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Oh hey, my first [community profile] yuletart piece, a Revolutionary Girl Utena jazz age AU, went up on Friday! I had a wonderful time revisiting one of my favorite old anime fandoms, and doing a bit of costume research is always a good time. ALSO, check out my flipping gorgeous giftart from [personal profile] ataratah! A deeply evocative moment between Teen Wolf's leading ladies (while Stiles snoozes, oblivious). <3

Here's some quick [community profile] processfest catchup!

Day Four: Challenges. Head, meet wall. )

Day Five: Collaboration. If there's an umlaut, we flip a coin. )

Okay, I feel like that's plenty for one day; I'll try and get to today's prompt tomorrow, I think. I'm ready to go write now. Is the work day over yet?
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Oh jeez, I've gotten so bad at posting here. I have a whole backlog of things I keep meaning to talk about, Thor 2 and comics and Sleepy Hollow and goodness knows what else. For some reason I've taking to living on tumblr & twitter even though I really prefer DW. It's a mystery.

However. I wanted to let you guys know that the [community profile] yuletart Weekly Challenges and Stocking Stuffer Claims have opened! Both are open to everyone, not just people who are signed up for the fest! You can wander in and cherry-pick a tasty prompt, or draw something for one of the challenges just because you feel like it. Yuletart is the best (I'm finishing up my first piece todaaaay)!

Also, [community profile] processfest has opened with its first prompt: Where do you create? What does your work space look like? Everyone who makes things should totally get in on this one; it's bound to be fascinating.

Anyway yes. Maybe now that there's going to be this ongoing DW-centric thing this month, I'll get around to updating this thing a bit more! I have things to say, but ... well, I have a talent for overfilling my plate, let's just admit that. I can't wait to be posting new fanart soon, though!
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Oh man, you guys. I don’t know if any of you are reading Young Avengers (I would recommend it!), but ... spoiler for this week’s issue! )

So I have had a whirlwind time lately. I finally have full-time (if temporary) employment, so I’m looking for an apartment. I went to my first play party last weekend (which was AMAZING) ... and made a professional connection in the middle of the playspace. (You know ... hanging out and taking comics while someone was being flogged off to the left, and there was a fisting scene happening somewhere behind me ...) This week I was approached by a major publisher with a work-for-hire project that I’m not particularly interested in, but still, super flattering. And I’ve been submitting to a bunch of professional anthologies! So many things.

So today I’m just vegging at [personal profile] ataratah’s house, hanging with her kitties and watching Sleepy Hollow. Which is pretty great, as it turns out! Super convoluted concept, but great characters.


Yuletart is a low-pressure and fun fest that celebrates the love of art in fandom. Beginner or expert, everyone who loves making fan art is welcome! We accept all types of fine art and crafts, and any fandom is welcome, regardless of size.

The exchange is hosted on Dreamwidth, but artists do not need a Dreamwidth journal to participate!DON'T MISS OUT - SIGN-UPS CLOSE SOON!
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Well, so I'm back almost a day early. :) I was tempted with Grant Morrison, okay? But still, I'm going to count my little fast as a success. It yielded some good results (I'll share some before the weekend's over).

Of course, now I'm behind on everything; people sure were posty while I was gone, jeez. So I'll have to do a lot of catching up starting tomorrow. In the meantime, I see that I did in fact miss [ profile] yuletart reveals!

I contributed this Avatar: the Last Airbender fancomic (Zuko & Iroh-centric, gen, post-series). It was wonderful to finally have a chance to work in one of my most beloved fandoms! I had a lot of fun with the red/gold color scheme, and man, Zuko is entertaining to work with. ♥ Posting a larger version below!

The Dragon of the West, Victorious (Again) )

Ooh, and now, bed.
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I'm really kind of grateful that MCR has gone and recorded an album I can get away with playing part of at work. It's hardly one of the main reasons I love Danger Days, but I really appreciate it.

Every once in awhile I find myself trying to explain why I love this band so much (not an uncommon experience, I think), and it's just impossible to do that in a totally unsentimental way. I mean, yes, fantastic fucking guitars and Gerard's snotty little voice and sweeping theatrical concepts and ray guns - and this album in particular is directly connected to the medium of my heart - but really? Music is alchemy to me, and first and foremost, My Chemical Romance always manages to remind me of who I am (and who I want to be). That's all the explanation needed, really. (And anyone who thinks The Black Parade is about despair can suck it, frankly.)

