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So, um, July swallowed me whole, apparently. Wow.

Tomorrow's my last day at work! I've been doing this academic administrative assistant job for three and a half years now, which has been ... pretty damn significant. It's the job I left home to take, in order to save for grad school and get some experience actually living ~out in the world. And while it hasn't exactly been doing anything I love (and has always, always been temporary) ... it's been a pretty great place to work, and I've grown up a lot while I've been here. So there's a bit of mixed emotion involved.

Still, ugh, freedom.

I'm off home to see the Decemberists with my brother this weekend, and then back for my very last week in Somerville; I'll be moving out on the seventh, and spending a few weeks in the Valley with my parents before heading north to start school. It's all a bit of a whirl at this point! I sort of wish I'd left myself more time between the end of my job and my departure, but at the same time, I'm already pretty bad at goodbyes ... I tend to either draw them out forever until it gets really tedious, or I sort of turn on my heel and go without a word. This is almost a happy medium! I should get a chance to spend time with most of my local people in between packing and financial stuff and my last couple of driving lessons. (Did I mention I'm learning to drive at last? And I picked the Boston area to do it in? Yeah, that ... hasn't been boring.)

There have been fun things going on, too! Most recently, I attended a Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showing for my roommate's birthday, and showed up in terrifying vinyl platform-heeled boots that were originally purchased for a Brian Slade costume in college. (I did not fall over, even during the Time Warp, though there was some wobbling.) And tomorrow night, I've been invited to a Labyrinth viewing party; costumes are apparently encouraged. I just ... yes.

And I'm sure those of you who would be interested have already seen this, but the Legend of Korra trailer released at SDCC looks amazing, holy fuck.

There hasn't been nearly enough art, but the stuff I've done has been extra enjoyable, perhaps to make up for that.

Anyway, enough boring RL blather. I'll be back to post art, or ramble about composite-canon fandoms (oh, X-Men: First Class, I wish I had TIME for you), or rant about the relative lack of media with primarily female casts, probably after I get this moving thing done. (I'm looking forward to my mini vacation so much: time to do whatever art I like, before the assignments start rolling in!)

Also, ugh, this DDoS thing is dragging on and on ... and while I'm on that, if you know anyone who might like a Dreamwidth code, feel free to point them my way.
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I really have no idea what fandom is doing to my brain lately. I fell asleep last night after watching part of this Grant Morrison panel from Comicon '08, which was delightful. Seriously, I love watching him talk more than most people. But then, I proceeded to dream that I was having a standoff with him in a doorway (I don't remember why, or who all the other people with us were), and I shot him in the shoulder. D: D: D: He was like, "psh, I'm okay" when I rushed over immediately after, but I woke myself up in dismay. WTF was that, subconscious? I mean, I appreciate the part where he let me look over concept sketches for a new comic (which apparently involved a rock band with some kind of Edwardian masquerade theme), but.

Oh dear. Too much Killjoys, possibly. Too much BLI!Patrick fanart-in-progress (and frankly, interviews like this one are not helping).

Which isn't to say that I can ever get enough of this band. Oh my goodness, Gerard Way, I am not sure my love for you can be textually rendered. "Don't ever let the media tell you what your body's supposed to look like. You're beautiful the way you are." ♥♥♥ Also, that is possibly the most coherent interview I've ever seen him give.

Bizarre dreams aside, all the distraction is appreciated, because work has been pretty tense lately; my boss had to take open-ended "informal familial leave" to take care of her sick mother, and as she's not very good at delegating, I've been trying to figure out how to take on a pile of essential tasks I have very little idea how to accomplish. Which may be fairly moot, as I've just learned that her mother passed away last night. There's still plenty to do.

