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Another huge fanart roundup, courtesy of the summer where I only have the energy to manage job search stuff, draw fanart, and let my whole professional identity lie pretty much fallow. :D?

Okay, that sounded a little ... yeah. Actually, things are looking up in a big way! I have a pretty big deal second interview tomorrow, for a position I'm genuinely excited for which also pays better than I'd had any hope of, so. Fingers crossed. And I am having a ball with letting myself soak more or less exclusively in fannish material for a bit. :)
a single, full-color comic panel showing Miss America Chavez and Ms. Marvel holding hands and simultaneously punching out a robot, visible in the extreme foreground. POW!
America & Kamala's first date. <3 )

a clipped preview image showing Allison Argent, in black & white but for some yellow highlights, looking into the distance in profile and holding her bow.

A Teen Wolf collaboration with Ataratah! )

a clipped preview of the image below!

Character death won't stop my shipping. )

two versions of the same comic panel panel, in which Lindsey Way peers into a coffee cup saying 'Uh-huh,' a seated Gerard Way looks up nervously all '...' and the coffee cup goes '<3'

Revisiting six years ago. )

Orphan Black & Sailor Moon doodles. )

This ... actually isn't quite everything, but I'll take a breath and save the rest for its own post. ;)
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Jeez, you guys. I just came out of a two-hour lecture/panel discussion (the third in two days) that basically turned into a debate about print and digital media and tools for artists, audience interaction, the internet, and so on. I feel exhausted and exhilarated. I can't decide if I want to have a thousand meta discussions about creator/audience interaction, fandom, crowdsourcing, the Veronica Mars kickstarter, Homestuck (which I should mention, I still haven't read) ... or just go lock myself in a room and draw until my fingers ache. I kind of have to do the latter (after a five-hour office shift), but you know.

Speaking of internet audiences and such, could I ask your opinion on something web/comics related? )

Anyway, apart from the meta thoughts I haven't had time for much of fannish anything, although I have been following Gerard's twitter posts religiously. (Nice popcorn tree, dude. God, how are you so charming?) And I still haven't watched The Phoenix video, but I'm finally listening to it. Repeatedly. (Young Volcanoes is great too! But um. Unf.)

I am dithering about buying a ticket to see Fall Out Boy in Lowell or Brooklyn this fall ... I'm broke and I don't know what I'll be doing then. Are people going? Ever since MJ I've been missing being around fans so intensely.
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Oh man, this has been a week. So the minute I got back from Boston I was basically overwhelmed with school things, even more than usual, if that's possible. We had this big event with multiple industry guests, a big old elbow-rubbing networking and reviewing kind of thing, and all my time was taken up preparing for and attending that (with a few extra meetings on the side)! Yesterday was my birthday, and all I wanted was leisurely dinner and drinks with my friends, and time to take a breath. Which I certainly got (epic hour-long wait for our food notwithstanding; at least it was delicious).

With all this, I could not handle all the bandom feels that have been running rampant this week. I had to absent myself from twitter, which was kind of tragic, and I haven't even watched The Phoenix yet. (Oh hi, Fall Out Boy, you know just where my buttons are. Augh.) I did make time to read Gerard's tweets, because they just made me happy as fuck. (Oh man, I hope the mailbox thing doesn't turn into a fiasco for him. Such earnestness, Mr. Way.)

On the other hand, probably my best birthday present of all was fannish. [personal profile] klb recorded an amazing little Elementary fic for me: In Practice, by [ profile] inlovewithnight. My favorite show, currently, and I haven't had time to read anything. I was complaining last week that there was NO podfic at all, but she's changed all that! And oh god, that story (which is kinky gen) is PERFECTLY relevant to my interests, to my interpretation of Sherlock & Joan's dynamic ... and [personal profile] klb gives a beautifully nuanced reading that enhances the text in just the right way. GO LISTEN.

I'm off to a roller derby bout in a little bit, feeling extra dapper with the pocket watch my uncle sent me(!) and my much-missed vintage spring coat, freshly repaired. And then I have to hunker down and get back to work. I miss the fan community from last week so much, though: much love, you guys!
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Okay, so I watched the Teen Wolf finale and ... well, I've tried to unpack my reaction to it several times to different people and I haven't gotten anywhere, so I think I'm going to sleep on it now.

