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Another huge fanart roundup, courtesy of the summer where I only have the energy to manage job search stuff, draw fanart, and let my whole professional identity lie pretty much fallow. :D?

Okay, that sounded a little ... yeah. Actually, things are looking up in a big way! I have a pretty big deal second interview tomorrow, for a position I'm genuinely excited for which also pays better than I'd had any hope of, so. Fingers crossed. And I am having a ball with letting myself soak more or less exclusively in fannish material for a bit. :)
a single, full-color comic panel showing Miss America Chavez and Ms. Marvel holding hands and simultaneously punching out a robot, visible in the extreme foreground. POW!
America & Kamala's first date. <3 )

a clipped preview image showing Allison Argent, in black & white but for some yellow highlights, looking into the distance in profile and holding her bow.

A Teen Wolf collaboration with Ataratah! )

a clipped preview of the image below!

Character death won't stop my shipping. )

two versions of the same comic panel panel, in which Lindsey Way peers into a coffee cup saying 'Uh-huh,' a seated Gerard Way looks up nervously all '...' and the coffee cup goes '<3'

Revisiting six years ago. )

Orphan Black & Sailor Moon doodles. )

This ... actually isn't quite everything, but I'll take a breath and save the rest for its own post. ;)
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Isaac and Allison are confused by the presence of a kid with a unicorn horn There will be time for life updates later, but for now ... have some relatively quick TV fanart drawn as warm-ups/procrastination on my real work.

I enjoyed last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, possibly because of the blessed absence of all the various characters from season 3A that I could never really care about (although of course the alpha twins will be back tonight, bah). The nightmare-within-a-nightmare thing was overdone, sure, but there was some good character stuff. I love the parents being in the know now ... seriously, could we maybe have the Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski show? That would be a fresh take on all the teen supernatural business, to have it through the parents’ perspective. Yes please.

And there was even some silly stuff! Like the introduction of Kira and her father. I had the irresistible image of a show where the Nemeton, contrary to everyone’s expectations, did not turn out to be a magnet for evil killer beasties, just ... regular folks, albeit not quite folks, who start moving into the neighborhood. The creature from the black lagoon next door; the mermaid in your Geometry class (wheeling herself around, Lori Lemaris-style). Conflicts that would be more at home in a sitcom than a horror movie!

You know; a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures. )

I’m sure we’ll get our usual serving of grimdark instead. So glad I have some reliably fantastic shows as well ... I really haven’t seen nearly enough meta about Elementary 3.13 yet! I had a predictable reaction )

Well, there are other things I should be drawing, probably. Hope everyone’s weathering this bizarre winter well (if you’re in this hemisphere)! <3
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Yesterday, I was sitting in a cafe drawing with [personal profile] ataratah when some excited tweets led to us looking at Brendon Urie in a thong ... which I only just now realize, I did nothing to shield the establishment's other patrons from. Um. I've missed fandom? Hi! I've been pretty busy visiting with old friends and dancing at the wedding of my former epic adolescent infatuation, but I need a little more internet time.

Speaking of NSFW imagery ... I have been working on something to share with you guys! Way back in March, [personal profile] lucifuge5 won a two-page fancomic, which I have finally completed. The following is a scene from her Due South/Down With Love fusion, DONE With Love:

'Fraser,' Ray interrupted, 'Sorry. I won't be able to make it. I'm all tied up.' (NSFW) )

Thanks again to [personal profile] lucifuge5 for your generous bid on [ profile] help_japan!

I feel like my juices are finally flowing again after a good month of art slump (all that transition just doesn't do anything for me creatively). I am ready to make ALL THE COMICS ... very very soon. :D

Now I need to go try and get things set up with my electrical company from a state away, since my new roommate is moving into the apartment a week ahead of me.
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Whee, fanart. This prompting thing is really working for me! I'm having a lot of fun playing with requests and drawing in new fandoms, and I have a lot of new energy to throw into my larger obligations. Here are the two pieces I finished this week; thanks for helping me out, guys.

