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I'm not leaving for grad school for almost another two months, but I already feel as though I have no time for fandom. :( I really wish I could spend this summer hanging around enjoying Boston and reading fic, but alas, I am behind on everything. I've been working on this entry for a couple of days! (A whole bunch of you have posted intriguing bbbs, too. I won't be lacking for reading material for a long time, clearly ... when I can do it. ♥)

General fun things I have done recently include: making falafel with my new food processor, hanging out and drawing all day Saturday with [personal profile] ataratah (pretty much the best of pastimes), buying both a new suit and a new dress(!), and donating my neighborhood video store's copy of Labyrinth to my hometown library (which only seemed appropriate, since one summer in my teen years, I rented it seven times in one month). I'm really sad that the store is closing--it was a true community establishment--but I love that they're donating their entire collection, and that their customers are rallying around to pay for the effort.

Also, I finally saw X-Men: First Class. Which ... was something I found more interesting than genuinely enjoyable, to my surprise? IDK. I have thoughts, though the way I'm going, I doubt I'll manage to write them up coherently. I mean, basically, I want all the Raven fic, and some Alex/Armando, and Erik/Charles which acknowledges that Charles is a dick. (This isn't actually a critique of anyone's characterization; I've only read one story! I'm just kind of nervous.) Speaking of which, if you haven't read [profile] olivacirce's fantastic Don't Try This At Home, I recommend it highly. It's hot and appropriately fucked up.

So hey, here's my somewhat belated contribution to that question meme that was going around all last week!

Comment with "me me me" and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better. (This might take me a little while, so I'm sorry in advance for that!)
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions,
if you want to.

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Hmmm, I should get back to work. I'm sorry for being increasingly haphazard and unavailable lately! It's only going to get worse. (I mean, I'm really excited! More people to draw with, oh man, for that alone. But I miss being more active in fandom already.) I'm probably going to wind up creating a comic school filter; I'll have to put a poll up soon.

[ETA:] I almost forgot! Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, what on earth is this? (I fucking love that man, have I mentioned?)
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Thank fucking goodness it’s a three-day weekend. I may, at times, have wondered if I was blowing this time of year out of proportion a bit, but really, not so much. Once again, I’m grateful that the windows on my floor don’t open – defenestration of particularly uncooperative faculty members does get a bit tempting now and then. (Seven more months ... and only three more weeks of Admissions season. I'll just keep daydreaming about dyeing my hair outrageous colors the second I can do that again, and maybe other things too.)

It’s just as well that bandom has eaten my brain again, really; it’s a pretty great distraction. A few days ago, I randomly dreamed that Greta Salpeter asked me out on a date and we cuddled in the middle of a big, sunny field (there was some sort of festival setting up nearby). My subconscious isn’t usually so fluffy, but it was nice. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before all the Grant Morrison-related ephemera I’ve been consuming catches up to me. (I watched the Disinfo speech a few days ago. I don’t even know, nor am I sure I want to. I do want to finally get back to reading The Invisibles, though.)

Seriously, how did this even happen? Fandom in comics and comics in fandom … I’ve watched the Talking With Gods documentary twice in the last week, so I suppose fanart is only a matter of time, really. Particularly since I seem to have made illustrating [personal profile] jjtaylor my fannish occupation of late.

Speaking of which! It was her birthday yesterday, a fact which helped me decide which scene from “The Detective’s Secret” I’d play with next. (I have a longish list.) Hope you like it, bb; happy belated! ♥

Not going into the pool. )

It occurred to me recently that I miss using this space for conversation, rather than just as a slightly talky gallery. I’ve seriously gotten out of the habit of commenting and communicating on DW/LJ, and I’m finding getting back into it something of a challenge. Definitely want to do better on that.

In a slightly more interactive vein (and to prove that I do in fact have other fandoms still): there’s an interest-gauging poll going on for [ profile] trekreversebang right now! That’s the reverse Star Trek bigbang where ficcers sign up to write stories based on fanart; an awesome idea that I’d love to see spread around a bit more. You guys should check it out.

Before I go work on my actual minicomic for awhile, one more thing I have to share: the spectacle of Pete Wentz interviewing himself. I still love his stupid face.
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This has been the wackiest of weeks.

The BND show on Tuesday with [ profile] fuschia, [ profile] inkjunket, and [ profile] greendreaming was mostly fabulous, although All Time Low is pretty much permanently on my shitlist for the disgusting things they were saying to their severely underaged audience. >:( Apart from that, though! I haven't paid much attention to Hey Monday because I can't really get into their music, but Cassadee is a tiny dynamo. ♥ Not sure I want to ship her with anyone, but people should totally write Decaydance ensemble fic featuring her. (Oh man, I haven't read bandom ensemble fic in ages.) Cobra and FOB were each predictably fabulous . . . I don't even know, Pete Wentz. I do not even know. ♥ His attempts at making a political statement were pretty damn faily, and then there was his having to be extracted from the audience by large body guards, twice (once separately from his bass). Also, Patrick sounded great; from what people have said, I guess he must have done some training.

