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It's freezing cold in my office! Why?

So I don't know if I'm the absolute latest or what, but have you guys seen this? It's an unused scene written for Shatner at the end of AOS (I can't seem to settle on terminology here), and um, holy shit. (As [ profile] guinsky put it, "YOUR JOB IS TO LOVE ME, SPOCK. COME BACK AND LOVE ME.") I really want to rewatch a lot of TOS now, but I really have to buckle down and focus on my [ profile] yuletide fandom, which is a very different sort of thing. (Anyway I can watch TOS when my mother opens her Christmas present from me this year! So long as we can hear it over the sound of my dad's groaning.)

Tangentially, I am really irked by the dearth of Uhura fanart on dA. (Not to mention the actual bashing, which is so much easier to avoid on LJ. Ugh.) I think that will have to be a priority after the holidays.

Other things. I keep putting off watching the most recent episode of Eastwick, because I've heard that it will finally upset me a whole lot. :/ MCR blog posts from months ago keep popping up as "new" items on my Google Reader for some reason. (Teases!) People on the internet keep saying that Twilight is totes good for women because it demonstrates our power at the box office, which I think is awful bullshit. And, Greta is pretty. *_*

[ profile] yuletart posting begins on Friday! I'm so excited. You guys should tune in for all the kickass multifandom art.
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There is so much leftover Halloween candy around the office today. Seriously, did all the kids in Central Mass stay home on Saturday?

Oh, [ profile] yuletide season. So ridiculous. I have the google doc with my "to offer" list open in the background as I work, and I just keep deleting things and then adding them back. (Surely someone will want Eastwick femslash? I love Paul Gross to handsome talented bits, but I don't think I want to write anything focusing on Darryl.) I'm looking forward to sign-ups opening, so I can stop second-guessing myself and just take the damn plunge.

Speaking of Eastwick, I'm a little weirded out by how much I'm enjoying it. I keep expecting every episode to be the one that finally pisses me off, but . . . it keeps not happening. (And meanwhile: walked through fire. ♥ Uh, yeah. I sort of feel like I'm thirteen again and making hearthands over Now and Then, but what the hell.)

I've been in post-move hibernation mode for the last couple of weeks, so I've been watching a lot of tv (and reading YA fantasy novels . . . in my defense, The Dark Is Rising is not a series I'd read before). I got my new roomie watching some first season Farscape with me--it's really a shame that I only have a handful of episodes (maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas)--wondered again why I've never watched more than a handful of episodes of Psych, and fell in love with White Collar (least surprising ever). Has anyone written a Leverage crossover yet? Because seriously, people. (I want the lesbian agent back, though. Can't we have her and Natalie?)

Also, why did nobody tell me that the Star Trek: Animated Series is really fun? It features things like Tiny Spock, and kickass Uhura (and Chapel) taking charge of the ship! (Why couldn't there have been just one TOS episode like that?) The animation's pretty crummy, but some of the background painting is pretty gorgeous.

Goal for the week: pin down my [ profile] yuletart contribution. If I haven't at least decided on a fandom by the time [ profile] yuletide sign-ups open, there will be panic and bloodshed.
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Man, my 'shipping preferences have been extremely poly of late. I just watched the latest Merlin episode, and my squeeing OT4 love brought my newer roommate wandering into my room with a very confused expression. (Lancelot, I'm sorry to say, left me quite cold this time.) Also, I can't seem to stop watching this Star Trek XI vid. I want so much more fic. (More fic that isn't just porn. Oddly enough, this is my problem with new!Trek in general: it's a fandom filled with PWPs, and I've a serious craving for plot. /o\ I know, seriously, shut up.)

I had a lovely weekend driving around in the fall weather with my parents and family friends (and their two-year-old, who is a blessedly quiet little thing most of the time). It's been so gorgeous! I wish I had time to sit down and play with my Halloween costume, but I kind of have to spend this short week packing frantically.

I haven't been able to draw much (though I did script a couple of original comic strips, and I'm aiming to be the very last fanartist to complete that new!Trek art meme), but I did manage to color some old lineart. Here's a pairing I haven't touched in awhile!

