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So I don't know who's around anymore, but ... anyone out there have a Claire Temple/Misty Knight art prompt for me? ;) I love them both so much. (Daredevil mostly hasn't interested me, but I'm thinking about giving it a try, if only for more Claire? Although I have a variety of qualms.) My inspiration's feeling a little tapped out at the moment, though.

It's been kind of a rough week. My unemployment ran out unexpectedly early (it's a long story, ugh), so I suddenly have no income of any kind, and I'm scrambling around trying to fix that on a much shorter timeline than anticipated. Also, my health insurance decided to blow up in my face yesterday (just stupid bureaucratic mistakes on their end), so I had to waste the whole day trying to fix it. And my back's been killing me for a few days for no apparent reason, so really, I'm about done. /whining

October's a busy month, and apart from the financial stress, it's mostly good stuff: comics (my favorite local conventions, lots of friends and colleagues I've missed, and a new ongoing sci-fi project), a really rad Halloween costume concept and a party at my house to wear it to, even a musical theater date ... although I'm waffling about that, because she's offering to pay for my ticket since I suddenly can't afford to and I am just not sure about that). Still, I'd kind of just like to curl up under a blanket with tea and a few mystery novels for at least a week. Or snuggle my godbaby, who I can't afford to go visit right now.

But hey, I'm having my usual way too much fun haunting the Yuletide sign-up summary and letters posts. I'm so excited to write this year. :D The requests for most of my offered fandoms are nicely balanced; I have no idea what I'm going to get, and I can't wait to find out.

Also, a friend has me babysitting her cat's new litter of kittens a couple times a week, so that does make just about anything at least a little better!
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Oh jeez, I've gotten so bad at posting here. I have a whole backlog of things I keep meaning to talk about, Thor 2 and comics and Sleepy Hollow and goodness knows what else. For some reason I've taking to living on tumblr & twitter even though I really prefer DW. It's a mystery.

However. I wanted to let you guys know that the [community profile] yuletart Weekly Challenges and Stocking Stuffer Claims have opened! Both are open to everyone, not just people who are signed up for the fest! You can wander in and cherry-pick a tasty prompt, or draw something for one of the challenges just because you feel like it. Yuletart is the best (I'm finishing up my first piece todaaaay)!

Also, [community profile] processfest has opened with its first prompt: Where do you create? What does your work space look like? Everyone who makes things should totally get in on this one; it's bound to be fascinating.

Anyway yes. Maybe now that there's going to be this ongoing DW-centric thing this month, I'll get around to updating this thing a bit more! I have things to say, but ... well, I have a talent for overfilling my plate, let's just admit that. I can't wait to be posting new fanart soon, though!
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Ran away for some much-needed cafe worktime across the river, after being shut up in my apartment for a good chunk of the weekend. I'm trying to distract myself from the stress of waiting to hear back about job interviews, blah. Iced coffee and a nice, private little corner by the window. Comics.

I've been a little all over the place the last few days. Sleep has been filled to the brim with dynamic, colorful, plotty anxiety dreams about everything from employment to strained friendships, to, um, Hannibal. Which is probably what I get for watching the entire season over the course of a few days, I know. /o\ But really, subconscious of mine, do I need to have a dream which evolves from yelling at someone I'm close to for trying to control my career goals ... to freaking out that said person has been replaced by a cannibal doppelganger?

Also, last night there were murderous Star Wars muppets. I have no idea what to do with that one.

Maybe I should try watching something less violent next? I have to say, though, everyone was right: Hannibal is a quite compelling show. I find myself actively wanting to not read any fic for it, though. There's some gorgeous fanart out there, and I would absolutely watch vids, but the canon itself gives me all the story I want. I wouldn't want to see it taken anywhere brighter, and it's plenty dark for me as it is, I guess. I'm really regretting not watching as it aired, though, because I'd have enjoyed reading more meta, and a lot of that seems to be lost in the recesses of tumblr.

Anyway, let me end on an up note with this video a friend linked me to this morning. I didn't see the twist coming at all, somehow. It was beautiful.
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Gaaaaah. It's ninety-plus degrees out, humid and sunny, and the air conditioning in this old building (the school, where I'm working 'til I find more gainful employment) is kaput. I feel like I've been put on a slow broil, here.