Oh, I keep forgetting; [community profile] white_lotus reveals are up. :) There's a whole bunch of lovely fic, art, vids & crafts to check out! I drew Some Like It Hotman, a short comic in which Sokka shows up to, ahem, drag Zuko away from his Fire Lordly duties for awhile. ;)
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I've been in bandom for almost three years now, but I'm still occasionally taken by surprise when that whole 'overinvestment in celebrities' lives' thing rears its head. And yet here I am, reeling sadly over Pete/Ashlee divorce proceedings. Real life, IDEK. :(

It's a little odd that I was already working on a bunch of FOB-related art for the first time in ages. I have a larger Killjoys!AU piece to finish at some point, but in the meantime, [personal profile] jjtaylor requested some Patrick art, and this happened:

Patrick Stump, agent of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W

I couldn't resist the reference to his opening comments on "Love Selfish Love," though I'm not sure this is even quite in character for the whole BL/ind concept I was going for. Also? My first attempt at drawing him (in an approximation of his current look) wound up looking an awful lot like David Bowie (whose likeness I have struggled with, off and on, for years). I'm sure he'd be pleased.

In other fandom news, I received my [community profile] white_lotus gift yesterday; it's another amazing vid, full of gorgeous swoopy motion shots and heart-catching character moments. CAST OF MY HEART, basically. ♥ I appreciate my mystery vidder very much.

I've been back to not having time for much fic, the last week or two (although I've torn through three volumes of The Invisibles on the bus; I'm liking it more and more as I go on); however, after last night's White Collar, I find myself really craving some OT3 kinkfic. I don't suppose anyone has any recs? ;)
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I meant to do a post-FOB exploration this weekend, but I mostly wound up getting stuck on Patrick. I've lost track of how many times I've listened to the Rolling Stones acoustic performance of "Love Selfish Love" since Friday night, and I want that album now. ("Hereby hangs a tale," much?) Need to give the Black Cards more than just a first listen, but I'm intrigued. (Oh Pete, what IS that outfit? I love that first shot, with Bebe looking completely gorgeous in the front, and then ... bear wolf.)

The other thing I couldn't stop watching all weekend was this Avatar vid to Vienna Teng's "Watershed," because JFC is it gorgeous and powerful.

Things have been looking up in general. In spite of the dangerously icy condition of all the sidewalks in the city, I've really been enjoying this whole forty-degrees-and-sunny thing we have going. (It's an evil NE trick, I know that, but I might as well get what I can out of it.) I even ventured out of my cave apartment to attend a clothing swap on Saturday, which also involved some comics talk and a competitive game of Uno, because I know good sorts of people. :) Also I drew some things; there might be a locked announcement about minicomics and etsy in the next couple of weeks, if people don't mind a little plugging.

Speaking of things I've drawn: I am not entirely pleased with this one, but I like the concept enough that I've changed my mind about not posting it. I have too many ideas right now to try redrawing. /o\ Also, contains GRANT. )

People making comics, as subject matter, is apparently irresistible.
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I am back at work after another "snow day" (it was really slush and ice, and therefore worse), much of which I spent rather delightfully hanging out with [ profile] omnia_mutantur and her cats. Focus eludes me, so here is a post about many exciting fannish challenges that are going on right now.

So first of all, [ profile] bandombigbang artist sign-ups are now open! I so wish I could sign up for both waves, but the second one is happening right around the time I'll be quitting my job, packing up all my possessions, and gearing up to move north for grad school. I have been stupid about taking on fannish commitments before, but yeah, no.

Also, [ profile] trekreversebang artist sign-ups are closed, but author sign-ups are ongoing! :D? :D? I have to think of what to draw now, meep. (You could always share some prompts, no strings attached!)

On the other end of schedule things, posting has begun for the Lunar New Year Exchange at [community profile] white_lotus, which promises to be fucking amazing. Multimedia Avatar: the Last Airbender fanworks (one will be by me)! And I haven't had a chance to do much more than skim the many [ profile] halfamoon offerings yet, but I very much enjoyed the Tightrope vid by [personal profile] such_heights (kickass women in multiple fandoms set to Janelle Monae! ♥).

