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Ugh, am I awake? I have royally messed with my own sleep schedule this weekend. Mainly because I made the mistake of reading [personal profile] prozacpark's old rec post for Pretty Little Liars, started watching it while coloring one of my [community profile] kink_bingo pieces, and wound up binging. I had to forcibly remove myself from the computer yesterday afternoon in order to get in the script revisions I had planned. It's all very ... dramatic and somewhat overblown, in terms of the plot, but it's certainly entertaining. The real draw, however, is absolutely the female-dominated cast, and the marvelous set of nuanced female friendships that the show develops. It's something I miss from the majority of my media, and it's so damn refreshing.

(I have to say, it's also really trippy to be watching Bianca Lawson play an adorable high school lesbian when I've just been watching her as a morally ambiguous high school guidance counselor!)

So maybe there'll be some fanart at some point ...

Meanwhile, speaking of the [community profile] kink_bingo art I posted a couple days ago (here and here - simulated gore in the former, nudity & sexual situations involving tentacles in the latter), I've been trying some new process stuff and I thought it might be neat to talk about it a little. )

I should get going; I have more comic script revisions and job search stuff ahead of me. And then Teen Wolf ... which, in spite of its flaws, continues to inspire large amounts of sheer fannish giddiness. But I leave you with this question: what even IS Gerard Way? He certainly makes me feel a bit better about myself (I feel like someone's been telling me that I look at least five years younger than I am every other week lately). Ugh, come do a signing near me, bb. (I really can't wait 'til I have time to get down to my hometown comic shop and grab some Killjoys already!)
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So hey! I have a comics goal I really want to meet by Sunday, but I'm hitting a small lull in motivation. Want to help me out? Give me PROMPTS for fanart I can draw as a reward when it's met! :D?

I'm looking for female character centric prompts, please (bonus for slash, but it's definitely not required), from the following fandoms: Teen Wolf, Elementary, the Avengers movies, Star Trek: AOS, Warehouse 13, and Young Avengers (but I'm only up to issue 4). Humor and sexiness are both always encouraged (although please keep it R-rated and above).

I'll take prompts up through whenever I'm ready to draw, pick one or two to play with, and probably keep the others back for potential use later! Prompt as much as you want, as many times as you want! Thanks in advance, guys. <333
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So while I tragically cannot afford [ profile] muskratjamboree this year, either financially or in terms of sheer amount of time and energy spent ... it looks like I will at least be coming to town (i.e. Bostonish) aroundabout that weekend. So I would like to seeeee people, I hope!

(I have yet to make any plans at all, including places to stay, but that happens to be during the latter part of my spring "break" and I have been needing to visit the area forever so my thesis madness and I will probably set up shop in various cafes and also do some socializing!)

In other news, my roommate is kind of acting like a human being this week. She has asked me how my day (or trip) was several times and engaged in conversation about the food she's making or the weather. This is progress (which is kind of sad, but I don't care)! It could be better, but this I can live with and be fairly happy.

Today is generally a pretty great day, I hope for you all as well. <3
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a bunch of preliminary sketches of Becky Cloonan and Lindsey Ballato

Semester's over, and suddenly I only have one left in grad school. That's ... a little terrifying, honestly. I can't really say it's moved fast, exactly, though. It's been too full for that to feel accurate.

I am psyched for messing around with fandom funtimes, although as always I suddenly seem to have way more things to draw than I'll ever have time for. I've watched a whole lot of new TV over the last few months (Elementary, all of Warehouse 13 and Eureka, this really adorable anime series called Princess Jellyfish ...) and Teen Wolf still mostly has control of my brain. Also, Star Trek. IDK! But there's definitely going to be a Becky/Lindsey project, thanks to two all too tempting fanwriters who always seem to have me stumbling across my lines ... so welcome back to bandom, me, I guess? (Well, bandom/comics RPF, anyway.)

I can sketch from photos so much faster these days. Huh!

On a less chipper note ... one of the scariest things, I'm finding, about being on antidepressants and actually doing much better? Is how freaked out I get every time I feel a little crummy. Like I'm about to go off the precipice. All part of the process, I guess, but ugh.

