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Um. Sooo. I seem to have fallen down a Garak/Bashir hole? I guess this is what I get for all the conversations with my roommate about how I don’t seem to have a taste for dark, complex, angsty stories these days. (SPN is the fandom of her heart, so naturally we differ a bit.) At least, not in fic. (Which, to be fair, I haven’t been reading a whole lot of for awhile in any case. I mostly look at a lot of fanart, and I listen to a lot of pro fiction audiobooks.)

I seriously have no idea where this sudden, intense fannish engagement is coming from. I’ve been contentedly making my way through DS9 for the better part of a year, finally, and while I love pretty much the whole cast (well, I have to admit, I still don’t care much for Worf, or O’Brien about two thirds of the time, but everyone else) and have a pile of pairings I enjoy thinking about … I don’t know. Maybe it’s the weather? Or the fact that I’m about halfway through season 6, and maybe the way that Garak and Bashir haven’t really interacted in awhile in canon has slowly been getting to me? Or it’s the stress I’ve been under lately? Although let’s be honest, that hasn’t exactly been anything new. IDEK.

But hey, yeah. Totally taking recs (thanks again, [personal profile] epershand) … for fic, and for active challenges? (Big Bangs and Reverse Bangs, I guess?) I mean, I should finish the show before I try and participate in anything, or read post-show fic (yeah, I’m saving “Letters from the Northern Continent”), but it’s kind of exciting to be feeling this kind of motivation to really get elbow-deep in a fandom again. (And while the dynamic between Garak and Bashir is particularly working for me right now, Kira is probably my favorite character, and there are a plethora of pairings and of course, all the team/found family feelings that I would be interested in exploring …!)

I also very much want all the Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn canon divergent AUs, naturally. (Both for the chemistry and the exploration of Trill culture/psychology.)

/asking for resources in a twenty-year-old fandom on a half-deserted fannish social media platform

In other news, I finally emailed some staffing agencies and was immediately landed with a short-term temp assignment and encouraging prospects for more, so financial crisis more or less averted, at least for now. I mean, I’m being underpaid, but I’m being paid.

Also, if you're Boston-adjacent, you should come get your indie comics on in Porter Square this weekend!
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Ooh, I have had a week. It's been long and tiring and mostly dark and rainy to boot, and I've been singularly unproductive in spite of just having taken on some new (creative) professional responsibilities. This is about as grateful as I've been for Friday in awhile, especially since the [community profile] femslashex archive opens today at 8pm EST! There are currently 179 new pieces of f/f fanfic & fanart all ready to go; I'm so excited! (My own contribution will be here, though naturally I'll do a post here as well when I may.)

I'd say things have slowed down a bit, but that's not true so much as that I've been working more on deadlines than at my own pace. Here's a small roundup of exceptions and the like ...

thumbnail previews of five different images

Revisiting Rachel Summers. )

Oh, speaking of X-Men comics, I've also been listening avidly to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, which does what it says on the tin in an entertaining, clever and deeply nerdy way. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, on a more contemporary note: A tiny Braeden tribute. )

Last but very definitely not least, my contributions to the little [ profile] fanartremixexchange! Which deserved to be bigger, so I really hope the idea catches on! And for extra fun, I was matched with ataratah. ;) )

Huh, I've been doing a lot of color work lately; I suppose that's good practice? I'm never fully satisfied with any of it (except sometimes the flats), though; I might make an effort to go back to more of my b&w inks for the next little while. Coming up: [ profile] tw_fallharvest, [ profile] teenwolf_bb, [ profile] allydiareversebang, and [ profile] teenwolffemslashexchange. Um. Oops?
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So I almost didn't watch the current season of Teen Wolf (which might have been a wise choice) because I was so sad and frustrated about Allison Argent's death. She was my favorite character, and I was not at all happy with how she was handled in 3B; even given that Crystal Reed wanted to leave the show, she was one of the main characters and deserved a much better closing arc. So as the new season was approaching, I started daydreaming about a spin-off. I mean, we have werewolves and banshees ... why not ghosts?

'Teen Ghost' logo on a black background

It's a shame that I can't find a functional reversebang, so I can try to get someone to fic this properly ... but I'm just going to go ahead and make so much art.