I do want to mention that does this even count as as a spoiler? )

In other belated and unnecessary fannish commentary ... Small Petunia of the Galaxy. Gerard Way, please give me your children's music album. And tell me all about what ~real costumes are. I can't believe I forgot how much I love your face, even for a second.

Tonight I sang Ella Fitzgerald at karaoke and dyed my hair a very dark purplish-red. That'll do.
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I really have no idea what fandom is doing to my brain lately. I fell asleep last night after watching part of this Grant Morrison panel from Comicon '08, which was delightful. Seriously, I love watching him talk more than most people. But then, I proceeded to dream that I was having a standoff with him in a doorway (I don't remember why, or who all the other people with us were), and I shot him in the shoulder. D: D: D: He was like, "psh, I'm okay" when I rushed over immediately after, but I woke myself up in dismay. WTF was that, subconscious? I mean, I appreciate the part where he let me look over concept sketches for a new comic (which apparently involved a rock band with some kind of Edwardian masquerade theme), but.

Oh dear. Too much Killjoys, possibly. Too much BLI!Patrick fanart-in-progress (and frankly, interviews like this one are not helping).

Which isn't to say that I can ever get enough of this band. Oh my goodness, Gerard Way, I am not sure my love for you can be textually rendered. "Don't ever let the media tell you what your body's supposed to look like. You're beautiful the way you are." ♥♥♥ Also, that is possibly the most coherent interview I've ever seen him give.

Bizarre dreams aside, all the distraction is appreciated, because work has been pretty tense lately; my boss had to take open-ended "informal familial leave" to take care of her sick mother, and as she's not very good at delegating, I've been trying to figure out how to take on a pile of essential tasks I have very little idea how to accomplish. Which may be fairly moot, as I've just learned that her mother passed away last night. There's still plenty to do.

Oh, I keep forgetting; [community profile] white_lotus reveals are up. :) There's a whole bunch of lovely fic, art, vids & crafts to check out! I drew Some Like It Hotman, a short comic in which Sokka shows up to, ahem, drag Zuko away from his Fire Lordly duties for awhile. ;)
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So I stepped off my bus this evening to find the entire neighborhood shrouded in darkness.

We've had a fair number of power outages before, but I've never come home to one; it was pretty eerie! As my roommate was off visiting her parents, and I could neither cook or draw in my apartment, I wound up heading down the street to my local comic shop (clearly the best place to be in an emergency); it was closed (like everything else on the block), but I'm friends with the guys who work there, so I wound up hanging around chatting about Battlestar Galactica and Jeopardy-playing computers. After an hour, though, I gave up and caught the first bus to somewhere with light and food.

I've been some flavor of cranky pretty much all day, and losing most of my cozy solo drawing night in did not particularly help. I'm just burnt out, which is pretty common for this time of year ... I need to get away from the city and decompress a bit. Fortunately I'm heading home to the Valley on Friday at last! There will still be snow, but it will be less filthy and congested and I will drink all the Haymarket mochas. While attempting to use really bright colors, meep. (Seriously, I am so excited for the picture I'm working on right now; I hope my Photoshop issues don't fuck it up.)

Also, this is definitely improving my mood: Gerard singing happy birthday to Grant Morrison at the Glasgow show tonight. ♥______♥ (Thank you, [ profile] tuesdaysgone!)
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Uh, I've kind of been skimming the massive outpouring of MCR press, so I just noticed that Gerard made a GLAM ROCK PLAYLIST for Rolling Stone. I don't even. Good morning. ♥

I won't lie; part of the reason I love "Vampire Money" so much is for the Sweet-style opening, and the Bowie and Bolan namechecking.

While I'm spamming, did I mention that you should sign up for this Avatar: The Last Airbender exchange? Not due 'til January, takes fic, art, vids, crafts and more, and sign-ups end in two days! GO GO GO.
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Hiatus? What hiatus? I'm so sorry for the spam, bbs, I promise this is it, but I really had to share. Check out the "Update" at the bottom of this article!

