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Happy New Year (I hope)! It's the season for holiday fanwork reveals. I wasn't as prolific as I was hoping this season, since life kind of got in the way, but I did write my one [community profile] yuletide fic and contribute two pieces of fanart to the [ profile] startreksecretsanta.

Or Something (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Kim Pine/Envy Adams)
Set after the events of the film; Kim Pine is just stopping by her unassuming, mostly-deserted local watering hole to grab a drink and avoid her grad school applications, when to her surprise, she runs into the former frontwoman of The Clash At Demonhead scribbling away in a notebook in a corner booth. Well, bothering random rockstars is as good a procrastination method as any, right?

Writing this pairing was a fun challenge, especially since I primarily stuck to movie canon, in which Kim and Envy don't particularly interact ... and their characterization is somewhat streamlined. I did wind up pulling a little bit of background from the comics, playing off Envy's history as an anime fan, with the result that I couldn't resist including bonus fanart. )

dancing with the devil (Star Trek: DS9, Elim Garak/Benjamin Sisko)
For this, I wound up playing off the first part of the quote referenced by the episode 'In The Pale Moonlight,' one of my very favorites from all of DS9.

you can let your monster out (with me) (Star Trek: TNG, Deanna Troi/K'Ehleyr)
Ahaha, so this came out like some kind of bodice-ripping romance novel cover. However, after rewatching the TNG episode 'The Emissary,' I think I might need to revisit this pairing, because damn! I did always love K'Ehleyr; it's a shame she only gets two appearances.
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Ooh, I have had a week. It's been long and tiring and mostly dark and rainy to boot, and I've been singularly unproductive in spite of just having taken on some new (creative) professional responsibilities. This is about as grateful as I've been for Friday in awhile, especially since the [community profile] femslashex archive opens today at 8pm EST! There are currently 179 new pieces of f/f fanfic & fanart all ready to go; I'm so excited! (My own contribution will be here, though naturally I'll do a post here as well when I may.)

I'd say things have slowed down a bit, but that's not true so much as that I've been working more on deadlines than at my own pace. Here's a small roundup of exceptions and the like ...

thumbnail previews of five different images

Revisiting Rachel Summers. )

Oh, speaking of X-Men comics, I've also been listening avidly to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, which does what it says on the tin in an entertaining, clever and deeply nerdy way. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, on a more contemporary note: A tiny Braeden tribute. )

Last but very definitely not least, my contributions to the little [ profile] fanartremixexchange! Which deserved to be bigger, so I really hope the idea catches on! And for extra fun, I was matched with ataratah. ;) )

Huh, I've been doing a lot of color work lately; I suppose that's good practice? I'm never fully satisfied with any of it (except sometimes the flats), though; I might make an effort to go back to more of my b&w inks for the next little while. Coming up: [ profile] tw_fallharvest, [ profile] teenwolf_bb, [ profile] allydiareversebang, and [ profile] teenwolffemslashexchange. Um. Oops?
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So I almost didn't watch the current season of Teen Wolf (which might have been a wise choice) because I was so sad and frustrated about Allison Argent's death. She was my favorite character, and I was not at all happy with how she was handled in 3B; even given that Crystal Reed wanted to leave the show, she was one of the main characters and deserved a much better closing arc. So as the new season was approaching, I started daydreaming about a spin-off. I mean, we have werewolves and banshees ... why not ghosts?

'Teen Ghost' logo on a black background

It's a shame that I can't find a functional reversebang, so I can try to get someone to fic this properly ... but I'm just going to go ahead and make so much art.

Here's a montage of 'excerpts' from the 'pilot episode.' )

And of course, there's the promotional image I posted awhile back, and ghostly embraces! [personal profile] ataratah even drew this lovely piece based on my original musing. I plan to do a whole bunch more "excerpt" images (although probably not another whole episode's worth). I guess I kind of needed an ongoing fandom project? :D?

