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It is finally, finally properly winter out there, you guys, and so goddamn beautiful. I got back from The Hobbit with my mother last night and instantly swapped boots to shovel the driveway (in my kicky little skirt and tights, because why not, it was all just sparkly fluff). In honor of the season, I made a mix!

It's ... honestly super melancholy? Turns out that a lot of my favorite winter songs are also about heartbreak. But I think it captures a certain bittersweet calm, even peace, peppered with little touches of hope and forward momentum ... things I tend to feel about this season. It does have a little Christmas flavoring as well, though I wanted to have a light touch with that.

mix: mind of winter )

I've been having a really nice vacation, doing the rounds visiting some of my local (and fellow visiting) friends, hanging with my family, watching Christmas specials and doodling things. [personal profile] chaiminda crocheted me a(n adorable) pentapus. I cannot capture Jonathon Young (Sanctuary's Tesla)'s face, much to my disgust. I have barely touched Yuletide, although I did really LOVE this Fame story: Being What We Can. Ralph, Doris and Montgomery! <333 Chosen family! The eighties (and attendant trauma)! Coming of age, self-destruction and building new paths! Eventual v-shaped poly! Seriously, it's fantastic, a story I've always wanted for that film.

Speaking of stories, have some relatively quick (and spoilery) reactions to the seasonal viewing I've done this week ...

Doctor Who: The Snowmen )

Downton Abbey Christmas special )

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey )

Say, would anyone be able to hook me up with an audio version of The Silmarillion, by any chance? It's always good to have nice, lengthy material to listen to while drawing ...

Also, speaking of audio (and recs), check out [personal profile] pennyplainknits's recording of "Spin the Wheel of the Year (Close Your Eyes and Point)", the most recent piece of [personal profile] jjtaylor's Detective Agency bandom AU-verse. The story and the reading are both wonderful.
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It's a new week! I need that. The rain's back, but I don't care; you make your fresh starts where you can find them.

I spent the weekend drawing and cooking, as per usual (Green Risotto Primavera, mmmm). Took some "sketch" prompts from friends, because I've been stalling out a bit, and with the [ profile] bandombigbang deadline coming right up, I needed something to get me back in gear in a bad way. Here's the first ... not particularly sketchy, as it turns out (if slightly less meticulous than usual, I swear).

the Governor and her assistant

For [ profile] mrsronweasley, Lindsey (the Governor) and Jamia from [personal profile] jjtaylor's Detective Agency series, working late. ;) I've never drawn Jamia before, so, bit of a challenge! Also, I can't lie; I totally have a thing for Lindsey in those glasses, and also in that striped tie/vest outfit, so I couldn't resist putting them together. (Also, if you haven't read JJ's little NSFW outtake about another time these two worked late, well, do yourself a favor.)

That was ridiculously fun. I pretty much have to get back to work before I can tackle any of the other requests (especially if I'm going to be this slow about it), but there will be female-character-centric art posted intermittently while I take care of my obligations. \o/ Because I haven't drawn enough women in a long, long time.

In other random news, I watched more Fringe this weekend, and man. I wish the architecture in this place resembled an old church.
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a daisy with an eye in the middle of the blossom

It's a glorious, crisp spring day out; I think I'm going to take my sketchbook down to the harbor for most of the day. It's the first weekend in ages that I haven't had to be off on a bus to somewhere else! Not that those weren't lovely trips, but I'm kind of pleased that this week, I get to sit back and let the fangirls (and my band) come to me.

I've been a little stuck with fanart lately, which is no good when I have charity commissions to be working on! But a few weeks back I pulled out all the thumbnails I did for [personal profile] jjtaylor's The Detective's Secret and the Mystery of the Dancing Flowers back in December and started noodling around. It was nice to have something already planned out to jumpstart myself with! I've been meaning to post a new scene from that story every now and then, so here's another.

This piece was a collaborative effort! The windows in the background were designed by the very talented [personal profile] ataratah, who also makes a fantastic art beta. Thanks, bb. ♥

the red repose poppy. )

Okay, time to get off my ass very soon now; I need to make the most of living so close to the water before I go moving to a landlocked state for two years.
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Thank fucking goodness it’s a three-day weekend. I may, at times, have wondered if I was blowing this time of year out of proportion a bit, but really, not so much. Once again, I’m grateful that the windows on my floor don’t open – defenestration of particularly uncooperative faculty members does get a bit tempting now and then. (Seven more months ... and only three more weeks of Admissions season. I'll just keep daydreaming about dyeing my hair outrageous colors the second I can do that again, and maybe other things too.)