Here are some current fandom-related articles I've been reading lately, since I'm too fried to try and provide much in the way of my own content right now!

The Truth Of Wolves, Or: The Alpha Problem - written with urban fantasy fiction (mostly novels, I think) in mind, but interesting to reflect on with regard to Teen Wolf and TW fic. I was talking about the whole intensely stratified Alpha/Omega 'verse thing with a fannish friend a few weeks ago ... something I haven't exactly been surprised to see proliferating in TW fandom? But I was surprised to hear that she's been seeing it in other places (like hockey RPF, apparently?), and even being used separately from anything related to (were)wolves. IDK. It reminds me of how fascinating I found the concept of Recognition in ElfQuest (if anyone besides [personal profile] were_duck and myself have read that) as a kid, only to grow up and be kind of disturbed by the whole 'biological imperative" thing.

The Mary Sue's Star Trek: Into Darkness review - WARNING: not squeeful. A rather good, articulate analysis of the same problems I was having with the film.

Elementary, My Dear Joan Watson: An Egalitarian Sherlock? - a bit of a love-fest for Elementary and Joan Watson, cosigned 100%. I was trying to convince a non-fannish classmate of the show's amazingness some time back, and he was very dubious, citing less-than-gripping mysteries. Which I would only sometimes argue, but as s.e. smith writes, "On Elementary, the real case study is in human beings, not in criminology." Fantastic (platonic!) relationship dynamics FOR THE WIN.

Watsons, Hudsons, and Invisible Labour - a fantastic post by [personal profile] thingswithwings that does a beautiful job of articulating my thoughts on various Watson portrayals (and the reason why I always, always prefer the active, smart Watsons, and find Joan to be the most rewarding of all) ... and makes some really excellent point about the way Hudsons are and aren't (generally the latter) valued in Holmes adaptations. (I agree: I really hope we see MUCH more of Elementary's fantastic Ms. Hudson next season!) All outlining a point about decentralizing and reversing the worshipful, exceptionalist white dude genius centric narrative that I often find so troubling (even though I love Holmes, and so much of Holmes--canon and adaptation--is all about that).

Oh god, okay. Almost time to go. Tonight I am taking the excuse to go hole up in a movie theater and watch the story of another troubled white dude genius ... and his robotic armor. :p Finally.
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Sigh, today has been pretty fail so far. Couldn't snag tickets for Fall Out Boy in either Boston or New York, my co-advisee almost slid back down my horrible steep (curved) hill to her doom, didn't get all the penciling I wanted done in time for my critique ... bah.

Due to the weather I might get a second chance at that last (since my instructor can't get into town today to pick up my copies anyway), but I suppose I'll have to skip my social gathering for the third time this week. Not the end of the world of course, but you know, humbug. (For possibly the first time in my life, in fact, I think I might need to put effort into being more hermity.)

Does anyone have any good Fall Out Boy (or possibly MCR) podfic recs they'd like to share? Especially long ones? I have a five-hour work shift and I'm kind of vibrating with the urge to get back to my pencils. :/ (But my boss won't be in either because of the storm, so.)

Those of you in my corner of the world: stay safe today!
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Sorry guys, sorry. I just, I have been having such a fail day today. A fail weekend, really, when I really fell off my schedule and felt more stressed and less in control of myself than I have in weeks. And I just got off the phone after a really frustrating conversation with a totally clueless state health care customer service rep (because apparently she can't see why my therapist is getting denied payment and I'm not allowed to call provider services; she can't even give me the number to give my therapist) and ... everyone on twitter is losing their shit because FALL OUT BOY IS BACK.

So apparently I'm a little hysterical, and I apologize. Just. This song is fantastic, it's everything I've always loved best about this band, and there's a new album and a new tour and Pete, how did you know I needed this? The first years working in the adjacent classroom had better not get sick of this song because it's gonna be on loop for awhile.

