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So scattered right now. There's been plenty happening in my life, but I'm not having an easy time making it cohere into a post. I've been listening to Vice & Virtues nonstop (countdown until I start reading lots of Brendon/Spencer: 5 ... 4... 3...), watching more Castle, and I went to see Travie McCoy & the Black Cards play in Boston with [personal profile] jjtaylor and [personal profile] ataratah (looking a touch out of place in my fedora and tie, I suspect). I cannot fucking deal with how much I love Pete Wentz, you guys. Also, Bebe is an adorable tiny dynamo, and I really like their energy together.

The weather continues to be mildly frustrating, but that's par for the course for a New England March. (I hope it warms up a little for you Muskrat folks.) Also, I've decided that what I really want for my birthday is more sleep, so I think I'm going to go hide at my parents' house for about a day or two. Maybe then I'll have the energy to participate around here a bit more?

Speaking of participation, bidding at [community profile] help_japan has closed, but the auctions at [ profile] help_japan are continuing 'til the end of the month. If you're thinking of putting something up yourself, though, you only have until tomorrow!

Oh, and because I'm hilariously paranoid about separating my fannish identity from my "public" one, some of you might find yourselves being followed by two of me on Twitter as of this morning. I just can't help myself. /o\
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So a few weeks ago, when [personal profile] jjtaylor posted Nothing To Confess, I knew I was going to have to do some more art. The story was everything I wanted when I imagined a BLI!Patrick; seriously creepy and hot.

Patrick reties his tie
So uh, what I'm trying to say with this is basically ... unf. Maybe it's good to be getting this version out of my system before I go see the real Patrick in a few weeks.

One more in color. )

Apart from that, this week I've been re-watching the second season of Angel (Gunn and Wesley are precious; I'd almost forgotten) and finishing up the first season of Castle, which I kind of adore. The dynamic between Beckett and Castle is kind of fabulous, particularly because I think it manages to do justice to both characters, rather than having either of them show the other up too consistently. Also, I would seem to be a sucker for father/daughter dynamics lately. Netflix can't send me the second season fast enough.

Oh hey, and if you liked the art above? Just a reminder that I'm up for auction at [ profile] help_japan. :D I'll illustrate your fic (or just draw you something), or even make you a comic! All as a bonus for sending some aid and comfort where it's desperately needed.
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I've put up a couple of offers at [ profile] help_japan, if you can afford to donate and think you might enjoy telling me what to draw. ;) Bidding is open on a piece of b&w fanart or fic illustration, or on a whole b&w fancomic (of varying length, depending on how much people are willing to bid). I've posted a relatively limited, random list of available fandoms, but I'd be happy to consider alternatives if asked. :)

Also, if you bid on the fanart auction and come in second or third, you can donate $10 and get a simple b&w character drawing. Not a bad deal, I think? Anyway, even if you don't bid on me, I hope you'll consider contributing in some fashion if you can. The auctions will run until Saturday, March 26; bidding & offering instructions to be found on the comm. There's also a charity auction for Japan here at DW: [community profile] help_japan.

On a completely different note, I've been thinking about doing some kind of comic recommendations again. You should probably be turning away and groaning right now; I've been bringing this up periodically for something like four years, and it never seems to get off the ground. The problem, I think, is that I have a really large pool of genre-spanning titles to work with, and no idea where to start; trying to just put a giant list together all at once clearly doesn't work.. Aside from picking a few out of a hat or something, I don't suppose any of my wise flisters have suggestions as to a good way to handle something like that? (Or maybe just what kinds of recs you'd like to see, if you're interested in that sort of thing?)
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I'm running around trying to get things in order at work so I can leave for the bus station; it's my mother's 60th, and she wants us all to head into New York City for the day tomorrow. Art museums, I expect.

Before I go, I just wanted to pass on links to the auction communities people are starting up to contribute to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief effort: [community profile] help_japan and [ profile] help_japan. When I get back and have time to figure it out, I definitely plan to offer something (probably a fancomic, and maybe some fic illustration or something too).
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Two things, before I go to bed! A small charity request, and one rec.