Of course, that doesn't come from them, not entirely. It's something that happens halfway between the instruments and my ears; it's an interaction. I think that's my favorite part. When I was younger and first trying to be an artist, I didn't really appreciate the real importance of having an audience for the things you create: it's more than just craving attention, and understanding that is kind of essential.

Er, okay, enough of that. Drive-by [ profile] yuletart rec: I'm a completely biased beta, but this Slings & Arrows comic is amazing, and anyone who likes that show should read it yesterday.

I'm also really grateful for my own adorable gift. It's so understated and evocative and right. I want so much fic about Kate and Renee ... it doesn't even have to get them back together, I just want to explore the complexity of their past and the way their current identities and all their individual layers of influence interact. (Of course, I also want that in canon. Are you listening, J.H.W.?)
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I had a really fantastic time seeing my band last weekend with a whole group of really lovely fangirls. In fact, life has been pretty amazing lately ... I've been making so much art, and I've been accepted to grad school for the fall! :) Unfortunately, I clearly overdid it, so now I'm laid up with a really sneaky cold. Can't bring myself to do much except draw (so hey, it could be worse).

[ profile] yuletart posting started this week, and there's already some deeply amazing work up in a whole bunch of fandoms! Check it out, and see if you can spot my contribution when it goes up. ;)

In spite of all this, I can't really process that it's already a week into December ... maybe listening to holiday music will help?

[ETA:] Oh, say ... does anyone know where I might find good caps for the SING music video? :D?
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Oh hi, internet. It's been awhile. ♥

I'm actually still pretty snowed under with all this real-life business at the moment; grad school application is coming along nicely, I think, but there's a lot of it, particularly since I've sort of assigned myself extra work. The last month and a half or so has been a period of stepping-up for me, comics-wise, which feels great. (Sorry for vagueness; I'll probably make a locked post about original comics stuff in the near-ish future.)

I can't wait for November, though. Can't think when I've said that before, but it's going to be an amazing month for all kinds of fannish stuff. I can't decide what I'm more excited for, really; a new Batwoman comic, KILLJOYS, or that one new fic someone fabulous is currently finishing up. ;) Not to mention having time to read fic again, and draw fanart! I can't wait to get started on my [ profile] yuletart assignment, which includes a choice between several fandoms I've been meaning to draw for long since.

If my [ profile] yuletart person stops by: thank youuu. ♥ I think I probably gave you enough to be getting on with in my sign-up comment, so I'm not going to write out a lot of detail here. I can't wait to see what you come up with, though. :D

Staying out of [ profile] yuletide is definitely the right choice this year, but I'm still excited as always to see what comes out of it, particularly since I've been enjoying some new/small TV fandoms of late. Well, I could be wrong; is Community small? I never looked for fic after the first season, but now I want all the Troy/Abed. And surprisingly, Annie/Troy/Abed. (Oh god, the chloroform scene. I couldn't breathe for laughing.)

Also, is anyone watching Nikita? I'm not quite caught up, but JFC, Maggie Q. *_* There are all kinds of problems with the show, but with (count 'em - sigh) four interesting female characters who actually interact, there's a lot I can get past. I can't decide what fic I want yet, but I'm definitely getting a fannish feeling. As long as the fic's focused on the women, that is; could not give less of a damn about Michael and his gratuitous manpain.

I have to run, but on my way out the door, a quick rec for the only fic I've read in ages: [personal profile] jjtaylor's Born To Motorbabies. A glimpse at the Killjoysverse that deals more in tangled emotions than rayguns, though there's a little of those too; sweet, hot, and a bit wrenching. It's a tantalizing first taste, and I want so much more (fic, album, comic).
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Erm, so if any non-bandomers were completely confused by my incoherently giddy post last night? I was referring to the recently-released trailer for My Chemical Romance's upcoming post-apocalyptic concept album. Sorry about that, guys. I might be a TINY bit excited? :D

Also! [ profile] yuletart sign-ups are officially open! All the lovely, talented fanartists on my flist should go join in the multifandom fun! Seriously, it's the most awesome time. I can't wait to find out what my assignment will be this year!

