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I thought it might make sense to do this? This list contains fanart dating back to early 2006, so some of it is very old and terrible. Newest stuff at the top of each section.

Note: now that I've mostly moved to tumblr, newer pieces will be linked there directly. However, I'd like to maintain this list, at least until such a time when the AO3 (hopefully) introduces direct uploading for fanart!

bandom fanart

illustrations & fanart for [personal profile] jjtaylor's Detective Agency series
- working late (Mindless Self Indulgence; Lindsey/Jamia; PG)
- the red repose poppy (My Chemical Romance; gen)
- the Dewees geis montage (My Chemical Romance/James Dewees/The Hush Sound; gen)
- "I'm on fire, aren't I?" (My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard)
- in the greenhouse (My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard)

other fic illustration
- illustration for Anticipating Your Next Move, by [personal profile] fleurdeliser and [personal profile] tuesdaysgone (Mindless Self Indulgence/Comics RPF; Lindsey/Becky)
- two illustrations for And I Will Be Your Goal, by [personal profile] fleurdeliser and [personal profile] tuesdaysgone (My Chemical Romance; gen/implied Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison)
- illustration for Fog, Sheets, and Thunder, by [ profile] theopteryx (My Chemical Romance, implied Frank/Gerard)
- illustration for Angels From The Neon, by [ profile] the9thdoctor (My Chemical Romance/Killjoys; gen)
- illustration for The Kids From Yesterday, by [personal profile] tuesdaysgone (My Chemical Romance/pre-Killjoys; gen)
- a doodle & an illustration for Nothing To Confess, by [personal profile] jjtaylor (Fall Out Boy/Killjoys; Pete/Patrick)
- four illustrations for Only Going One Way, by [personal profile] jjtaylor and [personal profile] ataratah (My Chemical Romance/Due South; Frank/Gerard)
- two pieces of fanart for Heaven Help Us, by [ profile] bexless (WARNING for blood & demonic possession) (My Chemical Romance; gen)
- cover art for cadenza (and so he confessed it to her), by [ profile] beingothrwrldly (Panic! at the Disco/The Hush Sound, Brendon/Greta)
- weird encounters (fanart for Through The Longest Hours, by [ profile] thelemic) (My Chemical Romance; gen)
- three illustrations for Staring Through The Demons, by [ profile] bexless (My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard)
- fanart for The Old Straight Track, by [personal profile] jjtaylor (My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard)

- Gerard vs. evil coffee revisited (My Chemical Romance; gen)
- we're all mad here (Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco/Cobra Starship; Pete/Patrick)
- here is your verse (Fall Out Boy; Pete/Patrick)
- Gerard vs. evil coffee (My Chemical Romance; gen)

other fanart
- Canvas (WARNING for simulated gore) (MCR/MSI; Gerard/Lindsey)
- Becky/Lindsey preliminary sketchin' (MSI/comics RPF; Becky Cloonan/Lindsey Ballato)
- 1920s kinky vintage photoshoot AU pinups (Gold Motel/Cobra Staship; Greta/Victoria; NSFW)
- Happy Holidays yeti!Dewees (gen)
- Show Pony birthday doodle (Killjoys; gen)
- Korse at the Carnival (My Chemical Romance/Killjoys/[ profile] thegaystarfish; gen)
- Grant Morrison bakes cookies (hrm, bandom-connected comics RPF; gen)
- stay helpless (Fall Out Boy/Killjoys/Black Cards/Ashlee Simpson; implied Pete/Patrick)
- BL/ind Patrick doodle (Fall Out Boy/Killjoys; gen)
- art-watching (My Chemical Romance; implied Grant Morrison/Gerard)
- Korse/Gerard doodle (My Chemical Romance/Killjoys; implied Korse/Gerard)
- writer's block (Brian Schechter and [personal profile] jjtaylor; gen)
- springtime femslash (Cobra Starship/Ashlee Simpson; Vicky-T/Ashlee)
- unlikely duet (The Hush Sound/Amanda Palmer; Amanda/Greta)
- desolation row doodle (My Chemical Romance; gen)
- hop on Bob (My Chemical Romance; gen)
- two untitled doodles (My Chemical Romance/Mindless Self Indulgence; Gerard/Lyn-Z)
- fanart for [ profile] thegaystarfish (My Chemical Romance/Panic! at the Disco; Frank/Gerard, Ryan/starfish)
- the proper use for a necktie (My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard)
- rocking a poncho (Cobra Starship; gen)
- fantaisie-reprise (The Hush Sound/Cobra Starship; Greta/Vicky-T)