My best friend, [ profile] sweetvalleyslut, has been in Romania for the last two-plus years, working as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since she's not active on LJ anymore, she asked me to share this donation request: basically, her boyfriend (another volunteer) is trying to raise some money to establish a sports/performance amphitheater at the small school where he teaches. 50% of the funding has to come from outside sources. It's not a ton of money to raise, and it'd be great for the kids and the community there; if you guys were willing to donate and/or spread this around a bit, that'd be awesome. ♥

On an entirely unrelated note, I just finished reading [personal profile] tuesdaysgone's Killjoys prequel, The Kids From Yesterday, and it is fucking amazing. It's exactly the kind of long, plotty, absorbing story I've been dying to read since the "Art is the Weapon" trailer came out last fall; fascinating, creepy, and ultimately exhilarating. The world building and the characterization are both fantastic, and there's plenty of wrong/hot Gerard/Korse. And as if all that weren't enough, there are apparently two more stories to come. Seriously, go read, and check out the accompanying artwork by the always-incredible [ profile] theopteryx.
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Come on, my beloved grad school of choice: post your 2011 application guidelines already! I am slow, I want to get started.

On a vaguely related subject, I've been thinking a lot about race, inclusiveness, and clarity of visual representation in art/comics. I would welcome thoughts from other artists - or anyone else, for that matter (so long as you don't dismiss the importance of the subject, which I take seriously).

I should note from the start that while I'm going to begin with some broad background, this isn't really a comprehensive piece of social commentary - I'm interested in comparing notes from a creative perspective, and have been pondering how best to improve inclusiveness within my own work. (Criticism of my approach, as well as the content of the post, is definitely welcome. This is an area of privilege for me.)

On portraying characters of color in cartoons and comics. )
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Holy hell, that is a lot of fail and sadness for a Monday. Polanski has gone free and Harvey Pekar has died. Also, a signal boost (with trigger warning): here's an alert about an online stalker (on multiple platforms, including LJ) who has been targeting and harassing young women.

On a more selfish note, still can't concentrate at work worth a damn. I can't wait to get out of here and finally pick up my comic shop pull from last week, after barely dodging spoilers for the triumphant return of the Young Avengers over the last few days. (I was too busy wading through flash floods and acquiring bookcases. It wasn't too bad, all things considered - and gosh, it's nice to see my books again, literally.)
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Mmm, that was a pretty nice long weekend, all things considered. I mostly took a break from the internet, cleaned up my room/part of my apartment in preparation for the new bookcases I'm getting next weekend (finally, my books will have a home), hung out and sung along to 1776 with a lot of wonderful people at [ profile] omnia_mutantur's, perched on some MIT stairs with my roommate to watch Boston's best fireworks display in years, cooked some tasty things, and was grateful (if mildly guilty) for my apartment's AC. Also I didn't draw much, tsk. I need to try and be productive more steadily and less in bursts. I did get my comics anthology submission all wrapped up and submitted Friday night, though, so there's that - now I'm back at the point I was supposed to be at right after college. \o/ /o\

I have one last The Last Airbender-related link to share (for now), which I think is rather important: The Last Airbender: who is to blame? by [personal profile] glockgal at [ profile] racebending. It's about the danger of scapegoating M. Night Shyamalan rather than focusing on the institutionalized racism that is really at the root of the TLA debacle, and even comes with handy visual aid. (Sure, Shyamalan has been showing his ass quite enthusiastically throughout, but he's not behind the decades of systematic whitewashing in American cinema, and his likely disgrace won't prevent more of the same in the future.)

I haven't found the energy to write about Wonder Woman and why the "reboot" bothers me so much ... probably because I find Wonder Woman so difficult to talk about in general? I've stayed away from past discussions of her because they tend to focus around how some people find her boring or unrelatable, whereas I have this lingering childhood hero-worship that makes their perspective very difficult to comprehend. Also, I find that it's hard to take off the lifelong comics-reader goggles to a certain extent; I've realized that Diana's previous lack of pants didn't bother me, depending entirely on how she was drawn/characterized in her individual appearances. I've had a lot of feminist anger about the portrayal of female characters in superhero comics since the age of eleven or so, but the star-spangled bathing suit doesn't entirely fit into that for me. Relatedly, I still haven't found the words to defend her importance to me as an icon, in spite of the fact that nostalgia for "classic" superheros has been an enormous issue with DC recently (and I've fallen squarely on the side of irritation with that attitude - would have even if I could put aside the rampant racefail that's been involved, which I can't).

