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Well, apart from the fact that everything is terrible I love this time of year so much. I have my favorite indie convention coming up this weekend, [community profile] femslashex stories and art have just been revealed, [community profile] yuletide assignments are out ... and of course there's Halloween and (theoretically, sometimes) cool, crisp weather and changing leaves, etc.

My [community profile] yuletide assignment is exciting and challenging and I am thrilled with it; I can hardly wait to start reviewing the source material! And check out the not one but two amazing femslash gift fics I found in my inbox this weekend ...! Both answering requests I've been stubbornly making for years, too. <3

Favors: Killjoys, Dutch/Delle Seyah Kendry, Explicit. The hot, aggressive but relatively light fake relationship/kinky sex story I've been dying for since season one!

Allegiances: Craft Sequence, Tara Abernathy/Catherine Elle(/Seril), Teen. One of my favorite pairings in one of my favorite series, brought together by an uneasy working relationship and an uncomfortable (but inexorable) divine connection. JFC, I'm delighted.

Sigh, I suppose I should get back to work, which is very boring today. Before I do, though ... I was poking around the [community profile] yuletide community for the first time in ages, and I came across something intriguing: a challenge for folks who would enjoy receiving art treats for their Yuletide requests. Be still my overambitious fanartist heart!

Basically, people are leaving comments if they'd welcome fanart treats, and you should all go add yourselves immediately to: the Wrapping Paper Challenge on dreamwidth or on LJ. YAY.
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Happy New Year (I hope)! It's the season for holiday fanwork reveals. I wasn't as prolific as I was hoping this season, since life kind of got in the way, but I did write my one [community profile] yuletide fic and contribute two pieces of fanart to the [ profile] startreksecretsanta.

Or Something (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Kim Pine/Envy Adams)
Set after the events of the film; Kim Pine is just stopping by her unassuming, mostly-deserted local watering hole to grab a drink and avoid her grad school applications, when to her surprise, she runs into the former frontwoman of The Clash At Demonhead scribbling away in a notebook in a corner booth. Well, bothering random rockstars is as good a procrastination method as any, right?

Writing this pairing was a fun challenge, especially since I primarily stuck to movie canon, in which Kim and Envy don't particularly interact ... and their characterization is somewhat streamlined. I did wind up pulling a little bit of background from the comics, playing off Envy's history as an anime fan, with the result that I couldn't resist including bonus fanart. )

dancing with the devil (Star Trek: DS9, Elim Garak/Benjamin Sisko)
For this, I wound up playing off the first part of the quote referenced by the episode 'In The Pale Moonlight,' one of my very favorites from all of DS9.

you can let your monster out (with me) (Star Trek: TNG, Deanna Troi/K'Ehleyr)
Ahaha, so this came out like some kind of bodice-ripping romance novel cover. However, after rewatching the TNG episode 'The Emissary,' I think I might need to revisit this pairing, because damn! I did always love K'Ehleyr; it's a shame she only gets two appearances.
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Oh my gosh. I just have an embarrassment of fannish holiday riches this year ... I'm a little beside myself. <3 How is everyone so awesome?

This has been, as I've said before, an extremely difficult year for me on a personal level, as well, of course, as on the larger social/political scale, and just. I can't say how grateful I've been for my fannish and online communities. This is just above and beyond. <3 (I am completely exhausted, because I stayed up until about 4:30 a.m. trying to finish art presents for my family, after spending the bulk of my 'free' time for the last few weeks working on commissions. So that's totally why I'm tearing up. No, really.)

For [community profile] yuletide, I received three lovely stories:

The Kerkylas Society (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Phryne/Mac, Explicit)
In which blackmail and untimely death are plaguing a discreet Melbourne ladies' club, and Mac brings Phryne in to investigate. The plot is, of course, a bit sad and difficult, but handled well. The characters and their relationship are delightfully true to the material.

