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Well, I continue to more or less live in outer space (I’d feel guiltier about this, but it’s kind of a survival thing right now; finances and mental health are both pretty disastrous, although I’m doing my best to change that, slowly).

After an ... extended period of rewatching, note-taking and analysis, the outline for my Garak/Bashir fic project(!) is coming together, although I’m weirdly having a much easier time with the emotional arc than the plot. (This is seriously unusual for me! At least, in my original work, where concept/plot/worldbuilding are always the easier part, so far.) I’m getting closer, though ... and deeply excited to just immerse myself in writing these characters.

(Mainly, I’m struggling to invent the specifics of a convoluted, covert plot worthy of Elim Garak. I mean, that’s kind of next level, you know? Argh.)

preview image showing Garak’s face in profile, and ... part of a bound, contorted figure

Also, I semi-accidentally took a NSFW fanart commission based on the suspension scene from The Policy of Truth a scorching hot BDSM-centric fic by [ profile] Prevailing (WiP, but worth it, and I’m fairly certain she will finish it eventually). Which was also a bit of a departure on a number of levels.

Here’s the (NSFW!) full image. )

I kind of have a lizard problem. But at least I’m enjoying myself?

This show.
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Happy New Year (I hope)! It's the season for holiday fanwork reveals. I wasn't as prolific as I was hoping this season, since life kind of got in the way, but I did write my one [community profile] yuletide fic and contribute two pieces of fanart to the [ profile] startreksecretsanta.

Or Something (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Kim Pine/Envy Adams)
Set after the events of the film; Kim Pine is just stopping by her unassuming, mostly-deserted local watering hole to grab a drink and avoid her grad school applications, when to her surprise, she runs into the former frontwoman of The Clash At Demonhead scribbling away in a notebook in a corner booth. Well, bothering random rockstars is as good a procrastination method as any, right?

Writing this pairing was a fun challenge, especially since I primarily stuck to movie canon, in which Kim and Envy don't particularly interact ... and their characterization is somewhat streamlined. I did wind up pulling a little bit of background from the comics, playing off Envy's history as an anime fan, with the result that I couldn't resist including bonus fanart. )

dancing with the devil (Star Trek: DS9, Elim Garak/Benjamin Sisko)
For this, I wound up playing off the first part of the quote referenced by the episode 'In The Pale Moonlight,' one of my very favorites from all of DS9.

you can let your monster out (with me) (Star Trek: TNG, Deanna Troi/K'Ehleyr)
Ahaha, so this came out like some kind of bodice-ripping romance novel cover. However, after rewatching the TNG episode 'The Emissary,' I think I might need to revisit this pairing, because damn! I did always love K'Ehleyr; it's a shame she only gets two appearances.
reflectedeve: Kira Nerys, surgically altered to look like a Cardassian, and not liking it one bit. (my faaace - something has gone horribly)
I'm finding that I don't have many words of my own for the state of things right now ... I'm trying to find ways to do what I can (calling representatives, spending a lot of time on twitter getting angry), but yeah. In the meantime, this keeps happening:

Elim Garak, with his hand on Julian Bashir's shoulder; they are wearing tan trenchcoats and hats, standing with St. James Park in the background and apparently, ducks quacking nearby

Inspired by Good Omens, naturally. "My dear doctor, I don’t quite understand this ritual feeding of waterfowl. How does it pertain to intelligence work, exactly?"

I've been having fun with various prompts, as well (all quite SFW, don't mind me):

Kira introduces Ziyal to baby Kirayoshi
Jadzia beats the literal pants off Quark at strip tongo
Bashir offers Garak some enjoyable company during an infirmary stay
Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn enjoy a beach date
the potential usefulness of a Cardassian tail
Quark reacts dramatically at Odo & Lwaxana's wedding

I'm a few episodes into Season 7, although my frustration with a number of developments has slowed my progress a little ... on the other hand, the google doc I have for (ahem) story notes keeps growing, and I have a request out to the library for a copy of A Stitch In Time. I haven't tried to write fic outside Yuletide since at least 2005 (and the less said about that the better), and the last time I tried to write something really involved for a fandom was ... never? Labyrinth, maybe? Well, at least I have some grasp of what story structure even is, now.

I don't know, I'm ridiculous. But, I appreciate the distraction.
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So a few weeks ago, when [personal profile] jjtaylor posted Nothing To Confess, I knew I was going to have to do some more art. The story was everything I wanted when I imagined a BLI!Patrick; seriously creepy and hot.

Patrick reties his tie
So uh, what I'm trying to say with this is basically ... unf. Maybe it's good to be getting this version out of my system before I go see the real Patrick in a few weeks.