It's much easier to explain my anger about the deaths of her mother and culture, and possibly my longtime irritation at most "grim and gritty" superhero revamping, but ... yeah, my thoughts are just not together on this. /o\ I love that I can write a huge paragraph about how I don't know how to write about this issue, too, sheesh. For now, though? Gloria Steinem sums it up. (Still behind on the coverage, too, but that caught my eye.)

Also, I'm starting to catch up on the current Vividcon warnings/ablism/etc discussion, though I feel like the posts I've read have been too scattered to give me a comprehensive picture yet. However, I generally tend to come down on the side of making fannish spaces as safe and comfortable for everyone as possible (except as regards being called out for fail), and against jumping on marginalized people (at all, but specifically) when they ask for what they need. This is one of those uncomfortable instances of fannish fail where some of the faily things are being said by people I've liked and respected over the years, which is always extra-fun.

Whew. I don't think it's necessarily that fandom is more full of fail than usual lately; I think it's getting more attention than it used to (at least, in my "corner" of fandom). The sheer volume is getting a bit hard to follow, with the increasing IRL/art obligations, but I want to keep up as much as possible. (It helps that I've developed an interest in an older fandom where the fic mostly doesn't mesh with my stylistic tastes! My life is clearly the hardest, pfft.)
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Hey there! I'm still pretty snowed under - missed my deadline, naturally, but the anthology editors say they'll continue accepting submissions for a few more days. Will definitely be done tonight. /o\

Following up on my previous post, however, here's a quick roundup of Avatar/The Last Airbender-related links. has a (neutral) rundown of The Last Airbender Film: Changes from the Cartoon Series, for the curious.

-Preliminary Thoughts on Race and Gender in The Last Airbender over at the [ profile] racebending comm. The racefail sounds about as awful as expected, but I still managed to be surprised by the genderfail, a little. :/ Ugh. The strong female characters were a large part of what initially drew me to A:TLA - so disheartening.

-[personal profile] bossymarmalade posted a powerful example of why the hell stuff like this matters: but we must always be polite about it.

-A:TLA's own Dante Basco (who voiced Zuko - you may also know him from films like Hook or But I'm A Cheerleader! ♥) discussed the boycott in his blog: See, if you can get some Asian actors in the machine of Hollywood and they exist as a viable commodity, it can spark more projects that can support the voice and face of the Asian community and level the playing ground a little. But when we can’t even land roles that were so clearly created as Asian roles, its a bit disheartening.

-The film is generally getting truly abysmal reviews, which is some comfort, although as [personal profile] cereta points out, far too many of them are dismissing the race controversy as unimportant. io9 has a brilliantly over-the-top snarkfest review that you may find cathartic: M. Night Shyamalan Finally Made A Comedy.

I have very mixed feelings related to the orgy of disapproval that seems to be raining down onto the film. On the one hand, I want it to do very poorly, so I won't lie - I'm thrilled that the reviews are terrible, and I hope that carries over to the box office. On the other hand, it's depressing that the race issue probably won't be credited for its failure (if it does fail). Also, I was watching a handful of A:TLA episodes during my inking marathon last night, and it hit me (again) how amazing a movie adaptation could have been. The cartoon doesn't need to be adapted, mind; it's awesome all by itself. (I do get a little tired of film being held up as the be-all and end-all of storytelling mediums, but that's a grumble for another day, if ever.) But still. What a waste.

One other thing that's had my dander up over the last few days: Wonder Woman's "new direction." There's been a lot of coverage of this that I definitely haven't had time to read, but I have a feeling I'm going to spend a fair chunk of my weekend on it. /o\ I'm ... really upset about the whole thing, which kind of took me by surprise. I can't get into it now, obviously, so here, check out this nifty alternative redesign by [ profile] _ming: Diana of Themyscira.