Interspecies Anatomy Lessons (Wayfarers series, Rosemary/Sissix, Explicit)
A porny little tag to the scene where Rosemary & Sissix get together in The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet, complete with delightful silliness, frank exploration and comparative anatomy. Just what I wanted, jfc.

Tea and Time Travel (Oxford Time Travel, gen, General Audiences)
Set immediately after the end of All Clear: Verity Kindle and Kivrin Engle step in to offer Polly Churchill some advice and support in her disorienting position, returning home subjective months and literal years later than ever intended. The post-time-travel historian solidarity I wanted so badly! OMG, so great!

And, for [ profile] startreksecretsanta, this adorable fic:

My Dear Doctor by [ profile] justabrain (Garak/Bashir, General Audiences)
On-station fake relationship fic! :D Delightfully tropey and fun; when Bashir hesitantly proposes that Garak pretend to be his boyfriend to set some visiting aliens at ease wrt his trustworthiness (since they value serious relationships as a sign of the same), Garak predictably goes right for it. It's just the right kind of fluff for this versatile pairing, and makes me so very happy.

How many times can I use variations on "delightful" in one post? But seriously, the warm fuzzies are just through the roof over here.

I need to get some sleep, and then I'm finally allowed to start reading A Stitch In Time and thinking (even more) about lizard aliens, lies and betrayal ... ;)
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So I don't know who's around anymore, but ... anyone out there have a Claire Temple/Misty Knight art prompt for me? ;) I love them both so much. (Daredevil mostly hasn't interested me, but I'm thinking about giving it a try, if only for more Claire? Although I have a variety of qualms.) My inspiration's feeling a little tapped out at the moment, though.

It's been kind of a rough week. My unemployment ran out unexpectedly early (it's a long story, ugh), so I suddenly have no income of any kind, and I'm scrambling around trying to fix that on a much shorter timeline than anticipated. Also, my health insurance decided to blow up in my face yesterday (just stupid bureaucratic mistakes on their end), so I had to waste the whole day trying to fix it. And my back's been killing me for a few days for no apparent reason, so really, I'm about done. /whining

October's a busy month, and apart from the financial stress, it's mostly good stuff: comics (my favorite local conventions, lots of friends and colleagues I've missed, and a new ongoing sci-fi project), a really rad Halloween costume concept and a party at my house to wear it to, even a musical theater date ... although I'm waffling about that, because she's offering to pay for my ticket since I suddenly can't afford to and I am just not sure about that). Still, I'd kind of just like to curl up under a blanket with tea and a few mystery novels for at least a week. Or snuggle my godbaby, who I can't afford to go visit right now.

But hey, I'm having my usual way too much fun haunting the Yuletide sign-up summary and letters posts. I'm so excited to write this year. :D The requests for most of my offered fandoms are nicely balanced; I have no idea what I'm going to get, and I can't wait to find out.

Also, a friend has me babysitting her cat's new litter of kittens a couple times a week, so that does make just about anything at least a little better!
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(Do people not use Yule Goat anymore? I didn't notice last year.)

Thank you thank you! )

Canon-specific details for each of my fandoms (including the prompts from my sign-up), in AO3 tag list order:

Craft Sequence )

Oxford Time Travel )

Wayfarers Series )

Excalibur (comic) )

Killjoys (tv) )

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries )

All right, I’ll stop teal-deering all over the place, here. Thank you again, so much. I hope you have fun, and good luck this [community profile] yuletide season!
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I finally finished my grad school application last night, and I'm taking it to the post office in about an hour! \o/ Good gods, that took forever; I guess it's appropriate, though, since I've been waiting to do it for years. Now I really need distrations - good thing I have about four more projects of varying sizes to complete by the end of the year! I haven't done much on my [ profile] yuletart piece, but I've got my idea pretty well figured out, so I'll have to tackle that first. Yay, fanart!