Oh, on one important real life note: my amazing roommate is going to be losing her job in a little over a month, because the local stationary chain she currently works for is shutting down. :( If anyone hears about decent full-time work (probably in the clerical or customer service areas ... or art-related?) local to the Boston area, I'd be grateful for a heads-up. ♥
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Well, so I'm back almost a day early. :) I was tempted with Grant Morrison, okay? But still, I'm going to count my little fast as a success. It yielded some good results (I'll share some before the weekend's over).

Of course, now I'm behind on everything; people sure were posty while I was gone, jeez. So I'll have to do a lot of catching up starting tomorrow. In the meantime, I see that I did in fact miss [ profile] yuletart reveals!

I contributed this Avatar: the Last Airbender fancomic (Zuko & Iroh-centric, gen, post-series). It was wonderful to finally have a chance to work in one of my most beloved fandoms! I had a lot of fun with the red/gold color scheme, and man, Zuko is entertaining to work with. ♥ Posting a larger version below!

The Dragon of the West, Victorious (Again) )

Ooh, and now, bed.
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Uh, I've kind of been skimming the massive outpouring of MCR press, so I just noticed that Gerard made a GLAM ROCK PLAYLIST for Rolling Stone. I don't even. Good morning. ♥

I won't lie; part of the reason I love "Vampire Money" so much is for the Sweet-style opening, and the Bowie and Bolan namechecking.

While I'm spamming, did I mention that you should sign up for this Avatar: The Last Airbender exchange? Not due 'til January, takes fic, art, vids, crafts and more, and sign-ups end in two days! GO GO GO.
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I've been buzzing around trying to make a few more art deadlines for next week (fan & original), but I did take the time to whip something up for [ profile] theopteryx's Killjoy Art Meme. You should definitely check it out, and perhaps join in - [ profile] theopteryx has thoughtfully provided a raygun template for decorating, if you don't feel like designing a whole Killjoy. Here's my Mary Sue contribution )

I enjoy the creative philosophy of this new MCR album so much. It feels absolutely perfect for where I am in my life right now (and so did TBP when I discovered it, though I was several years late on that one - funny thing).

I enjoy ... pretty much everything ELSE about it, too. I'm not sure I could nail down favorite songs, really, but "Vampire Money" is certainly up there. Also "Planetary (GO!)" and "Bulletproof Heart" for sure ... really, the only track I'm not completely in love with is "Summertime" (I like the New Wave style all right, but the lyrics aren't really clicking with me, IDK). I'm psyched to see them play some of it live (in a week already, yikes)! Anyone else going to the New York show with Gaslight Anthem? (Apart from the people I already know about, of course - you know who you are. ♥)

On another fannish note, I see that the [community profile] white_lotus comm has opened Lunar New Year Exchange sign-ups. Okay, SERIOUSLY, guys ... there needs to be so much more Avatar: The Last Airbender fanwork around here. I rewatched the third season over the course of last week, and goddamn, that show. My heart. (This was only the second time I've watched the finale, and damn, Zuko and Iroh made me cry.)

I desperately want more fic, but if you don't write (like me), you can still participate! They're taking "fic, vids, art, icons, crafts, and (potentially) other stuff," which is deeply awesome; plus, the deadline isn't until the end of January! Of course, sign-ups do end this Monday already, so GET ON THAT. (The comm is on dreamwidth, but you don't need to have an account!)

I should probably get back to family times now, whoops. I'm so disoriented, after spending most of my fall in an art cave; the holiday season has never crept up on me this badly before.
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So the school I work for is closely surrounded by a number of hospitals and (mostly medically-oriented) universities; it feels like a large, combined campus. This morning I stepped off the bus and was walking along one of the interior streets, about to turn onto the individual campus of "my" school ... when I stopped, turned, and looked at the turkey standing next to me.