Time to go make gingerbread houses (my school and its traditions) ... home in two days. Much as I love these people I am very ready to be away from them for awhile, tbh. Meanwhile, good luck to everyone who is Yuletiding today! <3
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Oh gosh, it is so flipping gorgeous outside. First proper snow of the season, enough to slow my steps and muffle sounds a little (even now that it's stopped falling). I wish it would last, but the forecast already looks iffy; still, hoping for that impressive Vermont winter experience we keep promising the southerners among us.

Two fannish things that I've been really excited about right now, both along the lines of casting news: Madame Vastra and Jenny in the Doctor Who Christmas Special! (Probably old news, but I'm not exactly in the loop these days.) Also, actually, just the fact that they're making a Days of Future Past X-Men movie. I mean, sure, the X-Men movies are generally fairly disappointing to me, but Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart! Also, maybe they will do a better job with Kitty Pryde this time around ... seeing as she is so central to that story. IDK, I probably am setting myself up for disappointment.

Oh man, tangentially, I am also excited for Kieron Gillan and Jamie McKelvie on Young Avengers. This is the first time I have put a Marvel book on my pull in YEARS, and I feel vaguely guilty about it (look, I love those characters too but the mainstream industry is VILE guys, it is awful to creative people and just really upsets me), but it looks too good to miss.

Also, on a very much more personal note ... last night I had this phone conversation with my dad that took me completely by surprise. It was very sweet and, while he did distress me slightly by worrying over twenty-year-old parenting decisions that I have no particular regrets about (and wish he wouldn't worry) ... he also inspired me to take a chance and broach the subject of my experiences with chronic depression and anxiety. (Long story, but there is some very painful family history around mental illness and it has always been my understanding that I just can't talk to him about it.) He was receptive and caring about it and urged me not to be afraid to talk to him about things! It felt like kind of an important step. We have a difficult relationship but I do love him very much.

Ramble ramble. Happy Monday! I am going home for the holidays in less than a week, and I can't wait! There may be semisecret fannish projects in the works (mostly semisecret because as always I am worried about making promises, aheh). And lots of people I miss! My life is pretty great, not going to lie. :)
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Oh man, I've been trying to write this post all week, but work's been super busy all of a sudden ... and I seem to be experiencing something akin to senioritis, so I have to work a lot harder than usual to concentrate. /o\ I'm really behind on all your entries, too. I'll try and catch up!

Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet comments on the love meme, bbs. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. ♥ Also I rather loved commenting, so you folks should totally put your names down for those things more often. ;) I'm a gusher by nature but feel kind of awkward about it a lot of the time; I appreciate the opportunity of anonymity (or the illusion thereof, as I expect I can be pretty obvious).

I had a pretty lively weekend. It started with a German lesbian vampire movie, which was somewhat entertaining, although there was not nearly enough making out and the ending was disappointingly heteronormative. The audience was certainly quite attractive, and I had plenty of time to admire them, because the DVD started skipping twice. (This has never happened to me in a theater before, even a little arthouse place. The staff good-naturedly blamed Friday the 13th.)

On Saturday I went to a family friend's business school graduation, which would have been excruciating except for his four-year-old daughter. I spent the whole ceremony keeping her occupied and letting her take tiny video clips of me. "I'm going to put you on the computer!" She's also turning into a tiny ball of snark, but I can't say I mind that. :D

My father, meanwhile, attempted to convince me to read Moby Dick this summer in exchange for his reading Little Women. Which, I mean ... what? I have no idea why on earth he thought that was going to work. (I should note that there is absolutely no reason I can think of for his particular choice of text. I did love that book very much when I was about eleven, but that hardly makes it stand out from the crowd.) His mission to get me to read Melville has been going on for ... almost a decade, now, I think. (I have every intention of reading that book! I want to read that book! But not yet.) I told him that if he read Understanding Comics, I'd consider it.

There was also quite a lot of pleasant company and some delicious vegan carrot & coriander soup. (With apologies to a certain Famous Detective, I'm rather grateful I don't have a spice allergy. Mmmmm.)