I've been doing my best to avoid reading much of anything about the [ profile] yuletide process this year, because that's always really distracting - buuut, I've slipped enough to search the list of confirmed fandoms a few times, and I'm so excited to read the archive this year! So many amazing comics in particular, and I'm really hoping for great Community fic. And BATWOMAN. (And maybe Nikita? I can't decide what I want, exactly, but I'm stubbornly loving that show in spite of problems. I want so much more of the title character than canon's ever likely to give me, or at least, do well.) I'm sad that [personal profile] glockgal's desi Supernatural comics don't seem to have made the cut, though? Unless I'm missing something? And there are, as always, a few fandoms that sort of freak me out. (Webcomics creator RPF, for instance. I met a bunch of those folks a week ago.) That's the magic of Yuletide, though. I wonder if I'll want to participate again, after taking this year off?

On the whole, I'm not feeling particularly feverish about fandom lately; I'm more in the mood for character studies and rare characters/fandoms than OTP epics, so that's seasonally appropriate. :) Although, I did just finish listening to the entirety of Harry Potter (as read by Stephen Fry) again while comicking, and I could go for some of that, I think. The only trouble is, I really have no idea where to look anymore. /o\

I've been severely haphazard about my DW/LJ reading during the last few months, naturally. I hope you're all well! I've missed you. ♥
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Holiday reveals post! (Does this feel spammy to you? Last New Years-y item, I swear.)

So this year for [ profile] yuletide, I wrote Turn, a Gunnerkrigg Court fic. [personal profile] nextian requested Kat/Annie, which happened to be exactly what I'd been hoping to write. :D I had a lot of fun reviewing the comic, and trying to invent some new crazy Forest stuff that fit with the occasion, without interfering too much with any of the unsolved mysteries in canon. I am . . . not the most dynamic ficcer ever? But I'm pretty happy, overall, with how this came out.

And since [ profile] yuletart reveals are today, here's my contribution: a Middleman/Umbrella Academy fancomic. [ profile] bluelittlepig and I matched on four fandoms, so it was a little hard to pick. ;) I went with this combination because I love wacky fanart crossovers, and because there is no Middleman fanart out there. I'm super proud of the piece: I spent two solid weeks on it! (So much Photoshop, oh my god. I barely noticed the bus crawling home at half-speed, the day before Thanksgiving.) I think I may need to start reigning in the background detail a bit, though; that large panel is kind of, er, cluttered.

I had some awesome fannish holidays . . . I'll think of them fondly while I'm wallowing through admissions season at work. /o\ I'm going to try and get those [ profile] yuletart recs up tonight, but you should really go poke through the whole comm if you get the chance. What an amazing year.

roundup of this past year's fanart )
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Sorry for the spam, bbs, but I thought I might also post some [ profile] yuletide recs. I haven't managed to get any up before reveals in a few years! (I don't think I'm going to link this in the comm, though - it's kind of flooded.)

These are really pretty random. I haven't read anything in the Madness collection yet, and I haven't read everything in all of these fandoms, either. I was just clicking at random for awhile there, though I did read straight through most of the Leverage fic at one point.

Fandoms: Alleluia (Dar Williams), Arcadia, Arthurian Legends, Being Human, Castle Waiting, Dykes To Watch Out For, Eastwick, Fried Green Tomatoes, Gunnerkrigg Court, Jeeves & Wooster, Leverage, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away), and Victor/Victoria.

18 Yuletide Recs! )

I'm not sure I'll keep posting recs - I'm hoping to get my full recs pages set up on dreamwidth fairly soon, so I'll just stick [ profile] yuletide stuff in there as I go. On the other hand, I definitely plan to do some [ profile] yuletart recs this time (post-reveal, though, because I'm not caught up yet). :)
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My family's getting ready to head across state to visit my grandmother in her nursing home, rather than our usual cozy lingering over presents in our PJs. (My mother is worried about the weather tomorrow. IDK. It's a good thing to do anyway. :)) So I must be brief.