Wild turkeys! There were several of them (I couldn't count exactly because some of them were foraging under the evergreen bushes), cool as you please, just hanging out in the plantings by a university building. They gradually drifted backwards as I continued to stare, but didn't seem unduly concerned with my presence (or that of other passersby).

I don't even know. It made me really happy. (I let the security guard in the building know, in case they were in any danger and might need to be safely moved, but!) I'm going camping in Maine with [ profile] sweetvalleyslut's family in a week and a half; I just can't wait to get out of the city for a few days.

Speaking of things that make me happy, an official sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender has been announced, and it looks amazing. There isn't a lot of detail yet, but there's enough to make me excited (girl Avatar! Southern Water Tribe Avatar! non-Victorian steampunk city! international, multi-bender society! Aang's airbending son!) - and check out the tough-looking female protagonist! OMG, I cannot wait for next year. :DDDDDDD

I'm not feeling much of my past longing to attend SDCC, but if any more of the inevitable news deluge is half as awesome as that, it should be an exciting weekend.

Oh, I picked up the last volume of Scott Pilgrim on Tuesday - now that I've read it, I'll be passing it along to my brother as always. I like it okay; as with the rest of the series, I found it to be fun in a fluffy sort of way, but not really worth the hype. It did fix a few of the issues I was having with its female cast members, more or less, which was a pleasant surprise.

[ETA:] Check out this interview with Avatar creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko (via [ profile] racebending)!

Mike and I, we love those characters too, and we’ve encountered countless fans who are male who really like those characters too. We just don’t subscribe to the conventional wisdom that you can’t have an action series led by a female character. It’s kinda nonsense to us.

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Mmm, that was a pretty nice long weekend, all things considered. I mostly took a break from the internet, cleaned up my room/part of my apartment in preparation for the new bookcases I'm getting next weekend (finally, my books will have a home), hung out and sung along to 1776 with a lot of wonderful people at [ profile] omnia_mutantur's, perched on some MIT stairs with my roommate to watch Boston's best fireworks display in years, cooked some tasty things, and was grateful (if mildly guilty) for my apartment's AC. Also I didn't draw much, tsk. I need to try and be productive more steadily and less in bursts. I did get my comics anthology submission all wrapped up and submitted Friday night, though, so there's that - now I'm back at the point I was supposed to be at right after college. \o/ /o\

I have one last The Last Airbender-related link to share (for now), which I think is rather important: The Last Airbender: who is to blame? by [personal profile] glockgal at [ profile] racebending. It's about the danger of scapegoating M. Night Shyamalan rather than focusing on the institutionalized racism that is really at the root of the TLA debacle, and even comes with handy visual aid. (Sure, Shyamalan has been showing his ass quite enthusiastically throughout, but he's not behind the decades of systematic whitewashing in American cinema, and his likely disgrace won't prevent more of the same in the future.)

I haven't found the energy to write about Wonder Woman and why the "reboot" bothers me so much ... probably because I find Wonder Woman so difficult to talk about in general? I've stayed away from past discussions of her because they tend to focus around how some people find her boring or unrelatable, whereas I have this lingering childhood hero-worship that makes their perspective very difficult to comprehend. Also, I find that it's hard to take off the lifelong comics-reader goggles to a certain extent; I've realized that Diana's previous lack of pants didn't bother me, depending entirely on how she was drawn/characterized in her individual appearances. I've had a lot of feminist anger about the portrayal of female characters in superhero comics since the age of eleven or so, but the star-spangled bathing suit doesn't entirely fit into that for me. Relatedly, I still haven't found the words to defend her importance to me as an icon, in spite of the fact that nostalgia for "classic" superheros has been an enormous issue with DC recently (and I've fallen squarely on the side of irritation with that attitude - would have even if I could put aside the rampant racefail that's been involved, which I can't).