Here's a montage of 'excerpts' from the 'pilot episode.' )

And of course, there's the promotional image I posted awhile back, and ghostly embraces! [personal profile] ataratah even drew this lovely piece based on my original musing. I plan to do a whole bunch more "excerpt" images (although probably not another whole episode's worth). I guess I kind of needed an ongoing fandom project? :D?

Also, speaking of [personal profile] ataratah, here's one more piece of TW fanart based on a hilariously awesome prompt from her. Werewolf cabbage babies! )

Gotta dash (new temp job, whee), but before I forget - you guys REALLY SHOULD consider signing up for [community profile] femslashex! It's a MULTIFANDOM FIC AND ART EXCHANGE, focused on pairings with no canonically male-identified characters! There are so many amaaaazing fandoms. :D I'm so excited! It's great that more fests are starting to include art. <3

Also, this month I'm reccing Teen Wolf over on [community profile] fanart_recs, which is a great comm you should know about. I'll post a round-up here when I'm done. (Next month I'm doing Sailor Moon!)
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So last week I was watching some movies to get inspired for a comic I’m working on, and I found myself completing a little project I started way back in college.

See, Empire Records was a favorite and formative movie in my teen years! So like a lot of people, I bought the soundtrack, and to my dismay, discovered that it was tragically lacking. Naturally, once I bfound myself with filesharing technology, I took down a list of all the song titles featured at the end of the credits and started downloading. And then, with six or seven left (none of which seemed to exist anywhere on the internet), I lost interest, and just had a lot of really random nineties indie music floating around my computer forever after. Until now. :p

The (ALMOST) Complete EMPIRE RECORDS Playlist. )

Download the tracks here:
Part One | Part Two

I thought about trying to curate together my own version of the soundtrack (since this playlist is ridiculously long, and also many of the songs aren’t even really recognizable in the film), but eh. Maybe later. I figure you guys can do that for yourselves if you want. ;) Anyway, enjoy a little nostalgia on me?
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Oh man, you guys. I don’t know if any of you are reading Young Avengers (I would recommend it!), but ... spoiler for this week’s issue! )

So I have had a whirlwind time lately. I finally have full-time (if temporary) employment, so I’m looking for an apartment. I went to my first play party last weekend (which was AMAZING) ... and made a professional connection in the middle of the playspace. (You know ... hanging out and taking comics while someone was being flogged off to the left, and there was a fisting scene happening somewhere behind me ...) This week I was approached by a major publisher with a work-for-hire project that I’m not particularly interested in, but still, super flattering. And I’ve been submitting to a bunch of professional anthologies! So many things.

So today I’m just vegging at [personal profile] ataratah’s house, hanging with her kitties and watching Sleepy Hollow. Which is pretty great, as it turns out! Super convoluted concept, but great characters.


Yuletart is a low-pressure and fun fest that celebrates the love of art in fandom. Beginner or expert, everyone who loves making fan art is welcome! We accept all types of fine art and crafts, and any fandom is welcome, regardless of size.

The exchange is hosted on Dreamwidth, but artists do not need a Dreamwidth journal to participate!DON'T MISS OUT - SIGN-UPS CLOSE SOON!
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Ran away for some much-needed cafe worktime across the river, after being shut up in my apartment for a good chunk of the weekend. I'm trying to distract myself from the stress of waiting to hear back about job interviews, blah. Iced coffee and a nice, private little corner by the window. Comics.

I've been a little all over the place the last few days. Sleep has been filled to the brim with dynamic, colorful, plotty anxiety dreams about everything from employment to strained friendships, to, um, Hannibal. Which is probably what I get for watching the entire season over the course of a few days, I know. /o\ But really, subconscious of mine, do I need to have a dream which evolves from yelling at someone I'm close to for trying to control my career goals ... to freaking out that said person has been replaced by a cannibal doppelganger?

Also, last night there were murderous Star Wars muppets. I have no idea what to do with that one.

Maybe I should try watching something less violent next? I have to say, though, everyone was right: Hannibal is a quite compelling show. I find myself actively wanting to not read any fic for it, though. There's some gorgeous fanart out there, and I would absolutely watch vids, but the canon itself gives me all the story I want. I wouldn't want to see it taken anywhere brighter, and it's plenty dark for me as it is, I guess. I'm really regretting not watching as it aired, though, because I'd have enjoyed reading more meta, and a lot of that seems to be lost in the recesses of tumblr.

