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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry this took me so long. The last couple weeks have been completely overwhelming at work, etc, and I’ve struggled to find the bandwidth. I hope it hasn’t caused you too much trouble!

But anyway, thanks! )

Fandom/pairing specifics! )
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Ooh, I have had a week. It's been long and tiring and mostly dark and rainy to boot, and I've been singularly unproductive in spite of just having taken on some new (creative) professional responsibilities. This is about as grateful as I've been for Friday in awhile, especially since the [community profile] femslashex archive opens today at 8pm EST! There are currently 179 new pieces of f/f fanfic & fanart all ready to go; I'm so excited! (My own contribution will be here, though naturally I'll do a post here as well when I may.)

I'd say things have slowed down a bit, but that's not true so much as that I've been working more on deadlines than at my own pace. Here's a small roundup of exceptions and the like ...

thumbnail previews of five different images

Revisiting Rachel Summers. )

Oh, speaking of X-Men comics, I've also been listening avidly to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, which does what it says on the tin in an entertaining, clever and deeply nerdy way. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, on a more contemporary note: A tiny Braeden tribute. )

Last but very definitely not least, my contributions to the little [ profile] fanartremixexchange! Which deserved to be bigger, so I really hope the idea catches on! And for extra fun, I was matched with ataratah. ;) )

Huh, I've been doing a lot of color work lately; I suppose that's good practice? I'm never fully satisfied with any of it (except sometimes the flats), though; I might make an effort to go back to more of my b&w inks for the next little while. Coming up: [ profile] tw_fallharvest, [ profile] teenwolf_bb, [ profile] allydiareversebang, and [ profile] teenwolffemslashexchange. Um. Oops?
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It is such a cool, lovely day out today! Seriously, favorite cafe of mine, there is no need for this level of AC. I am kind of chilled right now.

Hi! Oh man, hello, I have not written in awhile; too busy turning my life upside-down. Like so! )

Meanwhile, fandom-wise, well. Teen Wolf has been having an extremely uneven season, but I'm enjoying the hell out of getting to have supernatural teen TV nights with the BFF again after so long! And exchanging ridiculous theories with [personal profile] ataratah in the interim. My dearest wish is to get a little ahead on my comic projects (ahaha) so that I can draw some of the cracky fusion fanart currently living in my head.

Speaking of things I want to draw, as you can probably tell from my previous post, I'm head-over-heels in love with Welcome To Night Vale. It took me a few episodes to get hooked, but somewhere around the time Cecil was hiding under the desk from Station Management ... IDK. It has an unusual amount of crossover between my different communities, too; a lot of my non-fandom artist friends are listening too, and some even in a fannish way. It's interesting watching the fandom on tumblr; so many wildly creative designs! My headcanon is pretty tame by comparison (rather than third eyes, mobile tattoos and tentacles, I picture an aggressively "normal," even conservative-looking, community with creepy but subtle deviations), but I'd love to have time to play with it.

And! I'm so excited to pick up the latest issue of Killjoys on release day for a change! Especially since I've been experiencing some fannish disappointment when it comes to comics. I was so excited for the new X-Men book, hoping that I could get some fandom renaissance out of it (Rachel Summers/Kitty Pryde is my OTP forever), but man. I was so disappointed with the first story arc. I spent the third issue just shaking my head over wasted dramatic opportunities and poor use of ensemble dynamics. I'll give it one more storyline, I guess. I'm too broke to put character loyalty over quality the way I did in the old days (I'll save that for stuff I don't have to pay for, like ... Teen Wolf!).
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Aw, dammit. So I have been trying not to buy Marvel or DC books, for the most part, for the last few years. (There are any number of reasons why I'm not wild about supporting either company, but learning more and more about the ways in which they've abused their creative talent since the beginning has been especially bothersome of late.) I mean, okay, I buy Batwoman, but I rather think that's a worthy enough cause. And then I added the new run of Young Avengers to my pull, because ... reasons. (The new Miss America, Billy & Teddy, tiny!Loki and the creative team from Phonogram. What can you do.) I figured, one book per horrible mainstream monolith.

But. But now. That's just playing dirty, okay, Marvel? An all-women X-book featuring all the beloved characters of my childhood, most especially Rachel Summers. On the same team as Kitty Pryde, no less. Waugh. And it's even being written by Brian Wood. FINE. But don't think this means we're making up.