It's much easier to explain my anger about the deaths of her mother and culture, and possibly my longtime irritation at most "grim and gritty" superhero revamping, but ... yeah, my thoughts are just not together on this. /o\ I love that I can write a huge paragraph about how I don't know how to write about this issue, too, sheesh. For now, though? Gloria Steinem sums it up. (Still behind on the coverage, too, but that caught my eye.)

Also, I'm starting to catch up on the current Vividcon warnings/ablism/etc discussion, though I feel like the posts I've read have been too scattered to give me a comprehensive picture yet. However, I generally tend to come down on the side of making fannish spaces as safe and comfortable for everyone as possible (except as regards being called out for fail), and against jumping on marginalized people (at all, but specifically) when they ask for what they need. This is one of those uncomfortable instances of fannish fail where some of the faily things are being said by people I've liked and respected over the years, which is always extra-fun.

Whew. I don't think it's necessarily that fandom is more full of fail than usual lately; I think it's getting more attention than it used to (at least, in my "corner" of fandom). The sheer volume is getting a bit hard to follow, with the increasing IRL/art obligations, but I want to keep up as much as possible. (It helps that I've developed an interest in an older fandom where the fic mostly doesn't mesh with my stylistic tastes! My life is clearly the hardest, pfft.)
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Hey there! I'm still pretty snowed under - missed my deadline, naturally, but the anthology editors say they'll continue accepting submissions for a few more days. Will definitely be done tonight. /o\

Following up on my previous post, however, here's a quick roundup of Avatar/The Last Airbender-related links. has a (neutral) rundown of The Last Airbender Film: Changes from the Cartoon Series, for the curious.

-Preliminary Thoughts on Race and Gender in The Last Airbender over at the [ profile] racebending comm. The racefail sounds about as awful as expected, but I still managed to be surprised by the genderfail, a little. :/ Ugh. The strong female characters were a large part of what initially drew me to A:TLA - so disheartening.

-[personal profile] bossymarmalade posted a powerful example of why the hell stuff like this matters: but we must always be polite about it.

-A:TLA's own Dante Basco (who voiced Zuko - you may also know him from films like Hook or But I'm A Cheerleader! ♥) discussed the boycott in his blog: See, if you can get some Asian actors in the machine of Hollywood and they exist as a viable commodity, it can spark more projects that can support the voice and face of the Asian community and level the playing ground a little. But when we can’t even land roles that were so clearly created as Asian roles, its a bit disheartening.

-The film is generally getting truly abysmal reviews, which is some comfort, although as [personal profile] cereta points out, far too many of them are dismissing the race controversy as unimportant. io9 has a brilliantly over-the-top snarkfest review that you may find cathartic: M. Night Shyamalan Finally Made A Comedy.

I have very mixed feelings related to the orgy of disapproval that seems to be raining down onto the film. On the one hand, I want it to do very poorly, so I won't lie - I'm thrilled that the reviews are terrible, and I hope that carries over to the box office. On the other hand, it's depressing that the race issue probably won't be credited for its failure (if it does fail). Also, I was watching a handful of A:TLA episodes during my inking marathon last night, and it hit me (again) how amazing a movie adaptation could have been. The cartoon doesn't need to be adapted, mind; it's awesome all by itself. (I do get a little tired of film being held up as the be-all and end-all of storytelling mediums, but that's a grumble for another day, if ever.) But still. What a waste.

One other thing that's had my dander up over the last few days: Wonder Woman's "new direction." There's been a lot of coverage of this that I definitely haven't had time to read, but I have a feeling I'm going to spend a fair chunk of my weekend on it. /o\ I'm ... really upset about the whole thing, which kind of took me by surprise. I can't get into it now, obviously, so here, check out this nifty alternative redesign by [ profile] _ming: Diana of Themyscira.

