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Spoilery squee for the Elementary finale! )

Sadly, I found the Doctor Who finale to be a bit meh, but that's been fairly common this season.

Meanwhile, this whole Kindle Worlds thing has been showing up all over my fannish and professional circles, and ... I'm just having a lot of trouble mustering up the energy for it. I mean, I realize that this is a bit different, because it's a company as big as Amazon ... but I feel like we've seen all this bullshit before, and it never really seems to go very far. Mostly I think I don't feel like dealing with yet another round of people from the non-fan side of my life talking about fandom (especially since some creator-types inevitably get judgy, bleh). I guess I'll keep a lookout for a decent round-up post.

On a completely different note! Still on the lookout for any particularly funny/awesome/FAVORITE band/musical artist interviews and articles, if anyone feels like sharing! Badass ladies (of any age or genre) especially. :D?
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I fail at dressing for season; my coworkers were standing around the kitchenette discussing how much they enjoy their summer wardrobes when I wandered in, all in black. Oops? I didn't even think about that; I chose this outfit for the skirt, because I'm not allowed to wear shorts in the office. Hmmm.

Also, last Friday I was mistaken for an employee of the Museum of Fine Arts twice (all in black again--I swear I do wear colors--with a red tie). Possibly I should work on this.

It's a little disorienting, as always, being back at work after a long weekend. Mine was full of hanging around making art while [personal profile] oliviacirce wrote, in my apartment and cafes, occasionally sharing thoughts about Charles Xavier's characterization; we cooked each other some delicious food, watched Return To Oz with my roommate (who has been after me about it forever), and went out Saturday night for a flaily fangirl dinner with [personal profile] aria, [personal profile] polarisnorth, [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, and [personal profile] the_wanlorn. I would like to spend my time like this, always.

Yesterday, the traditional 1776 viewing party at [personal profile] omnia_mutantur's house was made even a tiny bit more fabulous by a miniature [ profile] intensityboat reunion (though of course we missed our absent members ♥).

So that was all lovely. I did have a couple of fandom-related jarring moments, oddly enough; I discovered quite a direct copy of this picture posted by a deviantart user, and also that the random (non-LJ/DW-based) fan awards I've had a piece nominated for has a rule against slash (or rather, "characters established in the series/Nikki Heat novels as straight but portrayed as gay," ugh). Fortunately, a gentle but firm request was all that it took to get the drawing taken down, so I'm very lucky there. I'm dropping the awards organizers a sharp note asking them to remove my work. Unexpected interactions with sections of fandom not my own ... always a bit weird.

This coming weekend, I'm off north to have a look around the apartment I'm almost certainly taking for the fall. I'm moving out of the Boston area in about a month! Everything just keeps speeding up, though I keep trying to find some stillness within it all.

I still owe a few people questions from a few posts ago. I'll try and do those soon!
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I am having a super-lurkery week! Just one of those times when I generally feel like I'm stuck on a "taking things in" setting, reading and reading and not interacting very much. (I don't just mean on the internet, either.) I have no idea if that makes any sense, but. Hi. o_____o

One thing I should really, really read less of is all the DC Comics news. I spent a fair chunk of yesterday going through this massive roundup of reaction links to the de-Oracle-ing of Barbara Gordon, a move which dismays me for a whole variety of reasons (from the representation issue down to finding it reductive on a storytelling/character development level). Also, pleased as I am that Batwoman's going ahead as planned (and Jaime Reyes gets his book back!), I'm still sitting here twitching and wondering when we're going to hear something about Cass, Steph, Helena, and Renee. Ugh, superhero comics, why.

On a related note, stories like this about the marginalization of actual women by the comics mainstream (from a retail perspective, in this case) fill me with rage. Women and the medium both deserve better.

Some happier fannish things! The [ profile] bandombigbang fic I drew for this year is up: [ profile] the9thdoctor's Angels From The Neon! It's a nifty take on the Killjoysverse, rather distinct from some of the other stories I've read! You can find my illustration over here; an image that I couldn't get out of my head until I got it down on paper. It was a fun challenge, and definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

Also, [personal profile] tuesdaysgone has posted Bulletproof Heart, the second part of her epic Killjoys trilogy, which does a fantastic job of knitting together and fleshing out the universe we see in the videos. The worldbuilding and character interaction are to die for, seriously; it's the kind of story I just want to crawl inside for awhile. *____* Check it out, and don't forget [ profile] theopteryx's kickass accompanying artwork.

Oh man, look at me being all scattered! I need to get out of the office and breathe a bit. I have a [ profile] cilghal coming to stay with me this weekend, which is awesome, and my very last Boston Pride (at least, as a local resident) is tomorrow. So hopefully I can get a little relaxing, enjoying, and re-focusing in!