I really have to get the hell off the internet, but before I go, here's something AWESOME. Back in the immediate aftermath of the SPN racefail with the J2-in-Haiti fic, [personal profile] glockgal posted this amazing fancomic with Desi versions of Sam and Dean, which you may have seen. I loved it, and I love this new follow-up even more. (Guest-starring Durga! And wait until you see Castiel's new earthly incarnation!) I've never watched an entire episode of Supernatural, but I would watch the hell out of that show. ♥
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So tomorrow, The Last Airbender opens in theaters across the United States and Canada. As I mentioned previously, I will be boycotting it.

Please, do not give this movie your money. The Last Airbender is an egregious example of institutional racism in action. That's really the important part, but just in case you've missed all the discussion and activism that's gone on since the casting was first announced, I'll try and provide a little background. This is not as thorough as I would have liked to be, but I'll also provide links to some fantastic resources and articles that are well-worth checking out.

Believe me, this is in brief. )

When I've talked to people about The Last Airbender in person, I've been met with a fair amount of complacent shrugging - a whole lot of "what do I care? what does this have to do with me?" That's privilege talking. I understand that we all have to pick our battles; that this one movie may not be something you can focus all your energy or outrage on. But surely, you can care enough not to pay for one movie ticket. It's hardly a lot to ask.

As I noted above, there's an enormous amount of material out there on the topic; your best source of information would be the Racebending website, which is overflowing with information and resources. They have a primer on the whitewashing of The Last Airbender here, and most of my own thoughts on the topic have been informed by discussion and links posted at [ profile] racebending. Most of the articles I've linked come from them.

Here are a few more links I'd recommend:

These Are My Colors, by [ profile] ssj10.

a few (a lot of) words on racism and paramount and the last airbender, by [ profile] starweather (also contains a lot of great links)

The Last Airbender Movie, by Gene Luen Yang (amazing creator of American Born Chinese, co-creator of The Eternal Smile, and more).

New day in politics, same old racist world on the silver screen, by Derek Kirk Kim (another fantastic cartoonist). (An older post, made back when the casting was first announced, but I think it's an extremely important read - even with all the image links broken.)

And, here's a quick list of the specific articles I linked within my post, for convenience:
-Paramount Pictures – Diversity in the 21st Century? (
-Yellowface: A Story In Pictures (
-FacePainting (Floating World on tumblr)
-Caucasian or Any Other Ethnicity (
-The Problem With Colorblindness (Faith Bell, guest contributor at

Not that this is an excuse, but I'm pretty tired and overwhelmed with comic work right now, and I feel like I've completely run out of steam at this point - so I'm about to hit post. If you find anything problematic, and you have the energy/inclination I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know.
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Oh um, hi internet! /o\ I am kind of swamped these days. I've taken on a number of original comics projects for the summer (not to mention my grad school application). So it looks like I'm just going to have even less time for fandom stuff than usual. (Although, I say this five days before Leverage comes back, so IDK. Grain of salt.)

That said, the fabulous [ profile] bandombigbang story I drew for has gone live! Only Going One Way, by [personal profile] ataratah and [personal profile] jjtaylor, is a BANDOM/DUE SOUTH CROSSOVER. Yeah. :DDD It is fucking hilarious and cracked-out and amazing, and you should totally go check it out! Not only is the main pairing adorable, but these two have a real gift for writing great secondary characters as well - in both fandoms. (Buck Frobisher, omg. :DDD)

You can see my four illustrations on LJ or on DW. How could I possibly pass up the chance to draw Gerard Way in a Mountie uniform? I had so much fun with this, seriously. It was particularly appropriate, since I started working on it during the drive to/from Canada for my brother's graduation.