It’s just as well that bandom has eaten my brain again, really; it’s a pretty great distraction. A few days ago, I randomly dreamed that Greta Salpeter asked me out on a date and we cuddled in the middle of a big, sunny field (there was some sort of festival setting up nearby). My subconscious isn’t usually so fluffy, but it was nice. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before all the Grant Morrison-related ephemera I’ve been consuming catches up to me. (I watched the Disinfo speech a few days ago. I don’t even know, nor am I sure I want to. I do want to finally get back to reading The Invisibles, though.)

Seriously, how did this even happen? Fandom in comics and comics in fandom … I’ve watched the Talking With Gods documentary twice in the last week, so I suppose fanart is only a matter of time, really. Particularly since I seem to have made illustrating [personal profile] jjtaylor my fannish occupation of late.

Speaking of which! It was her birthday yesterday, a fact which helped me decide which scene from “The Detective’s Secret” I’d play with next. (I have a longish list.) Hope you like it, bb; happy belated! ♥

Not going into the pool. )

It occurred to me recently that I miss using this space for conversation, rather than just as a slightly talky gallery. I’ve seriously gotten out of the habit of commenting and communicating on DW/LJ, and I’m finding getting back into it something of a challenge. Definitely want to do better on that.

In a slightly more interactive vein (and to prove that I do in fact have other fandoms still): there’s an interest-gauging poll going on for [ profile] trekreversebang right now! That’s the reverse Star Trek bigbang where ficcers sign up to write stories based on fanart; an awesome idea that I’d love to see spread around a bit more. You guys should check it out.

Before I go work on my actual minicomic for awhile, one more thing I have to share: the spectacle of Pete Wentz interviewing himself. I still love his stupid face.
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So I've mentioned a few times that I really want to get back into doing more fanart this year (at least until school starts in the fall, meep). I sort of thought I'd be starting off with some brightly-colored Killjoys shenanigans, but well. :)

This is my first illustration for [personal profile] jjtaylor's The Detective's Secret and the Mystery of the Dancing Flowers. If you haven't read the story yet, you probably shouldn't look, as it spoils one of the more climactic scenes. And seriously, read the story. It's amazing.

I'm on fire, aren't I? )
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Hey guys, hey! I'm kind of wiped out ... it's been an intense few months for me, so naturally, I wind up working overtime two days before I finally get to take a vacation. (Not that I'm not extremely grateful, mind; my job has some substantial perks, and perhaps the biggest is more than a week off at the end of the year. I'll miss it.) I have so many plans for this time, though I'm probably going to have to start by sleeping a lot.

I have quite a bit of art stuff on the brain right now. (Well, as usual.) For one thing, I'm kind of pondering selling some original work for the first time ever. It occurs to me that I really have no idea how to set prices for something like that. /o\

Also, I'm getting behind on my [ profile] yuletart commenting, but if you haven't yet, you should go check out the amazing work that's been going up! And speaking of output, I hope [ profile] yuletide has gone well for those of you participating this year, in spite of the stress. ♥ The rush of frantic posts over the last week or so has made me a bit wistful.

Here's that fannish year meme that's been going around. )

I've put in my dues at the sketchbook for the evening, so I think I'm going to go curl up with a good story. If you're in bandom and haven't noticed that [personal profile] jjtaylor has posted The Detective's Secret and the Mystery of the Dancing Flowers (AKA the sequel to Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency), well, wake up and smell the coriander. :D I have been waiting for this story for months. :DDD

Also, I just watched the Christmas episode of Leverage, and it snowed today. (At last!) I think some holiday spirit might finally be seeping in, for real.
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I had a fantastic Fourth of July this year; my brother and I made our way through most of the Freedom Trail (the outdoor parts, the wait was too long on the buildings), enjoyed a pretty great view of the fireworks, and wrapped up with the obligatory 1776 viewing. (Once again, I really want to get my hands on a volume of the Adamses' correspondence.) The weather turned suddenly gorgeous, and it was just great to have him to myself for a day or two, so. :D

Of course, now I'm exhausted and sore, which is more than a little sad. Now that I'm past the most intense period of deadlines, maybe I should think about, IDK, moving once in awhile? /o\ At least the sun put a tiny bit of color into my vampire cheeks.

I'm going to go curl up with some Trek fic (finally) and try to sleep early (this promises to be one hell of a week for a number of reasons), but I actually have a tiny bit more fanart to share. I seem to have risen to a new level recently: I take breaks from art by doing other art. :D:

This is a scene from [ profile] jjtaylor's [ profile] bandombigbang fic, Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency. If you haven't read it, you should: it's absolutely delightful. I want so many stories set in that universe.

The plant gave a shiver and: )

Right. Bed! At some point I would like to babble more about the latter seasons of Due South, or how I'm suddenly getting sucked back into DC comics again, or maybe how Amanda Palmer keeps crossing the streams and freaking me out (LoJ tickets? what?) . . . but it'll have to wait. Night! ♥


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