind him showing up (though I’d prefer he not be the focus), Colin and Polly’s ’relationship,’ such as it was, was perhaps my least favorite part of Blackout/All Clear. Feel free to ignore his romantic motivations completely.

There isn't a whole lot I can add to this, honestly, except that a) I really love cats, so I am so not kidding about incorporating the re-population/rescue project from the end of To Say Nothing Of The Dog, and b) I would not at all mind a little expansion on life in the UK in the 2060s, or on what time-traveling historians do at Oxford apart from actually making trips! Oh, and I treasure the humor that is so integral to the academic side of life as we've seen it thus far, even in the darker books, so some application of same (even in an emotionally complex story) would be very welcome.

Also, I should maybe note that I do like Colin, especially wrt his relationship with Mr. Dunworthy and his historical ambitions ... I just didn't appreciate the romantic angle/damsel in distress business. Incorporating any of the familiar series faces into the background of your story, in general, would be delightful!

Wayfarers Series: Sissix, Rosemary Harper, Lovey, Jenks
While I love the entire Wayfarer crew and would be delighted to have a story that incorporates any/all of them (chosen family, yes please), I’m making this request with Rosemary/Sissix and Jenks/Lovey in mind. Feel free to pick one pair to focus on!

I loved the way Rosemary and Sissix’s relationship was portrayed in The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet, especially the way they got together in the first place (careful, respectful communication and working to figure out different cultural cues!) … but I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see much of its further development! I’d love to see you run with them in that same respectful and mutually exploratory, but also joyful and excited, vein. You know. Space relationship funtimes? Would prefer an upbeat tone (silly mistakes, sure, but preferably no angst).

For Lovey and Jenks, well. They broke my heart in pieces, so naturally I might be interested in something AU; a story where Lovey decided to use the body kit (before the accident, thereby escaping harm altogether), where they wind up exploring that new reality and navigating the requisite changes in their relationship and Lovey’s experiences in general? Or one where she survived the reboot, perhaps not without some damage, showing her and Jenks rebuilding together? I’d also enjoy the story of how they fell in love, pre-book! A certain amount of struggle is fine, but give me a story that ends happily, please?

I think I've about covered my feelings on these pairings, except to reiterate my love for the entire Wayfarers crew and general enjoyment of team/group dynamics and ridiculous living arrangement shenanigans. Also the sprawling worldbuilding in this series! And, erm. I don't object to a little on-page human/alien sex, IF you feel so inclined?

(I will definitely have read the second book before reveals, so if you find yourself wanting to references its contents, go for it! Or feel free not to! Either way. :))

Excalibur: Rachel Summers, Kitty Pryde
These two are one of my oldest, most ironclad OTPs, and the Claremont and Davis runs of Excalibur comprise what is probably my favorite superhero comic of all time. I love the zany humor and wacky hijinks, layered over chosen family and complex interpersonal dynamics! And while I do ship the hell out of these two, if that's just not going to be your thing, I'd enjoy a focus on them as friends and roommates as well.

Things I particularly love: Rachel's newly confident persona (without having much apparent interest in heterosexuality--ahem, the various straight dudes crushing on her), Rachel as the most competent Phoenix avatar, computer genius!Kitty, storyteller!Kitty, and especially all the teasing/flirting they do during this era. (That scene from an early issue where Rachel changes Kitty's outfit on her, because Kitty was pressing her to try out more conservative clothing!) And having each others' backs in a brawl. I suppose I'd most enjoy some kind of silly canon-typical adventure with added romance? Rachel's past trauma and complicated connection with Kitty/Kate Pryde are important, and if you want to bring them in I'm all over it, but I'm definitely looking for something relatively upbeat and happy.

This is the outfit-changing scene I was referring to. Also, I've been doing a fair amount of rereading/hunting down issues this summer, so here are a few Excalibur elements and storylines that I particularly love, for reference/playing off: Rachel & Kitty's strong mental link (multiple issues), and Rachel's psi-link with baby Nathan Christopher (I have a soft spot for siblings). Warwolves (and the odd results of their attempt to absorb Kitty in #1-2). The Technet! The Cross-Time Caper, especially medieval-fantasy-England (#12-13) and warlord world (#16-17), especially Rachel's solitary journey and re-emergence as a masked champion! Kitty's girls' school adventure. Excalibur and Technet (the N-Men?!) cohabiting. Kurt's everything, Meggan's self-exploration, and Brian taking every pratfall. Alistair and Alysande Stewart, and WHO. (Deliberate?) parodies of British culture, pop and otherwise. Um, I'll stop now, but you get the point, yeah? For me, Excalibur is all about a lot of cartoony absurdity and some really heartfelt characterization/relationships underneath.

Killjoys: Dutch, Delle Seyah Kendry
I have a huge thing for pairings like this one: a whole lot of UST between adversaries/sometime (reluctant) allies! They are both so used to being in control of their respective situations, and it’d be neat to see a story that puts each of them off-balance at various times in various ways, giving the other the upper hand only to flip again … mmm. I’d like to see them off on some side caper together, maybe even playing with the fake relationship trope?

I’d prefer something set during season one, before things between them would necessarily get a bit … grimmer. I’d prefer to avoid anything overly dark! Please do keep Delle morally ambiguous, though; also, no non-con or (major) character death.

Honestly, that about covers it; I love these two, but in not a terribly complicated way. I guess I could add that, with regard to their, shall we say, switchy dynamic, I'd prefer nobody really came out on top at the end of any story (as it were)? I'm happiest when both of them get their digs in. Lots of banter, badassery, glitz and politicking ... and hotness. Yeah. :)

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries: Phryne Fisher, Elizabeth MacMillan, Dorothy Williams
There are so many things to love about this series, but Phryne's relationships with Mac and with Dot are at the top of my list. I'd enjoy Phryne/Mac, Phryne/Dot, or gen with the three of them in the middle of an adventure! Something in the general tone of the show, sexy and ridiculous and all coming right in the end, for our heroines at least.

For Phryne/Mac, Some sort of romance during pre-series adventures (which grows into the firm friendship and partnership we see in canon) could be fun! So could an ongoing occasional-lovers sort of arrangement, with adventures, no doubt. Maybe a fake relationship (for the sake of solving a case, perhaps?) that becomes real?

As for Phryne/Dot, I love the way Dot grows and becomes more confident and outspoken over the course of the series, in part through Phryne’s friendship. Building that into something that becomes romantic/sexual (preferably not immediately, as that would lead to a very imbalanced dynamic) would be delightful.

If you go with gen, I do love Phryne/Jack, although I’d prefer a focus on the women. Also, obviously this is massively optional, but I’ve been daydreaming about a silly Jeeves and Wooster crossover (I envision Bertie and Phryne as cousins of some sort, and you know, a sojourn to Australia to escape aunt-ly influences) ... so if you’re familiar with both canons and feel inspired, have at it?

A few additional thoughts: with regard to Mac: if you don’t go the shippy route with her and Phryne, I’d love it if you’d create an awesome girlfriend for Mac who doesn’t wind up dead or the culprit by the end. Sigh. And for Dot, well, if you do go with Phryne/Dot, I’d prefer something AU where she was never involved with Hugh, to avoid anything too painful between them.

All right, I’ll stop teal-deering all over the place, here. Thank you again, so much. I hope you have fun, and good luck this [community profile] yuletide season!

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omg I am ALL over your Oxford Time Travel request! It is the WONDERFULLEST and I hope it gets written! (It would be unrealistic to hope I'll have time to reread and do it myself but damnnnnnn I want to read it for sure.)


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