Also, speaking of [personal profile] ataratah, here's one more piece of TW fanart based on a hilariously awesome prompt from her. Werewolf cabbage babies! )

Gotta dash (new temp job, whee), but before I forget - you guys REALLY SHOULD consider signing up for [community profile] femslashex! It's a MULTIFANDOM FIC AND ART EXCHANGE, focused on pairings with no canonically male-identified characters! There are so many amaaaazing fandoms. :D I'm so excited! It's great that more fests are starting to include art. <3

Also, this month I'm reccing Teen Wolf over on [community profile] fanart_recs, which is a great comm you should know about. I'll post a round-up here when I'm done. (Next month I'm doing Sailor Moon!)
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Another huge fanart roundup, courtesy of the summer where I only have the energy to manage job search stuff, draw fanart, and let my whole professional identity lie pretty much fallow. :D?

Okay, that sounded a little ... yeah. Actually, things are looking up in a big way! I have a pretty big deal second interview tomorrow, for a position I'm genuinely excited for which also pays better than I'd had any hope of, so. Fingers crossed. And I am having a ball with letting myself soak more or less exclusively in fannish material for a bit. :)
a single, full-color comic panel showing Miss America Chavez and Ms. Marvel holding hands and simultaneously punching out a robot, visible in the extreme foreground. POW!
America & Kamala's first date. <3 )

a clipped preview image showing Allison Argent, in black & white but for some yellow highlights, looking into the distance in profile and holding her bow.

A Teen Wolf collaboration with Ataratah! )

a clipped preview of the image below!

Character death won't stop my shipping. )

two versions of the same comic panel panel, in which Lindsey Way peers into a coffee cup saying 'Uh-huh,' a seated Gerard Way looks up nervously all '...' and the coffee cup goes '<3'

Revisiting six years ago. )

Orphan Black & Sailor Moon doodles. )

This ... actually isn't quite everything, but I'll take a breath and save the rest for its own post. ;)
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... and then I fell into an anxiety-riddled funk and kind of disappeared (online and IRL) for awhile. /o\ But hey! I've been doing a bunch of fanart to help pull myself out of it. Have a roundup? :D?

preview thumbnails of eight pieces of fanart (listed below)

Sailor Moon/Killjoys fusion (like a neon pink raygun to the face) ) Also, CHECK OUT the gorgeous Teen Wolf/Lost Girl fusion art that [personal profile] ataratah drew for our exchange! <3 <3 <3

Teen Ghost: the Teen Wolf spinoff that exists only in my head )

Quickie illo for thingswithwings's America Chavez/Kamala Khan fic )

Scribbly little Teen Wolf & Pretty Little Liars doodles )

Aaand last but not least, here are two more pieces for my birthday female characters doodle fest: the Queen and the Soldier (Serenity/Pluto) and Utena's birthday present. I know it's been months, but I'm still carrying the remaining prompts around, so you never know when more might pop up. :)

I can't believe there hasn't been any MCU fanart in all of this. I should fix that. Although I do kind of have (original) porn to be drawing, too.

At some point I really need to check around and see if there are any exciting bigbangs or reversebangs I want to participate in. I miss doing fic illustration so much ...
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Isaac and Allison are confused by the presence of a kid with a unicorn horn There will be time for life updates later, but for now ... have some relatively quick TV fanart drawn as warm-ups/procrastination on my real work.

I enjoyed last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, possibly because of the blessed absence of all the various characters from season 3A that I could never really care about (although of course the alpha twins will be back tonight, bah). The nightmare-within-a-nightmare thing was overdone, sure, but there was some good character stuff. I love the parents being in the know now ... seriously, could we maybe have the Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski show? That would be a fresh take on all the teen supernatural business, to have it through the parents’ perspective. Yes please.

And there was even some silly stuff! Like the introduction of Kira and her father. I had the irresistible image of a show where the Nemeton, contrary to everyone’s expectations, did not turn out to be a magnet for evil killer beasties, just ... regular folks, albeit not quite folks, who start moving into the neighborhood. The creature from the black lagoon next door; the mermaid in your Geometry class (wheeling herself around, Lori Lemaris-style). Conflicts that would be more at home in a sitcom than a horror movie!