On Wednesday I enjoyed a relaxing day off with new comics and the angelology book I picked up from the university library (comic project research). Unfortunately, I proceeded to lose my cell phone, freak out, and stand up my friend for dinner. /o\

Today, I arrived at work to find things in some disarray due to a suspected case of the H1N1 virus on campus. Fun times! My boss stayed home, so under her advice I wound up leaving, though I'm not sure that was really necessary. Of course, the Comcast people showed up on my street about ten minutes after I got home and made my internet kaput, and now I'm sitting in a cafe trying to get my shiny new dreamwidth account set up.

About that: there are a lot of opinions flying around, and I fall somewhere in the middle of them. Maybe I'll get into that later. I'm probably going to import my LJ entries and start crossposting sometime soon; I'll make any further decisions once I see how things go. I've only subscribed to a few people, because you guys are hard to keep track of, but I'll try and catch up over the weekend. I have A Winter's Tale with [ profile] hermionesviolin tonight.

Lastly, because life really isn't boring right now, I am really excited about my [ profile] bbbartists claim! And nervous! I can't wait to read my draft and start planning ideas. :DDD
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I'm not sure I can handle Simpson-Wentzes (Wentzs?) trolling each other on twitter. *_* As if MCR's bursts of hilarity were not enough. I've been off the internet more than usual lately (reading actual books, gasp), but clearly that was not to last.

Still need to come up with some kind of theme for my quarter-life crisis, since apparently absconding from the tubes will not cut it.

There are only a few hours left to bid on kickass fannish goodies at Sweet Charity! You have until around 7pm EST to win, among other things, a bandom comic drawn to your specifications! I'm still pretty affordable. ;)

(To bid, you need to create an account and log in. The auction section is divided into categories - you can find me under Graphics. There are plenty of fic offers as well, of course - and the Miscellaneous section is really intriguing.)

I think most of the stuff I was interested in buying is out of my price range by now, but it's been fun to play. I'm looking forward to stretching myself to meet someone else's ideas, too.

Also, I've started rewatching Avatar from the beginning. I'd almost forgotten how over-the-top Zuko's first season angst is. ♥
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Yeah, so I'm up to my neck in inking and I have a second Thanksgiving dinner to finish food for, but . . . THIS ALBUM. I don't have a favorite song yet, I'm still processing (fifth listen in, I think? I don't know when I'm gonna be able to turn it off), but holy hot DAMN. I love this band's various albums for their own various quirks, but this one might be my favorite. Oh god, Patrick, your VOICE. (I still want bluesy duets with Greta someday. Please?)

[ETA:] Snark at Dubya in 20 Dollar Nose Bleed? LOL latest, Pete, but. ♥

[ETA2:] I still can't read Staring Through The Demons, and now everybody and her sainted aunt is doing fanart for it! (This is all so much to look forward to for after I finish my [ profile] yuletide. And motivation to get it done early. Yes. :((((((()
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This day is just completely mad, and the noise of continuing renovations going on in my department just add to the surreality of it all. BRONX MOWGLI WENTZ. I do not even know.

(Oh Pete, why are you so thematically appropriate? Everything has been bears lately! I am going to have "The Bare Necessities" stuck in my head for a year, apparently.)

I realize it's a sign of my complete tumble into insanity, but I'm not sure I've felt more cheered up in my life. Things are so ridiculous and hilarious and I cannot deal, okay? Also, you guys have made me want to be drawing right now, so badly. ♥ IL all flist prompts. Clearly I should try this more often, if it doesn't make people too sad that I always fail to draw everything I want to.
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All my energy has been going towards work and family the last couple of weeks; bouncing back and forth across the state every weekend is kind of exhausting, and so are new students. I have this ridiculous tab backlog right now . . . unread fic, uncommented-on fanart, your odd political article (I am inevitably reminded that I hate caring about politics, but that's another story). Also I've been giving a lot of thought to taking an academic class this semester, and traveling to Europe next year.

I had to pop my head in, though, because I love my fandom SO DAMN MUCH. (It bears repeating occasionally!) For one thing, I don't even know how to deal with Gerard's hair, but I find I'm already kind of loving it (wouldn't be the first time I adored someone with a red mullet, after all *g*). Also? It's his and Lyn-Z's first wedding anniversary today! ♥ And they are still giddy and ridiculous and adorable. (I need to check around and see if anyone has a concert report for MSI at Dragon*Con.)

Also, half of Panic celebrated their birthdays this week, complete with hotass girlfriends and thematically appropriate cake. I may have cooed a little. Dammit. ;)

And then there's Patrick Stump telling me to put a heatwave in my pants. Oh holy fuck. (It is not surprising that I fucking adore "I Don't Care." I have a particular love for the sort of stompy/rockin' FOB songs--that's clearly a technical term--after all, "Bang The Doldrums" was the first one I ever loved. And not just for the tinhattery!) I want the rest of that album so badly.

