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So I've had a really intense couple of weeks (mostly good, but exhausting), and like a lot of people, this election season has me wanting to hide under the bed. Or on Pluto. I'm between temp assignments, which means I probably have tomorrow off, at least. I want to do something fun and indulgent.

I want to draw DS9 fanart for you. Give me prompts, please? :D?

Some details about what I'm interested in doing! )

I also put a call out on tumblr and would be thrilled if you'd reblog it. <3
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I'm having a rotten day for no real reason, bah. (Just my brain being a jerk!) But things aren't all terrible; someone left cookies in the break room (good timing), and I have some [community profile] processfest catch-up to do.

I'm not going to push myself on the ones I'm having trouble answering, though, so I'm skipping around a little!

Day 7: Luxury Desert Island. That's everything I want right now. )

Day 9: Tools. A tale of fifty billion pens. )

As I've been gaining momentum on my central project, recently, I've been thinking about getting some software to help organize all my notes and drafts and things; it's all getting a bit unwieldy. A friend recommended EndNote (I was specifically asking about freeware, because I'm a bit broke at present); would anyone out there have opinions/additional recommendations/input?

Hmm, I don't know how interesting any of that is going to be, but it was still kind of fun to write out. :)
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Oh hey, my first [community profile] yuletart piece, a Revolutionary Girl Utena jazz age AU, went up on Friday! I had a wonderful time revisiting one of my favorite old anime fandoms, and doing a bit of costume research is always a good time. ALSO, check out my flipping gorgeous giftart from [personal profile] ataratah! A deeply evocative moment between Teen Wolf's leading ladies (while Stiles snoozes, oblivious). <3

Here's some quick [community profile] processfest catchup!

Day Four: Challenges. Head, meet wall. )

Day Five: Collaboration. If there's an umlaut, we flip a coin. )

Okay, I feel like that's plenty for one day; I'll try and get to today's prompt tomorrow, I think. I'm ready to go write now. Is the work day over yet?
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Yesterday's [community profile] processfest prompt was Multiple Projects, and how (or whether) to juggle them. This is especially relevant to where I am in my creative life right now!

Too many balls in the air. Um. )
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I'm having a hibernate-y sort of week, mmf. Determined to stick with [community profile] processfest, though! Today’s prompt is where do you start? )

This feels rather disjointed and poorly organized, but it's my bedtime, so it's going to have to do. And now I wish I could stay up and write! Process talk is always so inspiring.
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Oh jeez, I've gotten so bad at posting here. I have a whole backlog of things I keep meaning to talk about, Thor 2 and comics and Sleepy Hollow and goodness knows what else. For some reason I've taking to living on tumblr & twitter even though I really prefer DW. It's a mystery.

However. I wanted to let you guys know that the [community profile] yuletart Weekly Challenges and Stocking Stuffer Claims have opened! Both are open to everyone, not just people who are signed up for the fest! You can wander in and cherry-pick a tasty prompt, or draw something for one of the challenges just because you feel like it. Yuletart is the best (I'm finishing up my first piece todaaaay)!

Also, [community profile] processfest has opened with its first prompt: Where do you create? What does your work space look like? Everyone who makes things should totally get in on this one; it's bound to be fascinating.

Anyway yes. Maybe now that there's going to be this ongoing DW-centric thing this month, I'll get around to updating this thing a bit more! I have things to say, but ... well, I have a talent for overfilling my plate, let's just admit that. I can't wait to be posting new fanart soon, though!
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Cecil Baldwin, as played by Danny Pudi, in the NCVR booth

Sometimes you just have to post something to force yourself to stop tweaking it. I am not totally satisfied with this first piece of Welcome to Night Vale fanart ... hopefully I can improve on it? But here's a stab at Cecil Baldwin as played by Danny Pudi, because I find that particular casting kind of irresistible.

Mmmm, fanart, how I miss you. I continue to find myself completely swamped with projects, which I am certainly not complaining about, but still. I really want to do some kind of holiday exchange or something. I don't suppose anyone's heard anything about [community profile] yuletart this year?

I had another thought, but ... IDK if people would be into it. I was thinking it might be fun to do some kind of tiny gift exchange with various of you lovely people. Kind of a mini-reversebang thing ... say, you write me a comment-ficlet with one of our shared fandoms/pairings/etc (probably I will post a suggested list or something), and I do a little illustration for you in return. Would there be any interest in such a thing?