You know; a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures. )

I’m sure we’ll get our usual serving of grimdark instead. So glad I have some reliably fantastic shows as well ... I really haven’t seen nearly enough meta about Elementary 3.13 yet! I had a predictable reaction )

Well, there are other things I should be drawing, probably. Hope everyone’s weathering this bizarre winter well (if you’re in this hemisphere)! <3
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Oh hey, my first [community profile] yuletart piece, a Revolutionary Girl Utena jazz age AU, went up on Friday! I had a wonderful time revisiting one of my favorite old anime fandoms, and doing a bit of costume research is always a good time. ALSO, check out my flipping gorgeous giftart from [personal profile] ataratah! A deeply evocative moment between Teen Wolf's leading ladies (while Stiles snoozes, oblivious). <3

Here's some quick [community profile] processfest catchup!

Day Four: Challenges. Head, meet wall. )

Day Five: Collaboration. If there's an umlaut, we flip a coin. )

Okay, I feel like that's plenty for one day; I'll try and get to today's prompt tomorrow, I think. I'm ready to go write now. Is the work day over yet?
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Well, I finally got to one of those female-character-centric fanart prompts from a couple weeks ago ... [personal profile] were_duck wanted Allison/Lydia. Not a thing that takes much convincing, although for some reason it came out intensely fluffy. I guess I was just in the mood?

preview image!

Full image behind here! )

I'll definitely do more of those! Probably spaced out in between other projects. I always want to do more female character-centric fanart ... you could pretty much prompt me for it anytime.

Also, I was toying with the idea of going to see Man of Steel, but now I'm not, because I want THIS movie and it doesn't exist. (There is awesome fanart, though!) I have a lot of feelings about Superman, okay. And possibly even more about Lois Lane. Everything (canon) DC-related is making me want to stick my fingers in my ears and go LA LA LA, lately.

Appropos of nothing whatsoever, I stopped watching the fourth season of Community after the second episode. Should I give it another try? I mean, I'm going to want to watch the fifth season now that Harmon's coming back.
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Here's my second [community profile] kink_bingo amnesty piece ... for my "tentacles" square. Ariel/Ursula, because of course. Also, Not Safe For Work. )

Okay, sorry for being brief, but I need to crash soon. It's the weekend and my roommate's out of town for a few days: I want to be awake to appreciate the sheer lack of slamming doors and tense silences.
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So I haven't had five minutes to think about doing fanart (much to my chagrin, as I'd dearly love to do something with some Fall Out Boys, among many other subjects). However! Over break I volunteered to do some fanart for a bit of Becky Cloonan/Lindsey Ballato fic [personal profile] tuesdaysgone and [personal profile] fleurdeliser were brainstorming about. (You might remember some preliminary sketches from December!)

One little illustration here! )

You must read Anticipating Your Next Move; it's ADORABLE and delightfully nerdy. :D Also, hot.
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a bunch of preliminary sketches of Becky Cloonan and Lindsey Ballato

Semester's over, and suddenly I only have one left in grad school. That's ... a little terrifying, honestly. I can't really say it's moved fast, exactly, though. It's been too full for that to feel accurate.

I am psyched for messing around with fandom funtimes, although as always I suddenly seem to have way more things to draw than I'll ever have time for. I've watched a whole lot of new TV over the last few months (Elementary, all of Warehouse 13 and Eureka, this really adorable anime series called Princess Jellyfish ...) and Teen Wolf still mostly has control of my brain. Also, Star Trek. IDK! But there's definitely going to be a Becky/Lindsey project, thanks to two all too tempting fanwriters who always seem to have me stumbling across my lines ... so welcome back to bandom, me, I guess? (Well, bandom/comics RPF, anyway.)

I can sketch from photos so much faster these days. Huh!

On a less chipper note ... one of the scariest things, I'm finding, about being on antidepressants and actually doing much better? Is how freaked out I get every time I feel a little crummy. Like I'm about to go off the precipice. All part of the process, I guess, but ugh.

Time to go make gingerbread houses (my school and its traditions) ... home in two days. Much as I love these people I am very ready to be away from them for awhile, tbh. Meanwhile, good luck to everyone who is Yuletiding today! <3
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Oof, hello, internet. God, I've had an intense couple of weeks. My grad school likes to start off its second semester by diving immediately into a super-concentrated group project with a ridiculous deadline! Crit was this morning, and it is so nice to be able to think about other things at last (although tbh, the main thing I'm thinking about at this moment is sleep).

