Mar. 4th, 2011

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This hasn't been my best week. It's frustrating, because I've really been feeling ready to dive in and do things and make more things again, but after a "weekend" that was mostly taken up with family and funeral, and coming back to work to find myself deluged with a large number of time-sensitive tasks with which I was unfamiliar (my boss still being out on bereavement leave) ... I kind of had to cave into being exhausted all the time and spending all my energy on my job.

That said, despite the significant chill this morning, I woke up with a very strong feeling that spring was (if not in the air) very definitely on the horizon. My day was pretty brutal after that, but I still feel optimistic!

Also, I wanted to share this:

It's a three-minute scene from Star Trek (the reboot), re-filmed with female actors. It's maybe not perfect, but it makes me really happy anyway. Any little glimpse into a world where movies like that would have women in roles like that, not played any differently ... siiigh.

I am going to sleep a whole lot tonight. Also, I might rewatch this week's White Collar first, because that was just completely delightful. *____*


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