So some of you are gonna go to the Boston show with me, right? *_____*
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Oh, man. :( I really wanted to spend this afternoon writing a big locked post about my pre-grad-school week (complete with pictures), and drawing, and maybe flailing a bit about the new episode of Doctor Who. But, after a long, amazing day of used furniture* shopping and hauling and wandering around a nearby college town discussing nontraditional relationships and artistic influences with my classmates, eating pretty excellent gelato ... I returned home last night mysteriously sans wallet. Today, in between running errands all over the local big box strip (Home Depot gives me such a headache), I was calling multiple shops, university & town police departments, and various offices of my bank (which, as it turned out, had fucked up my change of address), trying to get things sorted out. Bleurgh. Nobody has found my things (either to return them or attempt to make illicit use of my debit card); maybe they fell down a drain? But it's going to be a week or more until I have cash (I can buy groceries with my checkbook) or can make much in the way of online purchases, and I guess I'll have to carry my passport around for awhile.

I just finally got home and had lunch about half an hour ago. Oh, and also? The hot water wasn't working this morning, so I haven't showered. UGH.

But hey. I have internet in my apartment now, as well as actual chairs, and I'm more or less fully unpacked. Tomorrow's orientation! And the summer intern and I did conduct all those errands while rocking out to Ani DiFranco in her car (she is adorable and reminds me very much of home; I'm sad she's leaving this weekend). I still remember all of the lyrics.

Life is mostly awesome, but now I am going to take a shower.

*and clothing - I found this gorgeous vintage black brocade car coat in the basement of an antique store that I am splurging on because I look and feel amazing in it ... bad student.
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I'm not leaving for grad school for almost another two months, but I already feel as though I have no time for fandom. :( I really wish I could spend this summer hanging around enjoying Boston and reading fic, but alas, I am behind on everything. I've been working on this entry for a couple of days! (A whole bunch of you have posted intriguing bbbs, too. I won't be lacking for reading material for a long time, clearly ... when I can do it. ♥)

General fun things I have done recently include: making falafel with my new food processor, hanging out and drawing all day Saturday with [personal profile] ataratah (pretty much the best of pastimes), buying both a new suit and a new dress(!), and donating my neighborhood video store's copy of Labyrinth to my hometown library (which only seemed appropriate, since one summer in my teen years, I rented it seven times in one month). I'm really sad that the store is closing--it was a true community establishment--but I love that they're donating their entire collection, and that their customers are rallying around to pay for the effort.

Also, I finally saw X-Men: First Class. Which ... was something I found more interesting than genuinely enjoyable, to my surprise? IDK. I have thoughts, though the way I'm going, I doubt I'll manage to write them up coherently. I mean, basically, I want all the Raven fic, and some Alex/Armando, and Erik/Charles which acknowledges that Charles is a dick. (This isn't actually a critique of anyone's characterization; I've only read one story! I'm just kind of nervous.) Speaking of which, if you haven't read [profile] olivacirce's fantastic Don't Try This At Home, I recommend it highly. It's hot and appropriately fucked up.

So hey, here's my somewhat belated contribution to that question meme that was going around all last week!

Comment with "me me me" and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better. (This might take me a little while, so I'm sorry in advance for that!)
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions,
if you want to.

[personal profile] were_duck asked me things )

Hmmm, I should get back to work. I'm sorry for being increasingly haphazard and unavailable lately! It's only going to get worse. (I mean, I'm really excited! More people to draw with, oh man, for that alone. But I miss being more active in fandom already.) I'm probably going to wind up creating a comic school filter; I'll have to put a poll up soon.

[ETA:] I almost forgot! Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, what on earth is this? (I fucking love that man, have I mentioned?)
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Hey guys, hey. I'm really enjoying all the Epic MCR Road Trip aftermath posts popping up on my flist over the last few days. I'm a little sad I had to stop at just one show, but I appreciate all the sharing ... and all the awesome new journals I'm reading now. :D

I've been in kind of a rotten mood since the weekend, which is stupid, because I have roughly a zillion reasons not to be. I have plans to pull myself out of it that involve drawing lots of things (for values of things that mean guys in bands and some sexy ladies and maybe comics about honeybee mishaps), maybe starting to watch Fringe (inspired by some recent twitter chatter), and hopefully spending some time outside in the very near future. (It's been a little chilly lately, but it's gorgeous right now, and there are flowers everywhere.) And then I really need to start Getting Things Done in order to be ready for school (omg).