I don't know, it's just an idea right now ... but per usual, I miss fannish participation (and my fanpeople)! And I'm in a multifannish mood.

In other news, I spilled tea on my poor old laptop a few days ago, and now I no longer have an apostrophe or down-arrow key. Not a debilitating predicament, but pretty annoying! Bah.
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Um, hey guys! Did not mean to disappear off the face of the earth quite so completely there. I have a lot of things I've been meaning to post about my life, and fan stuff, but ... apparently I have things to say about creator rights, pay for artists, and design contests, specifically regarding the Welcome To Night Vale t-shirt design contest.

I considered locking this post, and reposting it on my public, real-name tumblr, but ... I want to come at this not only from a professional artist standpoint (something that only kind of applies to me anyway), but also as a fan, someone who is always making creative work for the sheer joy of sharing my enthusiasm with other fans. (Maybe a little less often than I wish I could.) Over the last few years, I've increasingly found myself in the middle of a fan/creator divide on certain issues (this comes up a LOT with MCU fandom, sigh), and this seems like a good opportunity to address some of that!

So. This post came to my attention earlier today (via [personal profile] were_duck's twitter). The writer calls out the people of Commonplace Books (/Night Vale) for their design contest, which (they say) constitutes what is called "spec work:" design work undertaken for the possibility of future pay (where there is at least an equal possibility of putting in extensive labor for no compensation).

An attempt to further explain spec work. )

Now, I think the Night Vale contest is different, because it's a fan contest. )

THAT SAID, here's why this still matters. )

There is one point made in that above tumblr post that is really important even in this specific situation, this fan/professional grey area (because I do think that doing the work for an official context starts to move across that boundary!): who owns the rights? )

Whew, I know that was long, sorry. Maybe I can try and make it a little more concise, later ... I'm behind on my project schedule for the day! Also, I mean, I'm not claiming to be the ultimate authority on any of this: I'm not an experienced working artist or designer. I've done very little paid work (mostly because I don't want my livelihood to depend on navigating this kind of landscape, tbh). I do, however, belong to a sprawling community of creators who base various percentages of their living on work for hire, and the faculty I've just been learning from all have decades of experience with these issues, which they worked hard to pass on to us. I welcome other perspectives, though! These are things I'd like to see discussed on the fannish side sometimes!

Also, for more on the kind of atmosphere that leads artists to be frustrated and wary of these kinds of situations, here's a twitter account dedicated to actual quotations from people trying to hire artists (mostly comic artists) to work for free. Ranges from funny to rage-inducing.
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Hey artist types! A friend passed this my way, but I'm too swamped for it. (Boo. I need more hands. This is an ongoing issue!) Maybe one of you would be interested?

Want to collaborate on a fun Western fairytales-based project with a ficcer and a podficcer, for [community profile] pod_together? (Apparently they're thinking of something along the lines of "a guided tour of a museum in fairytale land.") Talk about a badass collaboration opportunity.

(Actually, totally making a note of collaborating simultaneously with a writer and a podficcer at some point. That would be amazing. Sometime when I'm not trying to prep two minicomics and an anthology for an early-fall convention, and do at least a little silly fanart/k_b work to unwind.)

... on a completely different note, thoroughly enjoyed this week's episode of Teen Wolf, which was a welcome change. Ugh, these characters. <3
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Ugh, am I awake? I have royally messed with my own sleep schedule this weekend. Mainly because I made the mistake of reading [personal profile] prozacpark's old rec post for Pretty Little Liars, started watching it while coloring one of my [community profile] kink_bingo pieces, and wound up binging. I had to forcibly remove myself from the computer yesterday afternoon in order to get in the script revisions I had planned. It's all very ... dramatic and somewhat overblown, in terms of the plot, but it's certainly entertaining. The real draw, however, is absolutely the female-dominated cast, and the marvelous set of nuanced female friendships that the show develops. It's something I miss from the majority of my media, and it's so damn refreshing.

(I have to say, it's also really trippy to be watching Bianca Lawson play an adorable high school lesbian when I've just been watching her as a morally ambiguous high school guidance counselor!)

So maybe there'll be some fanart at some point ...