Also there has been some exciting TV lately! My circle has already done a thorough job of expressing their delight over The Doctor's Wife, so I will confine myself to saying that yes, all of that, oh my god. ♥___♥ (Also, biting is like kissing. With a winner.) And as for the Castle finale, I just, holy fuck. In spite of being a show about murder, that's the one I usually go to for ... you know, fun times? Quips and general weirdness and hilarity? Which probably made the sucker punch (punches) that much more effective, really.

Additionally, I discovered this week that there is apparently a secret government lab (which contains, among other things, a cow) in the basement of the building where I work. (Although for future reference, tv writers: some portions of this particular illustrious university are sadly not beautiful and ivy-covered.)

Right, I should get back to work. I lost a big chunk of this morning (mid-post-writing) to finding out some very upsetting news about a neighbor of mine. Feeling a little shaken at the moment, and also, stuff to do. I'll have to do that catching up later, but I hope your weeks are going splendidly! Also, you should go vote in the Fandom Hot 20 poll (second part here). Aeryn Sun and Wendy Watson need some more love, for starters.
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Wow, okay, I needed that; just spent my whole night in, curled up with the second season of Castle and my sketchbook. It's terrifying how long it's been since I've had that much time to sit and draw. Clearly I can neglect my life of hermitude at my peril.

I've mostly been doing original work tonight, but I did finish up one very silly doodly thing, inspired by a stray comment from [ profile] tuesdaysgone and [ profile] fleurdeliser's latest OT3verse installment: because apparently, drawing semi-famous people in aprons is becoming my signature. )

It's good to be getting back on the horse. Apart from the ever-present original projects, I have some very intriguing commissions to do for my [ profile] help_japan winners, and just wait until you guys see the [ profile] trekreversebang art! I mean all of it ... got a sneak peek at everyone's work the other day, and it's one of the most stunning collections of challenge output I think I've ever seen. Hot damn, for serious.

Life has really been pretty great lately. The Patrick Stump show last week was fantastic (which totally took me by surprise and left me at a loss for words - [personal profile] jjtaylor had it covered, though, naturally), and in ten days I get MCR again. The weather has finally caught up to the season, too, and while this has prompted an avian riot to wake me up at four a.m. for the last couple of days, the dogwoods on Beacon Street are already in full flower and there were some forsythias blooming on my walk home today. And this weekend I might get to meet a few of my future classmates at an art festival in my hometown.

Now I just have to take care of a few things. Like, IDK, finally learning to drive.
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I am back at work after another "snow day" (it was really slush and ice, and therefore worse), much of which I spent rather delightfully hanging out with [ profile] omnia_mutantur and her cats. Focus eludes me, so here is a post about many exciting fannish challenges that are going on right now.

So first of all, [ profile] bandombigbang artist sign-ups are now open! I so wish I could sign up for both waves, but the second one is happening right around the time I'll be quitting my job, packing up all my possessions, and gearing up to move north for grad school. I have been stupid about taking on fannish commitments before, but yeah, no.

Also, [ profile] trekreversebang artist sign-ups are closed, but author sign-ups are ongoing! :D? :D? I have to think of what to draw now, meep. (You could always share some prompts, no strings attached!)

On the other end of schedule things, posting has begun for the Lunar New Year Exchange at [community profile] white_lotus, which promises to be fucking amazing. Multimedia Avatar: the Last Airbender fanworks (one will be by me)! And I haven't had a chance to do much more than skim the many [ profile] halfamoon offerings yet, but I very much enjoyed the Tightrope vid by [personal profile] such_heights (kickass women in multiple fandoms set to Janelle Monae! ♥).

Oh, on one important real life note: my amazing roommate is going to be losing her job in a little over a month, because the local stationary chain she currently works for is shutting down. :( If anyone hears about decent full-time work (probably in the clerical or customer service areas ... or art-related?) local to the Boston area, I'd be grateful for a heads-up. ♥
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Oh hi, flist. I've been away from most of my usual internet haunts lately. How are you guys doing? (Seriously, tell me something - if you feel like it. ♥)

This isn't to say I haven't been particularly fannish lately, though. I had a [ profile] sweetvalleyslut over the weekend (too jetlagged and sleepy to be a mirage, I'm happy to say), which resulted in watching a whole bunch of Community, and also High School Musical. The former is full of awesome, as reported! I made particularly embarrassing noises during the episode where Abed dressed up as was Batman. :D (As for HSM, um. I'm not ashamed: I can always enjoy a little Kenny Ortega choreography. I really need to talk my roommate into watching Newsies with me now.)

