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Okay, so in 2015? I am going to [ profile] muskratjamboree, okay. I had such an amazing time just staying in the hotel and hanging out with so many wonderful fans, but ... I want to go to that dance party next time. ;) And some panels.

I'm following a bunch of the lovely people I met on DW, LJ and/or twitter, and I'm going to post my information over in this post! So if you are new to me here is some quick stuff to please read? )

Also ... yes, so, on Saturday my favorite band broke up, in the middle of the convention. Cutting for being more or less positive, in case you're not ready for that. )

Anyway, I'm on a bus north, and I think I'm gonna lie back and listen to podfic for a bit. But if [ profile] intensityboat still has any fans out there (of course we do) ... there may be something for you quite soon. :)
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I just. That was everything I needed today. I mean, the pineapple upside-down martini was nice too, and the intense conversations about Buffy and queer representation in late-nineties media and the value of poetry as an artform (I really love that one classmate a lot, he is great). But then I came home and got to see MCR playing Yo Gabba Gabba in the most bizarre little leg-baring parka costumes (except for ... blue long-eared abominable snowman Dewees?). Gerard is so absurdly earnest and Frank is gleeful and Mikey has his little smile ... but I can't stop staring at Ray Motherfucking Toro, who looks about as happy as I have ever seen anyone look. Ever.

I know I'm flailing incoherently right now ... I am still working on this final project sleep deficit, here, and not at my most articulate. But yeah. I love them. Also you guys. Hi. ♥
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Right, so I don't usually write up my concerts because I really have no idea how to organize my thoughts about these things, but IDK. Last night was completely fabulous; have some rambling. )

I'm sad that I can't chase the band around the coast for the next week, but if that has to be my last MCR show for awhile (and it pretty much does; I have tuition to think about, meep), it was absolutely the right one. I had the best damn night. (My ears & legs are still killing me.) Thank you to everyone who was part of it; it was amazing to meet a lot of you for the first time. ♥ This is why I love this fandom so damn much, three years in.
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I really have no idea what fandom is doing to my brain lately. I fell asleep last night after watching part of this Grant Morrison panel from Comicon '08, which was delightful. Seriously, I love watching him talk more than most people. But then, I proceeded to dream that I was having a standoff with him in a doorway (I don't remember why, or who all the other people with us were), and I shot him in the shoulder. D: D: D: He was like, "psh, I'm okay" when I rushed over immediately after, but I woke myself up in dismay. WTF was that, subconscious? I mean, I appreciate the part where he let me look over concept sketches for a new comic (which apparently involved a rock band with some kind of Edwardian masquerade theme), but.

Oh dear. Too much Killjoys, possibly. Too much BLI!Patrick fanart-in-progress (and frankly, interviews like this one are not helping).

Which isn't to say that I can ever get enough of this band. Oh my goodness, Gerard Way, I am not sure my love for you can be textually rendered. "Don't ever let the media tell you what your body's supposed to look like. You're beautiful the way you are." ♥♥♥ Also, that is possibly the most coherent interview I've ever seen him give.

Bizarre dreams aside, all the distraction is appreciated, because work has been pretty tense lately; my boss had to take open-ended "informal familial leave" to take care of her sick mother, and as she's not very good at delegating, I've been trying to figure out how to take on a pile of essential tasks I have very little idea how to accomplish. Which may be fairly moot, as I've just learned that her mother passed away last night. There's still plenty to do.

Oh, I keep forgetting; [community profile] white_lotus reveals are up. :) There's a whole bunch of lovely fic, art, vids & crafts to check out! I drew Some Like It Hotman, a short comic in which Sokka shows up to, ahem, drag Zuko away from his Fire Lordly duties for awhile. ;)
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I'm really kind of grateful that MCR has gone and recorded an album I can get away with playing part of at work. It's hardly one of the main reasons I love Danger Days, but I really appreciate it.

Every once in awhile I find myself trying to explain why I love this band so much (not an uncommon experience, I think), and it's just impossible to do that in a totally unsentimental way. I mean, yes, fantastic fucking guitars and Gerard's snotty little voice and sweeping theatrical concepts and ray guns - and this album in particular is directly connected to the medium of my heart - but really? Music is alchemy to me, and first and foremost, My Chemical Romance always manages to remind me of who I am (and who I want to be). That's all the explanation needed, really. (And anyone who thinks The Black Parade is about despair can suck it, frankly.)