(Sorry, apparently that hazelnut soy latte was a mistake. My rekindled, if occasional, coffee habit is going to be somebody's doom; probably mine.)
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I'm not leaving for grad school for almost another two months, but I already feel as though I have no time for fandom. :( I really wish I could spend this summer hanging around enjoying Boston and reading fic, but alas, I am behind on everything. I've been working on this entry for a couple of days! (A whole bunch of you have posted intriguing bbbs, too. I won't be lacking for reading material for a long time, clearly ... when I can do it. ♥)

General fun things I have done recently include: making falafel with my new food processor, hanging out and drawing all day Saturday with [personal profile] ataratah (pretty much the best of pastimes), buying both a new suit and a new dress(!), and donating my neighborhood video store's copy of Labyrinth to my hometown library (which only seemed appropriate, since one summer in my teen years, I rented it seven times in one month). I'm really sad that the store is closing--it was a true community establishment--but I love that they're donating their entire collection, and that their customers are rallying around to pay for the effort.

Also, I finally saw X-Men: First Class. Which ... was something I found more interesting than genuinely enjoyable, to my surprise? IDK. I have thoughts, though the way I'm going, I doubt I'll manage to write them up coherently. I mean, basically, I want all the Raven fic, and some Alex/Armando, and Erik/Charles which acknowledges that Charles is a dick. (This isn't actually a critique of anyone's characterization; I've only read one story! I'm just kind of nervous.) Speaking of which, if you haven't read [profile] olivacirce's fantastic Don't Try This At Home, I recommend it highly. It's hot and appropriately fucked up.

So hey, here's my somewhat belated contribution to that question meme that was going around all last week!

Comment with "me me me" and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better. (This might take me a little while, so I'm sorry in advance for that!)
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions,
if you want to.

[personal profile] were_duck asked me things )

Hmmm, I should get back to work. I'm sorry for being increasingly haphazard and unavailable lately! It's only going to get worse. (I mean, I'm really excited! More people to draw with, oh man, for that alone. But I miss being more active in fandom already.) I'm probably going to wind up creating a comic school filter; I'll have to put a poll up soon.

[ETA:] I almost forgot! Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, what on earth is this? (I fucking love that man, have I mentioned?)
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Man, my 'shipping preferences have been extremely poly of late. I just watched the latest Merlin episode, and my squeeing OT4 love brought my newer roommate wandering into my room with a very confused expression. (Lancelot, I'm sorry to say, left me quite cold this time.) Also, I can't seem to stop watching this Star Trek XI vid. I want so much more fic. (More fic that isn't just porn. Oddly enough, this is my problem with new!Trek in general: it's a fandom filled with PWPs, and I've a serious craving for plot. /o\ I know, seriously, shut up.)

I had a lovely weekend driving around in the fall weather with my parents and family friends (and their two-year-old, who is a blessedly quiet little thing most of the time). It's been so gorgeous! I wish I had time to sit down and play with my Halloween costume, but I kind of have to spend this short week packing frantically.

I haven't been able to draw much (though I did script a couple of original comic strips, and I'm aiming to be the very last fanartist to complete that new!Trek art meme), but I did manage to color some old lineart. Here's a pairing I haven't touched in awhile!

Warning for a heavy dose of mush, and blatant canon-fixing. This is what happens when people turn Joss Whedon loose on my comic books. >:(

GIANT. SPACE. BULLET. (X-Men h/c, natch.) )

It's ridiculously chilly in my apartment (the new one's insulated so much better, yay), and I should really go to bed, but! Speaking of reboot fic that isn't PWP, check out this Trek/The Little Prince fusion by [ profile] ayalesca, with adorable illustrations by [ profile] mangotrills! Makes a decent bedtime story.
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Despite the fact that I am having my worst sleep week in a long time (which is, um, impressive; I haven't had a good one in . . . months), life is seriously awesome right now.

I don't even know where to start! Mostly cooking and COMICS! )

There are other things, too . . . my guitar classes are so much fun, the MCR shirt I didn't buy at MSG is available on their merch website now, I have a three-day weekend to draw in (and my brother might visit!), Doctor Who is insane, Avatar is coming back soon, and oh yeah, I'm seeing the Hushies in just under a week! ♥ ♥ ♥

So to spread a bit of joy (because apparently it's More Joy Day? I thought that was in January? not that I wouldn't want to spread joy anyway), thought I'd share some of the stuff I've drawn recently. (This is because I'm too damn slow to draw something specially for today, alas.) I've pretty much just been messing around trying to learn how to draw some of the bandguys, so it's nothing polished, but what the heck. :D

Usual disclaimer: these interpretations are not intended as anything other than fiction for my own harmless enjoyment, and the only intended audience is other fans. Etc. If you're famous, you might want to rethink googling yourself.

First up is a bit of Frank/Gerard, drawn on request for someone nifty. Just some quick-ish doodles with flat color stuck on, but I'm feeling pretty okay about them.