In honor of Pride, have some (canon) lesbian artwork! There's a lot of Sailor Moon nostalgia going around, and seeing as that was both my first fandom and a massive artistic catalyst for me, I couldn't resist noodling around with a couple of the characters a few weeks back. I totally forgot to post it then, so have it now: Michiru and her Haruka. )

Okay, this post is a pretty accurate reflection of my state of mind right now, so I think I'll stop subjecting you all to it. Have a great weekend, bbs! ♥ I should have more art for you sometime soon, and possibly hilarious stories about me learning to drive. (I kind of hope they're not too hilarious.)
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There is probably something about hiatuses that makes you want to post more. This is really just quick linking, though.

First, [ profile] yuletart nominations have just opened! If you participated last year, that means you should get your tail over there and nominate stuff. :D If you haven't participated, and you're a fanartist of any stripe, sign-ups will be opening in just over two weeks! Sign up. Seriously, it is the best fest I've participated in ever - multifannish and super-friendly! The contributions from past years are seriously amazing, too - go poke through the archives!

On a less happy note, via twitter - [ profile] cleolinda has a couple more livejournal privacy breaches to warn you about.

(I do have a whole bunch of dreamwidth codes, by the way, if anyone out there is considering making the switch. Feel free to comment or PM me.)

Right, I'm gone again. /o\
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I don't think I'm ever really talkative enough here to require "taking a hiatus," but ... I'm going to be extra-scarce for the next couple of months, probably. I'm trying to get my grad school application done by the end of October, including a 9-page comic about totally unfamiliar subjects - and I want to include the minicomic I've been working on in my portfolio, so I have to finish that too. I'm pretty much going to be holed up in my apartment scribbling and watching TNG for the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, the school I work for has decided to implement a new student information system, which keeps gleefully breaking registration and throwing everyone for a loop - so there goes the rest of my energy for awhile.

After all that's over with, I might even be able to draw fanart again! /o\ I miss it so much.

Oh, I think this should probably go without saying, but: it is never okay to crosspost anything related to this journal (your own comments included) to facebook or twitter. Not that I think any of you would, but I very much want to keep this journal away from my real name and any "public" persona I have or may have in the future.

[ETA:] Here's an informative post on the issue, and there are a couple solutions to the accidental crossposting problem over here. (Thanks to [personal profile] oliviacirce for the links!)

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Holy hell, that is a lot of fail and sadness for a Monday. Polanski has gone free and Harvey Pekar has died. Also, a signal boost (with trigger warning): here's an alert about an online stalker (on multiple platforms, including LJ) who has been targeting and harassing young women.

On a more selfish note, still can't concentrate at work worth a damn. I can't wait to get out of here and finally pick up my comic shop pull from last week, after barely dodging spoilers for the triumphant return of the Young Avengers over the last few days. (I was too busy wading through flash floods and acquiring bookcases. It wasn't too bad, all things considered - and gosh, it's nice to see my books again, literally.)
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In case you missed it, one of my favorite and most admired performers has not only been participating in a blatantly exploitative, ableist album/project, but she's also retreated into rationalization and non-apologies instead of dealing with peoples' criticisms (with a healthy side of passive aggression). I . . . really don't have the energy to say anything useful, particularly after inadvisably wading into the comments on her latest blog post with both fists. [community profile] linkspam naturally has a round-up (including Amanda's blog posts, and good non-LJ/DW responses) here and here.

Quick paragraph of self-indulgent fangirl grief. )

Ugh. Anyway, on a brighter note, my landlady called me pretty early this morning, in response to the lengthy email I sent her about honeybees and the complicated process of removing them. She's calling in a beekeeper and everything, and has actually made an appointment for assessment (for next week). We haven't discussed what's going to happen about the construction that'll be necessary, but the actual removal can't take place until probably April-ish, so there's time.

Also, LEVERAGE IS AMAZING. My heart, you guys.

So, any exciting weekend plans? I have to make this an art-working weekend, for the most part. (At least I finally know what I'm doing for [ profile] trekreversebang? /o\) That (informal) portfolio review is coming up soon, meeeep.
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I've been home and on the internet for about half an hour as of starting this post, and I already feel as though my head is going to explode from rage. The warnings wank seems to have expanded its borders to include more general areas of fandom, and the ugliness is greatly increased for me by virtue of the fact that it's now coming from people I've always had the greatest respect for.

Sadly, I am not one of the more eloquent, articulate people addressing this subject, and I'm not feeling particularly diplomatic either. I just really need to vent.

I am honestly fucking shocked that we're not better than this. )

Above all, I'd appreciate it if people would stop acting as though survivors are attempting to oppress them into submission, here. They don't have that kind of power over you. They aren't censoring you. They are asking you to be decent to them, and it just makes you look like a shitty excuse for a human being when you get so fucking defensive about it.

I may update this post with links to people who are making what I consider to be good points on the subject. I should probably make dinner first.