Meanwhile, speaking of the [community profile] kink_bingo art I posted a couple days ago (here and here - simulated gore in the former, nudity & sexual situations involving tentacles in the latter), I've been trying some new process stuff and I thought it might be neat to talk about it a little. )

I should get going; I have more comic script revisions and job search stuff ahead of me. And then Teen Wolf ... which, in spite of its flaws, continues to inspire large amounts of sheer fannish giddiness. But I leave you with this question: what even IS Gerard Way? He certainly makes me feel a bit better about myself (I feel like someone's been telling me that I look at least five years younger than I am every other week lately). Ugh, come do a signing near me, bb. (I really can't wait 'til I have time to get down to my hometown comic shop and grab some Killjoys already!)
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I have no idea how I woke up today. It's been a weirdly difficult week for sleep, to begin with, and now there's a constant cold deluge thing going on. (Even for New England, the weather is kind of giving me whiplash lately.)

Also I woke up this morning to find my first-ever message from a dude in a heterosexual marriage who was looking to "open up" to new practices. I feel like this is a rite of passage on online dating/social networking sites (fetlife, in this case). Awkward, though.

ANYWAY. Happy Friday, folks! I hope you have a fabulous weekend lined up. Also, gimme some more fanart prompts! Yes, you! :D?
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So hey! I have a comics goal I really want to meet by Sunday, but I'm hitting a small lull in motivation. Want to help me out? Give me PROMPTS for fanart I can draw as a reward when it's met! :D?

I'm looking for female character centric prompts, please (bonus for slash, but it's definitely not required), from the following fandoms: Teen Wolf, Elementary, the Avengers movies, Star Trek: AOS, Warehouse 13, and Young Avengers (but I'm only up to issue 4). Humor and sexiness are both always encouraged (although please keep it R-rated and above).

I'll take prompts up through whenever I'm ready to draw, pick one or two to play with, and probably keep the others back for potential use later! Prompt as much as you want, as many times as you want! Thanks in advance, guys. <333
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Jeez, you guys. I just came out of a two-hour lecture/panel discussion (the third in two days) that basically turned into a debate about print and digital media and tools for artists, audience interaction, the internet, and so on. I feel exhausted and exhilarated. I can't decide if I want to have a thousand meta discussions about creator/audience interaction, fandom, crowdsourcing, the Veronica Mars kickstarter, Homestuck (which I should mention, I still haven't read) ... or just go lock myself in a room and draw until my fingers ache. I kind of have to do the latter (after a five-hour office shift), but you know.

Speaking of internet audiences and such, could I ask your opinion on something web/comics related? )

Anyway, apart from the meta thoughts I haven't had time for much of fannish anything, although I have been following Gerard's twitter posts religiously. (Nice popcorn tree, dude. God, how are you so charming?) And I still haven't watched The Phoenix video, but I'm finally listening to it. Repeatedly. (Young Volcanoes is great too! But um. Unf.)

I am dithering about buying a ticket to see Fall Out Boy in Lowell or Brooklyn this fall ... I'm broke and I don't know what I'll be doing then. Are people going? Ever since MJ I've been missing being around fans so intensely.
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I clearly stayed home a little too long this time, because being back in Vermont is deeply surreal right now. It's so empty here (more than usual, with most of my classmates away). However, I have the apartment to myself (time for ALL THE CLEANING) and two more weeks without classes to keep mixing fannish things with my work schedule.

So hey, [community profile] snowflake_challenge Day 6: [i]n your own space, pimp three comms or challenges and explain why you love them.

Three fabulous comms plus reverse bang love! )

Ugh, I love fandom. I am never leaving, at least not for good.

On another note, can I just say that the locked poll I posted yesterday has really not been going the way I more or less expected? (Honestly, any outcome would have made me love my circle, but ... yeah. <3) I'm still waffling a little, though, so feel free to pop over and try to sway me if you haven't yet (ahem).
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I think I'm going to try and take advantage of my ongoing school break to try out the [community profile] snowflake_challenge again.

Day 1: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I sort of feel as though I should be focusing on things I made in the last year this time, but ... well, there hasn't been that much, sadly, between all the non-fannish creation and the times when I had no energy at all. So instead I'm just going to try and go for varied and different, I guess? Porn, podfic and playing catch ...

New artistic directions, new media, collaborative efforts ... )

Hah, okay, time to go draw more things I think. Happy New Year, bbs!
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My train is running late and I'm bored, so maybe I will try posting from my phone! Hmm, clearly that's a great idea.

So I have decided to sign up for [community profile] kink_bingo this round, and I'm kind of stupidly excited about it. It's not even that I've been doing a lot of, hmmm, sexier work lately (although that's cool). It's just ... I've been really missing doing more fanart, on the one hand, and also I have a hankering to be a bit more multifannish again! I'd be tempted to ask for prompts, but I'm so busy ... and I never finish everyone's requests even when I'm not. [community profile] kink_bingo's much less of a commitment, and really challenging in a whole bunch of ways.

