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Another huge fanart roundup, courtesy of the summer where I only have the energy to manage job search stuff, draw fanart, and let my whole professional identity lie pretty much fallow. :D?

Okay, that sounded a little ... yeah. Actually, things are looking up in a big way! I have a pretty big deal second interview tomorrow, for a position I'm genuinely excited for which also pays better than I'd had any hope of, so. Fingers crossed. And I am having a ball with letting myself soak more or less exclusively in fannish material for a bit. :)
a single, full-color comic panel showing Miss America Chavez and Ms. Marvel holding hands and simultaneously punching out a robot, visible in the extreme foreground. POW!
America & Kamala's first date. <3 )

a clipped preview image showing Allison Argent, in black & white but for some yellow highlights, looking into the distance in profile and holding her bow.

A Teen Wolf collaboration with Ataratah! )

a clipped preview of the image below!

Character death won't stop my shipping. )

two versions of the same comic panel panel, in which Lindsey Way peers into a coffee cup saying 'Uh-huh,' a seated Gerard Way looks up nervously all '...' and the coffee cup goes '<3'

Revisiting six years ago. )

Orphan Black & Sailor Moon doodles. )

This ... actually isn't quite everything, but I'll take a breath and save the rest for its own post. ;)
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a short girl with wavy hair and a lapful of confused cat look on in bemusement as a slightly taller person in a suit rants and raves, apparently enraged. 'But tell me how you REALLY feel about Teen Wolf.'
Heyyy, sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth (again) ... I had a lovely, very full birthday weekend (with very tolerant friends!) and then things got all busy again, as they do. I have more than half a dozen awesome prompts I'm still planning to fill for the female character doodle challenge, all written safely down in my sketchbook! They might just be a bit staggered. (Convention season has been sneaking up on me, yikes.)

Here are a couple amazing things other people made for me for the fest (jeez I am still all a-flutter, you guys are so GREAT <3 <3 <3):
Bondage interruptus (Sailor Moon; Michiru/Haruka & Hotaru - pretty SFW) by [ profile] sae
Lydia and ghost!Allison team-up (Teen Wolf), by [personal profile] ataratah
Adorable Utena/Anthy vignette (Revolutionary Girl Utena), by [personal profile] alexmegami

And here's a quick round-up of what I've managed to produce so far:
♥TUXEDO ARCHER♥ (Teen Wolf/Sailor Moon fusion)
Leslie/waffles OTP doodle (Parks & Rec; prompted by [personal profile] analise010)
Alana Bloom puppy pile doodle (Hannibal; prompted by [personal profile] were_duck)
I AM FOUND doodle (Welcome to Night Vale; prompted by [personal profile] rhivolution)

So that was an awesome way to turn young for trees, basically. Love you allll.
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Cecil Baldwin, as played by Danny Pudi, in the NCVR booth

Sometimes you just have to post something to force yourself to stop tweaking it. I am not totally satisfied with this first piece of Welcome to Night Vale fanart ... hopefully I can improve on it? But here's a stab at Cecil Baldwin as played by Danny Pudi, because I find that particular casting kind of irresistible.

Mmmm, fanart, how I miss you. I continue to find myself completely swamped with projects, which I am certainly not complaining about, but still. I really want to do some kind of holiday exchange or something. I don't suppose anyone's heard anything about [community profile] yuletart this year?

I had another thought, but ... IDK if people would be into it. I was thinking it might be fun to do some kind of tiny gift exchange with various of you lovely people. Kind of a mini-reversebang thing ... say, you write me a comment-ficlet with one of our shared fandoms/pairings/etc (probably I will post a suggested list or something), and I do a little illustration for you in return. Would there be any interest in such a thing?

I don't know, it's just an idea right now ... but per usual, I miss fannish participation (and my fanpeople)! And I'm in a multifannish mood.