One more in color. )

Apart from that, this week I've been re-watching the second season of Angel (Gunn and Wesley are precious; I'd almost forgotten) and finishing up the first season of Castle, which I kind of adore. The dynamic between Beckett and Castle is kind of fabulous, particularly because I think it manages to do justice to both characters, rather than having either of them show the other up too consistently. Also, I would seem to be a sucker for father/daughter dynamics lately. Netflix can't send me the second season fast enough.

Oh hey, and if you liked the art above? Just a reminder that I'm up for auction at [ profile] help_japan. :D I'll illustrate your fic (or just draw you something), or even make you a comic! All as a bonus for sending some aid and comfort where it's desperately needed.
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January still sucks, but at least I spent less time on a bus today. No complaining. :)

So I'm excited about [ profile] bandombigbang sign-ups, and such! I am mostly working very hard on something for a completely different fandom right now, so I can't play with Killjoys the way I really want to ... but I took a break and doodled a little, just to take the edge off. Threw inks and some red marker on, so here:

after SING

Also, I was re-reading the first volume of The Invisibles on my commute home today. At one point, my neighbor leaned over to read over my shoulder ... and then changed seats. Whoops.
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So I've mentioned a few times that I really want to get back into doing more fanart this year (at least until school starts in the fall, meep). I sort of thought I'd be starting off with some brightly-colored Killjoys shenanigans, but well. :)

This is my first illustration for [personal profile] jjtaylor's The Detective's Secret and the Mystery of the Dancing Flowers. If you haven't read the story yet, you probably shouldn't look, as it spoils one of the more climactic scenes. And seriously, read the story. It's amazing.

I'm on fire, aren't I? )
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Oh um, hi internet! /o\ I am kind of swamped these days. I've taken on a number of original comics projects for the summer (not to mention my grad school application). So it looks like I'm just going to have even less time for fandom stuff than usual. (Although, I say this five days before Leverage comes back, so IDK. Grain of salt.)

That said, the fabulous [ profile] bandombigbang story I drew for has gone live! Only Going One Way, by [personal profile] ataratah and [personal profile] jjtaylor, is a BANDOM/DUE SOUTH CROSSOVER. Yeah. :DDD It is fucking hilarious and cracked-out and amazing, and you should totally go check it out! Not only is the main pairing adorable, but these two have a real gift for writing great secondary characters as well - in both fandoms. (Buck Frobisher, omg. :DDD)

You can see my four illustrations on LJ or on DW. How could I possibly pass up the chance to draw Gerard Way in a Mountie uniform? I had so much fun with this, seriously. It was particularly appropriate, since I started working on it during the drive to/from Canada for my brother's graduation.

Of course, now I've done fanart of Fraser and Kowalski, but not Vecchio ... which means that at some point, I'll have to make time to rectify that. ;)

On a less gleeful note, you've probably all heard about the most recent, sickening bit of fandom racefail by now? But here's a rather belated signal boost, just in case, because I think it's important to be aware of shit like this. (Link goes to the most comprehensive round-up post of the debacle, by [ profile] amazonziti.) In a nutshell: a SPN fan decided that the tragic (and ongoing) aftermath of the Haiti earthquake would make a great backdrop for her two white dudes to ~find themselves and have hot sex, piling on plenty of painful racist and imperialistic tropes along the way. Her betas, artist, cheerleaders, and quite a few commenters apparently agreed. Eurgh.

I'm sorry for both being so late and so brief on the matter ... I may try and get a post together later about some different instances of pop culture/fannish fail I've been encountering lately (much of it about race). I hope.
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comic thumbnail

I have been a fanart machine lately, relatively speaking. :D: Here's my contribution to Sweet Charity; a one-page comic drawn for [personal profile] wistfuljane. She requested a Pete/Patrick Alice In Wonderland AU, with Pete as the Mad Hatter and Patrick as the White Rabbit. I threw in Gabe as the March Hare and Ryan as the Dormouse, to round out the cast. :) (Sadly could not figure out a way to work in Joe as the Caterpillar.)

This is safe for work. Warning: mildly anthropomorphic animal-people. *g* I guess it was only a matter of time, in this fandom.

We're all mad here. )

So thank you so much, [personal profile] wistfuljane, for bidding on me; and more importantly, for donating to charity. ♥ I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic event. &fandom;

My brother's coming to stay with me this weekend! :D I have to spend my whole day off tomorrow cleaning the apartment. /o\
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I LOVE ALL MY CHEMICAL ROMANCES. ♥_♥ Just in case there was still any question about that.