Of course, that doesn't come from them, not entirely. It's something that happens halfway between the instruments and my ears; it's an interaction. I think that's my favorite part. When I was younger and first trying to be an artist, I didn't really appreciate the real importance of having an audience for the things you create: it's more than just craving attention, and understanding that is kind of essential.

Er, okay, enough of that. Drive-by [ profile] yuletart rec: I'm a completely biased beta, but this Slings & Arrows comic is amazing, and anyone who likes that show should read it yesterday.

I'm also really grateful for my own adorable gift. It's so understated and evocative and right. I want so much fic about Kate and Renee ... it doesn't even have to get them back together, I just want to explore the complexity of their past and the way their current identities and all their individual layers of influence interact. (Of course, I also want that in canon. Are you listening, J.H.W.?)
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I've been buzzing around trying to make a few more art deadlines for next week (fan & original), but I did take the time to whip something up for [ profile] theopteryx's Killjoy Art Meme. You should definitely check it out, and perhaps join in - [ profile] theopteryx has thoughtfully provided a raygun template for decorating, if you don't feel like designing a whole Killjoy. Here's my Mary Sue contribution )

I enjoy the creative philosophy of this new MCR album so much. It feels absolutely perfect for where I am in my life right now (and so did TBP when I discovered it, though I was several years late on that one - funny thing).

I enjoy ... pretty much everything ELSE about it, too. I'm not sure I could nail down favorite songs, really, but "Vampire Money" is certainly up there. Also "Planetary (GO!)" and "Bulletproof Heart" for sure ... really, the only track I'm not completely in love with is "Summertime" (I like the New Wave style all right, but the lyrics aren't really clicking with me, IDK). I'm psyched to see them play some of it live (in a week already, yikes)! Anyone else going to the New York show with Gaslight Anthem? (Apart from the people I already know about, of course - you know who you are. ♥)

On another fannish note, I see that the [community profile] white_lotus comm has opened Lunar New Year Exchange sign-ups. Okay, SERIOUSLY, guys ... there needs to be so much more Avatar: The Last Airbender fanwork around here. I rewatched the third season over the course of last week, and goddamn, that show. My heart. (This was only the second time I've watched the finale, and damn, Zuko and Iroh made me cry.)

I desperately want more fic, but if you don't write (like me), you can still participate! They're taking "fic, vids, art, icons, crafts, and (potentially) other stuff," which is deeply awesome; plus, the deadline isn't until the end of January! Of course, sign-ups do end this Monday already, so GET ON THAT. (The comm is on dreamwidth, but you don't need to have an account!)

I should probably get back to family times now, whoops. I'm so disoriented, after spending most of my fall in an art cave; the holiday season has never crept up on me this badly before.
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Hiatus? What hiatus? I'm so sorry for the spam, bbs, I promise this is it, but I really had to share. Check out the "Update" at the bottom of this article!

Here, let me help you with that:
Dark Horse editor Scott Allie tells ComicsAlliance that the "Killjoys" comic book is still coming, which co-writer Shaun Simon confirmed in a post to Twitter: "The comic is coming out soon. Now you all why it's taking so long."


I said I'd stop spamming, so I'm just going to add this here: look at this fanart of Grant Morrison's character, by Becky Cloonan! *_*
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Erm, so if any non-bandomers were completely confused by my incoherently giddy post last night? I was referring to the recently-released trailer for My Chemical Romance's upcoming post-apocalyptic concept album. Sorry about that, guys. I might be a TINY bit excited? :D

Also! [ profile] yuletart sign-ups are officially open! All the lovely, talented fanartists on my flist should go join in the multifandom fun! Seriously, it's the most awesome time. I can't wait to find out what my assignment will be this year!

I have decided that I won't be participating in [ profile] yuletide this year--for the first time since the fest started--because it takes more energy and inspiration than I have to spare right now. (I'll probably have to sit out the next couple years as well, because grad school.) SADNESS. :( I should probably stick to the one fest, although if anyone hears about any particularly tantalizing art-inclusive seasonal exchanges ... well. I'm going to have a lot of fannish motivation around that time, I b'lieve.

Inking over lunchbreak, whee.
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I am still not supposed to be here, but um. BAND. ♥ Absurd brightly-colored post-apocalyptic ray-gun-toting pirate-radio-playing comic book aesthetic, YES PLEASE. I love how incredibly thrilled my f/rlist is, too ... it is so great to see you all so excited! There will be fic, right? Lots of it?

I desperately want to draw fanart for this new 'verse - though I am really, really not allowed to do that yet. It's going to be a serious challenge for me, with my all-but-allergy to color, but that's one of my favorite things about this fandom; it really inspires me to push myself harder and in new directions. I am going to be twice as motivated to get this application in!