In other news, I spilled tea on my poor old laptop a few days ago, and now I no longer have an apostrophe or down-arrow key. Not a debilitating predicament, but pretty annoying! Bah.
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So hey! I have a comics goal I really want to meet by Sunday, but I'm hitting a small lull in motivation. Want to help me out? Give me PROMPTS for fanart I can draw as a reward when it's met! :D?

I'm looking for female character centric prompts, please (bonus for slash, but it's definitely not required), from the following fandoms: Teen Wolf, Elementary, the Avengers movies, Star Trek: AOS, Warehouse 13, and Young Avengers (but I'm only up to issue 4). Humor and sexiness are both always encouraged (although please keep it R-rated and above).

I'll take prompts up through whenever I'm ready to draw, pick one or two to play with, and probably keep the others back for potential use later! Prompt as much as you want, as many times as you want! Thanks in advance, guys. <333
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Hey guys, be a research resource for me? Share some fan-love?

Before bandom, I was just not ever the kind of fan who read/watched/listened to interviews with her favorite singers or bands. And it was one of the first things I kinda stopped doing. I'm starting a new project, though, and that is exactly the kind of thing I could use to help me get the wheels turning.

Obviously I will be hitting the google machines as soon as I get breathing space, BUT. If you have especial favorite interviews for bands or singers you love, and it wouldn't be too much trouble to point me at 'em, I would be deeply grateful! Bandom stuff that I have surely already seen is fine! Random whoever of whatever size is fine too! Stuff that contains funny stories, wacky hijinks, weird interviewer shenanigans ... especially valuable, moreso than just inspiring words about what it means to create art (which is usually my FAVORITE, but not as much applicable right now).

I just want to splash around in all the love for a bit. I want to know what YOUR favorites are.

Thanks guys. <3333 Oh man, I am excited about this.
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Okay, so in 2015? I am going to [ profile] muskratjamboree, okay. I had such an amazing time just staying in the hotel and hanging out with so many wonderful fans, but ... I want to go to that dance party next time. ;) And some panels.

I'm following a bunch of the lovely people I met on DW, LJ and/or twitter, and I'm going to post my information over in this post! So if you are new to me here is some quick stuff to please read? )

Also ... yes, so, on Saturday my favorite band broke up, in the middle of the convention. Cutting for being more or less positive, in case you're not ready for that. )

Anyway, I'm on a bus north, and I think I'm gonna lie back and listen to podfic for a bit. But if [ profile] intensityboat still has any fans out there (of course we do) ... there may be something for you quite soon. :)
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So while I tragically cannot afford [ profile] muskratjamboree this year, either financially or in terms of sheer amount of time and energy spent ... it looks like I will at least be coming to town (i.e. Bostonish) aroundabout that weekend. So I would like to seeeee people, I hope!

(I have yet to make any plans at all, including places to stay, but that happens to be during the latter part of my spring "break" and I have been needing to visit the area forever so my thesis madness and I will probably set up shop in various cafes and also do some socializing!)

In other news, my roommate is kind of acting like a human being this week. She has asked me how my day (or trip) was several times and engaged in conversation about the food she's making or the weather. This is progress (which is kind of sad, but I don't care)! It could be better, but this I can live with and be fairly happy.

Today is generally a pretty great day, I hope for you all as well. <3
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This is very nearly belated, for which I'm very sorry! Graduate school takes almost everything I have just now, and certainly all of my time. But! For [personal profile] ataratah:

an oddly happy Sailor Saturn

A better friend and art-beta than I think I really deserve, a good portion of the time. ♥ I'm very very happy you exist, lady!
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I fail at dressing for season; my coworkers were standing around the kitchenette discussing how much they enjoy their summer wardrobes when I wandered in, all in black. Oops? I didn't even think about that; I chose this outfit for the skirt, because I'm not allowed to wear shorts in the office. Hmmm.

Also, last Friday I was mistaken for an employee of the Museum of Fine Arts twice (all in black again--I swear I do wear colors--with a red tie). Possibly I should work on this.

