reflectedeve: Frank Iero posing with a painting of himself (covering "his" mouth). (c'est ne pas un frank)
2013-07-09 10:24 pm

you should be out driving people wild

Hey artist types! A friend passed this my way, but I'm too swamped for it. (Boo. I need more hands. This is an ongoing issue!) Maybe one of you would be interested?

Want to collaborate on a fun Western fairytales-based project with a ficcer and a podficcer, for [community profile] pod_together? (Apparently they're thinking of something along the lines of "a guided tour of a museum in fairytale land.") Talk about a badass collaboration opportunity.

(Actually, totally making a note of collaborating simultaneously with a writer and a podficcer at some point. That would be amazing. Sometime when I'm not trying to prep two minicomics and an anthology for an early-fall convention, and do at least a little silly fanart/k_b work to unwind.)

... on a completely different note, thoroughly enjoyed this week's episode of Teen Wolf, which was a welcome change. Ugh, these characters. <3