Warning for a heavy dose of mush, and blatant canon-fixing. This is what happens when people turn Joss Whedon loose on my comic books. >:(

GIANT. SPACE. BULLET. (X-Men h/c, natch.) )

It's ridiculously chilly in my apartment (the new one's insulated so much better, yay), and I should really go to bed, but! Speaking of reboot fic that isn't PWP, check out this Trek/The Little Prince fusion by [ profile] ayalesca, with adorable illustrations by [ profile] mangotrills! Makes a decent bedtime story.
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(I did in fact watch The Search For Spock and The Voyage Home this week, but I'm totally taking a break from Trek movies now. Yep.)

Oh geez, holiday madness is truly upon us. [ profile] yuletide has its brainstorming post up; I've stuck my hastily cobbled-together list of possibilities here. (I haven't even seen Whip It! yet, but I'm going to be pretty shocked if I don't want to slash it.)

I've been waffling for the last week or so about [ profile] st_santa . . . I dropped [ profile] go_exchange this year to avoid overload, but Star Trek! I mean, it's one of the most popular offers/requests at [ profile] yuletart this year, naturally, buuut. Hrm. On the other hand, that's looking kind of tiny.

Also I was thinking about trying to put together a general holiday card for the first time in a few years . . . would people be interested in that?

Did I mention I'm moving a week from tomorrow? Ahaha. /o\
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Oh man. I watched The Wrath of Khan for the first time (twice) this week, and I just keep thinking "I hate it when villains quote Shakespeare" and chuckling to myself. I really want to watch Farscape again, right now. (It doesn't hurt that reboot!Kirk's characterization reminds me of John Crichton more than Shatner.)

Apart from that, I've been watching a bunch of TV. I caught up with Leverage long since and have been making my way through various peoples' bookmarks (I can see that this is going to be another deserving fandom that's tragically short of fic, but at least that means [ profile] yuletide - I might actually make two requests in one fandom this year). Eastwick is ridiculously entertaining, though I'm a little terrified that it'll go south suddenly. (That choice of phrasing was actually not on purpose, but now I kind of have to leave it.) Merlin continues to be bad but endearing, and I actually should write a little more about various developments if I ever remember. And well, there's Dollhouse. I watched the unaired first season episode back-to-back with the second season premiere, and I don't even know. Still can't look away.

I would really like to go see Amanda Palmer play with the Boston Pops on New Years Eve, but damn, those are some pricy tickets. I might pay that much to see Bowie, but that's about it. :(

Lastly, [ profile] yuletart sign-ups end in three days!
Kirk says sign up!

Errrr. I don't know, I've been looking for any excuse to try drawing them, and this was a quick first attempt? (So much more Uhura later. And er, all-around better, I hope.) I'm ridiculous. And excited. :D

And I should really go to bed. I'm even worse at that than usual, lately.
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Is it me, or does Spock's characterization get a bit wonky towards the end of season 3? I mean, not that everything in TOS is not always wonky or anything, but.

("Forget." :DDDDD: And playing the lyre with space hippies!)

Dear flist, you don't happen to have any Kirk/Spock/Uhura recs by any chance? I read a ficlet the other day and was intrigued; this always happens when I love two pairings with a common character.
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My epic meta-writing is pretty well over, for now (I haven't tried to do that in ages - it was more frustrating than I expected, and wow am I out of practice). But there are a few really good links I want to share with you this morning afternoon (whoops, where did the time go?).

[ profile] blackboggart has a really fantastic post on artistic integrity and artistic responsibility. This is something I have been having a lot of trouble articulating, not just during this wank, but all year, and it goes above and beyond warnings wank or fandom context. Clear and pretty concise. You should read it.

[ profile] impertinence has another good (brief) post about the use of "privilege," and the way in which this wank has illustrated the cult of silence surrounding sexual violence victims. There's some smart stuff in the comments, too, particularly from [ profile] quiet000001.

[ profile] giddygeek has a very reasonable post supporting the use of warning for triggery material. (I can't feel sorry for my anger and occasional severity, in previous posts; however, I appreciate and respect this calm rationality and I suspect others would as well.) She also calls out some truly disgusting behavior. While the individual who perpetrated it probably doesn't deserve fandom's attention, the act itself does, because it throws into sharp relief the very real social problems tied to this wank and some of the attitudes displayed during the course of it.

In other news, I am super excited about MCR doing vocal tracking! (GERARD SINGING. *_* I just want more of that in my life.) But I'm absolutely horrified by the news about Bob's dog. DDDDDD: I hope that fucking trainer gets what's coming to him.