Now that we're past that hurdle, however, it looks like a much more pleasantly balanced semester is doable! :D I have some plans (and have signed up for [ profile] bandombigbang, eeee), but in the meantime, I want to share what I spent my vacation on ...

introductory image!
So Victoria thought this was just another one of "those" modelling gigs. Not safe for work. Contains naked ladies, stockings, and flogging.

See, I've been thinking a lot about learning to draw erotica this last year! I've seen a couple of potential opportunities to draw porn comics pop up, and it's definitely something that interests me, but I know I don't really have the chops to pull it off in a professional way just yet. Drawing porn is hard (aheh); everything from the sheer physical mechanics of bodies interacting to trying to capture some sense of mood. So! [personal profile] were_duck asked me if I'd be interested in teaming up on some kind of joint project, and after I posted this kinky vintage picspam (also NSFW) for her over the holidays, we decided to try a 1920s Greta/Victoria erotic photoshoot AU.

We weren't really sure what form the project would take; at the moment there's just a series of backgroundless pin-up images I drew over a period of a couple of weeks. Eventually there will be artistic contributions by [personal profile] were_duck as well (oh man, the stuff she's working on is fabulous, seriously, just you wait), and ... maybe some kind of story? We have a loose narrative in mind, but I really needed to focus on visuals for a bit; to just start drawing and see where it led me. I have .... a lot of thoughts for where I might go next (whether it's in fanart or original work). There are lots of things I need to work on, though. Like different body types! (I meant to emphasize this a bit more and didn't manage to pull it off; too focused on getting the posing down, I think.) And general anatomy in some places. Hmmm.

Okay, I need to think about relaxing now; I still have a little bit of that deadline tension buzzing under my skin. Be seeing you a bit more of you all soon. ♥
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I am having a super-lurkery week! Just one of those times when I generally feel like I'm stuck on a "taking things in" setting, reading and reading and not interacting very much. (I don't just mean on the internet, either.) I have no idea if that makes any sense, but. Hi. o_____o

One thing I should really, really read less of is all the DC Comics news. I spent a fair chunk of yesterday going through this massive roundup of reaction links to the de-Oracle-ing of Barbara Gordon, a move which dismays me for a whole variety of reasons (from the representation issue down to finding it reductive on a storytelling/character development level). Also, pleased as I am that Batwoman's going ahead as planned (and Jaime Reyes gets his book back!), I'm still sitting here twitching and wondering when we're going to hear something about Cass, Steph, Helena, and Renee. Ugh, superhero comics, why.

On a related note, stories like this about the marginalization of actual women by the comics mainstream (from a retail perspective, in this case) fill me with rage. Women and the medium both deserve better.

Some happier fannish things! The [ profile] bandombigbang fic I drew for this year is up: [ profile] the9thdoctor's Angels From The Neon! It's a nifty take on the Killjoysverse, rather distinct from some of the other stories I've read! You can find my illustration over here; an image that I couldn't get out of my head until I got it down on paper. It was a fun challenge, and definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

Also, [personal profile] tuesdaysgone has posted Bulletproof Heart, the second part of her epic Killjoys trilogy, which does a fantastic job of knitting together and fleshing out the universe we see in the videos. The worldbuilding and character interaction are to die for, seriously; it's the kind of story I just want to crawl inside for awhile. *____* Check it out, and don't forget [ profile] theopteryx's kickass accompanying artwork.

Oh man, look at me being all scattered! I need to get out of the office and breathe a bit. I have a [ profile] cilghal coming to stay with me this weekend, which is awesome, and my very last Boston Pride (at least, as a local resident) is tomorrow. So hopefully I can get a little relaxing, enjoying, and re-focusing in!

In honor of Pride, have some (canon) lesbian artwork! There's a lot of Sailor Moon nostalgia going around, and seeing as that was both my first fandom and a massive artistic catalyst for me, I couldn't resist noodling around with a couple of the characters a few weeks back. I totally forgot to post it then, so have it now: Michiru and her Haruka. )

Okay, this post is a pretty accurate reflection of my state of mind right now, so I think I'll stop subjecting you all to it. Have a great weekend, bbs! ♥ I should have more art for you sometime soon, and possibly hilarious stories about me learning to drive. (I kind of hope they're not too hilarious.)
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It's a new week! I need that. The rain's back, but I don't care; you make your fresh starts where you can find them.

