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First of all, thank you so much! I'm so excited about this exchange, and I'm going to be thrilled by whatever it is that you do. I dearly love each of these characters and pairings, and it's awesome to be able to share that love with you.

In my request details (reposted below), I tried to offer some quick insight into my take on each of my requested pairings, and in many cases a few ideas for stories/scenarios to go with them. Please don't feel bound by those; they're provided in case you find them useful or intriguing, but this is your show. Feel free to run in a different direction if that's what you'd like!

In general, I really enjoy "first time" set-ups for my pairings; I like to see how they get together, how their canon relationship evolves into something romantic/sexual. I tend to enjoy goofy-ness, tropes, wacky hijinks and the like ... I like angst too, and pining, but prefer some balancing humor and a happy ending in most cases. (Of the pairings I requested, I think Alison/Spencer would be an exception, since I don't really see that going anywhere healthy.)

I am all for porn (when the characters are of age), especially the written kind (in art I tend to be a little more into the suggestive, although it depends on your awesome idea!) ... I like heat-of-the-moment hotness and kink a whole lot (especially power play), although for the latter, relatively responsible portrayals (negotiation, aftercare) are appreciated! I prefer dirty to dreamy, if that makes sense. ;)

For art, I really love pieces that give you the sense of being in the middle of a story! This doesn't have to be in a plot-heavy sense (although that can be very fun), but even with a simple cuddling pose or something, it's great when you can sort of feel the context ... something happened before this moment, and something will happen after! As with fic, I like sheer goofiness, angst, intensity, friction ... whatever fits what's happening between the characters!

Things I'm not particularly into include non-con, character death, torture or excessive gore (canon-typical violence is fine), character bashing, shaming, or cheating/jealousy. In fantasy/scifi/etc fandoms, I tend not to particularly be into human/mundane!AU settings. I also have a huge medical needle squick; not super likely to come up, but just so you know!

Anyway, I hope this is all helpful and not too long ... I have a tendency to be a bit wordy. Thank you again, so much! I can't wait to see what you come up with. <3 <3 <3

Pairing specifics:

Marvel 616

I love the complicated bond between these two; the importance of future "Kate" to Rachel's past, blended with her friendship with 616 Kitty (almost immediately her closest and most trusted ally in the confusing "new" world). I'd be thrilled with just about anything about these two. Maybe wacky Excalibur-style hijinks (true to that stage in their relationship, where Rachel's grown a little steadier, teasing Kitty instead of just clinging to her)? Cross-Time Capers absolutely encouraged! Or maybe something at the Jean Grey Academy, two teachers trying to hide their relationship from a school full of obnoxious superpowered teens? On a slightly angstier note, I have a special attachment to the "kiss hello" speech from Excalibur #75, so if you wanted to play on that ...!

So the way I see it, we have America Chavez the total badass, an experienced and level-headed superheroine ... and Kamala Khan, new to the experience and kind of feeling her way around, full of enthusiasm but a little uncertain still. Such a great combination, right? Their first meeting, first team-up, first date ... I love sheer pulpy superhero ridiculousness, or it could be more about the surprising sexiness of battle, who knows? Maybe America takes Kamala under her wing, maybe Kamala tries to convince her to partner up ... so many possibilities!

It always bothered me that we never got to see their relationship in its early stages, so I think I'd most especially love some of that ... courtship in space, maybe with a side order of intimidating intergalactic politics. Or, I'd be happy to see them fighting and hanging out with the Runaways, or Karolina introducing Xavin to some piece of Earth culture!

Pretty Little Liars

I've really enjoyed watching the dynamic between these two develop. Emily used to be sort of the people-pleaser of the group, while Spencer tended to step into leadership roles and push all the other girls ... but Emily grew into the one who pushed back against Spencer a lot, who called her out when necessary. On the other hand, the current season has Emily coming around hard to Spencer's position in re: Alison (Spencer having always been the most suspicious, while Emily was the least). Maybe an argument or intense discussion (amidst an investigation of some sort?) leads somewhere else? I'd love to see something that digs into this evolving dynamic and takes it to a romantic place!

Mmm, friction. Both of these two like to be in control, and I love the tension that creates, at all the stages of their friendship(?) that we've seen. This wouldn't be a happy pairing, I think, but I'd love to see a new angle on their power struggle.

I'd also very much enjoy Alison/Emily/Spencer, if you feel like playing with a threesome!

Teen Wolf

Give me all kinds of mutual badassery with these two, please ... strategizing and fighting and makeouts! I'd love to see them exploring supernatural mythology/community together. AUs where Allison didn't die area most welcome; so are ridiculous tropes like accidental soul bonds and pretend relationships that turn real!

I see these two as marvelous and bantery; Malia giving Lydia blunt, straightforward ("simplistic" - no it isn't) advice, Lydia trying to tutor a resistant Malia through her schoolwork, both of them determined to investigate truths behind all the obfuscation in their town, family histories and supernatural natures. Supporting each other through their various insecurities. Lots of hot push-and-pull, with a dose of sarcasm.

"Maybe you could date the coyote?" I'd love to see these two being super socially awkward at each other (in their different ways), or else fighting together (possibly the area where they're both most graceful and competent) and making out in the heat of the moment afterwards. Silly tropes would also be super fun with them. I could see Malia attempting to 'court' Kira in odd ways, for instance ...

Tortall (Tamora Pierce)

I'd really love something set years after the novel (when Dove's more grown up) ... the Queen and her Spymaster/friend, strategizing and taking some comfort/strength behind closed doors. Interplay between Aly's bantery confidence and Dove's straightforwardness and keen insight. Any glimpses of the Islands being rebuilt/reconstructed would be really neat, too. Would prefer an AU take on the characters where Aly never had a romantic relationship with Nawat.

I'd enjoy seeing these two bonding on the road together on the way to find the Dominion Jewel (or back to Tortall), fighting together, learning from each other!

Welcome To Night Vale

Tamika Flynn/Janice
Revolution, literature, and early teen first romance? I'd love these two during the kids' rebellion (prior to Parade Day), strategizing, employing guerrilla tactics, debating textual interpretation and sharing some first kisses! Alternately, it might be really interesting to get your take of them a little in the future, living post-Strex lives. What kinds of women are they going to become? Will they settle back into a "normal" Night Vale existence? Will they grow up to challenge the system again (one way or another)?

Canon-typical mixes of wacky humor and creepy discomfort are, naturally, very welcome here. ;)
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