Of course, now I've done fanart of Fraser and Kowalski, but not Vecchio ... which means that at some point, I'll have to make time to rectify that. ;)

On a less gleeful note, you've probably all heard about the most recent, sickening bit of fandom racefail by now? But here's a rather belated signal boost, just in case, because I think it's important to be aware of shit like this. (Link goes to the most comprehensive round-up post of the debacle, by [ profile] amazonziti.) In a nutshell: a SPN fan decided that the tragic (and ongoing) aftermath of the Haiti earthquake would make a great backdrop for her two white dudes to ~find themselves and have hot sex, piling on plenty of painful racist and imperialistic tropes along the way. Her betas, artist, cheerleaders, and quite a few commenters apparently agreed. Eurgh.

I'm sorry for both being so late and so brief on the matter ... I may try and get a post together later about some different instances of pop culture/fannish fail I've been encountering lately (much of it about race). I hope.
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Oh hey! I keep meaning to write a post and then not doing it, so this might be a little ridiculous.

IDK, real life has been ... not totally nutty, but work's been pretty tiring and busy (there was an accepted student open house, and my boss was out a whole lot). Also, there was even more rain (record amounts and lots of flooding, whee), and before that, there were beekeepers nosing around in my ceiling! Who did not actually find any bees (apparently the hive up and moved sometime in February/early March? there weren't even that many dead ones left), but we did find about 120 pounds of honey. (Eventually, this will make a good comic.) Also, I turned 26.

I've been trying to focus on my original comic work (as usual), with less than desired success, but I haven't been very consistently fannish either. A little while back there was this Gerard Way video, which provoked the usual WHAT IS HIS FACE reaction from me (it had been awhile, too!), and also Mikeyway was adorable. I miss them, but I'm trying not to dwell on MCR too much until we actually have a release date for that album. Whateverthefuck it's going to be, now.

Recently, I've found myself reading lots of DC comics; mostly Bat-books. (I find the current lack of Bruce Wayne weirdly approachable, or something?) While my comic reading habits are often pretty separate from my online fannish pursuits, I checked out Close To Home by [ profile] iesika (which I really enjoyed), and now I find myself right back in a Tim/Kon sort of place. (Not that I wasn't already feeling it.) Does anyone happen to have some favorite recs to throw at me? They can totally be old; I was really haphazard about reading in the fandom when I was doing that actively, a few years back.

On the other hand, just as I was getting comfortable, there comes this news. Goddammit, Rucka. ;_; I was looking forward to more of your Batwoman SO MUCH. I really hope she gets picked up by someone who can write and who really gets her, but . . . well, it's DC. IDEK. :(((((

In happier news, I watched the new Doctor Who episode last night, and I pretty much enjoyed it! Spoilers here. )

I should wrap this ridiculous post up, but! On Friday [personal profile] oliviacirce posted Wordsworth's daffodil poem. While I've never really spent any time on the Romantics, that inevitably winds up reminding me of Philip "deprivation is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth" Larkin, so I promised I'd post something of his.

A serious house on serious earth it is )

That was a lot more talking than I meant to do! I should try to post more often, so I don't post quite so much. Oh, and I did manage to miss it, but I hope everyone who observes had a lovely Passover or Easter, while I'm on the topic. ♥
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In case you missed it, one of my favorite and most admired performers has not only been participating in a blatantly exploitative, ableist album/project, but she's also retreated into rationalization and non-apologies instead of dealing with peoples' criticisms (with a healthy side of passive aggression). I . . . really don't have the energy to say anything useful, particularly after inadvisably wading into the comments on her latest blog post with both fists. [community profile] linkspam naturally has a round-up (including Amanda's blog posts, and good non-LJ/DW responses) here and here.

Quick paragraph of self-indulgent fangirl grief. )

Ugh. Anyway, on a brighter note, my landlady called me pretty early this morning, in response to the lengthy email I sent her about honeybees and the complicated process of removing them. She's calling in a beekeeper and everything, and has actually made an appointment for assessment (for next week). We haven't discussed what's going to happen about the construction that'll be necessary, but the actual removal can't take place until probably April-ish, so there's time.

Also, LEVERAGE IS AMAZING. My heart, you guys.