Something else that I love? [ profile] bexless' Unholyverse series. I Have Been All Things Unholy was basically my dream fic. (Since I was sixteen, I've occasionally been working on a foolishly epic comic concept about Catholicism and agnosticism that features the devil masquerading as a priest. I am kind of a theology nerd. There is nothing I love more than these sorts of themes.) I really wanted to do fanart for it - heck, I'd been wanting to do priest!Gerard fanart since my second week in bandom, when I first saw the photoshoot - but weirdly, I just didn't have any ideas. Last year was not a good year for art.

I did doodle this little panel the other day . . . of course, I forgot that Ray's actually supposed to be laughing when he says that line, but that bit cracks me up every time regardless.

But hey, it's a new year, I'm a whole new fanartist, and Staring Through The Demons proved . . . very inspiring. *g*

Three images below the cut, rated no higher than PG-13. About as spoilery as it gets, in case you're saving the series up to read when it's done.

when you hover in the night like a holy vision )

Whew. I have been working on those for awhile now. :)
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So last week I read The Old Straight Track by [ profile] jjtaylor, in which Frank is a ghost and Gerard is his apartment's next occupant. There are hauntings and seances and metaphors and pining. Highly recommended, though beware the abrupt ending (she's working on the sequel :DDDD).

I love that fic, man.

Also, it was [ profile] jjtaylor's birthday last week! So I drew this: Frank/Gerard, completely SFW )

All I have done this weekend is sit on my bed and draw MCR. (Well, practically.) I suppose I shouldn't do that.

Also, I have developed a stupid craving for obscenely sugary cereal (something I pretty much never eat). Damn you, Gerard Way! Pegwarming. I will never get tired of this fandom.

(This week I keep getting intrusive, personal IMs from people whose SNs I do not recognize. WTF?)
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Hey, so, I'm home. My laptop's still squirreled away in a drawer at the office, but one of my roomies was nice enough to lend me his.

The trip was pretty fabulous, and I'll have photos and stories later if everyone wants. I have to catch up on holiday exchange comments (and responses), various posted things, ninety kajillion [ profile] yuletide fic, etc . . . and work is likely to descend into madness almost immediately (I'm back tomorrow). So I should probably go to bed, but first!

Holiday exchanges were lovely this year, though I was sad to be away for much of the posting & anonymity. Now that the reveals are all done, however, I figured I'd share.

For [ profile] go_exchange, the holidays with Newt and Anathema. )

For [ profile] yuletart, Pete goes down on his knees for Patrick. )

For [ profile] yuletide, I wrote a little story based on the comic series Hopeless Savages, which is far and away the most obscure fandom I've tried yet. any taste that you feel is right describes a day in which young Twitch Strummer Hopeless-Savage feels a little off-balance, but the usual familial antics help to put things right. I'm a little shaky on this one, it feels like . . . it could have been longer? Or possibly just worked better as a comic. Prose is kind of awkward and difficult for me these days. Need to work on that.

I also received some lovely gifts. :) From [ profile] mandyvonblandy, a cute little Good Omens comic in which Crowley's Christmas card upsets Aziraphale's sense of propriety. From [ profile] derawr, a classic (flying) moonlight kiss, starring Karolina & Nico from Runaways. And from [ profile] hikaru, Nothing Is Innocent Now, a sensual coda to Sarah Waters' Fingersmith. Much appreciated. ♥

I've been trying not to crash for hours, but I really should go do that already. I hope you guys enjoy the art. Happy New Year, I missed you all!
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I was vaguely planning on going as Number Three for Halloween this year (well, initially I thought I'd go as the Rumour, but there's a certain allure to gothy schoolgirl clothes + domino mask, and, I kind of have some of the ingredients already). However, my roomie has suddenly come up with elaborate and enthusiastic plans for a themed Halloween party (dead authors, artists and musicians), so now I guess I'm going to have to rethink it. (I can't go as Virginia Woolf, that's far too obvious. Hrm. Also, I've gotten too curvy for effective crossdressing.)

My other roomie just made dubious faces at him and suggested that we allow people to just come as regular zombies, as an alternative.

On an entirely unrelated note: I have done fanart for [ profile] thegaystarfish! I was so excited to receive my book . . . it just sort of happened. Took awhile, but still very spontaneous. (Cut contains boy princess & Italian gentleman's son in a loving, but clothed, embrace. For values of "clothed" that involve seaweed, in Gerard's case. Also, the picture's kind of big.) For [ profile] blondiusmaximus, because she is awesometastic!

Upside-down underwater love )

If you haven't read "The Adventures of Gerard, Boy Princess of the Ocean & Frank, the Italian Gentleman's Son Who Loves Him," you really must. It is cracked-out and adorable and makes me giggle a whole lot. ♥ Fancomics are my favorite.
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Despite the fact that I am having my worst sleep week in a long time (which is, um, impressive; I haven't had a good one in . . . months), life is seriously awesome right now.