We also tried watching the first episode of Rizzoli & Isles, because good female partnership-focused television is basically all I want out of the world (that's a lie, but still I really want that); unfortunately, neither of us particularly like that whole procedural/cop show formula with the MOUNTING TERROR and rapist serial killers (not to mention, annoying male FBI agent love interests), so we didn't even finish the episode. It was slashy, but not really enough to make the rest worth it, which was disappointing.

That's okay, though, because White Collar is back and amazing. More on that later, maybe, but for now - oh man, ♥Diana♥.

I should get back to work, but um, I finally deleted my old, languishing OKCupid account this weekend, and set up a new one. I'm being stupidly nervous about that! Apparently I read like I was dreamed up by a "lesbian think tank." I think this was intended as a compliment?
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So it looks like the AO3 is getting ready to work on hosting fanart/non-fic fanworks! They are soliciting ideas from fanartists right now. :D I can't even begin to tell you guys how excited I am about this! I've never really had the opportunity to host my fanart in a really fandom-centric place, you know? Much less a place as thoughtfully designed as the AO3.

In other news, I have a serious superhero craving right now. It's taking a lot of effort not to head the two blocks to my local comic shop and spend money, but I am also trying to budget myself much more carefully these days. (This will probably end in tears. Or rereading old Smallville fic.)
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Oh my god, it stopped raining! \o/ Seriously, you guys, I don't mind daylight savings most of the time (I'd much rather wake up in the dark, if it means getting an extra hour of sunshine after work), but having it happen in the midst of four days' steady downpour is just playing dirty. Can't wait to finally enjoy that sunlight this evening, while I run around my apartment trying to prepare for the beekeepers.

Tomorrow: holes knocked in my bedroom ceiling! Vacuuming up honeybees! Most exciting. Cross your fingers for me that it'll work? If they're in among the bricks instead of the crawlspace, we might be forced to exterminate after all. (Which, apart from the fact that killing bees is a shame, would entail potential habitability issues that I'm not sure how to deal with. :/)

Okay, so there's a lot of buzz (err), both positive and negative, about Dreamwidth again. You may notice the little automatic message at the bottom of this post; I've been crossposting for months now, but I've decided I'd like to make that a little more obvious. I have no plans to ever turn off LJ commenting! I prefer Dreamwidth on a whole number of levels, but I get that plenty of you don't, and I have no intention of trying to pressure anyone into switching. That said, I consider Dreamwidth my primary location now; I'm working on taking all crossposters off my LJ default filter and all that jazz, and if you don't mind commenting at DW (either with your own account or OpenID), that would be neat.

I have to get back to work, but: [ profile] trekreversebang writer/artist match-ups have been announced, and you should go check out the totally tantalizing thumbnails of the art submissions (so far). :D I have to go email my writer! Can't wait to see how this all turns out.

Also, you might want to check out [ profile] coc_m_madness (Characters of Color March Madness, multifandom character voting modeled on [ profile] f_march_madness). It is painful. I just had to pick between Zoe Washburn and Gunn! And Charlie Young and Wallace Fennell!

Lastly! Gold Motel just announced East Coast tour dates on their myspace, including one for Allston. Yes, Greta, come to meeeee. *_*
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Oh man, it has been an awesome week for fanart. [ profile] glockgal's love meme is going to be my favorite thing for awhile . . . pages of new fanartists to browse through! :D Also, [ profile] yuletart started posting today. There are already three kickass pieces up (in Futurama, Bleach, and Sandman respectively).

I've been randomly watching Buffy episodes all week (seasons 1, 3, and 5 . . . that was totally an accident), writing cards to old friends, and to further add to the procrastination nostalgia trip, I wound up drawing some random Kim Possible femslash )

Also, it occurred to me that, since it's the end of the year and all, maybe I should stop sitting on a couple of things. Awhile back, I was going to do a big fanart post for [ profile] bexless's Heaven Help Us, but the main piece was really flopping and I put it aside for awhile. I might go back to it? But in the meantime, here are a couple of really small drawings. The first one's just directly from the text; the second takes some creative liberties.

