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Two things, before I go to bed! A small charity request, and one rec.

My best friend, [ profile] sweetvalleyslut, has been in Romania for the last two-plus years, working as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since she's not active on LJ anymore, she asked me to share this donation request: basically, her boyfriend (another volunteer) is trying to raise some money to establish a sports/performance amphitheater at the small school where he teaches. 50% of the funding has to come from outside sources. It's not a ton of money to raise, and it'd be great for the kids and the community there; if you guys were willing to donate and/or spread this around a bit, that'd be awesome. ♥

On an entirely unrelated note, I just finished reading [personal profile] tuesdaysgone's Killjoys prequel, The Kids From Yesterday, and it is fucking amazing. It's exactly the kind of long, plotty, absorbing story I've been dying to read since the "Art is the Weapon" trailer came out last fall; fascinating, creepy, and ultimately exhilarating. The world building and the characterization are both fantastic, and there's plenty of wrong/hot Gerard/Korse. And as if all that weren't enough, there are apparently two more stories to come. Seriously, go read, and check out the accompanying artwork by the always-incredible [ profile] theopteryx.
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Oh hi, flist. I've been away from most of my usual internet haunts lately. How are you guys doing? (Seriously, tell me something - if you feel like it. ♥)

This isn't to say I haven't been particularly fannish lately, though. I had a [ profile] sweetvalleyslut over the weekend (too jetlagged and sleepy to be a mirage, I'm happy to say), which resulted in watching a whole bunch of Community, and also High School Musical. The former is full of awesome, as reported! I made particularly embarrassing noises during the episode where Abed dressed up as was Batman. :D (As for HSM, um. I'm not ashamed: I can always enjoy a little Kenny Ortega choreography. I really need to talk my roommate into watching Newsies with me now.)

We also tried watching the first episode of Rizzoli & Isles, because good female partnership-focused television is basically all I want out of the world (that's a lie, but still I really want that); unfortunately, neither of us particularly like that whole procedural/cop show formula with the MOUNTING TERROR and rapist serial killers (not to mention, annoying male FBI agent love interests), so we didn't even finish the episode. It was slashy, but not really enough to make the rest worth it, which was disappointing.

That's okay, though, because White Collar is back and amazing. More on that later, maybe, but for now - oh man, ♥Diana♥.

I should get back to work, but um, I finally deleted my old, languishing OKCupid account this weekend, and set up a new one. I'm being stupidly nervous about that! Apparently I read like I was dreamed up by a "lesbian think tank." I think this was intended as a compliment?
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Made this as part of a birthday card for my ~other half, [ profile] sweetvalleyslut:

I miss herrr. :( Anyway, yeah, more art with no backgrounds! There will be art with backgrounds eventually, I swear.
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Does anyone know anything about contributing to humanitarian aid efforts that may not be run out of one's own country? (Maybe there will be some. Hostilities are just--hopefully--ending today.)

[ profile] sweetvalleyslut is safe and sound and out of Georgia. Thank fucking god.
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Had a lovely family weekend punctuated by intense worry, the reason for which is all over the news. ([ profile] sweetvalleyslut and her fellow Peace Corps volunteers are being evacuated to Armenia, and all should be well, but it's fucking terrifying all the same).

Since sitting around fretting doesn't actually help things, I did try to have a good time. The New Pornographers concert was great fun, if very different from the concert experience I've gotten used to. (Someone needs to tell those indie kids that it's all right to dance! Well, I think some of the ones in the pit were swaying, but up in the balcony, everyone was just sitting there. Tch.) That's all right, though; I came home today to find Reggie/Leathermouth tickets waiting for me. In case I was worried about missing the full spectrum of concert experiences.

I also went to see The Swell Season with my family. It was an outdoor concert, and it kind of rained all over us. I forgot my poncho! (Shame on me!) I did have an umbrella though, and it was really kind of awesome . . . their music is amazing in any case (as you'll know if you've seen Once), but the crowd's defiance of the weather brought the whole experience up to a new level. Just brilliant (I thought of you).

I should stop refreshing Yahoo! News and go to bed. The rest of my week will be work, the Red Sox (possibly with more rain), trying to make international phone calls, and drawing more pictures of Gerard Way making funny faces. (Also IB designs. I have one and a half done. I need to learn to draw zombies . . . and um, boats.)
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Sickdays kind of suck because I am home all day and don't have to work, but pretty much have no energy to . . . say, draw. Bah, say to you. It seems to be going away pretty quickly, which is great; I'm back in the office, true, but it's Friday.

I picked up the first volume of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol from the library (and returned The Dark Knight Returns at the same time). Eisner next, definitely. I'm boning up on the classics; a statement that seriously confused my father. Even better, it's the weekend of the Avatar finale and The Dark Knight. (I currently have no idea when/how I'm going to see the latter, but it will happen somehow.) Talk about things guaranteed to make a fangirl feel better.