Man, I love how Gerard's different worlds are bleeding together in that video. (When I finally managed to watch it on Friday - after stalling bus wireless and dying laptop batteries, a side trip to my hometown comic shop, and more stalling wireless at my parents' house - I was like, oh HELLO Grant Morrison. I am not hallucinating, right?) I'm dying to know more about the title - is the album somehow tied in with the previously-announced comic series? Did Gerard just lift the title from his other (collaborative) project? Just how much story/concept are we getting here?

Can't fucking wait for some US tour dates, naturally, though it's probably just as well for me that they're doing Europe first. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they portray all this onstage, though. And it should be interesting to see how the fans turn out for it. (I remember going to see Panic a couple years ago - half the crowd was in paisley, and the other half had ruffles and Fever-era makeup. I was rather entertained.)

Okay, I really have to go do some more inking now. (I've run out of Merlin podfic, woe. Someone please remind me that I probably don't want to go back to watching that show! DNW evil Morgana. :/)
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Hey guys, heads' up - this year, [ profile] yuletide Madness will be open to anyone with an AO3 account. (That's when you get to write fic of any length based on any of the unfilled prompts! I've only participated once, but it was a blast.) I don't have any invitations right now, but you might know someone who does - and the invitation queue generally seems to move at a pretty fast clip.

I'm polishing up my final story; should be able to have it uploaded whole hours before the deadline. ;) I wrote all day long yesterday! It was awesome. (Now I'm having third or fourth thoughts on this being my last year. /o\ Of course. Well, it's not like I have to decide now - although I'm also planning to apply to my wacky grad school of choice next year.)

In other news, Mikeyway is so fucking adorable. ♥

Happy Solstice, lovelies! Um. Some of your cards are totally going to be late. (Certainly the international ones I put in the mail today will be, as the lady at the post office smugly informed me. :/) I'm sorry! But ILU all to bits, you know. ♥♥♥
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Last night [ profile] fuschia and I saw Amanda Palmer play in my hometown (in the venue where I had tickets but missed the Dresden Dolls twice), and she covered House of the Rising Sun (along with Nervous Cabaret). My god, that was hot.

There are lots of exciting things going on! I got myself an Archive of Our Own account (and you can too; open beta is open). Now I have to look at my sad little collection of fic and decide what stays and what goes, because I definitely need to get rid of my website. (I'm looking forward to being able to post fanart there, too! But I suspect it might be awhile.) Also my Star Trek reboot DVD shipped yesterday, and I'm unreasonably excited to be able to rewatch that while working on various holiday projects. ;)

Speaking of which: would you like a holiday card from me? Here is a poll.

I should go hang out with my mom now, rather than obsessively watching for my [ profile] yuletide assignment (or worse, checking through handy spreadsheets for all the people who requested my fandoms).

P.S.: GIVE ME THAT ALBUM, MCR! >:( I need some Black Dragon Fighting Society in my life.
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My epic meta-writing is pretty well over, for now (I haven't tried to do that in ages - it was more frustrating than I expected, and wow am I out of practice). But there are a few really good links I want to share with you this morning afternoon (whoops, where did the time go?).

[ profile] blackboggart has a really fantastic post on artistic integrity and artistic responsibility. This is something I have been having a lot of trouble articulating, not just during this wank, but all year, and it goes above and beyond warnings wank or fandom context. Clear and pretty concise. You should read it.

[ profile] impertinence has another good (brief) post about the use of "privilege," and the way in which this wank has illustrated the cult of silence surrounding sexual violence victims. There's some smart stuff in the comments, too, particularly from [ profile] quiet000001.

[ profile] giddygeek has a very reasonable post supporting the use of warning for triggery material. (I can't feel sorry for my anger and occasional severity, in previous posts; however, I appreciate and respect this calm rationality and I suspect others would as well.) She also calls out some truly disgusting behavior. While the individual who perpetrated it probably doesn't deserve fandom's attention, the act itself does, because it throws into sharp relief the very real social problems tied to this wank and some of the attitudes displayed during the course of it.

In other news, I am super excited about MCR doing vocal tracking! (GERARD SINGING. *_* I just want more of that in my life.) But I'm absolutely horrified by the news about Bob's dog. DDDDDD: I hope that fucking trainer gets what's coming to him.