Merry Christmas, darling flisters, to those of you who celebrate it! (And to the rest of you - I hope you have a really awesome day. ♥)

Check out what I found in my stocking: Glories Stream, a delightfully sexy and irreverent look at Heaven, based on Dar Williams's "Alleluia." I am absolutely thrilled with it! The tags list alone almost made me crack up out loud (which would have caused awkward questions from my family) .

Also, I see that someone else has written for the same prompt I did, which is also exciting - it's a fandom/pairing that I'd really like to read, you know? :D Man, I can't wait to dive into the archive later, in general. Also, I need to catch up on my [ profile] yuletart commenting. (Still can't get over the incredible quality and variety of the work there!)

Must dash. Love!
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[ profile] yuletide signal boost, since I know some folks on my flist were thinking about pinch-hitting: there was a problem with Yahoogroups and now you have to contact a different email address if you want to claim one of the pinch-hits that have already been sent out. (Not sure yet how the rest are going out.)

I got my story uploaded with about two hours to spare, and headed into the Square for what was meant to be a brief celebratory dinner with comics-boy. And two and a half hours later, realized that I'd totally lost my entire evening. /o\ I needed a break, but the next two days are going to be a frantic whirl of wrapping, packing, mixing, drawing, and sending out belated cards, so um. I'm probably going to be scarce, online and off.

Also, I bought myself a brand new pair of combat boots (to replace the six-year-old pair that were very slowly starting to fall off my feet). I'm trying to be cautious/slow about breaking them in, but my ankles are kind of on fire right now. Still happy, though!

[ETA:] There's a new back-up pinch-hit mailing list for [ profile] yuletide!
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Hey guys, heads' up - this year, [ profile] yuletide Madness will be open to anyone with an AO3 account. (That's when you get to write fic of any length based on any of the unfilled prompts! I've only participated once, but it was a blast.) I don't have any invitations right now, but you might know someone who does - and the invitation queue generally seems to move at a pretty fast clip.

I'm polishing up my final story; should be able to have it uploaded whole hours before the deadline. ;) I wrote all day long yesterday! It was awesome. (Now I'm having third or fourth thoughts on this being my last year. /o\ Of course. Well, it's not like I have to decide now - although I'm also planning to apply to my wacky grad school of choice next year.)

In other news, Mikeyway is so fucking adorable. ♥

Happy Solstice, lovelies! Um. Some of your cards are totally going to be late. (Certainly the international ones I put in the mail today will be, as the lady at the post office smugly informed me. :/) I'm sorry! But ILU all to bits, you know. ♥♥♥
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My [ profile] yuletide story is going agonizingly slowly . . . so per as usual, then! I know what's happening all the way through, thank god, but that doesn't make it easy to put my thoughts on the page. Seriously, these word things are frustrating! Writing with pictures (or preferably a combination) is so much easier. :/

But but but! [ profile] yuletart has been delighting me throughout, and now I have art of my very own! :DDD Check out the hilarious (and pretty!) AOS OT3 comic panel that somebody drew all for me. (I am maybe a little overexcited and sleep deprived. But seriously!) I love everything about it, from the classic presentation to Spock's hilarious (but totes logical) thought bubble. Oh man, I am so happy right now.

Back to work. But. :D
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Working on my [ profile] yuletide fic is making me listen to more Tori Amos than I have in a long time. I'm too tied up in knots to get nostalgic, though, so that's good!

So, what do those of you who write fic do when you're working with an open canon? Particularly one that's full of suspense and unsolved mysteries? Do you just sort of make guesses and have fun with things you know will be jossed, or do you focus in on character relationships and little day-to-day normalities, and just sort of slide past the questions you're leaving unanswered?