[ profile] theopteryx's Mary Sue memes
- Acme, a Killjoys Mary Sue
- a Black Parade Mary Sue

star trek fanart

Alternate Original Series
- inappropriate conduct (in the turbolift) (Kirk/Spock/Uhura; NSFW)
- untitled band AU (gen with implied Spock/Uhura)
- advertisement for [ profile] yuletart 2009 (gen)

The Next Generation
- outfit meme: Picard (gen)
- lap smooches (Deanna Troi/K'Ehleyr)
- afterhours (Deanna Troi/Katherine Pulaski)
- you can let your monster out (with me) (Deanna Troi/K'Ehleyr)

Deep Space Nine
- quiet down (Dejar/Gilora, NSFW)
- almost (Opaka/Winn)
- fanart for Your Mark Has Been Made by [ profile] Prevailing (implied Garak/Bashir)
- fanart for As Long As You Like by [ profile] LadyVean (gen-ish, NSFW)
- making (each other) up (Garak/Bashir)
- kiss-in (Ezri Dax/Lenara Kahn)
- outfit meme #2: Kilana (gen)
- outfit meme: the Founder (gen)
- outfit meme #2: Garak (gen)
- outfit meme: Kira & Keiko (Kira/Keiko)
- outfit meme: Quark #2 (implied Quark/Odo)
- outfit meme: Ezri, Kira & Weyoun (Kira/Dax)
- outfit meme: Quark (gen)
- outfit meme: Elim Garak (gen?; NSFW)
- outfit meme: Ben Sisko x2 (gen)
- outfit meme: Kira & Ezri (gen-ish)
- heat of the moment (Garak/Sisko)
- tail sleeve (gen)
- heartless killing machine (Garak/Bashir)
- space fancy (gen)
- PDA (Garak/Bashir, AU)
- fanart for Splice by [ profile] tinsnip (Garak/Bashir, AU)
- fanart for Deep Dish Nine by [ profile] ladyyatexel (Garak/Bashir, AU)
- try, try again (Kira/Dax)
- work of art (Garak/Bashir; fanart for The Policy of Truth by [ profile] Prevailing; NSFW)
- Keiko O'Brien portrait (gen)
- we can make out, but (Major Kira/Gul Dvoll; fanart for Inside Out by [ profile] Prevailing, kind of)
- the lizard at the end of this sketchbook (gen)
- appreciation (Pel/Ezri Dax)
- power couple (Natima Lang/Grilka)
- dapper Dax (gen)
- Grilka portrait (gen)
- Natima Lang portrait (gen)
- dancing with the devil (Garak/Sisko)
- fanart for Inside Out by [ profile] Prevailing (gen, AU)
- hold your peace (gen-ish)
- entwined (Garak/Bashir)
- in a holosuite, with ducks. (Garak/Bashir)
- space lesbian beach day (Dax/Kahn)
- enjoyable companionship (gen-ish)
- strip tongo (gen)
- family (gen)

other fandoms!

Avatar: The Last Airbender
- some like it hotman (gen)
- the dragon of the west, victorious (again) (gen)
- cracked-out bandom fusion (crossover with My Chemical Romance & Cobra Starship; gen)

- badass lady team-up (crossover with DC Comics; gen)
- Firefly fusion (gen)
- it's good enough for me (implied Castle/Beckett)

- that thing she does (Diana/Etta)

Disney's The Little Mermaid
- squeeze (Ursula/Ariel; NSFW)

Doctor Who
- a Pond visits the Loch (gen)

Due South
- all tied up (adapted from DONE With Love, by [personal profile] lucifuge5; Kowalski/OFC; NSFW)

- things I don’t understand (Moriarty/Watson, kind of)

From Eroica With Love
- Fabulousman to the rescue! (based on fic by [ profile] mosellegreen) (gen-ish)
- Klaus & Dorian (gen)

Good Omens
- race/genderbent fancast (gen)
- cottage holiday (Newt/Anathema)
- holiday cheer (Crowley/Aziraphale)
- kind of married (Crowley/Aziraphale)
- what is it good for? (gen)

- Alana Bloom puppy pile doodle (gen)

Harry Potter
- faster, Potter! (gen)

Kim Possible
- tactics (Kim/Shego)