Anyway, let me end on an up note with this video a friend linked me to this morning. I didn't see the twist coming at all, somehow. It was beautiful.
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Oh man you guys, what even is this week. I have this freelance art project due on Friday (taking a restaurant review and translating it into comics form for the local free paper; I keep getting so hungry), which means I have to do a ridiculous amount of lettering today. (Prose writers, always so wordy! Um, I mean, naturally.) They want it in color, too, sigh. Not that it isn't exciting ... my first paid art gig! Not the career I'm actively seeking as such, but a great experience nonetheless, and I could definitely use the money.

Anyway, I also have, uh, three phone interviews tomorrow for jobs at various colleges back home, there's a wedding on Friday (<333), and then I'm gonna go visit my family for a few days. Everything is REALLY INTENSE and busy.

And now I'm kind of scared to watch last night's Teen Wolf, judging by some of the preliminary reactions I'm seeing. Um. I guess I will avoid tumblr like the plague today. Yikes.

I've also spent my art time over the last couple days watching Orphan Black, which is an AMAZING show, you guys. The main actress plays at least five different characters (it's a clone show) and she is fantastic (everything Eliza Dushku wasn't, in Dollhouse). She plays great relationships (with herself), even; a female-dominated cast of one. It's a bit violent ([personal profile] were_duck sent me a list of triggers, although many of them were not as graphic as I expected), but highly recommended!
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So I don't think I've actually mentioned this here (somehow), but I am in the midst of job search times right now. The clock's ticking, and I need to come down from my mountain and try and have a post-grad-school life (i.e. pay off loans). And I got my first interview request today! For a position I'm really kind of into! Fingers crossed? I haven't done this properly since, oh, 2007.

I don't even know what to say about last night's episode of Teen Wolf, really; gonna watch it again tonight with [personal profile] chaiminda and see if I can straighten my head out a bit. And perhaps finish the hilariously fluffy Allison/Lydia art I found myself drawing. (I meant to go for intense and bloody, but I guess I was in a mood? Although after mainlining an entire season of Pretty Little Liars, I'm not sure WHY. I suppose the lesbians on that show are pretty adorable.)

It's generally looking like the kind of week where I want to draw everything at once, but seeing as I should be getting the script for my first paid freelance project today(!), I may have to reign that in.

Happy Tuesday! How's everyone doing? <3 Oh hey, [community profile] kink_bingo has started ramping up for the new round; lots of interesting meta and goodies getting posted! And meanwhile I'm in a fandom where actors (who are twins) are actively and pre-emptively making twincest jokes in public. Whyyy.
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Sorry guys, sorry. I just, I have been having such a fail day today. A fail weekend, really, when I really fell off my schedule and felt more stressed and less in control of myself than I have in weeks. And I just got off the phone after a really frustrating conversation with a totally clueless state health care customer service rep (because apparently she can't see why my therapist is getting denied payment and I'm not allowed to call provider services; she can't even give me the number to give my therapist) and ... everyone on twitter is losing their shit because FALL OUT BOY IS BACK.

So apparently I'm a little hysterical, and I apologize. Just. This song is fantastic, it's everything I've always loved best about this band, and there's a new album and a new tour and Pete, how did you know I needed this? The first years working in the adjacent classroom had better not get sick of this song because it's gonna be on loop for awhile.

So some of you are gonna go to the Boston show with me, right? *_____*
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Aw, dammit. So I have been trying not to buy Marvel or DC books, for the most part, for the last few years. (There are any number of reasons why I'm not wild about supporting either company, but learning more and more about the ways in which they've abused their creative talent since the beginning has been especially bothersome of late.) I mean, okay, I buy Batwoman, but I rather think that's a worthy enough cause. And then I added the new run of Young Avengers to my pull, because ... reasons. (The new Miss America, Billy & Teddy, tiny!Loki and the creative team from Phonogram. What can you do.) I figured, one book per horrible mainstream monolith.