The proper use for a necktie! )

Also, there's this. I was doing a pageful of Gerard doodles on the commuter rail a couple weekends back, just trying to get a feel for him (I'm still working on that). The profile view that I was messing with turned into him drawing . . . and from there, him drawing on Mikey. ^^; [ETA:] I'm sorry, but I've needed to remove this picture for personal reasons. Thanks to everyone who commented on it, here and elsewhere.

And because those are actually weirdly similar pieces (I swear, something other than from-the-chest-up profile view next time), here's some original art as well, just to mix it up. (It's slightly topical, if you look closely!) This was part of something I drew as a parting gift for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut.

Joined at the hip. )

That's all for now . . . I'm still producing much less than I'd like, but I'm working on that! And I'll try to draw something other than bandom art soon, just for a change: say, Avatar? ;)
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Time for another ridiculous fandom ramble! Today I'm going to do my favorite pairing from one of my oldest fandoms ever.

This is actually the short version. When you've been a fan of a (fairly obscure) character since the age of eight, you can write lots. Essays. Books? I don't really want to know. So this is just a "little" ramble. (But all the same, beware the teal deer.)

Fandom: Excalibur (1988 comic series)
Pairing: Rachel Summers (Phoenix)/Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)

kiss me hello )

There is also quite a lot of fanart of this pairing at my website. Just FYI. ^^
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It's just one uproar after another in fandom this week. First this debacle (which I'd have posted about, but thought it was a better time for listening), and now strikethrough all over again.

I really don't want to move. Aside from the recent obvious, I really like livejournal; it's familiar and easy to use, and we're all so centralized here. I can't really see any prospect for this wholesale fandom exodus people keep talking about. We'll just scatter, and it'll take ages for a new system to really get built up.

I expect that, should people or communities I love leave, I'll follow them. I'll probably stay here as well . . . we'll see. (I have deleted the one post I had with Kim Possible smut-art on it. Doubt it would have been a problem, but I didn't like the pictures much anyway.)

Not that I'm really likely to ever finish these, but here's a small handful of snippets from old WiPs (all at least a year or two old), for your amusement (in accordance with the meme that's been going around). Does not include any of the "WiPs" I have lying around that are just a title and maybe a couple of bullet-point notes.


The one where Skywise is alone in the Palace . . . and not. )


The epic one where Sarah goes back to find herself )

Peter Pan

The one which is exactly that sort of “discovering ourselves” mushy femslash that I complain about. )


The silly one where Rachel Summers is basically Jesus. )

My stories are all kind of . . . stiff. Not very organic at all. I'm so much better at writing partly in pictures. (Which I am fortunately doing more of, in other spheres.) Which is why I will soon be bringing you something better . . . a massively updated recs-page. My laptop has to be fixed first, though.
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Hey kids! I know I've been . . . extremely absentee this year. I've been very busy, and fandom just hasn't been ranking very high on my list of things to do. However, how on earth could I resist a femslash cliche challenge? I've drawn these two pieces as entries for [ profile] alien_altars. Both are Marvel comics femslash, and both are Not Safe For Work, so view at your own risk.

In both cases, I kind of had a cliche in mind, but neither one really worked out. ^^; Fortunately, artists weren't actually required to use cliches. (They really do work better with narrative; if I'd had time, I would've written a cliche femslash comic. I still may, at some point.)

Fandom: X-Men (comicverse)
Pairing: Rachel "Marvel Girl" Grey/Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This picture has a bit of context.
(failed) Cliche: I'd say "telepathy/soulbond," but that would totally be cheating.

kiss hello )

Fandom: Runaways
Pairing: Karolina/Xavin
Rating: R (for nudity)
Summary: I guess the idea is Karolina accepting and loving herself for who she is (a sparkly alien lesbian). So here, Karolina is admiring herself in a mirror, while a happy post-coital Xavin looks on.
(failed) Cliche: Started out as voyeurism, but didn't wind up qualifying.

she needs a little sparkle )

Enjoy, guys . . . I have to go to bed already. I just wanted to get these up now, rather than after work tomorrow.
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I finally got to read my [ profile] yuletide story, and it's marvelous. Gerda and the Snow Queen is set after the events of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen." In spot-on Andersenian style, it tells of grown-up Gerda's attempts to help a young street urchin, and in the process, to deal with some unfinished business.

It's awesome and it was written for me! ^^ Thank you again, Santa, so very much!

I have much much more reading to do. There will be recs, I'm sure, though I can't imagine even making a dent in all the stories I want to read . . . wow.

[ETA:] [ profile] sindohrah made me into a trading card! Thank you, honey. *blush*

Here's a little something for you all, in honor of the holidays (and in a femslashy vein, as usual):

femslash holiday

(Rachel Summers/Grey, AKA Marvel Girl or Phoenix, and Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat, of course. Copyright Marvel Comics and all that.)


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