Here, let me help you with that:
Dark Horse editor Scott Allie tells ComicsAlliance that the "Killjoys" comic book is still coming, which co-writer Shaun Simon confirmed in a post to Twitter: "The comic is coming out soon. Now you all why it's taking so long."


I said I'd stop spamming, so I'm just going to add this here: look at this fanart of Grant Morrison's character, by Becky Cloonan! *_*
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I am still not supposed to be here, but um. BAND. ♥ Absurd brightly-colored post-apocalyptic ray-gun-toting pirate-radio-playing comic book aesthetic, YES PLEASE. I love how incredibly thrilled my f/rlist is, too ... it is so great to see you all so excited! There will be fic, right? Lots of it?

I desperately want to draw fanart for this new 'verse - though I am really, really not allowed to do that yet. It's going to be a serious challenge for me, with my all-but-allergy to color, but that's one of my favorite things about this fandom; it really inspires me to push myself harder and in new directions. I am going to be twice as motivated to get this application in!

Man, I love how Gerard's different worlds are bleeding together in that video. (When I finally managed to watch it on Friday - after stalling bus wireless and dying laptop batteries, a side trip to my hometown comic shop, and more stalling wireless at my parents' house - I was like, oh HELLO Grant Morrison. I am not hallucinating, right?) I'm dying to know more about the title - is the album somehow tied in with the previously-announced comic series? Did Gerard just lift the title from his other (collaborative) project? Just how much story/concept are we getting here?

Can't fucking wait for some US tour dates, naturally, though it's probably just as well for me that they're doing Europe first. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they portray all this onstage, though. And it should be interesting to see how the fans turn out for it. (I remember going to see Panic a couple years ago - half the crowd was in paisley, and the other half had ruffles and Fever-era makeup. I was rather entertained.)

Okay, I really have to go do some more inking now. (I've run out of Merlin podfic, woe. Someone please remind me that I probably don't want to go back to watching that show! DNW evil Morgana. :/)
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Oh hey! I keep meaning to write a post and then not doing it, so this might be a little ridiculous.

IDK, real life has been ... not totally nutty, but work's been pretty tiring and busy (there was an accepted student open house, and my boss was out a whole lot). Also, there was even more rain (record amounts and lots of flooding, whee), and before that, there were beekeepers nosing around in my ceiling! Who did not actually find any bees (apparently the hive up and moved sometime in February/early March? there weren't even that many dead ones left), but we did find about 120 pounds of honey. (Eventually, this will make a good comic.) Also, I turned 26.

I've been trying to focus on my original comic work (as usual), with less than desired success, but I haven't been very consistently fannish either. A little while back there was this Gerard Way video, which provoked the usual WHAT IS HIS FACE reaction from me (it had been awhile, too!), and also Mikeyway was adorable. I miss them, but I'm trying not to dwell on MCR too much until we actually have a release date for that album. Whateverthefuck it's going to be, now.

Recently, I've found myself reading lots of DC comics; mostly Bat-books. (I find the current lack of Bruce Wayne weirdly approachable, or something?) While my comic reading habits are often pretty separate from my online fannish pursuits, I checked out Close To Home by [ profile] iesika (which I really enjoyed), and now I find myself right back in a Tim/Kon sort of place. (Not that I wasn't already feeling it.) Does anyone happen to have some favorite recs to throw at me? They can totally be old; I was really haphazard about reading in the fandom when I was doing that actively, a few years back.

On the other hand, just as I was getting comfortable, there comes this news. Goddammit, Rucka. ;_; I was looking forward to more of your Batwoman SO MUCH. I really hope she gets picked up by someone who can write and who really gets her, but . . . well, it's DC. IDEK. :(((((

In happier news, I watched the new Doctor Who episode last night, and I pretty much enjoyed it! Spoilers here. )

I should wrap this ridiculous post up, but! On Friday [personal profile] oliviacirce posted Wordsworth's daffodil poem. While I've never really spent any time on the Romantics, that inevitably winds up reminding me of Philip "deprivation is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth" Larkin, so I promised I'd post something of his.