So, any exciting weekend plans? I have to make this an art-working weekend, for the most part. (At least I finally know what I'm doing for [ profile] trekreversebang? /o\) That (informal) portfolio review is coming up soon, meeeep.
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I'm sincerely sorry, flist, for continuing to rant at you, but I guess I have a few more things to say about the warnings mess. I'll probably be stopping after this, though.

I just don't understand where some people are coming from. )

Whew, okay, that was much longer than I expected. Briefly, I discussed: "your triggers are not my problem"/community sensibilities, the anger of pro-warning fans, survivors and pro-warning advocates "attacking" ficcers, censorship, and demands for consensus on a list of triggers to warn for. With lots of attempts to explain what I think the pro-warnings camp is attempting to say and to accomplish. (My understanding of the situation ultimately represents nobody's opinions but my own. Obviously.)

I think I'm done now--shit, I have so much to do that is NOT THIS--but here are a few more links. While I think that the analogies being thrown around are inherently problematic (fandom is neither a bookstore nor a supermarket), [ profile] vassilissa's take on the food allergy analogy is at least better, IMO: "You'll have to find that out for yourself. You can always leave if you smell peanuts. It's your responsibility, not mine." [ profile] kalpurna has a handy list of ways to make your warnings optional by hiding them. And lastly, the [ profile] unfunnybusiness write-up has lots more links, including to a lot of the posts where the wank started and was primarily continued.

[ETA:] [ profile] quettaser does the math. *_*

[ETA 2:] As usual, have not been able to pull myself away from haphazardly reading more posts on this subject. /o\ The more I do (and the calmer I am; I fully admit that my previous post in particular was written in a haze of rage), the more things seem to boil down to one simple issue. People don't like to be told what to do. Duh, I know. (And: a simplification, I know. But significant.) I don't have a lot of respect for that reaction (in this case), but I get it. However, this is not about people telling other people what to do: it's about people asking for help. I wish some people out there would read [ profile] impertinence's post about triggers (again, if need be), and try to re-focus their perspective a little. In context, that contrary reaction is fucking selfish.
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I've been home and on the internet for about half an hour as of starting this post, and I already feel as though my head is going to explode from rage. The warnings wank seems to have expanded its borders to include more general areas of fandom, and the ugliness is greatly increased for me by virtue of the fact that it's now coming from people I've always had the greatest respect for.

Sadly, I am not one of the more eloquent, articulate people addressing this subject, and I'm not feeling particularly diplomatic either. I just really need to vent.

I am honestly fucking shocked that we're not better than this. )

Above all, I'd appreciate it if people would stop acting as though survivors are attempting to oppress them into submission, here. They don't have that kind of power over you. They aren't censoring you. They are asking you to be decent to them, and it just makes you look like a shitty excuse for a human being when you get so fucking defensive about it.

I may update this post with links to people who are making what I consider to be good points on the subject. I should probably make dinner first.

[ETA:] Okay, I'm kind of failing at hunting up all the fantastic posts I've seen, but in brief: one of the first posts I saw on the subject was [ profile] iamtheenemy's, here (it's excellent, if a few days out of date by now). [ profile] ficbyzee says I would never want any story that I write to cause someone to relive a traumatic experience. (It's a brief post, but it's exactly the attitude I hope ficcers will have.) [personal profile] wistfuljane has a roundup here and a follow-up here. And most importantly (to reiterate a link from yesterday), there is [ profile] impertinence's important post about triggers (what they are, how they work, why they are not like squicks): Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

There has been so much more, and so many people are making fantastic arguments in the comments of other posts that I don't want to go back to right now. I need to start winding my emotions down for bed; ugh, I got nothing I wanted to do done this evening.

[ETA 2:] [ profile] sinsense just linked to a great post by [ profile] untappedbeauty that calls out the use of fallacious analogies and says something I keep forgetting to say, though I was getting more and more irritated about it earlier: I wish they could just pretend it's not about them. Because it's not. [...] It's about extending a courtesy to our fannish community, not trying to stifle authors.
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Oh man, so I've been mainlining Star Trek: TOS all week. I am giddy with new fandom love and entirely amused at myself, because well, "new." This is my mother's fandom that I've gone and fallen for here.