Just curious. ;)

I've spent my evening alternately messing with notes/outlines, and working on cards with Pushing Daisies in the background. (God, this show is adorable!) I should sleep; I have managed to set tomorrow entirely aside for continuing both tasks. And maybe shopping for a calendar online, because I swear, there are no literary-themed calendars within the Cambridge city limits, and I don't have time to comb through Boston too. Shopping for my dad: WHY SO DIFFICULT?

But first! There is Middleman fanart at [ profile] yuletart. \o/ Sculpture, even. The quality and variety of the work this year has been completely fantastic in general . . . maybe I actually will do recs, but seriously, go see! It makes me so impatient, because I love getting four or five new pieces of art to view every day, but at the same time, I want to see them all right now.
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Hey flist, hey! How are you, bbs?

I have a question. Do any of you have recommendations for a really super easy beginner-level cookbook? (Like, for a soon-to-be college grad who barely knows how to boil pasta?) I was trying to think of a practical Christmas present for my bb brother, and cooking, and it occurred to me that he is going to need to learn to feed himself soon. He doesn't strike me as the type to raid food blogs, the way I do, and he probably wouldn't be into most of my (vegetarian, first-order-ingredient-focused, deeply random) recipe collection.

I'm going to poke around my favorite local independent bookstore tomorrow, but I thought I might try you guys first. :)

I have spent this weekend freaking out about my [ profile] yuletide fic before finally having a breakthrough. (This always seems to happen in the shower - is that just me?) Whew. Sometimes I wonder if I should stick to fanart and comics, but I feel as though it's really important to keep practicing prose writing, and anyway I love the fest to bits. Amazing as [ profile] yuletart is, there's really nothing quite like it.

I watched the latest White Collar episode last night, and um, holy shit. I've been on a fairly mild enjoyment level with that show for most of its run so far, but talk about taking it up a notch! And that was even before the last minute or so.

The butternut squash soup I've been cooking all afternoon really needs to be done now so I can eat it and get back to writing.

[ETA:] OMG SNOWFLAKE! Thank you, [ profile] glockgal. ♥ We had our first real snow last night and I'm still super happy about it.
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So, guess who has ten fingers and toes, but only one apartment? \o/

I feel like I can breathe again, oh man. Now I can turn my fuller attention to making my awesome new apartment even more awesome, and focus more on other projects. Holiday projects, mostly, and not before time! I did a whole bunch of work on my [ profile] yuletart piece last night in a celebratory rush of inspiration. I think it's going to be pretty awesome.

I've also posted my fairly epic [ profile] yuletide letter, so now I'm just sitting here obsessively keeping track of sign-ups, per as always. ;) Of my ten offered fandoms, eight have been requested at least once . . . all but the two I actually offered "Any" characters for. /o\ OH WELL. I have no clue what I'm likely to wind up with, really, but I'm so excited!

It's a gorgeous damn day, and I need to go out into it so I can drop off my old apartment keys and pick up some straggling mail. But! I have already started planning out this year's holiday card, and I think I'm actually going to make it happen in a physical, hard-copy kind of way. (Something I always try for, but never manage.) So, poll!

Please take the poll at my LJ.

The card will not be fandom-oriented; it will include a couple of my own original characters, along a wintry theme. Comments are screened; please feel free to leave any thoughts, and if you want to participate, your address. (You can also email me at fairiesbite at yahoo dot com.) ♥
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Dear Yule Goat,

Thank you so much for being my writer! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts already, mysterious and awesome person. I should also warn you: this letter is long. This is intended to give you more options (if you want them), rather than freak you out, so . . . I hope it doesn't. Freak you out, that is. ♥

General blather! )

Requests and additional thoughts )

I think that's probably plenty to be going on with, yeah? Like I said before: feel free to use as much or as little as you like. I'm quite convinced that I'm going to love whatever you come up with. ♥

Thank you again, and happy writing!
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If you haven't already been deluged by the squee on your flist, Yuletide Sign-Ups Are Open! :D Detailed instructions can be found here.