I spent the weekend drawing and cooking, as per usual (Green Risotto Primavera, mmmm). Took some "sketch" prompts from friends, because I've been stalling out a bit, and with the [ profile] bandombigbang deadline coming right up, I needed something to get me back in gear in a bad way. Here's the first ... not particularly sketchy, as it turns out (if slightly less meticulous than usual, I swear).

the Governor and her assistant

For [ profile] mrsronweasley, Lindsey (the Governor) and Jamia from [personal profile] jjtaylor's Detective Agency series, working late. ;) I've never drawn Jamia before, so, bit of a challenge! Also, I can't lie; I totally have a thing for Lindsey in those glasses, and also in that striped tie/vest outfit, so I couldn't resist putting them together. (Also, if you haven't read JJ's little NSFW outtake about another time these two worked late, well, do yourself a favor.)

That was ridiculously fun. I pretty much have to get back to work before I can tackle any of the other requests (especially if I'm going to be this slow about it), but there will be female-character-centric art posted intermittently while I take care of my obligations. \o/ Because I haven't drawn enough women in a long, long time.

In other random news, I watched more Fringe this weekend, and man. I wish the architecture in this place resembled an old church.
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Oh man, it has been an awesome week for fanart. [ profile] glockgal's love meme is going to be my favorite thing for awhile . . . pages of new fanartists to browse through! :D Also, [ profile] yuletart started posting today. There are already three kickass pieces up (in Futurama, Bleach, and Sandman respectively).

I've been randomly watching Buffy episodes all week (seasons 1, 3, and 5 . . . that was totally an accident), writing cards to old friends, and to further add to the procrastination nostalgia trip, I wound up drawing some random Kim Possible femslash )

Also, it occurred to me that, since it's the end of the year and all, maybe I should stop sitting on a couple of things. Awhile back, I was going to do a big fanart post for [ profile] bexless's Heaven Help Us, but the main piece was really flopping and I put it aside for awhile. I might go back to it? But in the meantime, here are a couple of really small drawings. The first one's just directly from the text; the second takes some creative liberties.

Not that I'm not glad to see you, Father, I just don't want you to- )

This one gets warnings for blood and demonic possession. )

And now I should really go to bed, because tomorrow will involve some fairly epic errand-running.
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Man, my 'shipping preferences have been extremely poly of late. I just watched the latest Merlin episode, and my squeeing OT4 love brought my newer roommate wandering into my room with a very confused expression. (Lancelot, I'm sorry to say, left me quite cold this time.) Also, I can't seem to stop watching this Star Trek XI vid. I want so much more fic. (More fic that isn't just porn. Oddly enough, this is my problem with new!Trek in general: it's a fandom filled with PWPs, and I've a serious craving for plot. /o\ I know, seriously, shut up.)

I had a lovely weekend driving around in the fall weather with my parents and family friends (and their two-year-old, who is a blessedly quiet little thing most of the time). It's been so gorgeous! I wish I had time to sit down and play with my Halloween costume, but I kind of have to spend this short week packing frantically.

I haven't been able to draw much (though I did script a couple of original comic strips, and I'm aiming to be the very last fanartist to complete that new!Trek art meme), but I did manage to color some old lineart. Here's a pairing I haven't touched in awhile!

Warning for a heavy dose of mush, and blatant canon-fixing. This is what happens when people turn Joss Whedon loose on my comic books. >:(

GIANT. SPACE. BULLET. (X-Men h/c, natch.) )

It's ridiculously chilly in my apartment (the new one's insulated so much better, yay), and I should really go to bed, but! Speaking of reboot fic that isn't PWP, check out this Trek/The Little Prince fusion by [ profile] ayalesca, with adorable illustrations by [ profile] mangotrills! Makes a decent bedtime story.
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So yay, it's spring. (Well, actually, it feels a lot more like summer right now . . . hopefully it'll change back.) Have some pretty ladies.