Not that I'm not glad to see you, Father, I just don't want you to- )

This one gets warnings for blood and demonic possession. )

And now I should really go to bed, because tomorrow will involve some fairly epic errand-running.
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It's freezing cold in my office! Why?

So I don't know if I'm the absolute latest or what, but have you guys seen this? It's an unused scene written for Shatner at the end of AOS (I can't seem to settle on terminology here), and um, holy shit. (As [ profile] guinsky put it, "YOUR JOB IS TO LOVE ME, SPOCK. COME BACK AND LOVE ME.") I really want to rewatch a lot of TOS now, but I really have to buckle down and focus on my [ profile] yuletide fandom, which is a very different sort of thing. (Anyway I can watch TOS when my mother opens her Christmas present from me this year! So long as we can hear it over the sound of my dad's groaning.)

Tangentially, I am really irked by the dearth of Uhura fanart on dA. (Not to mention the actual bashing, which is so much easier to avoid on LJ. Ugh.) I think that will have to be a priority after the holidays.

Other things. I keep putting off watching the most recent episode of Eastwick, because I've heard that it will finally upset me a whole lot. :/ MCR blog posts from months ago keep popping up as "new" items on my Google Reader for some reason. (Teases!) People on the internet keep saying that Twilight is totes good for women because it demonstrates our power at the box office, which I think is awful bullshit. And, Greta is pretty. *_*

[ profile] yuletart posting begins on Friday! I'm so excited. You guys should tune in for all the kickass multifandom art.
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I am pretty thoroughly submerged right now! I've been working on coloring my [ profile] yuletart piece for days and there is so much more to do, which is kind of ridiculous. I'm not sure I've done such an elaborate coloring job (if still full of fudging and workarounds because I fail at Photoshop). . . ever. How does fandom always do this to me?

I really would like to finish it before I go home Wednesday evening, but that's looking more and more unlikely. /o\

Every time I surface briefly to glance at my flist, somebody has posted pictures of Adam Lambert kissing some dude. (Well, maybe that has just been today, since I guess he kissed the dude last night? But it feels like longer.) Ahaha, you guys. I am . . . not really taken with his music, for the most part (apart from the album title track, which is pretty spectacular), but your enthusiasm is endearing. Plus the shitty homophobic comments I stumble on elsewhere on the tubes almost make me wish I were more into him; I am kind of glad he exists, either way.

I'm only a little bit bitter that none of my fandoms has a David Bowie song challenge (so far as I know). :p

Anyway I'm behind on my un-canceled television (Merlin, White Collar) because I can only watch actual DVDs while I color (our player won't play my video files), and after I finish my drawing I have six pages of [ profile] yuletide source notes to immerse myself in . . . so I guess I'll remain pretty absent for the holiday duration. However! The MCR publicity machine has started revving again, slowly, and I am pleasantly anticipatory for the coming year. :) Even though it will not contain a second season of Eastwick (was I the only one watching that, dammit? boo).

And whoops, I owe a couple of you holiday card exchange info. (Speaking of things I should really try to get done this week, and whee, more Photoshop. /o\)
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There is so much leftover Halloween candy around the office today. Seriously, did all the kids in Central Mass stay home on Saturday?

Oh, [ profile] yuletide season. So ridiculous. I have the google doc with my "to offer" list open in the background as I work, and I just keep deleting things and then adding them back. (Surely someone will want Eastwick femslash? I love Paul Gross to handsome talented bits, but I don't think I want to write anything focusing on Darryl.) I'm looking forward to sign-ups opening, so I can stop second-guessing myself and just take the damn plunge.

Speaking of Eastwick, I'm a little weirded out by how much I'm enjoying it. I keep expecting every episode to be the one that finally pisses me off, but . . . it keeps not happening. (And meanwhile: walked through fire. ♥ Uh, yeah. I sort of feel like I'm thirteen again and making hearthands over Now and Then, but what the hell.)