Lastly, a brief Star Trek (reboot) rec: Reading Against/Reading With: Mastering the Oppositional Discourse in Textual Healing, by [ profile] emeraldwoman. (I'm not supposed to be reading Trek yet, but it was short, okay.) So the Star Trek kink meme had this completely awesome prompt: Short essay section (50 points) Please apply the techniques of at least one school or theory of literary analysis to any of the following pairings [...] DUDE. So very much what I needed, last night. (Thank you so much, [ profile] go_gentle. ♥)
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Hey, guess what? The Sweet Charity auction has opened for bidding! Check out all the awesome fic, fanart and other goodies you can win (from web design to your own custom medieval dress), and all for a good cause! I have to find some time to go through it more thoroughly later.

(If you're interested in receiving your very own bandom comic by moi, check under the "Graphics" category. :D? :D?)

Cannot keep up with all the twittering bandfolks lately. Especially can't get over Gerard being friends with Levar Burton. (You'd never know that MCR's actually supposed to be, you know, working, if it weren't for Ray. ♥ IDEK. Our canon is every bit as ridiculous as the fic.)
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I LOVE ALL MY CHEMICAL ROMANCES. ♥_♥ Just in case there was still any question about that.

Something else that I love? [ profile] bexless' Unholyverse series. I Have Been All Things Unholy was basically my dream fic. (Since I was sixteen, I've occasionally been working on a foolishly epic comic concept about Catholicism and agnosticism that features the devil masquerading as a priest. I am kind of a theology nerd. There is nothing I love more than these sorts of themes.) I really wanted to do fanart for it - heck, I'd been wanting to do priest!Gerard fanart since my second week in bandom, when I first saw the photoshoot - but weirdly, I just didn't have any ideas. Last year was not a good year for art.

I did doodle this little panel the other day . . . of course, I forgot that Ray's actually supposed to be laughing when he says that line, but that bit cracks me up every time regardless.

But hey, it's a new year, I'm a whole new fanartist, and Staring Through The Demons proved . . . very inspiring. *g*

Three images below the cut, rated no higher than PG-13. About as spoilery as it gets, in case you're saving the series up to read when it's done.

when you hover in the night like a holy vision )

Whew. I have been working on those for awhile now. :)
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Looks like someone over at [ profile] mcr_pic_spam decided to cheer me up after this shitty day. ♥ Extra-perfect considering the set of fic illustrations I'm working on right now.

Unsurprisingly, I am completely in love with MCR's cover of "Desolation Row." Bob Dylan songs as punk music? It works for me. (As Gerard's voice in general works for me, of course - if you know what I mean, and I think you do.) I've been resisting most of the Watchmen fever up until now (I tend to stay neutral about comic book adaptations 'til I've seen them - with the exception of The Dark Knight, nothing is awesomeness guaranteed), but it's finally time to reread the damn thing so I'll have it fresh in my mind. It's taking me forever to read anything right now, because I've spent almost every free minute for the last two weeks on my sketchbook, so.

In other news, way to go Neil Gaiman. :D I've been holding off on reading that book until the paperback comes out, but we'll see if I can hold out that long.
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So last week I read The Old Straight Track by [ profile] jjtaylor, in which Frank is a ghost and Gerard is his apartment's next occupant. There are hauntings and seances and metaphors and pining. Highly recommended, though beware the abrupt ending (she's working on the sequel :DDDD).

I love that fic, man.

Also, it was [ profile] jjtaylor's birthday last week! So I drew this: Frank/Gerard, completely SFW )

All I have done this weekend is sit on my bed and draw MCR. (Well, practically.) I suppose I shouldn't do that.

Also, I have developed a stupid craving for obscenely sugary cereal (something I pretty much never eat). Damn you, Gerard Way! Pegwarming. I will never get tired of this fandom.

(This week I keep getting intrusive, personal IMs from people whose SNs I do not recognize. WTF?)
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Here I am entering holiday crisis mode, so busy that I can't even read the sequel to my favorite fic ever for real ([ profile] bexless's priest!Gerard series, of course) until I get some things done. So I'm trying to avoid the internet just a little, but some people are THWARTING me.

Jabba Glob and Toro snowblowers and Frank's thoughts on Gerard (robots?). I may die. SHUT YOUR PRECIOUS FUCKING FACES, MCR, I have work to do that does not involve drawing any of you right now. ♥

[ETA:] "- everyone’s gonna have kids out on the road and their wives and stuff, it’s just going to be like a touring family circus."
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Finally got the mixtape to work! :D I know a lot of people have been having various problems with it, so I've re-zipped it and am uploading it for anyone who is still having trouble. [ETA:] mixtape part 1, mixtape part 2!