For [personal profile] rhivolution, as requested: a Pond visits the Loch: )

For [personal profile] jjtaylor, who asked for "Kate Beckett anything:" sadly, nobody is wearing an apron. )

That proper spring weather I was hoping for has materialized! It's pretty glorious--bright and clear and a little cool--and all it took was a day of massive thunderstorms and tornadoes across the state. What.

So I've signed up to post a few DC comics recs per week over at [community profile] fanart_recs this month; I think I'll collect the links here when I've finished. (I'll be doing Avatar: The Last Airbender in July, as well.) This was apparently apt timing on my part, because the comics blogosphere has completely lost its head over DC's latest plans to reboot EVERYTHING ... well, most of it (and they're being vague about specifics) ... this fall. There's precious little confirmed information just yet (creative teams from a handful of the 50+ new/relaunched titles) and a whole lot of rumors flying around; the rumors sound almost uniformly terrible, but it's anyone's guess at this point. I just want my Batwoman, dammit. (Actually, that's a lie--when did I get so overinvested in a large chunk of the DCU?--but it's sort of my bottom line.)

Also, seriously, why do they keep letting Jim Lee design costumes? I mean, I understand that a lot of people apparently like him as an artist (I am not one of those people), but ... ack.

A couple of rather more pleasant topical links, if only to cheer myself up:

-DC superheroines as Joan Jett & The Runaways, by Cliff Chiang

-A blogger convinces me that Steve Trevor really is a pretty great love interest for Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed that article. (Also, it lead [ profile] sweetvalleyslut to make John/Aeryn comparisons, which was interesting.)

In other general news, I'm most of the way through the first season of Fringe, and it's getting pretty fascinating! I am thinking of picking up Parks and Recreation as well. And this week I acquired more information on my grad school loan (please let the forms be on time too), a prospective roommate for the fall, and the congratulations of several (mildly dubious) ivy league scientists on my indie comics program.

How are you, bbs? Happy Friday!
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I really have no idea what fandom is doing to my brain lately. I fell asleep last night after watching part of this Grant Morrison panel from Comicon '08, which was delightful. Seriously, I love watching him talk more than most people. But then, I proceeded to dream that I was having a standoff with him in a doorway (I don't remember why, or who all the other people with us were), and I shot him in the shoulder. D: D: D: He was like, "psh, I'm okay" when I rushed over immediately after, but I woke myself up in dismay. WTF was that, subconscious? I mean, I appreciate the part where he let me look over concept sketches for a new comic (which apparently involved a rock band with some kind of Edwardian masquerade theme), but.

Oh dear. Too much Killjoys, possibly. Too much BLI!Patrick fanart-in-progress (and frankly, interviews like this one are not helping).

Which isn't to say that I can ever get enough of this band. Oh my goodness, Gerard Way, I am not sure my love for you can be textually rendered. "Don't ever let the media tell you what your body's supposed to look like. You're beautiful the way you are." ♥♥♥ Also, that is possibly the most coherent interview I've ever seen him give.

Bizarre dreams aside, all the distraction is appreciated, because work has been pretty tense lately; my boss had to take open-ended "informal familial leave" to take care of her sick mother, and as she's not very good at delegating, I've been trying to figure out how to take on a pile of essential tasks I have very little idea how to accomplish. Which may be fairly moot, as I've just learned that her mother passed away last night. There's still plenty to do.

Oh, I keep forgetting; [community profile] white_lotus reveals are up. :) There's a whole bunch of lovely fic, art, vids & crafts to check out! I drew Some Like It Hotman, a short comic in which Sokka shows up to, ahem, drag Zuko away from his Fire Lordly duties for awhile. ;)
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Well, so I'm back almost a day early. :) I was tempted with Grant Morrison, okay? But still, I'm going to count my little fast as a success. It yielded some good results (I'll share some before the weekend's over).

Of course, now I'm behind on everything; people sure were posty while I was gone, jeez. So I'll have to do a lot of catching up starting tomorrow. In the meantime, I see that I did in fact miss [ profile] yuletart reveals!

I contributed this Avatar: the Last Airbender fancomic (Zuko & Iroh-centric, gen, post-series). It was wonderful to finally have a chance to work in one of my most beloved fandoms! I had a lot of fun with the red/gold color scheme, and man, Zuko is entertaining to work with. ♥ Posting a larger version below!