It's a little disorienting, as always, being back at work after a long weekend. Mine was full of hanging around making art while [personal profile] oliviacirce wrote, in my apartment and cafes, occasionally sharing thoughts about Charles Xavier's characterization; we cooked each other some delicious food, watched Return To Oz with my roommate (who has been after me about it forever), and went out Saturday night for a flaily fangirl dinner with [personal profile] aria, [personal profile] polarisnorth, [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, and [personal profile] the_wanlorn. I would like to spend my time like this, always.

Yesterday, the traditional 1776 viewing party at [personal profile] omnia_mutantur's house was made even a tiny bit more fabulous by a miniature [ profile] intensityboat reunion (though of course we missed our absent members ♥).

So that was all lovely. I did have a couple of fandom-related jarring moments, oddly enough; I discovered quite a direct copy of this picture posted by a deviantart user, and also that the random (non-LJ/DW-based) fan awards I've had a piece nominated for has a rule against slash (or rather, "characters established in the series/Nikki Heat novels as straight but portrayed as gay," ugh). Fortunately, a gentle but firm request was all that it took to get the drawing taken down, so I'm very lucky there. I'm dropping the awards organizers a sharp note asking them to remove my work. Unexpected interactions with sections of fandom not my own ... always a bit weird.

This coming weekend, I'm off north to have a look around the apartment I'm almost certainly taking for the fall. I'm moving out of the Boston area in about a month! Everything just keeps speeding up, though I keep trying to find some stillness within it all.

I still owe a few people questions from a few posts ago. I'll try and do those soon!
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So [personal profile] ataratah and I have talked a lot about our early love for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, and awhile back she suggested that we try doing some kind of related art project! This is my piece based on the first of a series of prompts she suggested: a panel from the manga, redrawn in my own style. It was ridiculously fun, hanging around in a cafe, working on these together.

Oh Nostalgia, part one )

So that was fun! I can't wait to start the next prompt, though I have to space these things out with ... other fanart obligations, of course. (I am pretty much just going to do as much fanart as I can manage 'til I leave, I think.)

You seriously, SERIOUSLY have to go check out [personal profile] ataratah's answer to this part of our challenge, over here (or on LJ). It is drop-dead gorgeous. I cannot get over how fucking graceful her linework and gestures are; she's taken one of the simpler manga panels and just made it come alive. (Also, I don't know if any of you have ever watched PGSM--the live-action Sailor Moon--but I ship Rei/Minako like burning, and this is some of the best fanart of them I've seen.)

Just wait until you see what she has in store for the next two prompts!
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Oh man, I've been trying to write this post all week, but work's been super busy all of a sudden ... and I seem to be experiencing something akin to senioritis, so I have to work a lot harder than usual to concentrate. /o\ I'm really behind on all your entries, too. I'll try and catch up!

Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet comments on the love meme, bbs. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. ♥ Also I rather loved commenting, so you folks should totally put your names down for those things more often. ;) I'm a gusher by nature but feel kind of awkward about it a lot of the time; I appreciate the opportunity of anonymity (or the illusion thereof, as I expect I can be pretty obvious).

I had a pretty lively weekend. It started with a German lesbian vampire movie, which was somewhat entertaining, although there was not nearly enough making out and the ending was disappointingly heteronormative. The audience was certainly quite attractive, and I had plenty of time to admire them, because the DVD started skipping twice. (This has never happened to me in a theater before, even a little arthouse place. The staff good-naturedly blamed Friday the 13th.)