Last year when I thought about signing up, I was like eek, no, there are too many things on this list that I couldn't handle! But IDK ... I kind of think I could find a way to pull off just about any square. (I just thought of a way of framing a kink that normally really squicks me--no naming names--and now I really hope I get it on my card. Hmmm.) Whee, I can't wait to try.

I guess I might take some Avengers prompts at some point, also. Maybe. We'll see how much I can bite off, here.
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Hey guys, hey. I'm sitting in my favorite cafe working on the next part of [personal profile] ataratah's Sailor Moon nostalgia art challenge, and I was vaguely thinking about putting together a more thoughtful post later? But I need to share this with you right now:

[ profile] bandomreversebb

Um, yeah, so that's the BANDOM REVERSE BIG BANG CHALLENGE that I've been wanting to do forever. \o/ (As in, you know: artists and mixers create fanwork, and writers sign up to base stories on the art and mixes!) I have, for the most part, sworn off challenges for a good long time, but this one is fitting into my schedule somehow. All that extra art mojo from grad school has to give me latitude for at least this.

What I'm saying is, you should really sign up, because this could be amazing. :D

(Um, yes, I did have another cafe mocha, but I'm eating lunch right now, I promise I'm not going to bounce out of the atmosphere anytime soon ...)
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Sometimes when I take a vacation, I have the worst time getting back on the internet. Behind on everything, languishing correspondence, etc. I spent most of last week camping on a little island in Maine, and nearly all of it with [profile] sweetvalleyslut, who is now headed back across the Atlantic for another year. It was fantastic. (I'd pretty much like to spend the next week reading and sleeping, but you know. Doesn't work like that.)

I'll catch up slowly, but in the meantime! Two links. First of all, [personal profile] ratcreature is running a poll about fanart style preferences. (It asks you to rate a variety of styles, such as "realistic," cartoony, manips, etc.) This is something I'm always curious about! You should go take the poll. ;)

Also, it's the week after Vividcon and there are tons of new vids and recs floating around! I've barely made a dent, but I really have to post one rec of my own. See, for years now, I've been embroidering this one vid idea in my head. I was never going to make it--I definitely don't have the time or the inclination to learn how to vid--but I'd occasionally consider trying to beg or con someone else into making it. Except, as it turns out, I don't have to.

[ profile] sisabet's Clark/Lex Bad Romance vid is pretty much everything I've ever wanted. It's made up of clips from Smallville, the Justice League cartoon, Superman Doomsday, Superman Returns, and all kinds of comic panels (including all my favorites from Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, oh my god ♥). The song choice is perfect, and I mean ... this sort of blended-canon DCU is still the fandom of my heart. Oh my god, I can't stop flailing. :DDD You should go watch it now; I need to go watch it again. Eeeeeee. :DDDD
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Come on, my beloved grad school of choice: post your 2011 application guidelines already! I am slow, I want to get started.

On a vaguely related subject, I've been thinking a lot about race, inclusiveness, and clarity of visual representation in art/comics. I would welcome thoughts from other artists - or anyone else, for that matter (so long as you don't dismiss the importance of the subject, which I take seriously).

I should note from the start that while I'm going to begin with some broad background, this isn't really a comprehensive piece of social commentary - I'm interested in comparing notes from a creative perspective, and have been pondering how best to improve inclusiveness within my own work. (Criticism of my approach, as well as the content of the post, is definitely welcome. This is an area of privilege for me.)

On portraying characters of color in cartoons and comics. )
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Ack, so I realize there are a lot of people I really need to get back to about various things. I'm sorry, guys: I'm buried under a pile of comic pages I'm trying to complete for a July 1st deadline, and well, I'm not sure I'm going to make it. /o\ Stupid over-complicated inking style. The only things I'm looking up for at this point are work, food, sleep, and trying to finish writing up a post about boycotting The Last Airbender on the bus. (Please boycott The Last Airbender. Some elaboration coming, hopefully ASAP.)

Hopefully I'll emerge by the weekend! I'd also like to gush a bit about Leverage, the Doctor Who finale, and how I've finally caught the genuine urge to watch all of Star Trek: The Next Generation in order. (Erm, side note: I don't suppose anyone has some good Picard/Q recs? For after I finish the comic, you understand.)


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