The Dragon of the West, Victorious (Again) )

Ooh, and now, bed.
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Hey there! I'm still pretty snowed under - missed my deadline, naturally, but the anthology editors say they'll continue accepting submissions for a few more days. Will definitely be done tonight. /o\

Following up on my previous post, however, here's a quick roundup of Avatar/The Last Airbender-related links. has a (neutral) rundown of The Last Airbender Film: Changes from the Cartoon Series, for the curious.

-Preliminary Thoughts on Race and Gender in The Last Airbender over at the [ profile] racebending comm. The racefail sounds about as awful as expected, but I still managed to be surprised by the genderfail, a little. :/ Ugh. The strong female characters were a large part of what initially drew me to A:TLA - so disheartening.

-[personal profile] bossymarmalade posted a powerful example of why the hell stuff like this matters: but we must always be polite about it.

-A:TLA's own Dante Basco (who voiced Zuko - you may also know him from films like Hook or But I'm A Cheerleader! ♥) discussed the boycott in his blog: See, if you can get some Asian actors in the machine of Hollywood and they exist as a viable commodity, it can spark more projects that can support the voice and face of the Asian community and level the playing ground a little. But when we can’t even land roles that were so clearly created as Asian roles, its a bit disheartening.

-The film is generally getting truly abysmal reviews, which is some comfort, although as [personal profile] cereta points out, far too many of them are dismissing the race controversy as unimportant. io9 has a brilliantly over-the-top snarkfest review that you may find cathartic: M. Night Shyamalan Finally Made A Comedy.

I have very mixed feelings related to the orgy of disapproval that seems to be raining down onto the film. On the one hand, I want it to do very poorly, so I won't lie - I'm thrilled that the reviews are terrible, and I hope that carries over to the box office. On the other hand, it's depressing that the race issue probably won't be credited for its failure (if it does fail). Also, I was watching a handful of A:TLA episodes during my inking marathon last night, and it hit me (again) how amazing a movie adaptation could have been. The cartoon doesn't need to be adapted, mind; it's awesome all by itself. (I do get a little tired of film being held up as the be-all and end-all of storytelling mediums, but that's a grumble for another day, if ever.) But still. What a waste.

One other thing that's had my dander up over the last few days: Wonder Woman's "new direction." There's been a lot of coverage of this that I definitely haven't had time to read, but I have a feeling I'm going to spend a fair chunk of my weekend on it. /o\ I'm ... really upset about the whole thing, which kind of took me by surprise. I can't get into it now, obviously, so here, check out this nifty alternative redesign by [ profile] _ming: Diana of Themyscira.

I really have to get the hell off the internet, but before I go, here's something AWESOME. Back in the immediate aftermath of the SPN racefail with the J2-in-Haiti fic, [personal profile] glockgal posted this amazing fancomic with Desi versions of Sam and Dean, which you may have seen. I loved it, and I love this new follow-up even more. (Guest-starring Durga! And wait until you see Castiel's new earthly incarnation!) I've never watched an entire episode of Supernatural, but I would watch the hell out of that show. ♥
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Holiday reveals post! (Does this feel spammy to you? Last New Years-y item, I swear.)

So this year for [ profile] yuletide, I wrote Turn, a Gunnerkrigg Court fic. [personal profile] nextian requested Kat/Annie, which happened to be exactly what I'd been hoping to write. :D I had a lot of fun reviewing the comic, and trying to invent some new crazy Forest stuff that fit with the occasion, without interfering too much with any of the unsolved mysteries in canon. I am . . . not the most dynamic ficcer ever? But I'm pretty happy, overall, with how this came out.

And since [ profile] yuletart reveals are today, here's my contribution: a Middleman/Umbrella Academy fancomic. [ profile] bluelittlepig and I matched on four fandoms, so it was a little hard to pick. ;) I went with this combination because I love wacky fanart crossovers, and because there is no Middleman fanart out there. I'm super proud of the piece: I spent two solid weeks on it! (So much Photoshop, oh my god. I barely noticed the bus crawling home at half-speed, the day before Thanksgiving.) I think I may need to start reigning in the background detail a bit, though; that large panel is kind of, er, cluttered.