But. But now. That's just playing dirty, okay, Marvel? An all-women X-book featuring all the beloved characters of my childhood, most especially Rachel Summers. On the same team as Kitty Pryde, no less. Waugh. And it's even being written by Brian Wood. FINE. But don't think this means we're making up.

(Sorry, apparently that hazelnut soy latte was a mistake. My rekindled, if occasional, coffee habit is going to be somebody's doom; probably mine.)
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Um, so, I finally caved and got myself a fannish tumblr. Because I was tired of not being able to reblog all the ridiculous Teen Wolf and Avengers gifsets without mixing them with future ~professional social networking. (And, I confess, because all the Teen Wolf fanart seems to be over there.) My life is stupid.

Sorry for there being two of me everywhere. Zero obligation: any art that goes there will go here too! On the other hand, if you have a tumblr I don't know about yet, I'd like to ... hook me up?

That done, I'm running off to Montreal with my mom & brother for a couple days, which will be lovely, although I won't be able to read any more Teen Wolf fic (or draw totally professional things that are still really not family-friendly, ahem) until Sunday night or so. Have a lovely weekend, kids.
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Okay, so it's Monday ... and it's Teen Wolf finale day, only I won't get to watch until tomorrow night. (Which probably means staying as away from the internet as I can mange for all the time in between!) Tension! Suspense! STIIIIIIIIILES! Here, have some extremely silly cracked-out fanart, courtesy of a prompt from [personal profile] ataratah.

cropped image of a suspiciously-dressed Lydia, Scott and Stiles

Full image behind the cut! )

Well, anyway, it feels good to be doing that again, even if I need to slow it down and go focus much harder on my other work, like, immediately.

In non-Teen Wolf news, this Britta vid is perfect and choked me the fuck up. Whee, VVC premieres, I can't wait to watch more. And ... that's about it, really. Life recently has included a sprained ankle, greater levels of financial competence, hanging out with someone very attractive in a sadly platonic fashion, drawing comics even smaller than usual (somewhere back in Somerville my friend A.W. is self-righteously annoyed and does not know why) and my little brother being home from France after almost a year. So all in all, pretty great. But mostly, werewolves.
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Oh man, so I think I'm doing that thing where I don't post because I'm waiting to have something to "give" (ie artwork) ... but I just finished some art I'm totally excited about and I still can't share it. Because, you know, BBB. I should stop hiding from DW, though.

Speaking of "places ..." neglectful as I've been in general (I know, I suck, these posts are like missives from the moon), I actually keep forgetting that LJ exists lately. It's not that I don't love you guys who are still primarily/entirely there. :( But I'm so fed up with the way it constantly signs me out (and redirects me to a login page when I try to view even unlocked posts, and doesn't redirect back to whatever it was I was actually trying to view afterwards) ... and the fact that unless you use custom comment pages, I still can't comment on your posts using Firefox. Rrragh. Seriously, LJ, I could still love you if only you'd let me.

On a more pleasant topic, I watched Avengers again a few days ago, and there was some random musing. Your usual random WALL OF TEXT. ) Mostly? This fandom has eaten my brain. I need to go find a good screencap resource so I can put together character reference sheets ... um.

I leave you with a couple of very random quick recs: if you somehow haven't seen this fanartist's work, get over there ... she could totally singlehandedly talk me into Clint/Natasha, and every time I see her post I want to draw more. Gah, gorgeous. And also, these threads of speculation, discussion and commentfic about the Avengers' kinks (in various circumstances and combinations) from several weeks ago are really not to be missed. So many feelings.
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Texts from last night (in cartoonland):

Oh god my voice is gone. Next time I'm not doing it with a boy who can scream like that. [...] But I did try to show off and make Gerard proud.

(There was karaoke. Only the second time I've ever been drunk enough to do that done it, and I tried to sing "Welcome To The Black Parade" as a duet with my departing friend. And then I got talked into "Gin Joints" and "Sugar We're Going Down" before I gave it up for the night. Ow.)

