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Okay, so in 2015? I am going to [ profile] muskratjamboree, okay. I had such an amazing time just staying in the hotel and hanging out with so many wonderful fans, but ... I want to go to that dance party next time. ;) And some panels.

I'm following a bunch of the lovely people I met on DW, LJ and/or twitter, and I'm going to post my information over in this post! So if you are new to me here is some quick stuff to please read? )

Also ... yes, so, on Saturday my favorite band broke up, in the middle of the convention. Cutting for being more or less positive, in case you're not ready for that. )

Anyway, I'm on a bus north, and I think I'm gonna lie back and listen to podfic for a bit. But if [ profile] intensityboat still has any fans out there (of course we do) ... there may be something for you quite soon. :)
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I hear we're getting more snow tomorrow! How about that. (Er. It's still early enough in the season that I'm mostly pleased about it, but my sympathies to everyone who has to drive, shovel, etc.)

So I've just gone and made a fanart masterlist sticky post for this journal. Feels a bit egotistical, but it might be convenient? (It occurs to me that both versions currently link to DW posts, mostly. I'll add LJ links later.) I have to admit, it's kind of nice, looking at it all in one place (though it does make certain issues and inadequacies leap out a bit, as well).

Speaking of fanart, eight more hours of faculty shenanigans, and then I am going to draw the hell out of this weekend. Maybe I will even get to colors. (Really bright colors, which I am a bit scared about. So good, I think.)
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I don't think I'm ever really talkative enough here to require "taking a hiatus," but ... I'm going to be extra-scarce for the next couple of months, probably. I'm trying to get my grad school application done by the end of October, including a 9-page comic about totally unfamiliar subjects - and I want to include the minicomic I've been working on in my portfolio, so I have to finish that too. I'm pretty much going to be holed up in my apartment scribbling and watching TNG for the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, the school I work for has decided to implement a new student information system, which keeps gleefully breaking registration and throwing everyone for a loop - so there goes the rest of my energy for awhile.

After all that's over with, I might even be able to draw fanart again! /o\ I miss it so much.

Oh, I think this should probably go without saying, but: it is never okay to crosspost anything related to this journal (your own comments included) to facebook or twitter. Not that I think any of you would, but I very much want to keep this journal away from my real name and any "public" persona I have or may have in the future.

[ETA:] Here's an informative post on the issue, and there are a couple solutions to the accidental crossposting problem over here. (Thanks to [personal profile] oliviacirce for the links!)

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Whoops, forgot this. Guess I'll post again so it won't get buried (sorry for the spam)! I've decided to get rid of my website; I've been thinking about it for awhile, but it went down recently (I forgot to renew the domain name, whoops), and I decided to leave it. All the fanart on my DW/LJ is therefore not showing up! I am going to get a photobucket account and repost it all, but it'll take me awhile to do that and fix all the links. Sorry, guys; in the meantime, some of my stuff is up on deviantart.
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Oh my god, it stopped raining! \o/ Seriously, you guys, I don't mind daylight savings most of the time (I'd much rather wake up in the dark, if it means getting an extra hour of sunshine after work), but having it happen in the midst of four days' steady downpour is just playing dirty. Can't wait to finally enjoy that sunlight this evening, while I run around my apartment trying to prepare for the beekeepers.

Tomorrow: holes knocked in my bedroom ceiling! Vacuuming up honeybees! Most exciting. Cross your fingers for me that it'll work? If they're in among the bricks instead of the crawlspace, we might be forced to exterminate after all. (Which, apart from the fact that killing bees is a shame, would entail potential habitability issues that I'm not sure how to deal with. :/)

Okay, so there's a lot of buzz (err), both positive and negative, about Dreamwidth again. You may notice the little automatic message at the bottom of this post; I've been crossposting for months now, but I've decided I'd like to make that a little more obvious. I have no plans to ever turn off LJ commenting! I prefer Dreamwidth on a whole number of levels, but I get that plenty of you don't, and I have no intention of trying to pressure anyone into switching. That said, I consider Dreamwidth my primary location now; I'm working on taking all crossposters off my LJ default filter and all that jazz, and if you don't mind commenting at DW (either with your own account or OpenID), that would be neat.

I have to get back to work, but: [ profile] trekreversebang writer/artist match-ups have been announced, and you should go check out the totally tantalizing thumbnails of the art submissions (so far). :D I have to go email my writer! Can't wait to see how this all turns out.