I think I have finally managed to achieve some kind of obscure ideal here, but we'll see. ;) Hopefully I haven't managed to render myself unmatchable. (I know it's unlikely, but I did restrict characters for most things.) I'm almost nervous to see how many people we get this year (I don't remember seeing quite so many 'new this year' comments in the past)! Also, watch my concentration be shot for the next week.

Year seven, dear gods.
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There is so much leftover Halloween candy around the office today. Seriously, did all the kids in Central Mass stay home on Saturday?

Oh, [ profile] yuletide season. So ridiculous. I have the google doc with my "to offer" list open in the background as I work, and I just keep deleting things and then adding them back. (Surely someone will want Eastwick femslash? I love Paul Gross to handsome talented bits, but I don't think I want to write anything focusing on Darryl.) I'm looking forward to sign-ups opening, so I can stop second-guessing myself and just take the damn plunge.

Speaking of Eastwick, I'm a little weirded out by how much I'm enjoying it. I keep expecting every episode to be the one that finally pisses me off, but . . . it keeps not happening. (And meanwhile: walked through fire. ♥ Uh, yeah. I sort of feel like I'm thirteen again and making hearthands over Now and Then, but what the hell.)

I've been in post-move hibernation mode for the last couple of weeks, so I've been watching a lot of tv (and reading YA fantasy novels . . . in my defense, The Dark Is Rising is not a series I'd read before). I got my new roomie watching some first season Farscape with me--it's really a shame that I only have a handful of episodes (maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas)--wondered again why I've never watched more than a handful of episodes of Psych, and fell in love with White Collar (least surprising ever). Has anyone written a Leverage crossover yet? Because seriously, people. (I want the lesbian agent back, though. Can't we have her and Natalie?)

Also, why did nobody tell me that the Star Trek: Animated Series is really fun? It features things like Tiny Spock, and kickass Uhura (and Chapel) taking charge of the ship! (Why couldn't there have been just one TOS episode like that?) The animation's pretty crummy, but some of the background painting is pretty gorgeous.

Goal for the week: pin down my [ profile] yuletart contribution. If I haven't at least decided on a fandom by the time [ profile] yuletide sign-ups open, there will be panic and bloodshed.
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Whee, so, I moved. My new place is pretty fantastic; the kitchen's a bit small (we're going to have to purchase extra storage, or we'll have to somehow choose between having food and having things to cook/eat with), but my room's bigger than the other and my new roomie has a pretty fabulous (eccentric) sense of decor. (I will probably picspam eventually, once I've had time to unpack and decorate a bit.) We broke in our shiny new TV by watching Beetlejuice over take-out pasta. I think things are going to be awesome.

Well, except that there's still nobody to replace me on my old lease. I refuse to panic. Things are not going to un-busy themselves for awhile yet, clearly.

And fandom's still lovely and distracting! I am psyched about my [ profile] yuletart assignment, omg. Only it was a very good matching job (&mods;), and I'm having trouble choosing between four different fandoms. ([ profile] guinsky says I can't do more than one piece. She's probably right.) I could maybe do a crossover? IDK IDK IDK.

(Dear Yuletart Santa: I don't have much to add, but I hope you have fun! I am already thrilled. Oh, and JSYK, there was no fandom order of preference there at all, for serious.)

I also wound up changing my [ profile] yuletide nominations. )

I can't wait until nominations close, so I can start putting a to-offer list together! I'm intrigued by some of the album nominations, although I have to say . . . I don't really get some of them. There's no real overarching theme or common "characters" in Graceland, say, or Revolver, or most of Dar's albums. I know people enjoy stretching in all kinds of directions for this challenge, and I really enjoy watching them go, but I don't particularly see the appeal of writing fanfiction for something that doesn't really have a story to it in the first place. (I suppose that [ profile] yuletide does seriously muddle the whole definition of "fanfiction" thing pretty regularly, too.)

As always, I'm just seriously excited to see what everyone comes up with this year.


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