[ETA:] Okay, I'm kind of failing at hunting up all the fantastic posts I've seen, but in brief: one of the first posts I saw on the subject was [ profile] iamtheenemy's, here (it's excellent, if a few days out of date by now). [ profile] ficbyzee says I would never want any story that I write to cause someone to relive a traumatic experience. (It's a brief post, but it's exactly the attitude I hope ficcers will have.) [personal profile] wistfuljane has a roundup here and a follow-up here. And most importantly (to reiterate a link from yesterday), there is [ profile] impertinence's important post about triggers (what they are, how they work, why they are not like squicks): Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

There has been so much more, and so many people are making fantastic arguments in the comments of other posts that I don't want to go back to right now. I need to start winding my emotions down for bed; ugh, I got nothing I wanted to do done this evening.

[ETA 2:] [ profile] sinsense just linked to a great post by [ profile] untappedbeauty that calls out the use of fallacious analogies and says something I keep forgetting to say, though I was getting more and more irritated about it earlier: I wish they could just pretend it's not about them. Because it's not. [...] It's about extending a courtesy to our fannish community, not trying to stifle authors.
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Oh man, so I've been mainlining Star Trek: TOS all week. I am giddy with new fandom love and entirely amused at myself, because well, "new." This is my mother's fandom that I've gone and fallen for here.

Actually, I think that's kind of awesome, though. I've always loved the whole history/community part of fandom so much, and the new movie has made Star Trek into this crazy generation-bridging thing. I mean, sure, plenty of new!Trek fans aren't interested in going back and exploring the older canon, and that's valid (as a comics fan--not to mention a new!Who fan--I'd be pretty hypocritical to say otherwise). For me, though, the existence of all that past canon is a huge part of the attraction, even though the fic I've been reading so far is all new!Trek. (The stuff I've been liking best is at least somewhat informed by TOS.)

I could flail on, but this is actually pretty terrible timing for a new fandom. /o\ I have so many fannish commitments this month, I am making to-do lists and schedules (and not letting myself look at any Star Trek fanart, because I will want to draw some and I can't).

It's kind of nice to be a bit multifannish again. I'm still quite in love with bandom, and there's been an awful lot of MCR-related flail lately (new album, new baby, Ray voiceposting about music, Frank tweeting about the Decemberists ♥♥♥). I'm sure it'll be easier to put Trek on the back burner (temporarily) once those BBBs start going up. :DDD (Goodness knows, I crave longfic in every fandom . . . I hope someone is writing the plotty epic with slow-building Kirk/Spock, kickass-with-her-own-plot Uhura, and generally fantastic ensemble-y Trek fic of my dreams, but I doubt they'll be posting it for awhile.)

I have to go bury myself in my sketchbook again now (so many deadlines), but a couple of things first. If you haven't, you really MUST check out the stunning fanart [ profile] theopteryx did for "Heaven Help Us," here. (SPOILERS.) Meanwhile, [personal profile] oliviacirce has some intriguing fandom meta (with epic amounts of discussion in the comments) here, and a follow-up post here. And lastly, very long story short, there was some stomach-turning talk show radio transphobia the other day that is extremely worth responding to. It seriously doesn't take long to send a quick email off to advertisers; we don't need that kind of hate speech on our airwaves ever. (Directed at children! I won't lie; I couldn't even read that article all the way through, much less listen to the actual broadcast.)

Okay, sketchbook. It is really helpful to have "new" TV to watch while I'm drawing all this fanart. ;)
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Stil so ridiculously busy, at work and out of it. At this rate I will probably be reading Staring Through The Demons in January. :( Well, I'm likely to need it at that point (admissions hell and all).

My [ profile] yuletide fic is moving forward, thank goodness, though I kind of took a break tonight to clean our filthy living room. (Much better.) Also in exciting holiday news, [ profile] yuletart started posting today! FAVORITE. :DDDD Highlights so far include this amusing seasonal Buffy piece and Labyrinth fanart that BLOWS ME AWAY. Also there's a very pretty rendering of movie-verse Tony Stark and some cute frolicking Pokemon . . . and eighty-eight pieces of multifandom fanart left to go. Hot damn.

Flist, I don't know those of you who are Avatar fans have heard about the movie casting controversy? The four major roles in the film--Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Zuko--have apparently been given to unknown white actors (one of whom is a teen pop musician I've never heard of). If you think there's something deeply, painfully wrong about all this . . . well, I couldn't agree more. I wish I had time for eloquence right now. [ profile] glockgal has posted profusely on the topic recently (I can't even pick which post to link to). There is also a letter-writing campaign protesting the whitewashing, to be found here: [ profile] aang_aint_white. I definitely plan to join in.

Hrm. I should go sleep so I'm alert enough to answer applicant questions and jot down bits of fic all day tomorrow. At least I seem to have secured a place to sleep during those four nights in London.


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