Marvel Comics
- outfit meme: America Chavez (America Chavez; gen)
- faculty date night (X-Men; Rachel Summers/Kitty Pryde)
- rise again (X-Men; gen)
- first date (Young Avengers/Ms Marvel; America Chavez/Kamala Khan)
- Ms. Marvel, I presume (Young Avengers/Ms. Marvel; based on fic by [personal profile] thingswithwings)
- GIANT. SPACE. BULLET. (X-Men; Rachel Summers/Kitty Pryde)
- winter in New York (Runaways; Victor/Nico)
- kiss hello (X-Men; Rachel Summers/Kitty Pryde; NSFW)
- she needs a little sparkle (Runaways; Karolina/Xavin; NSFW)
- happy holidays! (X-Men; Rachel Summers/Kitty Pryde)

- fanart for An Exercise in Politics, by [ profile] suaine (Gwen/Morgana)

The Middleman
- the seasonal crossover massacre (crossover with The Umbrella Academy; gen)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
- neither pink nor pale (Phryne/Mac)
- dishabille (Phryne/Jack)

Once Upon A Time
- weapons aside (Emma/Regina)

Orphan Black
- two alike (Beth/Alison)

Parks & Recreation
- Leslie/waffles OTP doodle

Pretty Little Liars
- Alison/Emily/Spencer doodle

Revolutionary Girl Utena
- 'But ... why a bird?' (gen; illustration of commentfic by [personal profile] alexmegami)
- jazz age AU (Utena/Anthy)

Sailor Moon
- sacred (Setsuna/Michiru/Haruka)
- prom sparkles (Hotaru/ChibiUsa)
- storytime (gen)
- keep sparkling (gen; Killjoys fusion)
- the queen and the guardian (Queen Serenity/Sailor Pluto)
- Sailor Saturn birthday card for [personal profile] ataratah (gen)
- henshin yo! (gen)
- come closer (Michiru/Haruka)

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
- Cosmic Heart Attack (gen)

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
- cherries (Helena/Hermia; NSFW)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
- Finn Appreciation Society (Rey/Finn, Poe/Finn)

Stargate: Atlantis
- fanart for Ardhanarishvara, by [ profile] auburnnothenna and [ profile] monanotlisa (girl!John/girl!Ronon)
- the monster was me (Teyla/Kate Heightmeyer)

Teen Wolf
- lost and found (Allison/Lydia)
- punk AU fanart (Kali/Jennifer)
- two illustrations for Follow Your Groove by [ profile] clio_jlh (Scott/Allison, other pairings in the fic)
- Consorting (Scott/Allison/Isaac)
- she's electric (Kira/Malia)
- Timing! (Kira/Malia)
- tiny Braeden tribute (gen)
- morning discoveries (Stiles/Malia)
- Scott McCall is a Magical Girl (gen)
- Teen Ghost: pilot episode (gen-ish; WARNING for canonical character death)
- focal point (Allison/Lydia; WARNING for canonical character death)
- hunter//hunted (gen; collaboration with [personal profile] ataratah!)
- Allison Argent doodle, S4 doodles (gen, Derek/Scott, Stiles/Malia)
- Teen Ghost (gen; WARNING for canonical character deaths)
- Tuxedo Mask to the rescue (gen-ish; Sailor Moon fusion)
- 'You shouldn't trust a fox' (Scott/Void!Stiles; WARNING for blood/injury)
- badass supernatural teenage girls (gen)
- 'A supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures.' (gen)
- If you want something done right ... (gen)
- 'I don't want a boyfriend.' (Allison/Lydia)
- weird Derek dream doodle (gen)
- Jinkies! (gen; Scooby Doo fusion)

Warehouse 13
- Tesla at ... tesla-point (crossover with Sanctuary; gen)

Welcome To Night Vale
- I AM FOUND doodle (gen)
- your words and my ears (gen)

The Wicked + The Divine
- gateway (Inanna/Baal)

Honestly I don't know how much this is likely to come up! But here goes. My fanart is freely available (no permission required) for the following transformative uses: writing fic or remixing/drawing new art based on/inspired by it. You are also more than welcome to use any fic illustration I've done as cover art for podfic of that story. (In all cases, it would be awesome if you would link me after! I'd be so excited.)

IF you wish to use my art for icons, banners, other graphics (including cover art for fanmixes or podfic not originally related to the drawing), or anything else that involves reproducing/combining/altering my actual images, please do ask permission before posting. And if you want to repost my work anywhere (including tumblr) I would really appreciate credit and a link back to the original context. Thanks so much for understanding!

General rule: if you know my real name or any of my non-fannish social media accounts, please never publicly link them to my fannish accounts! Thank you so much. :)


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