Hey guys, hey. Busily scribbling away over here on my BBB art and the usual comics, babysitting a guinea pig and generally watching the summer population dwindle (although we'll have an influx of workshop attendees soon). Also, I finally, finally got to watch both Iron Man 2 and Captain America last week! WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT PEPPER/NATASHA?! (Okay, somebody might have, but I wasn't paying attention, and I am now.) Good god. More on that soon. Also, I was not particularly shocked to find that Captain America is basically one of the most well-put-together movies in the whole set; not only was the character himself delightful, but I just thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling and the historical setting and pulpy feel of the thing. Of all the Avengers films, that was the one that screamed COMIC BOOK MOVIE at me in a way that I could really relish.

I need to actually do some things for this fandom soon. Mostly I've been lurking around tumblr enjoying the fanart and the constructed-reality .gif sets (kind of the best thing ever ... even though you could not pay me enough to see this upcoming Spider-Man flick). Maybe I should create a fannish account over there (oh god, not again).

Also I'm thinking about dying my hair red (not quite Gerard-colored; more of a dark cherry red), while I still have this forgiving grad school environment to play in. I haven't done at-home hair dye since the beginning of college, jeez ... any tips, anyone?
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Happy Monday, kids. I'm trying to shake off the sleepiness of my much needed weekend off (from everything) and get down to business with this comic script. It's a little like pulling teeth, but that's what I get for waiting so long, I think; not that several years of just learning to express things visually were poorly spent, but for awhile there I think I thought I had a shortcut around the nuts and bolts of writing. Tsk, no.

It's been lovely, though. The weather's absurdly gorgeous, so I've done a lot of wandering around in the sun, visiting my alma mater's annual bulb show and helping my mother with her garden. Also there's been sushi and sleep and Lord Peter Wimsey as played by Ian Carmichael (not quite my own mental picture, but I love his voice) and a whole lot of rereading Finder (never not in love, oh). And precious little internet, which was probably healthy, even though I miss the interactions. Fic will be my reward later this week, if I'm productive. Also maybe I'll cave and watch the leaked Korra episode (if I can get my connection to function that well). So excited about that, omg.

You know you need a little vacation when you have an absurd and bloody little incident like this: )

Right, enough rambling. I wonder what the etiquette would be on photographing random commercial establishments (like a coffee shop, say, or a small independent bookstore) for reference? I've never really tried it before, and it seems possible that someone might object ...
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yeti!Dewees says happy holidays

Apologies; this is late for the majority of holidays, I believe, except New Years! As is just about everything I've tried to accomplish this year. I have this bad habit of treating most of my vacations as convalescences; my main resolution this year, naturally, is to try to stop overdoing everything. (No really.)

It's been a lovely bit of R&R, although I've barely even scratched the [ profile] yuletide surface or spent much time online; too busy tripping and falling into Connie Willis' Blackout/All Clear. (Another problem I have in re overdoing things: reading in moderation does not come naturally!) That said, I'm absurdly excited about the abundant Downton Abbey fic this year, and what I have read (mostly Blue Beetle and Community), I've enjoyed immensely. I may have to do recs; I don't remember the last time I did that!

Anyway, have some brief RL blather about Christmas. )

Also some belated Sherlock Holmes reaction! )

Ack, must cut this short (rather than discussing any Christmas specials I may have watched yesterday - oh, Downton Abbey), but hi, I hope you're all having a lovely winter, holiday season, last few weeks, etc!
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I just. That was everything I needed today. I mean, the pineapple upside-down martini was nice too, and the intense conversations about Buffy and queer representation in late-nineties media and the value of poetry as an artform (I really love that one classmate a lot, he is great). But then I came home and got to see MCR playing Yo Gabba Gabba in the most bizarre little leg-baring parka costumes (except for ... blue long-eared abominable snowman Dewees?). Gerard is so absurdly earnest and Frank is gleeful and Mikey has his little smile ... but I can't stop staring at Ray Motherfucking Toro, who looks about as happy as I have ever seen anyone look. Ever.

I know I'm flailing incoherently right now ... I am still working on this final project sleep deficit, here, and not at my most articulate. But yeah. I love them. Also you guys. Hi. ♥
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Hey guys, so! As of a couple minutes ago it is Thanksgiving here in the States, and um, one thing I'm thankful for is definitely fandom. Particularly bandom, which remains the fandom of my heart after nearly three and a half years.