Lastly, a brief Star Trek (reboot) rec: Reading Against/Reading With: Mastering the Oppositional Discourse in Textual Healing, by [ profile] emeraldwoman. (I'm not supposed to be reading Trek yet, but it was short, okay.) So the Star Trek kink meme had this completely awesome prompt: Short essay section (50 points) Please apply the techniques of at least one school or theory of literary analysis to any of the following pairings [...] DUDE. So very much what I needed, last night. (Thank you so much, [ profile] go_gentle. ♥)
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Just got back from spending my weekend with the family. Oh hey, the first BBB I drew for--Through The Longest Hours, by [ profile] thelemic--has been posted. \o/ You can find my art here. It's based on old pre-Code horror comics covers (though it's not remotely gruesome). I was reading The Ten-Cent Plague at the time. ;) Anyway, it was a super fun fic to draw for, and the piece is pretty different from my usual.

I am still really behind on BBB, and pretty much everything else. All I've managed to pay attention to online in the last day or so has been the bandom warnings wank. With regard to that: warnings are a courtesy people in fandom perform for each other, and while YMMV on the exact extent of their use, they are on the whole a positive and useful convention for our community. As far as I'm concerned, refusing to warn for potentially triggery material in fanfiction is a seriously shitty thing to do, and lecturing survivors on being 'stronger' is more or less unspeakable. Some of what I've seen this weekend has just been horrifying; my flist (which itself is not horrifying ♥) has been full of posts that have been long and eloquent on the subject. [ profile] impertinence has a particularly important--and disturbing, graphic, and personal--post that deals with triggering in an in-depth way. Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

I think a lot about artistic responsibility, though I don't have postably eloquent thoughts on it (as a general topic), right now. Fandom, however, is not a space for putting artistic integrity (such as it is) before other peoples' pain. Ugh.

Anyway . . . stuff. TOS has proved to be the best of all pick-me-ups lately, so I think I'll curl up with some more of Season 2 and my [ profile] thelittlebang piece (which is going great). I should post something reaction-y at some point, though at this point it might mostly be "OMG SPOCK ♥___________♥ WTF I AM MY MOTHER." We were having a lot of fun rehashing random plots in the car today, to the amusement of my father and brother.
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Oh man, so I've been mainlining Star Trek: TOS all week. I am giddy with new fandom love and entirely amused at myself, because well, "new." This is my mother's fandom that I've gone and fallen for here.

Actually, I think that's kind of awesome, though. I've always loved the whole history/community part of fandom so much, and the new movie has made Star Trek into this crazy generation-bridging thing. I mean, sure, plenty of new!Trek fans aren't interested in going back and exploring the older canon, and that's valid (as a comics fan--not to mention a new!Who fan--I'd be pretty hypocritical to say otherwise). For me, though, the existence of all that past canon is a huge part of the attraction, even though the fic I've been reading so far is all new!Trek. (The stuff I've been liking best is at least somewhat informed by TOS.)

I could flail on, but this is actually pretty terrible timing for a new fandom. /o\ I have so many fannish commitments this month, I am making to-do lists and schedules (and not letting myself look at any Star Trek fanart, because I will want to draw some and I can't).

It's kind of nice to be a bit multifannish again. I'm still quite in love with bandom, and there's been an awful lot of MCR-related flail lately (new album, new baby, Ray voiceposting about music, Frank tweeting about the Decemberists ♥♥♥). I'm sure it'll be easier to put Trek on the back burner (temporarily) once those BBBs start going up. :DDD (Goodness knows, I crave longfic in every fandom . . . I hope someone is writing the plotty epic with slow-building Kirk/Spock, kickass-with-her-own-plot Uhura, and generally fantastic ensemble-y Trek fic of my dreams, but I doubt they'll be posting it for awhile.)

I have to go bury myself in my sketchbook again now (so many deadlines), but a couple of things first. If you haven't, you really MUST check out the stunning fanart [ profile] theopteryx did for "Heaven Help Us," here. (SPOILERS.) Meanwhile, [personal profile] oliviacirce has some intriguing fandom meta (with epic amounts of discussion in the comments) here, and a follow-up post here. And lastly, very long story short, there was some stomach-turning talk show radio transphobia the other day that is extremely worth responding to. It seriously doesn't take long to send a quick email off to advertisers; we don't need that kind of hate speech on our airwaves ever. (Directed at children! I won't lie; I couldn't even read that article all the way through, much less listen to the actual broadcast.)

Okay, sketchbook. It is really helpful to have "new" TV to watch while I'm drawing all this fanart. ;)


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