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Spoilery squee for the Elementary finale! )

Sadly, I found the Doctor Who finale to be a bit meh, but that's been fairly common this season.

Meanwhile, this whole Kindle Worlds thing has been showing up all over my fannish and professional circles, and ... I'm just having a lot of trouble mustering up the energy for it. I mean, I realize that this is a bit different, because it's a company as big as Amazon ... but I feel like we've seen all this bullshit before, and it never really seems to go very far. Mostly I think I don't feel like dealing with yet another round of people from the non-fan side of my life talking about fandom (especially since some creator-types inevitably get judgy, bleh). I guess I'll keep a lookout for a decent round-up post.

On a completely different note! Still on the lookout for any particularly funny/awesome/FAVORITE band/musical artist interviews and articles, if anyone feels like sharing! Badass ladies (of any age or genre) especially. :D?
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Oh man, I've been trying to write this post all week, but work's been super busy all of a sudden ... and I seem to be experiencing something akin to senioritis, so I have to work a lot harder than usual to concentrate. /o\ I'm really behind on all your entries, too. I'll try and catch up!

Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet comments on the love meme, bbs. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. ♥ Also I rather loved commenting, so you folks should totally put your names down for those things more often. ;) I'm a gusher by nature but feel kind of awkward about it a lot of the time; I appreciate the opportunity of anonymity (or the illusion thereof, as I expect I can be pretty obvious).

I had a pretty lively weekend. It started with a German lesbian vampire movie, which was somewhat entertaining, although there was not nearly enough making out and the ending was disappointingly heteronormative. The audience was certainly quite attractive, and I had plenty of time to admire them, because the DVD started skipping twice. (This has never happened to me in a theater before, even a little arthouse place. The staff good-naturedly blamed Friday the 13th.)

On Saturday I went to a family friend's business school graduation, which would have been excruciating except for his four-year-old daughter. I spent the whole ceremony keeping her occupied and letting her take tiny video clips of me. "I'm going to put you on the computer!" She's also turning into a tiny ball of snark, but I can't say I mind that. :D

My father, meanwhile, attempted to convince me to read Moby Dick this summer in exchange for his reading Little Women. Which, I mean ... what? I have no idea why on earth he thought that was going to work. (I should note that there is absolutely no reason I can think of for his particular choice of text. I did love that book very much when I was about eleven, but that hardly makes it stand out from the crowd.) His mission to get me to read Melville has been going on for ... almost a decade, now, I think. (I have every intention of reading that book! I want to read that book! But not yet.) I told him that if he read Understanding Comics, I'd consider it.

There was also quite a lot of pleasant company and some delicious vegan carrot & coriander soup. (With apologies to a certain Famous Detective, I'm rather grateful I don't have a spice allergy. Mmmmm.)

Also there has been some exciting TV lately! My circle has already done a thorough job of expressing their delight over The Doctor's Wife, so I will confine myself to saying that yes, all of that, oh my god. ♥___♥ (Also, biting is like kissing. With a winner.) And as for the Castle finale, I just, holy fuck. In spite of being a show about murder, that's the one I usually go to for ... you know, fun times? Quips and general weirdness and hilarity? Which probably made the sucker punch (punches) that much more effective, really.

Additionally, I discovered this week that there is apparently a secret government lab (which contains, among other things, a cow) in the basement of the building where I work. (Although for future reference, tv writers: some portions of this particular illustrious university are sadly not beautiful and ivy-covered.)

Right, I should get back to work. I lost a big chunk of this morning (mid-post-writing) to finding out some very upsetting news about a neighbor of mine. Feeling a little shaken at the moment, and also, stuff to do. I'll have to do that catching up later, but I hope your weeks are going splendidly! Also, you should go vote in the Fandom Hot 20 poll (second part here). Aeryn Sun and Wendy Watson need some more love, for starters.
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I am so sleepy right now; I've started going to the gym again at last, and it feels wonderful (hello endorphins, I missed you), but clearly this is an additional effect.

My flist has been overrun with Sherlock squee the last day or so, and having just finished the episode, I can see why. (I want all the fic, please.) The whole "modern" setting is handled beautifully, for the most part, and I'm deeply pleased with the Holmes & Watson characterizations. There's just one thing (well, there's definitely more, but for now): tiny spoiler. )

I look forward to reading everyone else's reaction posts, which I've been avoiding, when I'm more awake. (Speaking of reactions, where's all the White Collar squee I'm usually avoiding right about now? I hope this week's episode wasn't a disappointment.)