Also, you might want to check out [ profile] coc_m_madness (Characters of Color March Madness, multifandom character voting modeled on [ profile] f_march_madness). It is painful. I just had to pick between Zoe Washburn and Gunn! And Charlie Young and Wallace Fennell!

Lastly! Gold Motel just announced East Coast tour dates on their myspace, including one for Allston. Yes, Greta, come to meeeee. *_*
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I can't believe [ profile] bandombigbang is already over (and so is June, almost; dear gods). The second story I drew for was posted yesterday: cadenza (and so he confessed it to her) by [ profile] beingothrwrldly. It's a Brendon/Greta romantic comedy musical-cast AU; lots of fun, and often funny. I've never drawn anyone from Panic before (Brendon has a particularly interesting face). :D You can find my piece here. (Both of the stories I signed up for this year were strongly concerned with a particular medium, and that really wound up influencing my contributions: a comic cover for the fic about comic writers, and a theatrical poster for the fic set around a Broadway production. So much color, though . . . totally taking a break from Photoshop now.)

There are so many BBBs I haven't even touched yet, I have no idea where to start! I've pretty much been sticking to MCR, but the output has been amazing in general. (Was there as much fic for non-Big Three bands last year? I can't remember. I mean, BBB was still overwhelmingly dominated by Panic and MCR, as expected, but. Still cool.) With all the rainy weather I kind of just want to curl up and read fic for the rest of the week. Alas, so much to do.

I watched a whole bunch of Season 3 Due South yesterday while drawing, and both of my roommates kept wandering by and commenting snarkily on RayK's accent. *g* Oh, this should have happened years ago so that I could gloat at [ profile] sweetvalleyslut. It's too late now; I don't even notice anymore (and then I get defensive, so I'm well aware of who gets to do the gloating). Which is funny, because I really don't think I've watched most of these episodes since the first time (2004?); they're all familiar but I keep completely forgetting major plot points. (Roomies also laughed at me for singing along with Barrett's Privateers, but whatever. ♥)

I've been working on getting my recslists set up on Dreamwidth, whenever I take a break from drawing. (I think I've pretty much decided to take down my website, though I need to talk a bit more to B and Lam about that.) It's weird how much more self-conscious I am about my stupid commentary, posting here. (All private-d 'til it's done, though, so hopefully it'll be more presentable by then. Still incredibly random in places--what was I doing in HP fandom, visiting archives and then clicking on fic with my eyes closed?--but free of seventeen-year-old rambling.)
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I've posted a poll on my LJ to try and gauge what everyone is/wants to be doing with their Dreamwidth accounts. I decided against crossposting because a fair chunk of my flist is still mostly LJ-based. If you're DW-centric, though, I'd appreciate your input over there as well. :)

As for me, I think I'll be crossposting for the forseeable future, although I think I may start maintaining permanent (sticky?) posts for fanart links and recs at Dreamwidth only, if I do wind up getting rid of my website. I'm undecided on the primary journal issue.

Really should be working on my BBB about now.
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Hi there.

Dreamwidth to-do list:

-find everyone I should be subscribing to (sorry if I've missed you the first time round!)
-import LJ entries
-look for a layout somewhere
-figure out how this is going to work, and post about it

I think that as far as policies go, I'm going to automatically grant access to anyone who subscribes to me, but I'm not going to automatically subscribe back. I only rarely lock posts, and if I do they'll probably be a) original art (which I'm fine with most people seeing, I just don't want it public) or b) very personal things (which I'd filter carefully in any case). I think that makes sense.

I feel kind of weird about giving access to people I'm subscribing to - like it's a weird imposition. :/ I'm sort of being random about that, I'll sort it out later.

I should probably get the hell off the computer for the timebeing, though. ;)
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I'm thinking about going to see the Hushies again in Hartford. I could get there by bus easily enough, and the show itself is quite cheap, but I don't know what I'd do after. Peter Pan buses don't run terribly late, and I think a hotel room would be a bit more expense than I really want to incur. :/ This fandom is not cheap.

Anyway! I've decided to create two filters. Sign up here, if you like. )

Um. You guys are sweet, by the way. :) And if you aren't interested in these filters, particularly the first one, I am really not going to be offended. JSYK.
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Okay, wow, what a day I'm having. Art exhibit, and lots about comics. )

I think I'm going to want to try and write more about comics in the future. (You never know, with me: I have ten thousand projects at once, and I often don't finish any of them. But I feel as though I have some essays, or at least questioning posts, brewing.) I also think I may go back to my recommendation project of last year; I kept mentioning titles to [ profile] omnia_mutantur, which she hadn't read, and well. I can be a resource, and would like to be!