A serious house on serious earth it is )

That was a lot more talking than I meant to do! I should try to post more often, so I don't post quite so much. Oh, and I did manage to miss it, but I hope everyone who observes had a lovely Passover or Easter, while I'm on the topic. ♥
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I am back from Chicago, and I'm going to require a break from a) Polish food and b) contemporary Catholicism. Other things are, well. You know. More of that whole it takes time business, I suppose.

A lot has been going on - feels like I was gone for much longer than I really was. I'm too tired and disgusted to deal too much with what just happened in my state (though at least I got home in time to vote, yesterday). Also I'm sorry to have pretty much missed [ profile] help_haiti (though under the circumstances I'm not sure what I could have contributed, artistically), but now that I have internet again I can finally make some direct donations.

On a more fannish note, I can't wait to get home and catch up on White Collar, because peoples' tweets were driving me nuts last night. ;) Must've been good, huh? I did watch last week's Leverage, and barely even spoilers! )

I am not remotely caught up on my flist, but I hear that Gerard Way fellow is being earnestly adorable again, and that there are all kinds of exciting bigbang sign-ups going on. I am most excited for this:

[ profile] trekreversebang is just what it looks like - a bigbang-style challenge where the fic is based on the art, instead of vice versa. Seriously, guys, you have to get in on that. If nothing else, you should totally leave prompts! There's no obligation attached to that! (The deadline for art is the day I'm going to that portfolio event. Ahaha, well, I work well under pressure.)

Also, speaking of portfolios, I still really need to respond to all the awesome comments on that advice post! Hopefully later today. You guys rock, did I mention? ♥
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Oh man, for a Monday today has been pretty great. (Well, yesterday as of six minutes ago, whoops.) Slept badly but managed to be alert anyway, and then after work I got to hang out with [ profile] omnia_mutantur, play with her kitties, and bond with her houseguest over growing up Marvel (unlike all the folks we know, who mostly grew up DC). Plus, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist is kind of an adorable movie.

Came home to find a new interview with Gerard about comics. (Do not read if you are not caught up on The Umbrella Academy: Dallas!) Oh man. *_* I am so tantalized with all the bits of future series he mentions. And who is he co-writing this new non-TUA series yet? (My money's on Mikey, I think?) Also, I'm kind of disappointed that he won't be drawing it himself (I really would love to see him draw a comic sometime, even just a one-shot), but Becky Cloonan is pretty amazing, sooo. COMICS. :D

My BBB art is going really well, and I really want to sit up late and keep working on it! Plus I think I finally have some thoughts on the supporting cast for my original comic project. Why is sleep debt? >:(

[ETA:] Kath linked me to this Dollhouse vid, set to "It Depends On What You Pay" from The Fantasticks. If you know anything about the play (I know very little, but) you may guess why the song's so appropriate for the material. Proceed with caution; two disturbing tastes that taste disturbing together.
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Purchase the services of your very own bandom cartoonist! )

I'm excited; this sounds so fun, and it's for a good cause! You guys should consider signing up. Auction starts Saturday!

In other news: Record is coming along great by the way...will be better and faster with the propper research vessel...

GERARD. >:( Give me that album!
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So yeah, the Desolation Row video. Holy fuck, I don't know if I've ever found them all so collectively attractive before. *_* I hope there is all kinds of fic in the works; I want long, plotty AUs and kinky PWPs and everything in between!

(Also, just, Gerard's enthusiasm is infectious. I am getting myself a copy of Watchmen to reread tomorrow.)

I was messing around with ideas for fanart on the way home from work today, so while sitting around watching BSG I started trying to work out Gerard's outfit, and then I wound up idly inking it during the West Wing. Since I was concentrating on the clothes rather than the person . . . he looks like he'd like to EAT you, but his arms are stuck awkwardly down at his sides. :p Ack. )

I'm not very good at the fast art; I love love love his crazyfaces (guh), but that's . . . well. I'll do something better with it. *g* After I finish the other stuff I'm working on.

Must crash now, feel almost as zombieish as my drawing looks.
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So last week I read The Old Straight Track by [ profile] jjtaylor, in which Frank is a ghost and Gerard is his apartment's next occupant. There are hauntings and seances and metaphors and pining. Highly recommended, though beware the abrupt ending (she's working on the sequel :DDDD).