I've been in post-move hibernation mode for the last couple of weeks, so I've been watching a lot of tv (and reading YA fantasy novels . . . in my defense, The Dark Is Rising is not a series I'd read before). I got my new roomie watching some first season Farscape with me--it's really a shame that I only have a handful of episodes (maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas)--wondered again why I've never watched more than a handful of episodes of Psych, and fell in love with White Collar (least surprising ever). Has anyone written a Leverage crossover yet? Because seriously, people. (I want the lesbian agent back, though. Can't we have her and Natalie?)

Also, why did nobody tell me that the Star Trek: Animated Series is really fun? It features things like Tiny Spock, and kickass Uhura (and Chapel) taking charge of the ship! (Why couldn't there have been just one TOS episode like that?) The animation's pretty crummy, but some of the background painting is pretty gorgeous.

Goal for the week: pin down my [ profile] yuletart contribution. If I haven't at least decided on a fandom by the time [ profile] yuletide sign-ups open, there will be panic and bloodshed.
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Man, my 'shipping preferences have been extremely poly of late. I just watched the latest Merlin episode, and my squeeing OT4 love brought my newer roommate wandering into my room with a very confused expression. (Lancelot, I'm sorry to say, left me quite cold this time.) Also, I can't seem to stop watching this Star Trek XI vid. I want so much more fic. (More fic that isn't just porn. Oddly enough, this is my problem with new!Trek in general: it's a fandom filled with PWPs, and I've a serious craving for plot. /o\ I know, seriously, shut up.)

I had a lovely weekend driving around in the fall weather with my parents and family friends (and their two-year-old, who is a blessedly quiet little thing most of the time). It's been so gorgeous! I wish I had time to sit down and play with my Halloween costume, but I kind of have to spend this short week packing frantically.

I haven't been able to draw much (though I did script a couple of original comic strips, and I'm aiming to be the very last fanartist to complete that new!Trek art meme), but I did manage to color some old lineart. Here's a pairing I haven't touched in awhile!

Warning for a heavy dose of mush, and blatant canon-fixing. This is what happens when people turn Joss Whedon loose on my comic books. >:(

GIANT. SPACE. BULLET. (X-Men h/c, natch.) )

It's ridiculously chilly in my apartment (the new one's insulated so much better, yay), and I should really go to bed, but! Speaking of reboot fic that isn't PWP, check out this Trek/The Little Prince fusion by [ profile] ayalesca, with adorable illustrations by [ profile] mangotrills! Makes a decent bedtime story.
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Oh fandom, I miss you. I've enjoyed all the comicky progress I've made lately, but still. And since I still don't have time or energy to do a proper post about much of anything right now, have the meme that's going around my flist.

Ask me a fandom, and I will tell you:

+ Runner-up
+ Honorable mention(s)
+ Crack pairing(s)
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't

(My disclaimer is similar to everyone else's: my 'OTPs' are not TO THE DEATH, they are just favorites. And usually flexible.) Any fandom you like; if I know it, I'll answer. :) Possibly in detail. I've been all tired and distracted lately . . . I'm finding it hard to just spontaneously write about stuff, but prompting tends to get me going.

I wish I had time to ask for art prompts, but I have so much stuff to finish already. /o\ I hope I get some of it together for this week.

Meanwhile, in IRL news: I got an awesome apartment! Moving is going to be weird and complicated, but. \o/
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Well, first and foremost: [ profile] yuletart sign-ups are live! :DDD OMG, I am so excited for this. A little sorry that I got into Leverage just too late to nominate it, but still. I requested bandom (MCR), Farscape, X-Men, Star Trek (TOS or XI), and The Middleman (because hope springs eternal), and I offered a whole ton of stuff! Kind of have a feeling I'll wind up drawing Merlin, but we shall see. :D

I have so much artistic energy lately; it's awesome. I'm currently working on some guest comic strips for a friend, and I have a couple random fanart pieces going as well. (As usual, fanart's good for making me try different things: I've been avoiding Photoshop again, but some of those will require it.)