Okay, bed. As usual, there are plenty of other things I'd really like to talk about (Gerard's hair! The upcoming Young Justice cartoon! Community being so amazing, omg, what took me this long? etc) - I need to develop more stamina. (Also, I need to find time to make some icons, because mine are really out of date/unbalanced.)
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Oh hi, flist. I've been away from most of my usual internet haunts lately. How are you guys doing? (Seriously, tell me something - if you feel like it. ♥)

This isn't to say I haven't been particularly fannish lately, though. I had a [ profile] sweetvalleyslut over the weekend (too jetlagged and sleepy to be a mirage, I'm happy to say), which resulted in watching a whole bunch of Community, and also High School Musical. The former is full of awesome, as reported! I made particularly embarrassing noises during the episode where Abed dressed up as was Batman. :D (As for HSM, um. I'm not ashamed: I can always enjoy a little Kenny Ortega choreography. I really need to talk my roommate into watching Newsies with me now.)

We also tried watching the first episode of Rizzoli & Isles, because good female partnership-focused television is basically all I want out of the world (that's a lie, but still I really want that); unfortunately, neither of us particularly like that whole procedural/cop show formula with the MOUNTING TERROR and rapist serial killers (not to mention, annoying male FBI agent love interests), so we didn't even finish the episode. It was slashy, but not really enough to make the rest worth it, which was disappointing.

That's okay, though, because White Collar is back and amazing. More on that later, maybe, but for now - oh man, ♥Diana♥.

I should get back to work, but um, I finally deleted my old, languishing OKCupid account this weekend, and set up a new one. I'm being stupidly nervous about that! Apparently I read like I was dreamed up by a "lesbian think tank." I think this was intended as a compliment?
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Oh man, I am so behind on everything! Life's been pretty nutty lately, what with taking first steps towards the grad school of my dreams and all, and having my first-ever portfolio review. (It went really well - thanks so much to everyone for the advice! ♥) I have some catching up to do, per as usual.

I'm super excited, though, because [ profile] trekreversebang claims are going on right now! Soon I will have at least one author to work with. \o/

Also, over lunch today I watched the season finale of White Collar. Brief-ish reaction. )

I haven't watched this much current TV in so long . . . I'd forgotten what it was like to be stranded between seasons! Someone should totally take this opportunity to write epic Leverage/White Collar crossover fic. ;)

Now I guess I should probably go to bed, seeing as I overslept this morning and missed my bus (for the first time since moving in here). /o\
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I've become embroiled in an attempt to stop my landlady from exterminating the beehive which currently resides in our wall. We need to get the bees out--ever since it got cold, they've been making their way inside, which is an unhealthy situation all around--but my roomie and I would like to see them relocated alive. :( Bees are important! None of the keepers I've contacted today picked up the phone, so I've left lots of messages . . . it looks like this is going to be messy no matter what happens, ugh.

Also, how is it mid-February already? DDDD: There's so much I have to get done by the end of the month! Thank goodness it's a three-day weekend, anyway. Gah.

On a more fannish note, I wound up watching the new Sherlock Holmes movie yesterday; I enjoyed it, but I'm a little puzzled. )

White Collar continues to be just like fanfiction, which is entertaining! Also, I am really excited about this news (season 2 casting spoilers!). Leverage remains my favorite thing on TV right now, though - I need to watch this week's tonight. I've just caught up on Being Human, too, and Annie has been particularly awesome lately, although I'm a little irked by one recent development. )

Hey, has anyone been watching Caprica? Is it worth checking out?
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I am back from Chicago, and I'm going to require a break from a) Polish food and b) contemporary Catholicism. Other things are, well. You know. More of that whole it takes time business, I suppose.

A lot has been going on - feels like I was gone for much longer than I really was. I'm too tired and disgusted to deal too much with what just happened in my state (though at least I got home in time to vote, yesterday). Also I'm sorry to have pretty much missed [ profile] help_haiti (though under the circumstances I'm not sure what I could have contributed, artistically), but now that I have internet again I can finally make some direct donations.