Also ... I have very rarely done this sort of thing? But it seems well-timed, and I could kind of use the boost.


I have a thread. Now to search out all you beautiful people. ♥
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So scattered right now. There's been plenty happening in my life, but I'm not having an easy time making it cohere into a post. I've been listening to Vice & Virtues nonstop (countdown until I start reading lots of Brendon/Spencer: 5 ... 4... 3...), watching more Castle, and I went to see Travie McCoy & the Black Cards play in Boston with [personal profile] jjtaylor and [personal profile] ataratah (looking a touch out of place in my fedora and tie, I suspect). I cannot fucking deal with how much I love Pete Wentz, you guys. Also, Bebe is an adorable tiny dynamo, and I really like their energy together.

The weather continues to be mildly frustrating, but that's par for the course for a New England March. (I hope it warms up a little for you Muskrat folks.) Also, I've decided that what I really want for my birthday is more sleep, so I think I'm going to go hide at my parents' house for about a day or two. Maybe then I'll have the energy to participate around here a bit more?

Speaking of participation, bidding at [community profile] help_japan has closed, but the auctions at [ profile] help_japan are continuing 'til the end of the month. If you're thinking of putting something up yourself, though, you only have until tomorrow!

Oh, and because I'm hilariously paranoid about separating my fannish identity from my "public" one, some of you might find yourselves being followed by two of me on Twitter as of this morning. I just can't help myself. /o\
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This hasn't been my best week. It's frustrating, because I've really been feeling ready to dive in and do things and make more things again, but after a "weekend" that was mostly taken up with family and funeral, and coming back to work to find myself deluged with a large number of time-sensitive tasks with which I was unfamiliar (my boss still being out on bereavement leave) ... I kind of had to cave into being exhausted all the time and spending all my energy on my job.

That said, despite the significant chill this morning, I woke up with a very strong feeling that spring was (if not in the air) very definitely on the horizon. My day was pretty brutal after that, but I still feel optimistic!

Also, I wanted to share this:

It's a three-minute scene from Star Trek (the reboot), re-filmed with female actors. It's maybe not perfect, but it makes me really happy anyway. Any little glimpse into a world where movies like that would have women in roles like that, not played any differently ... siiigh.

I am going to sleep a whole lot tonight. Also, I might rewatch this week's White Collar first, because that was just completely delightful. *____*
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So I stepped off my bus this evening to find the entire neighborhood shrouded in darkness.

We've had a fair number of power outages before, but I've never come home to one; it was pretty eerie! As my roommate was off visiting her parents, and I could neither cook or draw in my apartment, I wound up heading down the street to my local comic shop (clearly the best place to be in an emergency); it was closed (like everything else on the block), but I'm friends with the guys who work there, so I wound up hanging around chatting about Battlestar Galactica and Jeopardy-playing computers. After an hour, though, I gave up and caught the first bus to somewhere with light and food.

I've been some flavor of cranky pretty much all day, and losing most of my cozy solo drawing night in did not particularly help. I'm just burnt out, which is pretty common for this time of year ... I need to get away from the city and decompress a bit. Fortunately I'm heading home to the Valley on Friday at last! There will still be snow, but it will be less filthy and congested and I will drink all the Haymarket mochas. While attempting to use really bright colors, meep. (Seriously, I am so excited for the picture I'm working on right now; I hope my Photoshop issues don't fuck it up.)

Also, this is definitely improving my mood: Gerard singing happy birthday to Grant Morrison at the Glasgow show tonight. ♥______♥ (Thank you, [ profile] tuesdaysgone!)
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Can I return this Monday, please? I think it's defective. I'd prefer cash back, but I'll take an exchange.

Bleurgh. I thought the worst of my morning was when my bus just didn't come, leaving me standing in the single-digit cold for half an hour waiting for the next one ... but that was before my normally 30-40 minute ride somehow stretched into an hour and 40 minutes, much of which involved no motion whatsoever. The snowstorm on Friday didn't make me nearly so late. I have no idea what that was about.

Now that I'm finally warm, of course, the professor who runs the training grant I work on wants me to hand-deliver copies of the applications to several committee members at their off-site offices. I do not think I will be working late to make up my missed hour. Admissions be damned.