I really have to get the hell off the internet, but before I go, here's something AWESOME. Back in the immediate aftermath of the SPN racefail with the J2-in-Haiti fic, [personal profile] glockgal posted this amazing fancomic with Desi versions of Sam and Dean, which you may have seen. I loved it, and I love this new follow-up even more. (Guest-starring Durga! And wait until you see Castiel's new earthly incarnation!) I've never watched an entire episode of Supernatural, but I would watch the hell out of that show. ♥
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So tomorrow, The Last Airbender opens in theaters across the United States and Canada. As I mentioned previously, I will be boycotting it.

Please, do not give this movie your money. The Last Airbender is an egregious example of institutional racism in action. That's really the important part, but just in case you've missed all the discussion and activism that's gone on since the casting was first announced, I'll try and provide a little background. This is not as thorough as I would have liked to be, but I'll also provide links to some fantastic resources and articles that are well-worth checking out.

Believe me, this is in brief. )

When I've talked to people about The Last Airbender in person, I've been met with a fair amount of complacent shrugging - a whole lot of "what do I care? what does this have to do with me?" That's privilege talking. I understand that we all have to pick our battles; that this one movie may not be something you can focus all your energy or outrage on. But surely, you can care enough not to pay for one movie ticket. It's hardly a lot to ask.

As I noted above, there's an enormous amount of material out there on the topic; your best source of information would be the Racebending website, which is overflowing with information and resources. They have a primer on the whitewashing of The Last Airbender here, and most of my own thoughts on the topic have been informed by discussion and links posted at [ profile] racebending. Most of the articles I've linked come from them.

Here are a few more links I'd recommend:

These Are My Colors, by [ profile] ssj10.

a few (a lot of) words on racism and paramount and the last airbender, by [ profile] starweather (also contains a lot of great links)

The Last Airbender Movie, by Gene Luen Yang (amazing creator of American Born Chinese, co-creator of The Eternal Smile, and more).

New day in politics, same old racist world on the silver screen, by Derek Kirk Kim (another fantastic cartoonist). (An older post, made back when the casting was first announced, but I think it's an extremely important read - even with all the image links broken.)

And, here's a quick list of the specific articles I linked within my post, for convenience:
-Paramount Pictures – Diversity in the 21st Century? (
-Yellowface: A Story In Pictures (
-FacePainting (Floating World on tumblr)
-Caucasian or Any Other Ethnicity (
-The Problem With Colorblindness (Faith Bell, guest contributor at

Not that this is an excuse, but I'm pretty tired and overwhelmed with comic work right now, and I feel like I've completely run out of steam at this point - so I'm about to hit post. If you find anything problematic, and you have the energy/inclination I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know.
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Something I've been meaning to post about for awhile now: the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie casting. I know I mentioned it awhile back, when I first heard the news, but I think it could use some elaboration.

If you've never watched Avatar, I highly recommend it. It's not only one of the best cartoons I've ever seen: it's some of the best television I've watched, period. It has a large cast of well-developed characters; notably, a sizeable number of kickass female characters, who are "kickass" in more ways than just "they are hot and punch people." (I mean, female characters with character.) It has a gripping plot, completely fantastic worldbuilding, it's both hilarious and serious, doesn't talk down to the kids who are its intended audience, and is certainly complex enough to hold adult interest. (It also has several adorable canon het couples, and plenty of slash and femslash potential.) Oh yeah, and it's a fantasy world more or less entirely based on Asian cultures (the way so many of the high fantasy worlds I grew up were based on England/western Europe).

Frankly, this is the kind of show, the kind of storytelling, that we desperately need more of.

So of course, for the live-action Hollywood adaptation, white kids have been cast to play the heroes. All of them. (One of those kids has been heard to comment that he'll "need to get a tan.") More recently, they've cast actors of color in all the major villain roles.

I can't say my expectations for a Hollywood version of this brilliant show were ever exactly high, but this is truly abominable. It's so blatant, I . . . honestly, it's hard to find words. It inspires a visceral, sick-to-my-stomach kind of anger.

For much more thorough information and actual, you know, eloquence, check out this website. The site was established by fans who have been working their asses off to raise awareness and bring their concerns right to the studio, and it has all kinds of resources and suggestions about how to help. Speaking of which!