I don't even know where to start! Mostly cooking and COMICS! )

There are other things, too . . . my guitar classes are so much fun, the MCR shirt I didn't buy at MSG is available on their merch website now, I have a three-day weekend to draw in (and my brother might visit!), Doctor Who is insane, Avatar is coming back soon, and oh yeah, I'm seeing the Hushies in just under a week! ♥ ♥ ♥

So to spread a bit of joy (because apparently it's More Joy Day? I thought that was in January? not that I wouldn't want to spread joy anyway), thought I'd share some of the stuff I've drawn recently. (This is because I'm too damn slow to draw something specially for today, alas.) I've pretty much just been messing around trying to learn how to draw some of the bandguys, so it's nothing polished, but what the heck. :D

Usual disclaimer: these interpretations are not intended as anything other than fiction for my own harmless enjoyment, and the only intended audience is other fans. Etc. If you're famous, you might want to rethink googling yourself.

First up is a bit of Frank/Gerard, drawn on request for someone nifty. Just some quick-ish doodles with flat color stuck on, but I'm feeling pretty okay about them.

The proper use for a necktie! )

Also, there's this. I was doing a pageful of Gerard doodles on the commuter rail a couple weekends back, just trying to get a feel for him (I'm still working on that). The profile view that I was messing with turned into him drawing . . . and from there, him drawing on Mikey. ^^; [ETA:] I'm sorry, but I've needed to remove this picture for personal reasons. Thanks to everyone who commented on it, here and elsewhere.

And because those are actually weirdly similar pieces (I swear, something other than from-the-chest-up profile view next time), here's some original art as well, just to mix it up. (It's slightly topical, if you look closely!) This was part of something I drew as a parting gift for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut.

Joined at the hip. )

That's all for now . . . I'm still producing much less than I'd like, but I'm working on that! And I'll try to draw something other than bandom art soon, just for a change: say, Avatar? ;)
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It's December now, so I'm allowed to listen to as much Christmas music as I like. ;)

Whee. I finally got my [ profile] go_exchange entry done and in (just under the wire). Now I'm all excited! I don't know if they're going to start posting entries today or tomorrow, but eee. It's been awhile since I paid much attention to Good Omens fandom, but working on a gift exchange will bring it all back quite nicely. ^^

So the reveal isn't until New Year's, and being me, I can't stand waiting to post my art 'til then. So, this post is filtered! And if you'd rather wait to look, you can do that too . . . I'll probably do a holiday exchange wrap-up post, with all of my various entries, sometime around the beginning of January.

Holiday cheer with Aziraphale and Crowley. )

Well, one down, two to go! Meep.

[ETA:] Public now!
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So I've been working on this and that, various holiday exchange projects . . . but I couldn't resist doing this as well. Even though it took a lot longer than expected!

For the last couple of weeks, [ profile] mosellegreen has been posting a series of hilarious crack!ficlets to [ profile] castlegloria. Ficlets in which Dorian Red Gloria gains superpowers. *g* I've enjoyed them greatly, and I couldn't resist adapting one of the shortest ones into a little comic.

My art isn't manga, nor is it traditional Kirbyesque superhero-style . . . I've shaded this the way I do my original indieish work. So it looks a bit weird. And I don't know if I pulled off the action, really (it's not so much my thing). But, it was so much fun to do!

Fabulousman to the rescue. )

I'll bet the 100+ people (mostly Kim Possible femslash fans) who are watching my dA account would like to kill me right about now. *g* I'll draw the pretty girls again soon enough.

[ETA:] You can now find the whole Fabulousman series (complete with work by multiple writers and artists; I don't know what's so inspiring about this concept, but!) here.
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Well, now that all the rush and lovliness of holiday exchanges has passed . . . I don't expect to be around fandom much for awhile. I'm up to my neck in a job search mess, and I rather need to concentrate.

Of course, we'll see how that goes (the staying away from fandom, I mean). I would like to do [ profile] comica_obscura again (and be more involved than previously). Also, the long-awaited season four of Kim Possible starts in February, and that's my most prolific fanart fandom, so. ^^;

But in the meantime, I'm off for a bit. Before I do, though, have a peek at my [ profile] go_exchange entry, drawn for the talented [ profile] winkout. I'm rather pleased with it.

Kind of . . . married. )

Also, I have to pimp my own fantastic gift, Silver Lining, by the lovely [ profile] argyleheir. It's a beautiful and moody piece, with a historical setting as per my request. ^^ Recommended, so check it out!



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