Sorry for the whining, bbs, it is just. Ugh. My weekend wasn't too bad; I cooked some delicious, hearty food to get me through this frozen week and watched the first nine episodes of Lost Girl while working on my [community profile] white_lotus piece. That show is pretty awesome in many respects! I wasn't sure what I thought about the concept at first, but I love most of the characters. There should be more fic ... particularly Bo/Lauren, because I'm predictable, and it's canon. (Not that I'm lacking at the moment! I still have all of [ profile] no_tags to read through, but I keep going back and rereading bits of [ profile] tuesdaysgone and [ profile] fleurdeliser's Frank/Gerard/Grant series instead. Fucking Morrison, I swear.)

I suppose I'd better go start printing off those applications. At least I can listen to Danger Days while I walk.
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Messy morning, but no snow day for me. Which I realize is just as well, or I'd only wind up working late trying to catch up later this week, but all the same.

Had quite a productive weekend, really; tried a new soup recipe (made of leaves and much tastier than expected - by which I mean, very), posted new fanart, got quite a significant chunk of minicomic work done, took in a play, and gave up on avoiding Grant Morrison fic. (Lines? What lines?) Had about fifteen other things I wanted to work on, but that's always the way.

I've been listening to Fall Out Boy an awful lot again lately, also. (I didn't even realize how much I missed them.) I've honestly been avoiding most news about related people since the breakup, with the result that I haven't heard any of the music various folks have been putting out. Should I?

[ETA:] I almost forgot! [ profile] trekreversebang is open for sign-ups! Sign up to draw something, or write something based on a drawing! And even if you don't want to do that anyone can submit awesome prompts.
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Hey guys, hey! I'm kind of wiped out ... it's been an intense few months for me, so naturally, I wind up working overtime two days before I finally get to take a vacation. (Not that I'm not extremely grateful, mind; my job has some substantial perks, and perhaps the biggest is more than a week off at the end of the year. I'll miss it.) I have so many plans for this time, though I'm probably going to have to start by sleeping a lot.

I have quite a bit of art stuff on the brain right now. (Well, as usual.) For one thing, I'm kind of pondering selling some original work for the first time ever. It occurs to me that I really have no idea how to set prices for something like that. /o\

Also, I'm getting behind on my [ profile] yuletart commenting, but if you haven't yet, you should go check out the amazing work that's been going up! And speaking of output, I hope [ profile] yuletide has gone well for those of you participating this year, in spite of the stress. ♥ The rush of frantic posts over the last week or so has made me a bit wistful.

Here's that fannish year meme that's been going around. )

I've put in my dues at the sketchbook for the evening, so I think I'm going to go curl up with a good story. If you're in bandom and haven't noticed that [personal profile] jjtaylor has posted The Detective's Secret and the Mystery of the Dancing Flowers (AKA the sequel to Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency), well, wake up and smell the coriander. :D I have been waiting for this story for months. :DDD

Also, I just watched the Christmas episode of Leverage, and it snowed today. (At last!) I think some holiday spirit might finally be seeping in, for real.
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Having a much-needed cleaning day; my apartment is so dirty that I've been afraid to turn the heat up, so it's been a bit like sleeping in a refrigerator the last couple weeks. (My room is on the top corner of a brick building.) Turns out that I have nearly-endless work ethic for art these days, but very little for most other things. I honestly can't regret the trade-off.

So I haven't had much to contribute to the fannish economy lately, but here's something small! Awhile back, I had this amusing mental image during a conversation with [personal profile] jjtaylor about one of her works in progress:

JJ tries to get a recalcitrant character to cooperate

The likeness isn't brilliant, but that's Brian Schechter on the left, and JJ herself on the right. She sometimes makes me want to draw an overly-meta series of comics about the relationship between writers and their work, but I'll leave it at this for now. ;)

I'll have other things to post pretty soon, but they'll have to be under rlock, as I'm putting them elsewhere (IRL even) under my real name. Sometimes I think about locking this whole journal, except for art posts ... it's something I've never wanted to do, but I've been getting twitchy again, and IDK. It seems to work really well for some people.
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I had a really fantastic time seeing my band last weekend with a whole group of really lovely fangirls. In fact, life has been pretty amazing lately ... I've been making so much art, and I've been accepted to grad school for the fall! :) Unfortunately, I clearly overdid it, so now I'm laid up with a really sneaky cold. Can't bring myself to do much except draw (so hey, it could be worse).