I have decided that I won't be participating in [ profile] yuletide this year--for the first time since the fest started--because it takes more energy and inspiration than I have to spare right now. (I'll probably have to sit out the next couple years as well, because grad school.) SADNESS. :( I should probably stick to the one fest, although if anyone hears about any particularly tantalizing art-inclusive seasonal exchanges ... well. I'm going to have a lot of fannish motivation around that time, I b'lieve.

Inking over lunchbreak, whee.
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There is probably something about hiatuses that makes you want to post more. This is really just quick linking, though.

First, [ profile] yuletart nominations have just opened! If you participated last year, that means you should get your tail over there and nominate stuff. :D If you haven't participated, and you're a fanartist of any stripe, sign-ups will be opening in just over two weeks! Sign up. Seriously, it is the best fest I've participated in ever - multifannish and super-friendly! The contributions from past years are seriously amazing, too - go poke through the archives!

On a less happy note, via twitter - [ profile] cleolinda has a couple more livejournal privacy breaches to warn you about.

(I do have a whole bunch of dreamwidth codes, by the way, if anyone out there is considering making the switch. Feel free to comment or PM me.)

Right, I'm gone again. /o\
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Holiday reveals post! (Does this feel spammy to you? Last New Years-y item, I swear.)

So this year for [ profile] yuletide, I wrote Turn, a Gunnerkrigg Court fic. [personal profile] nextian requested Kat/Annie, which happened to be exactly what I'd been hoping to write. :D I had a lot of fun reviewing the comic, and trying to invent some new crazy Forest stuff that fit with the occasion, without interfering too much with any of the unsolved mysteries in canon. I am . . . not the most dynamic ficcer ever? But I'm pretty happy, overall, with how this came out.

And since [ profile] yuletart reveals are today, here's my contribution: a Middleman/Umbrella Academy fancomic. [ profile] bluelittlepig and I matched on four fandoms, so it was a little hard to pick. ;) I went with this combination because I love wacky fanart crossovers, and because there is no Middleman fanart out there. I'm super proud of the piece: I spent two solid weeks on it! (So much Photoshop, oh my god. I barely noticed the bus crawling home at half-speed, the day before Thanksgiving.) I think I may need to start reigning in the background detail a bit, though; that large panel is kind of, er, cluttered.

I had some awesome fannish holidays . . . I'll think of them fondly while I'm wallowing through admissions season at work. /o\ I'm going to try and get those [ profile] yuletart recs up tonight, but you should really go poke through the whole comm if you get the chance. What an amazing year.

roundup of this past year's fanart )
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My [ profile] yuletide story is going agonizingly slowly . . . so per as usual, then! I know what's happening all the way through, thank god, but that doesn't make it easy to put my thoughts on the page. Seriously, these word things are frustrating! Writing with pictures (or preferably a combination) is so much easier. :/

But but but! [ profile] yuletart has been delighting me throughout, and now I have art of my very own! :DDD Check out the hilarious (and pretty!) AOS OT3 comic panel that somebody drew all for me. (I am maybe a little overexcited and sleep deprived. But seriously!) I love everything about it, from the classic presentation to Spock's hilarious (but totes logical) thought bubble. Oh man, I am so happy right now.

Back to work. But. :D
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Working on my [ profile] yuletide fic is making me listen to more Tori Amos than I have in a long time. I'm too tied up in knots to get nostalgic, though, so that's good!

So, what do those of you who write fic do when you're working with an open canon? Particularly one that's full of suspense and unsolved mysteries? Do you just sort of make guesses and have fun with things you know will be jossed, or do you focus in on character relationships and little day-to-day normalities, and just sort of slide past the questions you're leaving unanswered?

Just curious. ;)

I've spent my evening alternately messing with notes/outlines, and working on cards with Pushing Daisies in the background. (God, this show is adorable!) I should sleep; I have managed to set tomorrow entirely aside for continuing both tasks. And maybe shopping for a calendar online, because I swear, there are no literary-themed calendars within the Cambridge city limits, and I don't have time to comb through Boston too. Shopping for my dad: WHY SO DIFFICULT?