Between this and my ridiculous love for Gerard Way, this week is off to a fantastic start. Which is good, because I'm going to need the momentum (it's orientation, and work is crawling with new students, they are EVERYWHERE).


&My Chemical Romance;

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Returning to the usual, totally frivolous subject matter of this journal: good lord, but it's an embarrassing week to be a fangirl. :/ Not remotely classy, bbs.

On the brighter side, My Chemical Romance's version of "living like the rest of us."Mikeyway is working on a comic book? Ray Toro is in a Weezer cover band? WHAT? (And Bob is oh-so-mysteriously . . . in his hometown. LOL MTV.) Gerard also rambles a bit more about the new album, which is intriguing. (Social commentary? How the world is now? Oh bb. ♥ I love it when you talk about your ~art.)

I kind of want to draw pointless comic strips about MCR forever. Why can't that be a valid lifestyle choice? I could collaborate with Bob Bryar on his solo project! >:(

(I'm mildly frustrated because I get to hang out with this awesome guitar-playing geeky boy today, and we're going to work on our respective comic things, but I don't think he'd so much get the bandom stuff . . . so I have to stick to original work and keep the ten pages of reference photos tucked out of sight. I need to work on my original stuff! There are potential deadlines involved! So of course, all I really want to do is draw Gerard's precious face. My life, so hard. STFU, self.)

In conclusion, oh Pete Wentz. How so precious?
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I'm still reeling a bit from this weekend, and I've had to severely restrict my MCR intake for the time being. (No Black Parade every morning on the way to work! No "Famous Last Words" for awhile! Just a song here and there.) Concentrating at work is almost harder than it was last week.

Also, I keep trying to write a detailed, chronological concert report, and (three drafts later) it's really not working. On the one hand, it gets ridiculously melodramatic (probably because it was. Even getting to the concert was a sort of fairy tale journey, complete with a decent set of tribulations--buses, flying, filthy New York subways with rats, and five hours standing in the rain--and a transformative experience at the end). On the other, it comes out far too stilted. I'm too fucking emotional and not nearly eloquent enough.

I give up? Kind of? )

No, I'm definitely not capable of explaining why the experience was so profound. [ profile] jjtaylor does a fantastic job here. I've seen other great posts, but I think that's the one I identified with the most strongly. She's much better at describing Gerard than I am.

I've already talked a bit about the effect this fandom has on me; that I have so much more inspiration and energy now. Sad though I am that My Chemical Romance has gone away for awhile, I am left with the latter part of Gerard's goodbye: "keep yourselves alive." I've seen this echoed through the journals of some of the other lovely fangirls I know, and the fact that he can make those words work like that really speaks for itself.

My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way set out to "save lives," and I remember being completely incapable of taking that sentiment seriously. These days, I interpret it a little differently, for myself: I'm left with the inspiration to create things of my own, to get back to really living my life instead of just drifting along. (It's pretty clear that I'm not the only one who feels this way! I keep finding it in other peoples' posts. Fangirls. <3) I can't say I'm unafraid, but fucking hell, I'm going to do it. I have stories to tell in words and pictures; and hey, that's something Gerard and I have in common.

(I will miss MCR so much for the next two years, or however long their break actually is. I just found them. But I am so excited to see more of Gerard's other work, which I actually came to first. I realize that I am actually his fan, before I'm their fan, though I'm certainly both.)

As for the Honda Civic Tour concert on Sunday . . . it was a much more light-hearted affair. I really needed that. )

Okay, that was still a bit scattered, but it's probably the best I can do. I should go and try to earn my wages a little bit, I suppose. There should be fanart from me soon, though. Also, I really need to try and be less of a lurker in general. I love this fandom, and I met some really fabulous people this weekend, albeit briefly. I'd like to be more of a part of it all.

I mean, one of the most amazing things about these experiences has been the people I've had to share them with. [ profile] sweetvalleyslut, who was with me through almost every minute of the entire thing, who is totally fucking responsible for my being there (and still the best best friend ever for taking all that whiplash in her stride), who held on and swayed with me through some of the saddest moments of the MSG concert. [ profile] olivia_circe, who came such a fucking far distance, who dazzles me with her meta and makes me salivate with her fic ideas, who texted feverishly with me when I was alone at the HCT. [ profile] fuschia, who I have so missed sharing a fandom with so damn much. I love you guys. <3 <3 <3

I've totally dissolved into mush now, so I'll leave you with:

"Everything deserves a happy ending. Even if it's a story about the end of the world, you should find some way to end it with a dozen roses. Just throw a little sparkle all over it." -Gerard Way


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