Actually, I think that's kind of awesome, though. I've always loved the whole history/community part of fandom so much, and the new movie has made Star Trek into this crazy generation-bridging thing. I mean, sure, plenty of new!Trek fans aren't interested in going back and exploring the older canon, and that's valid (as a comics fan--not to mention a new!Who fan--I'd be pretty hypocritical to say otherwise). For me, though, the existence of all that past canon is a huge part of the attraction, even though the fic I've been reading so far is all new!Trek. (The stuff I've been liking best is at least somewhat informed by TOS.)

I could flail on, but this is actually pretty terrible timing for a new fandom. /o\ I have so many fannish commitments this month, I am making to-do lists and schedules (and not letting myself look at any Star Trek fanart, because I will want to draw some and I can't).

It's kind of nice to be a bit multifannish again. I'm still quite in love with bandom, and there's been an awful lot of MCR-related flail lately (new album, new baby, Ray voiceposting about music, Frank tweeting about the Decemberists ♥♥♥). I'm sure it'll be easier to put Trek on the back burner (temporarily) once those BBBs start going up. :DDD (Goodness knows, I crave longfic in every fandom . . . I hope someone is writing the plotty epic with slow-building Kirk/Spock, kickass-with-her-own-plot Uhura, and generally fantastic ensemble-y Trek fic of my dreams, but I doubt they'll be posting it for awhile.)

I have to go bury myself in my sketchbook again now (so many deadlines), but a couple of things first. If you haven't, you really MUST check out the stunning fanart [ profile] theopteryx did for "Heaven Help Us," here. (SPOILERS.) Meanwhile, [personal profile] oliviacirce has some intriguing fandom meta (with epic amounts of discussion in the comments) here, and a follow-up post here. And lastly, very long story short, there was some stomach-turning talk show radio transphobia the other day that is extremely worth responding to. It seriously doesn't take long to send a quick email off to advertisers; we don't need that kind of hate speech on our airwaves ever. (Directed at children! I won't lie; I couldn't even read that article all the way through, much less listen to the actual broadcast.)

Okay, sketchbook. It is really helpful to have "new" TV to watch while I'm drawing all this fanart. ;)
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Something I've been meaning to post about for awhile now: the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie casting. I know I mentioned it awhile back, when I first heard the news, but I think it could use some elaboration.

If you've never watched Avatar, I highly recommend it. It's not only one of the best cartoons I've ever seen: it's some of the best television I've watched, period. It has a large cast of well-developed characters; notably, a sizeable number of kickass female characters, who are "kickass" in more ways than just "they are hot and punch people." (I mean, female characters with character.) It has a gripping plot, completely fantastic worldbuilding, it's both hilarious and serious, doesn't talk down to the kids who are its intended audience, and is certainly complex enough to hold adult interest. (It also has several adorable canon het couples, and plenty of slash and femslash potential.) Oh yeah, and it's a fantasy world more or less entirely based on Asian cultures (the way so many of the high fantasy worlds I grew up were based on England/western Europe).

Frankly, this is the kind of show, the kind of storytelling, that we desperately need more of.

So of course, for the live-action Hollywood adaptation, white kids have been cast to play the heroes. All of them. (One of those kids has been heard to comment that he'll "need to get a tan.") More recently, they've cast actors of color in all the major villain roles.

I can't say my expectations for a Hollywood version of this brilliant show were ever exactly high, but this is truly abominable. It's so blatant, I . . . honestly, it's hard to find words. It inspires a visceral, sick-to-my-stomach kind of anger.

For much more thorough information and actual, you know, eloquence, check out this website. The site was established by fans who have been working their asses off to raise awareness and bring their concerns right to the studio, and it has all kinds of resources and suggestions about how to help. Speaking of which!

Even if you're not an Avatar fan, I hope you'll consider signing this petition in protest of the whitewashing. This isn't an issue of fannish entitlement, this is racism in action; and while I don't usually put much stock in online petitions, I doubt it can hurt. (Particularly since it's meant to be delivered physically; these people are dedicated, they'll get it done.) It's so easy to do, too.


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