[ profile] yuletart posting started this week, and there's already some deeply amazing work up in a whole bunch of fandoms! Check it out, and see if you can spot my contribution when it goes up. ;)

In spite of all this, I can't really process that it's already a week into December ... maybe listening to holiday music will help?

[ETA:] Oh, say ... does anyone know where I might find good caps for the SING music video? :D?
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Ack, so I realize there are a lot of people I really need to get back to about various things. I'm sorry, guys: I'm buried under a pile of comic pages I'm trying to complete for a July 1st deadline, and well, I'm not sure I'm going to make it. /o\ Stupid over-complicated inking style. The only things I'm looking up for at this point are work, food, sleep, and trying to finish writing up a post about boycotting The Last Airbender on the bus. (Please boycott The Last Airbender. Some elaboration coming, hopefully ASAP.)

Hopefully I'll emerge by the weekend! I'd also like to gush a bit about Leverage, the Doctor Who finale, and how I've finally caught the genuine urge to watch all of Star Trek: The Next Generation in order. (Erm, side note: I don't suppose anyone has some good Picard/Q recs? For after I finish the comic, you understand.)

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So it looks like the AO3 is getting ready to work on hosting fanart/non-fic fanworks! They are soliciting ideas from fanartists right now. :D I can't even begin to tell you guys how excited I am about this! I've never really had the opportunity to host my fanart in a really fandom-centric place, you know? Much less a place as thoughtfully designed as the AO3.

In other news, I have a serious superhero craving right now. It's taking a lot of effort not to head the two blocks to my local comic shop and spend money, but I am also trying to budget myself much more carefully these days. (This will probably end in tears. Or rereading old Smallville fic.)
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Oh hey! I keep meaning to write a post and then not doing it, so this might be a little ridiculous.

IDK, real life has been ... not totally nutty, but work's been pretty tiring and busy (there was an accepted student open house, and my boss was out a whole lot). Also, there was even more rain (record amounts and lots of flooding, whee), and before that, there were beekeepers nosing around in my ceiling! Who did not actually find any bees (apparently the hive up and moved sometime in February/early March? there weren't even that many dead ones left), but we did find about 120 pounds of honey. (Eventually, this will make a good comic.) Also, I turned 26.

I've been trying to focus on my original comic work (as usual), with less than desired success, but I haven't been very consistently fannish either. A little while back there was this Gerard Way video, which provoked the usual WHAT IS HIS FACE reaction from me (it had been awhile, too!), and also Mikeyway was adorable. I miss them, but I'm trying not to dwell on MCR too much until we actually have a release date for that album. Whateverthefuck it's going to be, now.

Recently, I've found myself reading lots of DC comics; mostly Bat-books. (I find the current lack of Bruce Wayne weirdly approachable, or something?) While my comic reading habits are often pretty separate from my online fannish pursuits, I checked out Close To Home by [ profile] iesika (which I really enjoyed), and now I find myself right back in a Tim/Kon sort of place. (Not that I wasn't already feeling it.) Does anyone happen to have some favorite recs to throw at me? They can totally be old; I was really haphazard about reading in the fandom when I was doing that actively, a few years back.

On the other hand, just as I was getting comfortable, there comes this news. Goddammit, Rucka. ;_; I was looking forward to more of your Batwoman SO MUCH. I really hope she gets picked up by someone who can write and who really gets her, but . . . well, it's DC. IDEK. :(((((

In happier news, I watched the new Doctor Who episode last night, and I pretty much enjoyed it! Spoilers here. )

I should wrap this ridiculous post up, but! On Friday [personal profile] oliviacirce posted Wordsworth's daffodil poem. While I've never really spent any time on the Romantics, that inevitably winds up reminding me of Philip "deprivation is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth" Larkin, so I promised I'd post something of his.

A serious house on serious earth it is )

That was a lot more talking than I meant to do! I should try to post more often, so I don't post quite so much. Oh, and I did manage to miss it, but I hope everyone who observes had a lovely Passover or Easter, while I'm on the topic. ♥


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