But first! There is Middleman fanart at [ profile] yuletart. \o/ Sculpture, even. The quality and variety of the work this year has been completely fantastic in general . . . maybe I actually will do recs, but seriously, go see! It makes me so impatient, because I love getting four or five new pieces of art to view every day, but at the same time, I want to see them all right now.
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Oh man, it has been an awesome week for fanart. [ profile] glockgal's love meme is going to be my favorite thing for awhile . . . pages of new fanartists to browse through! :D Also, [ profile] yuletart started posting today. There are already three kickass pieces up (in Futurama, Bleach, and Sandman respectively).

I've been randomly watching Buffy episodes all week (seasons 1, 3, and 5 . . . that was totally an accident), writing cards to old friends, and to further add to the procrastination nostalgia trip, I wound up drawing some random Kim Possible femslash )

Also, it occurred to me that, since it's the end of the year and all, maybe I should stop sitting on a couple of things. Awhile back, I was going to do a big fanart post for [ profile] bexless's Heaven Help Us, but the main piece was really flopping and I put it aside for awhile. I might go back to it? But in the meantime, here are a couple of really small drawings. The first one's just directly from the text; the second takes some creative liberties.

Not that I'm not glad to see you, Father, I just don't want you to- )

This one gets warnings for blood and demonic possession. )

And now I should really go to bed, because tomorrow will involve some fairly epic errand-running.
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I am pretty thoroughly submerged right now! I've been working on coloring my [ profile] yuletart piece for days and there is so much more to do, which is kind of ridiculous. I'm not sure I've done such an elaborate coloring job (if still full of fudging and workarounds because I fail at Photoshop). . . ever. How does fandom always do this to me?

I really would like to finish it before I go home Wednesday evening, but that's looking more and more unlikely. /o\

Every time I surface briefly to glance at my flist, somebody has posted pictures of Adam Lambert kissing some dude. (Well, maybe that has just been today, since I guess he kissed the dude last night? But it feels like longer.) Ahaha, you guys. I am . . . not really taken with his music, for the most part (apart from the album title track, which is pretty spectacular), but your enthusiasm is endearing. Plus the shitty homophobic comments I stumble on elsewhere on the tubes almost make me wish I were more into him; I am kind of glad he exists, either way.

I'm only a little bit bitter that none of my fandoms has a David Bowie song challenge (so far as I know). :p

Anyway I'm behind on my un-canceled television (Merlin, White Collar) because I can only watch actual DVDs while I color (our player won't play my video files), and after I finish my drawing I have six pages of [ profile] yuletide source notes to immerse myself in . . . so I guess I'll remain pretty absent for the holiday duration. However! The MCR publicity machine has started revving again, slowly, and I am pleasantly anticipatory for the coming year. :) Even though it will not contain a second season of Eastwick (was I the only one watching that, dammit? boo).

And whoops, I owe a couple of you holiday card exchange info. (Speaking of things I should really try to get done this week, and whee, more Photoshop. /o\)
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Whee, so, I moved. My new place is pretty fantastic; the kitchen's a bit small (we're going to have to purchase extra storage, or we'll have to somehow choose between having food and having things to cook/eat with), but my room's bigger than the other and my new roomie has a pretty fabulous (eccentric) sense of decor. (I will probably picspam eventually, once I've had time to unpack and decorate a bit.) We broke in our shiny new TV by watching Beetlejuice over take-out pasta. I think things are going to be awesome.

Well, except that there's still nobody to replace me on my old lease. I refuse to panic. Things are not going to un-busy themselves for awhile yet, clearly.

And fandom's still lovely and distracting! I am psyched about my [ profile] yuletart assignment, omg. Only it was a very good matching job (&mods;), and I'm having trouble choosing between four different fandoms. ([ profile] guinsky says I can't do more than one piece. She's probably right.) I could maybe do a crossover? IDK IDK IDK.

(Dear Yuletart Santa: I don't have much to add, but I hope you have fun! I am already thrilled. Oh, and JSYK, there was no fandom order of preference there at all, for serious.)

I also wound up changing my [ profile] yuletide nominations. )

I can't wait until nominations close, so I can start putting a to-offer list together! I'm intrigued by some of the album nominations, although I have to say . . . I don't really get some of them. There's no real overarching theme or common "characters" in Graceland, say, or Revolver, or most of Dar's albums. I know people enjoy stretching in all kinds of directions for this challenge, and I really enjoy watching them go, but I don't particularly see the appeal of writing fanfiction for something that doesn't really have a story to it in the first place. (I suppose that [ profile] yuletide does seriously muddle the whole definition of "fanfiction" thing pretty regularly, too.)