Even if you're not an Avatar fan, I hope you'll consider signing this petition in protest of the whitewashing. This isn't an issue of fannish entitlement, this is racism in action; and while I don't usually put much stock in online petitions, I doubt it can hurt. (Particularly since it's meant to be delivered physically; these people are dedicated, they'll get it done.) It's so easy to do, too.

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Stil so ridiculously busy, at work and out of it. At this rate I will probably be reading Staring Through The Demons in January. :( Well, I'm likely to need it at that point (admissions hell and all).

My [ profile] yuletide fic is moving forward, thank goodness, though I kind of took a break tonight to clean our filthy living room. (Much better.) Also in exciting holiday news, [ profile] yuletart started posting today! FAVORITE. :DDDD Highlights so far include this amusing seasonal Buffy piece and Labyrinth fanart that BLOWS ME AWAY. Also there's a very pretty rendering of movie-verse Tony Stark and some cute frolicking Pokemon . . . and eighty-eight pieces of multifandom fanart left to go. Hot damn.

Flist, I don't know those of you who are Avatar fans have heard about the movie casting controversy? The four major roles in the film--Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Zuko--have apparently been given to unknown white actors (one of whom is a teen pop musician I've never heard of). If you think there's something deeply, painfully wrong about all this . . . well, I couldn't agree more. I wish I had time for eloquence right now. [ profile] glockgal has posted profusely on the topic recently (I can't even pick which post to link to). There is also a letter-writing campaign protesting the whitewashing, to be found here: [ profile] aang_aint_white. I definitely plan to join in.

Hrm. I should go sleep so I'm alert enough to answer applicant questions and jot down bits of fic all day tomorrow. At least I seem to have secured a place to sleep during those four nights in London.
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Life continues to distract me away from fandom lately! I've been lingering around the edges, so I've caught all the exciting Fall Out Boy material (oh fandom, where is all the Pete/Patrick/Ashlee? ♥), but between the presidential debates and family/[ profile] penguinkye visits, distracting reading material (Perdido Street Station and a whole lot of blog coverage of the Minx imprint cancellation), and creating fictional band merch, I've been pretty gone. But!

There are nearly eighty sign-ups at [ profile] yuletart right now, and we have a week to go. That is amazing. :D We seem to be skewing pretty heavily towards anime fandoms, which really isn't all that surprising, but there's a fair amount of variety in there. And it looks like we're practically guaranteed some Avatar art, whee. (Conversation over in [ profile] glockgal's journal has me pondering the ending of the show again. Also pairings, so many pairings!)

Randomly (and belatedly), I'm getting kind of excited about Razia's Shadow. I hadn't really heard of Forgive Durden before (I'm thinking I should check out some of their older music?), but I love concept albums and musicals, and this one sounds intriguing. Also, anything that features Greta . . . (You can hear one whole preview track here, briefly featuring Brendon. Click on "Forgive Durden - The Exit," under "Exclusive Streams.")

Am feeling strangely torn between my love of October and my highly unusual impatience for November, though if the election goes the way I don't want, I might regret the latter. (At least I'll have good comics and music to console me.) Meanwhile, I have a [ profile] sae starting on Friday! Comics and holiday-times will abound (and I'll probably be pretty scarce for awhile). :D
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So I just finished watching the Avatar finale.

Sozen's Comet reaction babble, all spoiler-ful. )

I love my show. ♥ Maybe at some point I'll talk about it as a whole, a bit more coherently. (Probably not, given my track record? We'll see.)
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Everytime someone mentions Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, I get this song by They Might Be Giants stuck in my head. "Mr. Horrible, Mr. Horrible, telephone call for Mr. Horrible . . ."