This post . . . is probably going to be largely crossposted to my RL journal. I'm posting here, though, because this journal is where I live lately: I've been feeling more at home with fandom (for the most part) than with my scattered collective of RL friends and acquaintances. (Not to malign those of you who read here as well! I love you all. And part of the reason you're here is that . . . I feel like I can talk about more things in front of you. I censor myself so much more over there.)

So I was wondering!

[Poll #1230176]

There's no guarantee that I'll do any or all of these things, and if I do, I have no idea what the frequency will be. But most such posts will be locked, particularly if they include my original art or link to any of my RL-oriented internet accounts. I don't want to spam anyone who doesn't want to see this stuff, and I know many of us don't know each other well. :)

I should probably go to the grocery store now, but I think I'm going to go watch that Dark Horse interview from SDCC, and then curl up with some movie and draw.
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I have lots of new friends, so . . . hi there! :) I'm Lilith. My journal is kind of a random place. I sometimes draw fanart; other times I squee. These days, it's mostly about bandom, or comics (I am kind of all about comics). Also, my subject lines are almost always lyrics from whatever I'm listening to (sometimes topical, often not).

Oh! And, this journal used to be called ave_eva. I did introduce myself that way at a couple of concerts, but IDK, I'm quiet enough that I doubt it caused much confusion.

More than you need to know! But here if you want it. )

I can be kind of long-winded, but I'm not the kind of person who makes a lot of random posts about things that happen in my day. Feel free to ignore my occasional contemplative rambles. There will be pretty (or at least silly) pictures sometimes, to make up for them! (If I ever talk about something that I'm planning to draw, though . . . expect it a few months down the road? Like I said, slow.)

I'm going to do a sticky post later, but for quick reference, my tiny handful of bandom-related fanart (thus far): Greta/Vicky-T, Avatar fusion crack (more Avatar than bandom), Vicky-T in a poncho (in reference to rained-on fangirls at MSG ♥), and Frank/Gerard doodles. (I'm currently working on a cracked-out comic strip, and possibly some equally cracked-out AU stuff. We'll see.)
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Oddly enough, I was just thinking this morning that I should do some kind of "introduction to me" sticky post. I've been making new friends in bandom, after all.

The trouble is, I really have no idea what to put in it. There was a meme floating around awhile ago, I suppose I could use that? I don't know, suggestions would be nifty. If you feel so inclined. :)
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Good morning! Just renamed my journal.

Yes, I realize it's random. The thing is? "ave_eva" was kind of a pain to say out loud, and it's been bugging me since I tried to introduce myself that way after the MSG concert. So! I figure this is a quiet, unknown little journal and it won't confuse too many people.

The new name is a Milton reference, because I am a gigantic nerd. ♥
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So hey, flist. Announcement.

This journal didn't really start out as such; I got it because I wanted to separate any fan-posting I did from my real name, which is publicly attached to my other journal. However, for awhile there I barely used this space; I'd occasionally post a picture or something. I was slipping out of fandom and stuff.

I've added a lot of people over the years, for various reasons, but I haven't really bonded with a lot of you and have kept to myself, etc. Now that I'm actually getting more involved in fandom again (one big, specific fandom in particular), though, I want to make this more of a "real" journal.

So I'm going to do some flist trimming, okay? It's not that I dislike any of you, but enough of us have never talked . . . pretty much ever. Or we shared a fandom a long time ago that I'm just not that involved in anymore, or who knows what. I don't really read some of your journals, and I'm pretty sure plenty of you don't read mine.

(By the way, I am totally cool with people defriending me at any point, for the same or whatever other reasons. I should probably make a note to that effect somewhere.)

And, y'know, if you get trimmed and are all sad about it, you can go ahead and comment and I'll probably add you back. I just kind of assume that a lot of you are like me: normally kind of paranoid and guilty about defriending people even when it's totally amicable and based on changing interests, the way things go in fandom a lot.

Um, and I might start friending some of the bandom people whose journals I have been reading. Because it's kind of silly for me to just read [ profile] sweetvalleyslut's & [ profile] olivia_circe's flists all the time. [ETA:] Nevermind, still a little too shy to go around friending people I don't know. I'll do it later, really.

(Also, I'm going to try and hand [ profile] fandom_of_one off to somebody, because I think it's a good idea and feel rotten for being such a failboat.)
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". . . whose mortal taste brought Death into the World, and all our woe . . . "
-Paradise Lost, Book One

Whatever. :) Here's a placeholder entry. I shall open this journal soon.


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