On Saturday I went to a family friend's business school graduation, which would have been excruciating except for his four-year-old daughter. I spent the whole ceremony keeping her occupied and letting her take tiny video clips of me. "I'm going to put you on the computer!" She's also turning into a tiny ball of snark, but I can't say I mind that. :D

My father, meanwhile, attempted to convince me to read Moby Dick this summer in exchange for his reading Little Women. Which, I mean ... what? I have no idea why on earth he thought that was going to work. (I should note that there is absolutely no reason I can think of for his particular choice of text. I did love that book very much when I was about eleven, but that hardly makes it stand out from the crowd.) His mission to get me to read Melville has been going on for ... almost a decade, now, I think. (I have every intention of reading that book! I want to read that book! But not yet.) I told him that if he read Understanding Comics, I'd consider it.

There was also quite a lot of pleasant company and some delicious vegan carrot & coriander soup. (With apologies to a certain Famous Detective, I'm rather grateful I don't have a spice allergy. Mmmmm.)

Also there has been some exciting TV lately! My circle has already done a thorough job of expressing their delight over The Doctor's Wife, so I will confine myself to saying that yes, all of that, oh my god. ♥___♥ (Also, biting is like kissing. With a winner.) And as for the Castle finale, I just, holy fuck. In spite of being a show about murder, that's the one I usually go to for ... you know, fun times? Quips and general weirdness and hilarity? Which probably made the sucker punch (punches) that much more effective, really.

Additionally, I discovered this week that there is apparently a secret government lab (which contains, among other things, a cow) in the basement of the building where I work. (Although for future reference, tv writers: some portions of this particular illustrious university are sadly not beautiful and ivy-covered.)

Right, I should get back to work. I lost a big chunk of this morning (mid-post-writing) to finding out some very upsetting news about a neighbor of mine. Feeling a little shaken at the moment, and also, stuff to do. I'll have to do that catching up later, but I hope your weeks are going splendidly! Also, you should go vote in the Fandom Hot 20 poll (second part here). Aeryn Sun and Wendy Watson need some more love, for starters.
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Hey guys, hey. I'm really enjoying all the Epic MCR Road Trip aftermath posts popping up on my flist over the last few days. I'm a little sad I had to stop at just one show, but I appreciate all the sharing ... and all the awesome new journals I'm reading now. :D

I've been in kind of a rotten mood since the weekend, which is stupid, because I have roughly a zillion reasons not to be. I have plans to pull myself out of it that involve drawing lots of things (for values of things that mean guys in bands and some sexy ladies and maybe comics about honeybee mishaps), maybe starting to watch Fringe (inspired by some recent twitter chatter), and hopefully spending some time outside in the very near future. (It's been a little chilly lately, but it's gorgeous right now, and there are flowers everywhere.) And then I really need to start Getting Things Done in order to be ready for school (omg).

Also ... I have very rarely done this sort of thing? But it seems well-timed, and I could kind of use the boost.


I have a thread. Now to search out all you beautiful people. ♥
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Right, so I don't usually write up my concerts because I really have no idea how to organize my thoughts about these things, but IDK. Last night was completely fabulous; have some rambling. )

I'm sad that I can't chase the band around the coast for the next week, but if that has to be my last MCR show for awhile (and it pretty much does; I have tuition to think about, meep), it was absolutely the right one. I had the best damn night. (My ears & legs are still killing me.) Thank you to everyone who was part of it; it was amazing to meet a lot of you for the first time. ♥ This is why I love this fandom so damn much, three years in.
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Say, flist, do you have any favorite podfic you'd be willing to recommend? I have a particular taste for long, plotty work (gen would be good, or pairing-centric that's not mostly porn) and/or humor. Fandoms I particularly like right now include bandom (MCR, though I could also do Brendon/Spencer or FOB), Star Trek (AOS or TOS), White Collar, Leverage, Castle, Due South, DCU (particularly Superman/Lex Luthor-centric), Doctor Who (particularly Eleventh Doctor), and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but other stuff would be neat too. (Probably not Inception, though, as I still haven't managed to watch that.)

Thanks, guys. ♥
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Wow, okay, I needed that; just spent my whole night in, curled up with the second season of Castle and my sketchbook. It's terrifying how long it's been since I've had that much time to sit and draw. Clearly I can neglect my life of hermitude at my peril.