As for Dr. Horrible, it was generally marvelous, but spoilers )

Last night's Avatar, on the other hand . . . oh, the ♥meta.♥ Every time I think it's impossible for me to love that show any more than I already do, it proves me wrong. Everything from mocking their own storytelling, to out-and-out mocking the 'shippers (I do always love it when the canon mocks the 'shippers, I confess). Just beautiful.

It is far too hot; time to abscond to a friendly local cafe with my sketchbooks. (You know, I've drawn porn in public before. It should not be paranoia-inducing to contemplate having my bandom reference sheets with me there.) Not taking my laptop; I think I need some time away from the internet.
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Do you know what I love, flist? I love fancomics so, so much. Any number of fabulous artists who I adore (and some of you know who you are) have done lovely and often hilarious oneshots, but there are a couple of longer, continuing ones that fill my heart with glee.

Recs in completely random fandoms: Xena, Labyrinth/Phantom, Avatar, and bandom (obviously)! )

I love that, once again, I am in a fandom with some seriously outstanding fanartists. (Something I didn't expect, in an RPF fandom! Shame on me.) It makes me such a happy fangirl.

Ugh, I should probably get dressed, huh? I was up seriously late working on an original piece (I was just so happy to have the opportunity and the inspiration all at once).
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I'm not really sure why I keep trying to keep all my ideas a secret until I produce them. I mean, it makes sense for presents and things like poncho!Vicky-T, but not everything has to be a surprise. Maybe if I talk about some of them, I will still be motivated to work on them even when I'm all tired after work. (Not today, because I have a [ profile] cilghal to drag around Harvard Square in search of comics! But more often!)

Standard Lilith!art disclaimer: I am insanely slow, and I make no promises. I want to draw so many things and never do! But I always hope to improve on that. :)

things I want to be drawing right now kthx )

Of course, I won't work on any of this next week, because I'll still have all the Big Bang fic to catch up on. :DDD:

In other news, I guess I'm going to have to learn to conduct myself in fandom without hiding behind [ profile] sweetvalleyslut anymore. Yikes.

(Everyone think good thoughts for her with me, okay? She is my beloved very bestest of friends in the whole world, and all kinds of mush that you wouldn't even believe, and she is going out into the world in such a freaking literal sense! Where she will ROCK THE SOCKS OFF everyone in eastern Europe. ♥♥♥)
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Nnnrgh. I was totally going to come home and be productive today, but that was before part of the subway caught fire(?) and I took an extra hour to get home. In the rain. Plus, someone sat on my cornflakes. :(

At least I will likely sleep tonight! Yesterday I had weird dreams and tossed and turned a lot. Too much Hellboy, possibly. Or just the humidity. Bah.

I do not wish to whine overmuch, however (lol, too late)! After all, I have the new Empires album to listen to (I'm not head-over-heels, like a lot of people, but I do really like it). Also, there was this particularly awesome fic wot I read today. Being so new to this fandom still, I've been mostly reading fic that's at least a year old (I will never, ever catch up), but sometimes my eye catches on something recent. Particularly when it's permanent genderswitch fic that deals with gender and identity issues and all the sorts of SRS BUSINESS stuff that gives some fans hives, but not me! It makes me flaily. :D

Additionally, I had a fucking fantastic weekend. [ profile] sweetvalleyslut and I spent half of it wandering around doing dorky tourist things, and the other half vegging and watching LotMS and Wiseguy. (My roomie despairs of our taste; took him long enough.) Of course, attending the Neil Gaiman lecture with [ profile] omnia_mutantur was a serious highlight. I give up, okay? I really do want to BE that man. (Well, possibly some odd combination of him and Carla Speed McNeil. But you know.) He talked about comics being a medium not a genre and not over-privileging authorial intent and many many other awesome things and I almost bounced out of my seat. I will be buying the DVD to listen to while I draw.

I re-watched the second half of "The Boiling Rock" while ironing last night. Ohhh, Avatar. Brief spoilery babble. )

I should go find something nice for a bedtime story now. Productivity tomorrow?


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