As always, I'm just seriously excited to see what everyone comes up with this year.
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Oh man. I watched The Wrath of Khan for the first time (twice) this week, and I just keep thinking "I hate it when villains quote Shakespeare" and chuckling to myself. I really want to watch Farscape again, right now. (It doesn't hurt that reboot!Kirk's characterization reminds me of John Crichton more than Shatner.)

Apart from that, I've been watching a bunch of TV. I caught up with Leverage long since and have been making my way through various peoples' bookmarks (I can see that this is going to be another deserving fandom that's tragically short of fic, but at least that means [ profile] yuletide - I might actually make two requests in one fandom this year). Eastwick is ridiculously entertaining, though I'm a little terrified that it'll go south suddenly. (That choice of phrasing was actually not on purpose, but now I kind of have to leave it.) Merlin continues to be bad but endearing, and I actually should write a little more about various developments if I ever remember. And well, there's Dollhouse. I watched the unaired first season episode back-to-back with the second season premiere, and I don't even know. Still can't look away.

I would really like to go see Amanda Palmer play with the Boston Pops on New Years Eve, but damn, those are some pricy tickets. I might pay that much to see Bowie, but that's about it. :(

Lastly, [ profile] yuletart sign-ups end in three days!
Kirk says sign up!

Errrr. I don't know, I've been looking for any excuse to try drawing them, and this was a quick first attempt? (So much more Uhura later. And er, all-around better, I hope.) I'm ridiculous. And excited. :D

And I should really go to bed. I'm even worse at that than usual, lately.
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Well, first and foremost: [ profile] yuletart sign-ups are live! :DDD OMG, I am so excited for this. A little sorry that I got into Leverage just too late to nominate it, but still. I requested bandom (MCR), Farscape, X-Men, Star Trek (TOS or XI), and The Middleman (because hope springs eternal), and I offered a whole ton of stuff! Kind of have a feeling I'll wind up drawing Merlin, but we shall see. :D

I have so much artistic energy lately; it's awesome. I'm currently working on some guest comic strips for a friend, and I have a couple random fanart pieces going as well. (As usual, fanart's good for making me try different things: I've been avoiding Photoshop again, but some of those will require it.)

Also, have I mentioned that I love Leverage? *_* (I need to make some icons.) I've been having a pretty rough week with non-art things, so I canceled my plans for last night and wound up watching the first five episodes of the second season straight through (while cooking and drawing). I love all the characters so much (particularly Hardison and Parker, because I'm predictable), and it's one of the most fun, relaxing viewing experiences I've had in ages. It mostly doesn't piss me off! How strange. /o\ Plus, talk about a cathartic theme.

I wonder if it'll be eligible for [ profile] yuletide? I haven't even thought about what I'm going to ask for yet. My two other big fannish preoccupations (bandom and Star Trek) don't remotely qualify, but I have no idea what Leverage fic is like (I will have to investigate).
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I love inking things quite a lot, but I should not sneak doing bits of it under my desk at work. /o\ Man, this comic strip is in-jokey . . . nobody in the world is going to be able to understand most of it, except [ profile] sweetvalleyslut. (Which is okay, because it's for her.) Coming out pretty, though.

SO, fanartists on my flist. Have I hassled you about participating in [ profile] yuletart yet? :p

[ profile] yuletart is a multifandom fanart exchange for the holidays; much like [ profile] yuletide is for fic, except with no restrictions for obscurity (they're even allowing Harry Potter this year). In the past it's been a total mix of fandoms, styles, and folks from all over the webs! These multifannish holiday exchanges are seriously my favorite part of fandom ever, and you know you want to get in on that. :D

Everyone in the community is seriously friendly and the mods are totally nice; it's a great end-of-year experience. It looks like Star Trek, Merlin, and Harry Potter will probably be pretty big this year; there's always a fair assortment of anime, too, and we had quite a lot of bandom stuff last year! (I think I may not offer it this year? Just because I've done so much lately, and it'd be neat to do a different fandom each year. We'll see!) So yes, you guys should check it out - there's an ice-breaker post going on right now, and sign-ups start September 20 (after nominations, which start next week, for those of you who have participated before). ♥

Okay, I'm done plugging now. I'm just seriously excited; since the end of my vacation, life's been a morass of roomie search, orientation prep, art-rut and illness, but it's clearing up now. I've been watching a lot of this year's Vividcon vids (maybe I'll rec a couple later), and feeling gleefully multifannish again, which is awesome. I'll probably be dialing down the fanart production in favor of original work, but still, I am full of fandom love.

