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Ooh, I have had a week. It's been long and tiring and mostly dark and rainy to boot, and I've been singularly unproductive in spite of just having taken on some new (creative) professional responsibilities. This is about as grateful as I've been for Friday in awhile, especially since the [community profile] femslashex archive opens today at 8pm EST! There are currently 179 new pieces of f/f fanfic & fanart all ready to go; I'm so excited! (My own contribution will be here, though naturally I'll do a post here as well when I may.)

I'd say things have slowed down a bit, but that's not true so much as that I've been working more on deadlines than at my own pace. Here's a small roundup of exceptions and the like ...

thumbnail previews of five different images

So back in May, when I went to WisCon, I finally finally got to meet [personal profile] prozacpark in person, which was fabulous. <3 We had a good, thorough squee over our mutual X-Men comics rarepair OTP (while at lunch with poor [personal profile] were_duck), and I immediately came home and dragged my collection of mostly-80s/90s X-Men and Excalibur out of storage and started doodling:

some red-pencil doodles showing Rachel in her Phoenix costume, looking upwards with her arms flung out, and of her and Kitty Pryde kissing after her reappearance in X-Treme X-Men in the '00s

I've barely been able to bring myself to touch current continuity X-books since the aughts, although now that G. Willow Wilson is going to be writing the X-book that features Rachel (and you know, a bunch of other amazing X-women), that could change. So I thought I'd take a crack at her new costume (although I wound up changing it around a lot; I think Bachalo may have taken pains to design an outfit only he can really pull off well, tbh):

Rachel Summers, dressed in a version of her current costume, flying joyfully while surrounded by the firey phoenix effect the same image of Rachel as above, only in flat color, with no shading

I really missed her. :( I'm ridiculous ... I spent years and years wishing there were more fandom for my superhero comics, but now that Marvel is a really big deal I can't stand most of the X-Men movies and I'm too broke/lazy to catch up on Avengers comics continuity, so I stick to the MCU (where there aren't nearly enough women to fully engage my creative interest). So there might be more of this, because Rachel's pretty much my forever girl.

Oh, speaking of X-Men comics, I've also been listening avidly to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, which does what it says on the tin in an entertaining, clever and deeply nerdy way. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, on a more contemporary note: part of Teen Wolf fandom on tumblr had one of its character tribute weeks for Braeden. I was in the middle of some deadlines, but I had to do at least a little something for her! I'd been hoping (and sadly not expecting) that she'd become a more important character since her first appearance as "the girl" at the beginning of season 3, and to my shock, here she is. A competent, awesome female character of color who totally snags Derek and doesn't get killed off for any of it! /o\ Maybe next season she'll even get a last name and a backstory? (I'm sorry, do I sound a little bitter? Braeden's great though.)

black & white image of Braeden with her guns trained high in front of her; a halo around her head reads 'I'M human; do I look helpless to you?!'

Not thrilled with the likeness. I need to take another crack at her sometime!

Last but very definitely not least, my contributions to the little [ profile] fanartremixexchange! Which deserved to be bigger, so I really hope the idea catches on! I was matched with [personal profile] ataratah, which meant I had to choose from a pretty epic list of intriguing pieces. I thought I'd approach the whole thing from a narrative perspective (surprise surprise) and do a sequel of sorts to each of the ones I got to.

teenaged ChibiUsa and Hotaru dance together in sparkly prom dresses over a polka-dot background

So for this adorable image of the other Outers waving ChibiUsa & Hotaru off to the prom, I drew them dancing (and seriously overdid it on the shiny, whoops).

Stiles stares down at the doodles on her back, while Malia, sleeping in the foreground, smiles and clutches her red marker

And because I had extra time, I also did a follow-up to this cute Malia/cisgender-swapped!Stiles piece.

Huh, I've been doing a lot of color work lately; I suppose that's good practice? I'm never fully satisfied with any of it (except sometimes the flats), though; I might make an effort to go back to more of my b&w inks for the next little while. Coming up: [ profile] tw_fallharvest, [ profile] teenwolf_bb, [ profile] allydiareversebang, and [ profile] teenwolffemslashexchange. Um. Oops?
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