(Now, if only MSI would come just a bit closer.)

Also, [ profile] sweetvalleyslut is doing well in Georgia and is better at the language than anyone in her group. ♥

Aside from drawing and geeking out this weekend, I really need to try and learn this song (it's really easy, self), and a couple of others, because it would be nice if I could actually play along with the lovely boy who is trying to teach me stuff.
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Despite the fact that I am having my worst sleep week in a long time (which is, um, impressive; I haven't had a good one in . . . months), life is seriously awesome right now.

I don't even know where to start! Mostly cooking and COMICS! )

There are other things, too . . . my guitar classes are so much fun, the MCR shirt I didn't buy at MSG is available on their merch website now, I have a three-day weekend to draw in (and my brother might visit!), Doctor Who is insane, Avatar is coming back soon, and oh yeah, I'm seeing the Hushies in just under a week! ♥ ♥ ♥

So to spread a bit of joy (because apparently it's More Joy Day? I thought that was in January? not that I wouldn't want to spread joy anyway), thought I'd share some of the stuff I've drawn recently. (This is because I'm too damn slow to draw something specially for today, alas.) I've pretty much just been messing around trying to learn how to draw some of the bandguys, so it's nothing polished, but what the heck. :D

Usual disclaimer: these interpretations are not intended as anything other than fiction for my own harmless enjoyment, and the only intended audience is other fans. Etc. If you're famous, you might want to rethink googling yourself.

First up is a bit of Frank/Gerard, drawn on request for someone nifty. Just some quick-ish doodles with flat color stuck on, but I'm feeling pretty okay about them.

The proper use for a necktie! )

Also, there's this. I was doing a pageful of Gerard doodles on the commuter rail a couple weekends back, just trying to get a feel for him (I'm still working on that). The profile view that I was messing with turned into him drawing . . . and from there, him drawing on Mikey. ^^; [ETA:] I'm sorry, but I've needed to remove this picture for personal reasons. Thanks to everyone who commented on it, here and elsewhere.

And because those are actually weirdly similar pieces (I swear, something other than from-the-chest-up profile view next time), here's some original art as well, just to mix it up. (It's slightly topical, if you look closely!) This was part of something I drew as a parting gift for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut.

Joined at the hip. )

That's all for now . . . I'm still producing much less than I'd like, but I'm working on that! And I'll try to draw something other than bandom art soon, just for a change: say, Avatar? ;)
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I should go to bed, but I need to stop giggling at [ profile] brooklinegirl's most recent post first. It's a list of Things She Knows About Bandom. (She isn't in bandom.)

Not to revisit three-month-old melodrama, but once upon a time? I was not into bandom. There was, in fact, a period of over a year when I was very very vehemently NOT INTO BANDOM, OKAY? Meanwhile, [ profile] sweetvalleyslut very emphatically was. She is my best friend, and we have been doing fandom together since we were in our mid-teens; it was pretty much the first time that we differed so strongly. (Oh sure, we've both had fandoms on the side that we didn't share--I don't like The Sentinel, she was never very involved in Kim Possible or Eroica--but our fannish focus was always pretty mutual, before.)

So you know, she tried very valiantly not to talk about it CONSTANTLY. She failed, of course, and I sat through hours and hours of babble and even quasi-discussion on the topic. (Many of my own good friends are getting to know this experience, I know . . . I'm sorry! I understand, I just can't help it. Etc. I have not made any of you look at pictures or videos yet, at least.)

Then, of course, I rather abruptly went and took my unceremonious plunge into total bandom immersion . . . and spent the next month asking her a whole lot of random questions about canon and characters. Kath was very confused by these, because after all, she had told me everything about this stuff, but . . . well, it was kind of like a game of Telephone. When she was telling me things and I wasn't invested in them, there was a lot that I didn't hear, or remembered kind of off.

I don't really have a point, here, except that I pretty much love fandom. ♥ (Most of the time.) And I love my friends for being tolerant of my insanity (as I in turn have been tolerant of others' insanity, because fangirls are hilarious, amen).

Where is my DVD? D: I want to waaaatch it already. I keep sitting around twitching and wishing I'd bought the deluxe edition, even though I TOTALLY DON'T NEED A DEATHMASK, OKAY. They're awesome, but wtf would I do with that? Or a pine box shaped like a coffin? But.
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I'm not really sure why I keep trying to keep all my ideas a secret until I produce them. I mean, it makes sense for presents and things like poncho!Vicky-T, but not everything has to be a surprise. Maybe if I talk about some of them, I will still be motivated to work on them even when I'm all tired after work. (Not today, because I have a [ profile] cilghal to drag around Harvard Square in search of comics! But more often!)