I love that fic, man.

Also, it was [ profile] jjtaylor's birthday last week! So I drew this: Frank/Gerard, completely SFW )

All I have done this weekend is sit on my bed and draw MCR. (Well, practically.) I suppose I shouldn't do that.

Also, I have developed a stupid craving for obscenely sugary cereal (something I pretty much never eat). Damn you, Gerard Way! Pegwarming. I will never get tired of this fandom.

(This week I keep getting intrusive, personal IMs from people whose SNs I do not recognize. WTF?)
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I've been drawing all week, and almost nothing is finished, because I am slow. I inked up some doodles because I was really itching to post something (and then I took forever to color them messily, ah well).

and one more, same pairing )

Oddly enough, these pictures were supposed to be from a lesbian AU, but . . . I failed. *g* Which has to be a first. Maybe I'll try again later. Anyway, these are doodles and full of mistakes, but they were fun to do. :)
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Things have been randomly going wrong all day, and I will be [ profile] fuschia-less at the Amanda Palmer concert tonight, which is very sad.


I am so overinvested in these people, but holy fuck, the flailing. :DDD

[ETA:] BTW, if you're local? I now have an extra Amanda ticket. I posted in [ profile] 2damnoldforthis that I wanted to sell it, but we'd rather give it away than have it go to waste, so if anyone's interested (I know this is ridiculously last-minute) and can email me in the next hour or so (or wants to find me at the venue around 7), go for it.
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So far, this work week has been completely maddening. I only took two days off last week; that should not have been enough time for everything to go to hell in a handbasket! Argh.

Fortunately, there is Gerard Way, whose hair is giving me flashbacks to my early days of comic readership. Also, you know, HIS FACE. I cannot deal with it.

In other fabulous news, [ profile] yuletide fandom nominations are finally open! :D: So excited, so very panicked. (Seriously, if the holidays do not kill me this year, it's going to be pretty miraculous. Three exchanges and maybe a trip to Europe and probably having to write my research paper a month early--right when the exchanges are due! What am I doing oh god.)

I'm waffling a bit on my noms this year. ) I guess I'll hold off for a little while and ponder.

While I'm pondering, I suppose I should get back to work. There is much to do . . . plus unexpected fire drills!
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All my energy has been going towards work and family the last couple of weeks; bouncing back and forth across the state every weekend is kind of exhausting, and so are new students. I have this ridiculous tab backlog right now . . . unread fic, uncommented-on fanart, your odd political article (I am inevitably reminded that I hate caring about politics, but that's another story). Also I've been giving a lot of thought to taking an academic class this semester, and traveling to Europe next year.

I had to pop my head in, though, because I love my fandom SO DAMN MUCH. (It bears repeating occasionally!) For one thing, I don't even know how to deal with Gerard's hair, but I find I'm already kind of loving it (wouldn't be the first time I adored someone with a red mullet, after all *g*). Also? It's his and Lyn-Z's first wedding anniversary today! ♥ And they are still giddy and ridiculous and adorable. (I need to check around and see if anyone has a concert report for MSI at Dragon*Con.)

Also, half of Panic celebrated their birthdays this week, complete with hotass girlfriends and thematically appropriate cake. I may have cooed a little. Dammit. ;)

And then there's Patrick Stump telling me to put a heatwave in my pants. Oh holy fuck. (It is not surprising that I fucking adore "I Don't Care." I have a particular love for the sort of stompy/rockin' FOB songs--that's clearly a technical term--after all, "Bang The Doldrums" was the first one I ever loved. And not just for the tinhattery!) I want the rest of that album so badly.

Next week I get an [ profile] olivia_circe--in fact, I get all of [ profile] intensityboat!!--and a screamy mustachioed Frank. \o/
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Finally got the mixtape to work! :D I know a lot of people have been having various problems with it, so I've re-zipped it and am uploading it for anyone who is still having trouble. [ETA:] mixtape part 1, mixtape part 2!

Between this and my ridiculous love for Gerard Way, this week is off to a fantastic start. Which is good, because I'm going to need the momentum (it's orientation, and work is crawling with new students, they are EVERYWHERE).


&My Chemical Romance;


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