Also, it occurs to me that I'm not watching much in the way of current TV. I'm enjoying TOS, and I might check out the first season of Mad Men, but what are you guys watching? Leverage seems to have gained a big foothold on my flist, huh? I have no idea what that's about, but I might have to check it out while I'm waiting for Merlin and Being Human to come back.
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Oh man, so, life. Last week was et up with roommate search, and as soon as that was accomplished (it was stressful at the time, but in retrospect very fast), the heat descended. I've been staying the hell out of my apartment as much as possible ("hell" being the operative word). Boo. Hiss. I've still only heard one of MCR's new songs, I still haven't watched the What A Catch video . . . not to mention, sit down with my sketchbook for more than five minutes at a time. Fortunately, it seems to be cooling down a bit. Maybe I should reconsider this A/C thing next year.

I have not been doing much fandomy stuff lately - mostly I've been sitting around reading political blogs, actual books (Dorothy L. Sayers for vacation, and now I'm rereading Stoppard's The Invention of Love ♥), and comics of course. Mike Carey's new book, The Unwritten, is pretty awesome. So meta! *_* (Thanks for the rec, [ profile] fuschia. :D) I want to buy the huuuge Locas II SO MUCH, OMG, but it is expensive! I have been spending way too much money on things like #LOFNOTC shirts and Middleman DVDs.

Also, I've been attempting to slog through this tiny little fannish-injoke-nostalgia comic strip for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut (seriously, it's eight panels; WHAT IS THE DEAL), but I seem to be in rut-land. (Hence having to drop out of [ profile] bandgirlsbang. :(((( Which began posting today, check it out!) BUT. Here is the perfect (if early) bit of excitement to shake me out of that: [ profile] yuletart is gearing up again! ♥

So hey, fanartists on my flist . . . if you haven't participated in this thing yet, you must check it out. It is AMAZING. I'm so excited; I am totally in the mood for multi/obscure fandom doings, and this year I should have time to pinch-hit! \o/ \o/ \o/
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Hey, so, I'm home. My laptop's still squirreled away in a drawer at the office, but one of my roomies was nice enough to lend me his.

The trip was pretty fabulous, and I'll have photos and stories later if everyone wants. I have to catch up on holiday exchange comments (and responses), various posted things, ninety kajillion [ profile] yuletide fic, etc . . . and work is likely to descend into madness almost immediately (I'm back tomorrow). So I should probably go to bed, but first!

Holiday exchanges were lovely this year, though I was sad to be away for much of the posting & anonymity. Now that the reveals are all done, however, I figured I'd share.

For [ profile] go_exchange, the holidays with Newt and Anathema. )

For [ profile] yuletart, Pete goes down on his knees for Patrick. )

For [ profile] yuletide, I wrote a little story based on the comic series Hopeless Savages, which is far and away the most obscure fandom I've tried yet. any taste that you feel is right describes a day in which young Twitch Strummer Hopeless-Savage feels a little off-balance, but the usual familial antics help to put things right. I'm a little shaky on this one, it feels like . . . it could have been longer? Or possibly just worked better as a comic. Prose is kind of awkward and difficult for me these days. Need to work on that.

I also received some lovely gifts. :) From [ profile] mandyvonblandy, a cute little Good Omens comic in which Crowley's Christmas card upsets Aziraphale's sense of propriety. From [ profile] derawr, a classic (flying) moonlight kiss, starring Karolina & Nico from Runaways. And from [ profile] hikaru, Nothing Is Innocent Now, a sensual coda to Sarah Waters' Fingersmith. Much appreciated. ♥

I've been trying not to crash for hours, but I really should go do that already. I hope you guys enjoy the art. Happy New Year, I missed you all!


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