On a more fannish note, I can't wait to get home and catch up on White Collar, because peoples' tweets were driving me nuts last night. ;) Must've been good, huh? I did watch last week's Leverage, and barely even spoilers! )

I am not remotely caught up on my flist, but I hear that Gerard Way fellow is being earnestly adorable again, and that there are all kinds of exciting bigbang sign-ups going on. I am most excited for this:

[ profile] trekreversebang is just what it looks like - a bigbang-style challenge where the fic is based on the art, instead of vice versa. Seriously, guys, you have to get in on that. If nothing else, you should totally leave prompts! There's no obligation attached to that! (The deadline for art is the day I'm going to that portfolio event. Ahaha, well, I work well under pressure.)

Also, speaking of portfolios, I still really need to respond to all the awesome comments on that advice post! Hopefully later today. You guys rock, did I mention? ♥
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I have been so easily enraged this week! Elitist movie critics, bitchy demanding professors, sluggish public transportation . . . of course, some things are really legitimately upsetting (fucking hell, Peter David).

Fortunately, bandom canon has been working extra hard at being ridiculous this week. ♥ I don't know what to do with them all. I've been holding off on FOB Trail for fear of getting addicted and slowing down even further on my arting, but it's probably only a matter of time.

Speaking of which, artist sign-ups have opened for [ profile] thelittlebang (the multifandom femslash mini-bigbang)! They'll stay open for awhile, but seriously, flist, some of you should totally get in on this. It's kind of a random list of fandoms, but there's a lot of awesome in there. (GIRLS! :DDDDD) I shuffled the order of my choices around, but I really can't decide what I'm hoping for at all. Man, between this and [ profile] bandombigbang, I am going to be bouncing out of my seat with impatience all spring.

Maybe at some point I will talk about some of the "new" television I've been watching lately. It's kind of a ridiculous list: BSG, Dollhouse (my curiosity is tenacious), Slings and Arrows, Dexter, The Young Ones, and Merlin, of course. Roomie & I will probably get back to The West Wing eventually, also; we only got through the first two seasons before.
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Some squee, some issues, and a touch of surprise, because this show is actually making me think lately.

Dashed-off thoughts on SgA 3x09; 'Miller's Crossing' )
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Just finished watching "The Missing" (latest episode of Stargate: Atlantis). Oh man. More women. Having plots, and interacting, and passing the Bechdel test, and having character development, and kicking ass . . . what is this show coming to?

It probably goes without saying, but I really want some fic to come out of this!

The very end of the episode filled me with fear, but it's fear I've been expecting all season (having been spoiled for certain plot points).

This rather makes up for the fact that Bionic Woman was boring and irritating this week (as usual; one more Sackhoff-less episode and I think I'll quit), Heroes is driving me crazy, and Avatar is on hiatus 'til the end of the month.
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I'm all signed up for both [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] yuletart! So excited!

I went with the all-comics option for Yuletide (rereading the last few issues of SiP convinced me), and for Yuletart I asked for . . . even more comics, plus a couple of other things. Can't wait to see my assignments! Also, my goal is to pinch-hit at least one story for Yuletide this year. (I couldn't offer that for Yuletart, as I am a very slow artist, and could not trust myself to get it done.

And, one more time: flist, you should sign up! For one or both! The sign-up deadline for [ profile] yuletide is Thursday, October 18 (by 11:59 pm). For [ profile] yuletart, it's October 31. And remember, [ profile] yuletide is massively multifandom and incorporates, slash, het and gen. It really has something for everybody. They've recently revamped the FAQ, so check it out. ^^ And yes, I will stop bugging you about it now . . .

I had to do my [ profile] yuletide sign-up three times. *laughs* That has never happened before! I kept making mistakes . . . it was very silly. But it's all set now. I offered seventeen fandoms this year, which is the most yet, I think. :)

One of my fandoms was on the top of the "needy" list, but it's off already! Man, people in this challenge are so damn awesome.

My mother has taken my grandmother to church, so I'm sitting here waiting for the newest episode of SgA to download . . . there's been some glee on my flist, but I'm a bit nervous about it. (The Elizabeth thing? Really pisses me off, even though I like Sam Carter.) Though I've read over the episode descriptions, and there are more than a couple episodes to look forward to. ^^

I should really post about Heroes at some point . . . some squee, and some feminist griping. Not much to say about Bionic Woman yet, though I'm enjoying it enough to keep watching. I really want Sarah Corvis to stick around and keep on being slashy with Jamie, who could stand to grow a bit more personality.

Avatar, of course, is completely awesome. I'm sad that it didn't qualify for [ profile] yuletide this year (though I can certainly see why).

Well, I have seven "new" issues of "Desert Peach" to read now. (Oh my god so much squee.)


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