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For the umpteenth time: coloring art is hard. Bleurgh. Trek fanart just doesn't seem to want to be b&w, though, so maybe this will force me to do better at it! (I'm pretty excited about my piece, anyway!)

On a related note: the author sign-ups for [ profile] trekreversebang end today! There is still time to get in on the action! You too can write 6K of Star Trek fic based on someone's amazing fanart. (Can't wait to seeeeee, omg.)

I finally got around to watching the fifth and sixth TOS movies with my roommate recently. (How much do I love living with such a huge sci-fi geek, even if she's not a slasher? Although, I did discover that she wrote Vision of Escaflowne fic when she was a teenager. Ha.) The fifth was . . . well. Nobody was lying about that, although I rather enjoyed the shore leave stuff at the beginning. Undiscovered Country was certainly an improvement, and now I understand lots of fandom references better (this piece in particular). ;) I'm almost done with the original cast now, woe. I should watch the rest of TAS at some point.

I'm still re-watching Farscape, also, and just . . . holy shit. I didn't think I'd forgotten how much I love this show, but I guess I did, because wow. Also, "John Quixote" makes so much more sense if you've actually watched the whole series in order up to that point. ;)

I got my portfolio assembled last night, so now I'm just going to ignore it and focus on fandom until the weekend. Yeah.

Happy March? (Stop raining already?)


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