I had some awesome fannish holidays . . . I'll think of them fondly while I'm wallowing through admissions season at work. /o\ I'm going to try and get those [ profile] yuletart recs up tonight, but you should really go poke through the whole comm if you get the chance. What an amazing year.

roundup of this past year's fanart )
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Man, my 'shipping preferences have been extremely poly of late. I just watched the latest Merlin episode, and my squeeing OT4 love brought my newer roommate wandering into my room with a very confused expression. (Lancelot, I'm sorry to say, left me quite cold this time.) Also, I can't seem to stop watching this Star Trek XI vid. I want so much more fic. (More fic that isn't just porn. Oddly enough, this is my problem with new!Trek in general: it's a fandom filled with PWPs, and I've a serious craving for plot. /o\ I know, seriously, shut up.)

I had a lovely weekend driving around in the fall weather with my parents and family friends (and their two-year-old, who is a blessedly quiet little thing most of the time). It's been so gorgeous! I wish I had time to sit down and play with my Halloween costume, but I kind of have to spend this short week packing frantically.

I haven't been able to draw much (though I did script a couple of original comic strips, and I'm aiming to be the very last fanartist to complete that new!Trek art meme), but I did manage to color some old lineart. Here's a pairing I haven't touched in awhile!

Warning for a heavy dose of mush, and blatant canon-fixing. This is what happens when people turn Joss Whedon loose on my comic books. >:(

GIANT. SPACE. BULLET. (X-Men h/c, natch.) )

It's ridiculously chilly in my apartment (the new one's insulated so much better, yay), and I should really go to bed, but! Speaking of reboot fic that isn't PWP, check out this Trek/The Little Prince fusion by [ profile] ayalesca, with adorable illustrations by [ profile] mangotrills! Makes a decent bedtime story.
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comic thumbnail

I have been a fanart machine lately, relatively speaking. :D: Here's my contribution to Sweet Charity; a one-page comic drawn for [personal profile] wistfuljane. She requested a Pete/Patrick Alice In Wonderland AU, with Pete as the Mad Hatter and Patrick as the White Rabbit. I threw in Gabe as the March Hare and Ryan as the Dormouse, to round out the cast. :) (Sadly could not figure out a way to work in Joe as the Caterpillar.)

This is safe for work. Warning: mildly anthropomorphic animal-people. *g* I guess it was only a matter of time, in this fandom.

We're all mad here. )

So thank you so much, [personal profile] wistfuljane, for bidding on me; and more importantly, for donating to charity. ♥ I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic event. &fandom;

My brother's coming to stay with me this weekend! :D I have to spend my whole day off tomorrow cleaning the apartment. /o\
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Hey, so, I'm home. My laptop's still squirreled away in a drawer at the office, but one of my roomies was nice enough to lend me his.

The trip was pretty fabulous, and I'll have photos and stories later if everyone wants. I have to catch up on holiday exchange comments (and responses), various posted things, ninety kajillion [ profile] yuletide fic, etc . . . and work is likely to descend into madness almost immediately (I'm back tomorrow). So I should probably go to bed, but first!

Holiday exchanges were lovely this year, though I was sad to be away for much of the posting & anonymity. Now that the reveals are all done, however, I figured I'd share.

For [ profile] go_exchange, the holidays with Newt and Anathema. )

For [ profile] yuletart, Pete goes down on his knees for Patrick. )

For [ profile] yuletide, I wrote a little story based on the comic series Hopeless Savages, which is far and away the most obscure fandom I've tried yet. any taste that you feel is right describes a day in which young Twitch Strummer Hopeless-Savage feels a little off-balance, but the usual familial antics help to put things right. I'm a little shaky on this one, it feels like . . . it could have been longer? Or possibly just worked better as a comic. Prose is kind of awkward and difficult for me these days. Need to work on that.