Next week I get an [ profile] olivia_circe--in fact, I get all of [ profile] intensityboat!!--and a screamy mustachioed Frank. \o/
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Finally got the mixtape to work! :D I know a lot of people have been having various problems with it, so I've re-zipped it and am uploading it for anyone who is still having trouble. [ETA:] mixtape part 1, mixtape part 2!

Between this and my ridiculous love for Gerard Way, this week is off to a fantastic start. Which is good, because I'm going to need the momentum (it's orientation, and work is crawling with new students, they are EVERYWHERE).


&My Chemical Romance;

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(Oh Patrick, your voice! ♥)

I am very excited about all of this (new album new album eeee), but it would be nice if I could listen to that mix tape. :( I'm not having any problems downloading it, but many of the files just refuse to open, and I can't extract them, either. I know some people are having similar issues: any solutions, guys?
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Well, last night was quite a roller coaster ride. (Colliding viral marketing campaigns? Or working in conjunction? Ow.) I got no sleep, and during the little bit that I did? I dreamed that FBR was mysteriously texting fans about something (which I don't remember), so everyone kept flipping out in my head, even after I got myself away from the computer. (It was also kind of creepy because it was unclear how they acquired our phone numbers.) This fandom makes me kind of hysterical.

I did finish inking and sent my latest bit of crack off to my (awesome) beta (which is why I was up late enough to catch all that in the first place). That took so much longer than it had any right to.

More caffeine, and to braaaains work.
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Ahaha, viral marketing is kind of awesome. I'm usually pretty laid-back about FOB/Wentz love, but I'm bubbling over with excitement right now. (You know how to get me, Pete. Apparently!) ♥ ♥ ♥

Work's suddenly getting pretty crazy (how is it almost fall?), and things keep sneaking up on me. For instance, the Hushies & Cab show in Hartford this weekend! \o/ I can deal with the end of the summer, I guess, since I get to end it with Greta. I believe a whole bunch of you are going, so maybe I'll see you there? :)

Spent last night marathoning Sports Night and inking stuff, with a bit of porn discussion on the side. Absolutely the best kind of evening.
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Hey, so I finished doing the color version of my Greta/Vicky-T fanart! (Very very simple color, unshaded; I have no idea why it took me this long. Dammit, I need a tablet.)

I'm going to post both versions together, now, just because. :)

Fandom: bandom crossover (The Hush Sound/Cobra Starship)
Pairing: Greta/Vicky-T
Rating: PG
Summary: A companion piece to [ profile] olivia_circe's Fantaisie-Impromptu; drawn as a gift for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut (the fic was also for her). Greta is indulging in her desire to "play" the "piano keys" on Vicky-T's tights. (The hands are not quite right--I did play piano for awhile--but I think you can still tell?)
Disclaimer: This interpretation is not intended as anything other than fiction for my own harmless enjoyment, and the only intended audience is other fans.

a tactile reprise )

Now that I've seen Greta up close and in person, I feel much iffier on the likeness, even with excuses for style. But I'm totally going to draw her lots more, so hopefully it will improve. :) Meanwhile, I'm almost done inking that Avatar crack!comic, and I've almost started writing that fic I mentioned, really. (So slow, always!)

I spent a good chunk of my day cleaning, however, while listening to interviews. Lyn-Z is so amazing, I could swoon (Gerard, I am stealing your wife). Gerard apparently does not get crushes on people because he is "unimpressed" by them (but was earnestly impressed by his interviewer's "insightful" comments about random crushes on strangers on trains, and went on a whole tangent about how much most radio interviews usually suck, hee).

In other (multifannish) news, [ profile] sae is amazing and spoils me unduly. (Unduly, I say! What have I done to deserve this generosity?) Today I received a packaged in the mail (wrapped in a paper bag that happened to be covered in tomatoes; it was adorable), containing a Kim Possible art print, framed and signed by Stephen Silver (the character concept artist), and also a gorgeous From Eroica With Love art/coloring book. Not to mention the hilarious Eroica doodles on the letter (Saaaaae-art, my favorite thing ever). Thank you so much, sweetheart. ♥

[ profile] fuschia, I hope you had a beautiful birthday. ♥

[ETA:] Ack! I've been so occupied all evening, I missed all the wedding news! Hemingway was the ringbearer! OMG. :D

Pete and Ashlee randomly share my own parents' wedding anniversary. They also share this day with a ridiculous number of gay couples here in Massachusetts, because today is the 4-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage! (Be proud, kids.)
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Oh for goodness sakes, Wentz. Eighties! I don't even know what to say.

Except . . . I kind of want a Labyrinth AU now. Meep.


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