I've mostly been doing original work tonight, but I did finish up one very silly doodly thing, inspired by a stray comment from [ profile] tuesdaysgone and [ profile] fleurdeliser's latest OT3verse installment: because apparently, drawing semi-famous people in aprons is becoming my signature. )

It's good to be getting back on the horse. Apart from the ever-present original projects, I have some very intriguing commissions to do for my [ profile] help_japan winners, and just wait until you guys see the [ profile] trekreversebang art! I mean all of it ... got a sneak peek at everyone's work the other day, and it's one of the most stunning collections of challenge output I think I've ever seen. Hot damn, for serious.

Life has really been pretty great lately. The Patrick Stump show last week was fantastic (which totally took me by surprise and left me at a loss for words - [personal profile] jjtaylor had it covered, though, naturally), and in ten days I get MCR again. The weather has finally caught up to the season, too, and while this has prompted an avian riot to wake me up at four a.m. for the last couple of days, the dogwoods on Beacon Street are already in full flower and there were some forsythias blooming on my walk home today. And this weekend I might get to meet a few of my future classmates at an art festival in my hometown.

Now I just have to take care of a few things. Like, IDK, finally learning to drive.
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I had the most amazing weekend. There were fangirls in my city, and while I was kind of an idiot and didn't actually attend MJ, some of them still invited me to dinner and hanging out in hotel rooms, and [ profile] tuesdaysgone let me drag her all over the city for most of Saturday. I had a lovely, lovely time, and next time I am registering for sure. And doing a better job of remembering who I met, because everyone was generally fabulous, even though I'm super shy. ♥

Also, my birthday present from my parents, slightly belated, was a Blackberry Torch. I've been a little resistant to smartphones in the past, but I must admit, this thing is seriously useful, particularly when it comes to commutery things (from checking bus arrival times to reading fic without having to print it out first). Also, my flipping power cord died again last night, so my phone's the only computer I'll have at home for the next little while. Whoops.

This week I'm going to see a Patrick Stump solo show (tomorrow), which should be an ... interesting experience? (I need to read all the reviews that've been popping up, IDEK what to expect.) Is anyone else going to be there? I'll be with [personal profile] jjtaylor and [personal profile] ataratah, probably having all the feelings.

Also, I have to break up with my therapist, and it's stressing me out a little. :/ I'm not great at deliberately ending relationships in general, this is a first for me anyway, and also now I'll have to find a new one. If any of you local or formerly-local folks happen to have recommendations you'd like to share (via email or PM), they would be most welcome.
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Thank fucking goodness it’s a three-day weekend. I may, at times, have wondered if I was blowing this time of year out of proportion a bit, but really, not so much. Once again, I’m grateful that the windows on my floor don’t open – defenestration of particularly uncooperative faculty members does get a bit tempting now and then. (Seven more months ... and only three more weeks of Admissions season. I'll just keep daydreaming about dyeing my hair outrageous colors the second I can do that again, and maybe other things too.)

It’s just as well that bandom has eaten my brain again, really; it’s a pretty great distraction. A few days ago, I randomly dreamed that Greta Salpeter asked me out on a date and we cuddled in the middle of a big, sunny field (there was some sort of festival setting up nearby). My subconscious isn’t usually so fluffy, but it was nice. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before all the Grant Morrison-related ephemera I’ve been consuming catches up to me. (I watched the Disinfo speech a few days ago. I don’t even know, nor am I sure I want to. I do want to finally get back to reading The Invisibles, though.)

Seriously, how did this even happen? Fandom in comics and comics in fandom … I’ve watched the Talking With Gods documentary twice in the last week, so I suppose fanart is only a matter of time, really. Particularly since I seem to have made illustrating [personal profile] jjtaylor my fannish occupation of late.