I also received some lovely gifts. :) From [ profile] mandyvonblandy, a cute little Good Omens comic in which Crowley's Christmas card upsets Aziraphale's sense of propriety. From [ profile] derawr, a classic (flying) moonlight kiss, starring Karolina & Nico from Runaways. And from [ profile] hikaru, Nothing Is Innocent Now, a sensual coda to Sarah Waters' Fingersmith. Much appreciated. ♥

I've been trying not to crash for hours, but I really should go do that already. I hope you guys enjoy the art. Happy New Year, I missed you all!
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Ahaha, I finally finished this comic. Really, far too much time and effort for a piece of cracked-out fluff based on an extremely random whim.

See, quite awhile back, I read a conversation a couple of other fans were having about this macro. They were discussing an "aliens made them do it" scenario, only with evil coffee; Gerard would be the obvious target.

Sadly, I did not write porn based on their exchange (though I would dearly love to read some); instead, being me, I made a weird little comic.

Gerard vs. Evil Coffee )

Now I have to decide what to draw next! /o\ But first, I must run off and spend the rest of the day shepherding new students to various orientation activities. Whee.
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I seem to have finished this in record time. I guess I was just that angry about the file dying last night? (Also, I've just been on fire today. I had to stop in the middle of a subway station to scribble some ideas down . . . anyway.) Talking with [ profile] sae the whole time helped. :)

Fandom: Avatar/bandom
Rating: PG
Summary: Pure fucking unadulterated crack. I don't even know, okay? You probably won't either: almost nobody is in both of these fandoms, as far as I know.
Notes: So a very long time ago I had this idea for cracked-out fanart involving Zuko and MCR and that whole "save your life" business, for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut. (This was in, IDK, January?) This eventually came of it (once I was in bandom and had more to work with.) I really have no idea why this is the first piece of Avatar fanart that I've been able to complete. I swear I'll do something more sane at some point.

on and on he carries through the fears )

Ahaha yes. On the other hand, I did some fic brainstorming with [ profile] olivia_circe today (sorry again for bugging you at work!), and um. Also. Comic anthology submission might kind of include a little tiny bit about MCR saving my life inspiration. But I have found a way to make it work! Maybe. I think.

This day was definitely the product of last night's insomnia. (Maybe that's not entirely a bad thing after all. Er.)
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It's December now, so I'm allowed to listen to as much Christmas music as I like. ;)

Whee. I finally got my [ profile] go_exchange entry done and in (just under the wire). Now I'm all excited! I don't know if they're going to start posting entries today or tomorrow, but eee. It's been awhile since I paid much attention to Good Omens fandom, but working on a gift exchange will bring it all back quite nicely. ^^

So the reveal isn't until New Year's, and being me, I can't stand waiting to post my art 'til then. So, this post is filtered! And if you'd rather wait to look, you can do that too . . . I'll probably do a holiday exchange wrap-up post, with all of my various entries, sometime around the beginning of January.

Holiday cheer with Aziraphale and Crowley. )

Well, one down, two to go! Meep.

[ETA:] Public now!
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So I've been working on this and that, various holiday exchange projects . . . but I couldn't resist doing this as well. Even though it took a lot longer than expected!

For the last couple of weeks, [ profile] mosellegreen has been posting a series of hilarious crack!ficlets to [ profile] castlegloria. Ficlets in which Dorian Red Gloria gains superpowers. *g* I've enjoyed them greatly, and I couldn't resist adapting one of the shortest ones into a little comic.

My art isn't manga, nor is it traditional Kirbyesque superhero-style . . . I've shaded this the way I do my original indieish work. So it looks a bit weird. And I don't know if I pulled off the action, really (it's not so much my thing). But, it was so much fun to do!

Fabulousman to the rescue. )

I'll bet the 100+ people (mostly Kim Possible femslash fans) who are watching my dA account would like to kill me right about now. *g* I'll draw the pretty girls again soon enough.

[ETA:] You can now find the whole Fabulousman series (complete with work by multiple writers and artists; I don't know what's so inspiring about this concept, but!) here.
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I should be working. But, my favorite procrastination activity is coloring old lineart. This was practically a doodle, which I think I drew during my last finals period. It's kind of random.

Fandom: Good Omens
Characters: (teenage) Pepper, War
Rating: PG
Notes: I guess Pepper grows up to follow in her mother's footsteps, in a sense. The background is a photo I took at a peace march that took place in Hyde Park (London) last year.

what is it good for? )


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