Also, really late and right before a holiday, nobody will pay attention when I post my super dorky contribution to the bandom voice meme! /o\ In which I talk for almost seventeen minutes (and don't even actually explain why bandom has been so important to me). Ahaha.

Bandommeme by reflectedeve

The questions and a very lengthy transcript. )

Have a lovely holiday if you're here, and a lovely tomorrow if you're not! <3
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Hey guys, hey. I'm sitting in my favorite cafe working on the next part of [personal profile] ataratah's Sailor Moon nostalgia art challenge, and I was vaguely thinking about putting together a more thoughtful post later? But I need to share this with you right now:

[ profile] bandomreversebb

Um, yeah, so that's the BANDOM REVERSE BIG BANG CHALLENGE that I've been wanting to do forever. \o/ (As in, you know: artists and mixers create fanwork, and writers sign up to base stories on the art and mixes!) I have, for the most part, sworn off challenges for a good long time, but this one is fitting into my schedule somehow. All that extra art mojo from grad school has to give me latitude for at least this.

What I'm saying is, you should really sign up, because this could be amazing. :D

(Um, yes, I did have another cafe mocha, but I'm eating lunch right now, I promise I'm not going to bounce out of the atmosphere anytime soon ...)
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Oh man, I've been trying to write this post all week, but work's been super busy all of a sudden ... and I seem to be experiencing something akin to senioritis, so I have to work a lot harder than usual to concentrate. /o\ I'm really behind on all your entries, too. I'll try and catch up!

Thank you so much for the sweet, sweet comments on the love meme, bbs. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. ♥ Also I rather loved commenting, so you folks should totally put your names down for those things more often. ;) I'm a gusher by nature but feel kind of awkward about it a lot of the time; I appreciate the opportunity of anonymity (or the illusion thereof, as I expect I can be pretty obvious).

I had a pretty lively weekend. It started with a German lesbian vampire movie, which was somewhat entertaining, although there was not nearly enough making out and the ending was disappointingly heteronormative. The audience was certainly quite attractive, and I had plenty of time to admire them, because the DVD started skipping twice. (This has never happened to me in a theater before, even a little arthouse place. The staff good-naturedly blamed Friday the 13th.)

On Saturday I went to a family friend's business school graduation, which would have been excruciating except for his four-year-old daughter. I spent the whole ceremony keeping her occupied and letting her take tiny video clips of me. "I'm going to put you on the computer!" She's also turning into a tiny ball of snark, but I can't say I mind that. :D

My father, meanwhile, attempted to convince me to read Moby Dick this summer in exchange for his reading Little Women. Which, I mean ... what? I have no idea why on earth he thought that was going to work. (I should note that there is absolutely no reason I can think of for his particular choice of text. I did love that book very much when I was about eleven, but that hardly makes it stand out from the crowd.) His mission to get me to read Melville has been going on for ... almost a decade, now, I think. (I have every intention of reading that book! I want to read that book! But not yet.) I told him that if he read Understanding Comics, I'd consider it.

There was also quite a lot of pleasant company and some delicious vegan carrot & coriander soup. (With apologies to a certain Famous Detective, I'm rather grateful I don't have a spice allergy. Mmmmm.)

Also there has been some exciting TV lately! My circle has already done a thorough job of expressing their delight over The Doctor's Wife, so I will confine myself to saying that yes, all of that, oh my god. ♥___♥ (Also, biting is like kissing. With a winner.) And as for the Castle finale, I just, holy fuck. In spite of being a show about murder, that's the one I usually go to for ... you know, fun times? Quips and general weirdness and hilarity? Which probably made the sucker punch (punches) that much more effective, really.

Additionally, I discovered this week that there is apparently a secret government lab (which contains, among other things, a cow) in the basement of the building where I work. (Although for future reference, tv writers: some portions of this particular illustrious university are sadly not beautiful and ivy-covered.)

Right, I should get back to work. I lost a big chunk of this morning (mid-post-writing) to finding out some very upsetting news about a neighbor of mine. Feeling a little shaken at the moment, and also, stuff to do. I'll have to do that catching up later, but I hope your weeks are going splendidly! Also, you should go vote in the Fandom Hot 20 poll (second part here). Aeryn Sun and Wendy Watson need some more love, for starters.


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