Standard Lilith!art disclaimer: I am insanely slow, and I make no promises. I want to draw so many things and never do! But I always hope to improve on that. :)

things I want to be drawing right now kthx )

Of course, I won't work on any of this next week, because I'll still have all the Big Bang fic to catch up on. :DDD:

In other news, I guess I'm going to have to learn to conduct myself in fandom without hiding behind [ profile] sweetvalleyslut anymore. Yikes.

(Everyone think good thoughts for her with me, okay? She is my beloved very bestest of friends in the whole world, and all kinds of mush that you wouldn't even believe, and she is going out into the world in such a freaking literal sense! Where she will ROCK THE SOCKS OFF everyone in eastern Europe. ♥♥♥)
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Okay, so Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull wasn't exactly the best movie I've ever seen. There are various criticisms to offer (along with some definite moments of squee), but there's only one thing I really want to say: how many action movies are there in which you get to see a 57-year-old-woman kick that much ass?

*crickets chirp*

That's what I thought. I fucking love Karen Allen. ♥

Speaking of things I love? I think I may be adding Robin to my comics pull for the first time ever. It's not that recent events weren't more or less expected, but OMG better than I could have even imagined! ♥ (This consoled me over the fact that there were no issues of the new Emily the Strange to be had at MYP or two Newbury Comics. Someone must have told the fangirls about Gerard's interview.)

Am gearing up for a weekend full of [ profile] sweetvalleyslut (and a little bit of [ profile] omnia_mutantur as well, huzzah). Neil Gaiman, Henry Jenkins, Life on the Murder Scene, thrift-shopping, swan boats, geek movies (Prince Caspian or Iron Man?), probable loud discussions of fandom in public, being incomprehensible to just about any and all passerby . . . \o/

I just have to remember not to wear the MIKEY FUCKIN WAY shirt to the swanboats. ^^; I got enough deathglares from parents with small children last weekend (I totally forgot that it was the Sunday of graduations in Boston as well as in the Valley).
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Hey, so I finished doing the color version of my Greta/Vicky-T fanart! (Very very simple color, unshaded; I have no idea why it took me this long. Dammit, I need a tablet.)

I'm going to post both versions together, now, just because. :)

Fandom: bandom crossover (The Hush Sound/Cobra Starship)
Pairing: Greta/Vicky-T
Rating: PG
Summary: A companion piece to [ profile] olivia_circe's Fantaisie-Impromptu; drawn as a gift for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut (the fic was also for her). Greta is indulging in her desire to "play" the "piano keys" on Vicky-T's tights. (The hands are not quite right--I did play piano for awhile--but I think you can still tell?)
Disclaimer: This interpretation is not intended as anything other than fiction for my own harmless enjoyment, and the only intended audience is other fans.

a tactile reprise )

Now that I've seen Greta up close and in person, I feel much iffier on the likeness, even with excuses for style. But I'm totally going to draw her lots more, so hopefully it will improve. :) Meanwhile, I'm almost done inking that Avatar crack!comic, and I've almost started writing that fic I mentioned, really. (So slow, always!)

I spent a good chunk of my day cleaning, however, while listening to interviews. Lyn-Z is so amazing, I could swoon (Gerard, I am stealing your wife). Gerard apparently does not get crushes on people because he is "unimpressed" by them (but was earnestly impressed by his interviewer's "insightful" comments about random crushes on strangers on trains, and went on a whole tangent about how much most radio interviews usually suck, hee).

In other (multifannish) news, [ profile] sae is amazing and spoils me unduly. (Unduly, I say! What have I done to deserve this generosity?) Today I received a packaged in the mail (wrapped in a paper bag that happened to be covered in tomatoes; it was adorable), containing a Kim Possible art print, framed and signed by Stephen Silver (the character concept artist), and also a gorgeous From Eroica With Love art/coloring book. Not to mention the hilarious Eroica doodles on the letter (Saaaaae-art, my favorite thing ever). Thank you so much, sweetheart. ♥

[ profile] fuschia, I hope you had a beautiful birthday. ♥

[ETA:] Ack! I've been so occupied all evening, I missed all the wedding news! Hemingway was the ringbearer! OMG. :D

Pete and Ashlee randomly share my own parents' wedding anniversary. They also share this day with a ridiculous number of gay couples here in Massachusetts, because today is the 4-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage! (Be proud, kids.)
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So yes. Bandom is very, very inspiring.

Also, [ profile] sweetvalleyslut and I traditionally give each other "birthday" and "Christmas" presents at entirely random times of the year. Well, I'm only three months late, give or take.

Bastet bb, this is for you! My very first foray. I am working on a color version as well, but I really could not stand to not share this anymore. It took a ridiculously long time, because I'm still working the kinks out. (Let me know if there are resolution problems? Just getting used to my new scanner.)

Happy belated birthday thingie! )

In other fabulous news, the MCR tickets (for New York) came today. Oh my god, best weekend ever.
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Oh, and speaking of fanart!

Yesterday [ profile] sweetvalleyslut gave me something awesome: )

I know so many talented knitters.


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