One more under here: )

Entirely frivolous fluff, but it felt good to do. :) I've been wanting to draw Ashlee forever.

It's strange, but I think I'm having an easier time (more or less) capturing likeness in profile. I have no idea why.

[ETA:] [ profile] evocatory drew me ladies too! ♥ Hee, almost simultaneous.
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Work continues to be stressful and crazy, well past the point where I believed this crap would be done with, and I feel bad because it's somewhat hampering on a social level. I feel like a cavedweller a lot of the time lately; I don't see much of friends beyond my roomies (lovely though they are). However, we've scheduled the last admissions committee meeting for Friday the 20th, so that should be it. (Not a clean end; there's recruiting and open houses and all kinds of wrap-up, but that's all much more gradual.) AND there's a three-day weekend.

So I have a song meme to do at some point (with uploads!), but here I am being a little too lazy to pull out the pertinent cds, so here is a high school meme instead. )

Well, I'm sure that was fascinating. *g* Anyway, I also have this for you: little bit of artwork: Amanda Palmer & Greta Salpeter. )

I would try and wrap up this post, but my roomie went and Netflixed The Dark Knight and now I'm too distracted. ;)
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Hey, so I finished doing the color version of my Greta/Vicky-T fanart! (Very very simple color, unshaded; I have no idea why it took me this long. Dammit, I need a tablet.)

I'm going to post both versions together, now, just because. :)

Fandom: bandom crossover (The Hush Sound/Cobra Starship)
Pairing: Greta/Vicky-T
Rating: PG
Summary: A companion piece to [ profile] olivia_circe's Fantaisie-Impromptu; drawn as a gift for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut (the fic was also for her). Greta is indulging in her desire to "play" the "piano keys" on Vicky-T's tights. (The hands are not quite right--I did play piano for awhile--but I think you can still tell?)
Disclaimer: This interpretation is not intended as anything other than fiction for my own harmless enjoyment, and the only intended audience is other fans.

a tactile reprise )

Now that I've seen Greta up close and in person, I feel much iffier on the likeness, even with excuses for style. But I'm totally going to draw her lots more, so hopefully it will improve. :) Meanwhile, I'm almost done inking that Avatar crack!comic, and I've almost started writing that fic I mentioned, really. (So slow, always!)

I spent a good chunk of my day cleaning, however, while listening to interviews. Lyn-Z is so amazing, I could swoon (Gerard, I am stealing your wife). Gerard apparently does not get crushes on people because he is "unimpressed" by them (but was earnestly impressed by his interviewer's "insightful" comments about random crushes on strangers on trains, and went on a whole tangent about how much most radio interviews usually suck, hee).

In other (multifannish) news, [ profile] sae is amazing and spoils me unduly. (Unduly, I say! What have I done to deserve this generosity?) Today I received a packaged in the mail (wrapped in a paper bag that happened to be covered in tomatoes; it was adorable), containing a Kim Possible art print, framed and signed by Stephen Silver (the character concept artist), and also a gorgeous From Eroica With Love art/coloring book. Not to mention the hilarious Eroica doodles on the letter (Saaaaae-art, my favorite thing ever). Thank you so much, sweetheart. ♥

[ profile] fuschia, I hope you had a beautiful birthday. ♥

[ETA:] Ack! I've been so occupied all evening, I missed all the wedding news! Hemingway was the ringbearer! OMG. :D

Pete and Ashlee randomly share my own parents' wedding anniversary. They also share this day with a ridiculous number of gay couples here in Massachusetts, because today is the 4-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage! (Be proud, kids.)
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So yes. Bandom is very, very inspiring.

Also, [ profile] sweetvalleyslut and I traditionally give each other "birthday" and "Christmas" presents at entirely random times of the year. Well, I'm only three months late, give or take.

Bastet bb, this is for you! My very first foray. I am working on a color version as well, but I really could not stand to not share this anymore. It took a ridiculously long time, because I'm still working the kinks out. (Let me know if there are resolution problems? Just getting used to my new scanner.)

Happy belated birthday thingie! )

In other fabulous news, the MCR tickets (for New York) came today. Oh my god, best weekend ever.


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