Also, have I mentioned that I love Leverage? *_* (I need to make some icons.) I've been having a pretty rough week with non-art things, so I canceled my plans for last night and wound up watching the first five episodes of the second season straight through (while cooking and drawing). I love all the characters so much (particularly Hardison and Parker, because I'm predictable), and it's one of the most fun, relaxing viewing experiences I've had in ages. It mostly doesn't piss me off! How strange. /o\ Plus, talk about a cathartic theme.

I wonder if it'll be eligible for [ profile] yuletide? I haven't even thought about what I'm going to ask for yet. My two other big fannish preoccupations (bandom and Star Trek) don't remotely qualify, but I have no idea what Leverage fic is like (I will have to investigate).
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I love inking things quite a lot, but I should not sneak doing bits of it under my desk at work. /o\ Man, this comic strip is in-jokey . . . nobody in the world is going to be able to understand most of it, except [ profile] sweetvalleyslut. (Which is okay, because it's for her.) Coming out pretty, though.

SO, fanartists on my flist. Have I hassled you about participating in [ profile] yuletart yet? :p

[ profile] yuletart is a multifandom fanart exchange for the holidays; much like [ profile] yuletide is for fic, except with no restrictions for obscurity (they're even allowing Harry Potter this year). In the past it's been a total mix of fandoms, styles, and folks from all over the webs! These multifannish holiday exchanges are seriously my favorite part of fandom ever, and you know you want to get in on that. :D

Everyone in the community is seriously friendly and the mods are totally nice; it's a great end-of-year experience. It looks like Star Trek, Merlin, and Harry Potter will probably be pretty big this year; there's always a fair assortment of anime, too, and we had quite a lot of bandom stuff last year! (I think I may not offer it this year? Just because I've done so much lately, and it'd be neat to do a different fandom each year. We'll see!) So yes, you guys should check it out - there's an ice-breaker post going on right now, and sign-ups start September 20 (after nominations, which start next week, for those of you who have participated before). ♥

Okay, I'm done plugging now. I'm just seriously excited; since the end of my vacation, life's been a morass of roomie search, orientation prep, art-rut and illness, but it's clearing up now. I've been watching a lot of this year's Vividcon vids (maybe I'll rec a couple later), and feeling gleefully multifannish again, which is awesome. I'll probably be dialing down the fanart production in favor of original work, but still, I am full of fandom love.

Also, it occurs to me that I'm not watching much in the way of current TV. I'm enjoying TOS, and I might check out the first season of Mad Men, but what are you guys watching? Leverage seems to have gained a big foothold on my flist, huh? I have no idea what that's about, but I might have to check it out while I'm waiting for Merlin and Being Human to come back.
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Oh man, so, life. Last week was et up with roommate search, and as soon as that was accomplished (it was stressful at the time, but in retrospect very fast), the heat descended. I've been staying the hell out of my apartment as much as possible ("hell" being the operative word). Boo. Hiss. I've still only heard one of MCR's new songs, I still haven't watched the What A Catch video . . . not to mention, sit down with my sketchbook for more than five minutes at a time. Fortunately, it seems to be cooling down a bit. Maybe I should reconsider this A/C thing next year.

I have not been doing much fandomy stuff lately - mostly I've been sitting around reading political blogs, actual books (Dorothy L. Sayers for vacation, and now I'm rereading Stoppard's The Invention of Love ♥), and comics of course. Mike Carey's new book, The Unwritten, is pretty awesome. So meta! *_* (Thanks for the rec, [ profile] fuschia. :D) I want to buy the huuuge Locas II SO MUCH, OMG, but it is expensive! I have been spending way too much money on things like #LOFNOTC shirts and Middleman DVDs.

Also, I've been attempting to slog through this tiny little fannish-injoke-nostalgia comic strip for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut (seriously, it's eight panels; WHAT IS THE DEAL), but I seem to be in rut-land. (Hence having to drop out of [ profile] bandgirlsbang. :(((( Which began posting today, check it out!) BUT. Here is the perfect (if early) bit of excitement to shake me out of that: [ profile] yuletart is gearing up again! ♥

So hey, fanartists on my flist . . . if you haven't participated in this thing yet, you must check it out. It is AMAZING. I'm so excited; I am totally in the mood for multi/obscure fandom doings, and this year I should have time to pinch-hit! \o/ \o/ \o/


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