Speaking of which! It was her birthday yesterday, a fact which helped me decide which scene from “The Detective’s Secret” I’d play with next. (I have a longish list.) Hope you like it, bb; happy belated! ♥

Not going into the pool. )

It occurred to me recently that I miss using this space for conversation, rather than just as a slightly talky gallery. I’ve seriously gotten out of the habit of commenting and communicating on DW/LJ, and I’m finding getting back into it something of a challenge. Definitely want to do better on that.

In a slightly more interactive vein (and to prove that I do in fact have other fandoms still): there’s an interest-gauging poll going on for [ profile] trekreversebang right now! That’s the reverse Star Trek bigbang where ficcers sign up to write stories based on fanart; an awesome idea that I’d love to see spread around a bit more. You guys should check it out.

Before I go work on my actual minicomic for awhile, one more thing I have to share: the spectacle of Pete Wentz interviewing himself. I still love his stupid face.
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Having a much-needed cleaning day; my apartment is so dirty that I've been afraid to turn the heat up, so it's been a bit like sleeping in a refrigerator the last couple weeks. (My room is on the top corner of a brick building.) Turns out that I have nearly-endless work ethic for art these days, but very little for most other things. I honestly can't regret the trade-off.

So I haven't had much to contribute to the fannish economy lately, but here's something small! Awhile back, I had this amusing mental image during a conversation with [personal profile] jjtaylor about one of her works in progress:

JJ tries to get a recalcitrant character to cooperate

The likeness isn't brilliant, but that's Brian Schechter on the left, and JJ herself on the right. She sometimes makes me want to draw an overly-meta series of comics about the relationship between writers and their work, but I'll leave it at this for now. ;)

I'll have other things to post pretty soon, but they'll have to be under rlock, as I'm putting them elsewhere (IRL even) under my real name. Sometimes I think about locking this whole journal, except for art posts ... it's something I've never wanted to do, but I've been getting twitchy again, and IDK. It seems to work really well for some people.
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Say, artist-types, do you guys have any advice on portfolios (virtual or otherwise) for someone who's never been an art student?

The nontraditional cartooning program I plan to apply for is having an open house/portfolio review day in early March, and I'm trying to figure out what I should be showing them. A portfolio? What's that? )

Anyway, I'm rambling, but if any of you would share thoughts/experiences I'd appreciate it mightily. ♥ I am super excited about the event, and about finally getting to apply - I've been waiting for years! (Intentionally; I wanted to do some things first. But it was a little frustrating.)

So hey, how about that [ profile] au_bigbang thing? It looks a little intimidating to me, but potentially really awesome too. (I know a couple of you are signed up, right?)

Has anyone watched the new Being Human yet? I need to get on that. (I did catch up on Dollhouse. And heard the "big" Buffy comic spoilers. Oh, what the hell, Joss.)
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I haven't been spending much time on the internet, this break! Well, apart from reading [ profile] yuletide stories, anyway. ;) A lot has been going on. I spent the better part of two days with a visiting [ profile] sweetvalleyslut, took my little brother to see my favorite small band (Enter the Haggis, of course), and oh right: someone tried to burn down my TOWN. Jesus fucking christ. My family and friends are all fine, but that was an awful business. (I am hoping so hard that the past tense is appropriate, here. These are not the first "suspicious" fires we've had in recent years, though they were the first--and hopefully last--deaths.)

2009 has not been a banner year for most people I know (to put it lightly, in some cases), and in general this decade has seen some severe downs (though it's had its ups as well). In spite of a whole lot of political fatigue, I'm trying to keep my hopes up for the new year. I have a lot of plans for it!

I'll save my list of the year's fanworks for after [ profile] yuletart and [ profile] yuletide reveals, but have a New Year's art meme. )

Happy New Year to all of you lovely people. ♥ I met quite a few of you over the course of the last year, and got to know several of you much better than I had before! I'm very grateful for that part, lumps and bumps aside. :)


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