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Thank you so much! I'm so excited to see what you come up with. I went with a fairly random selection of fandoms for this fest, but I'm seriously excited about all of them, and thrilled that I get to share one with you.

Some general likes of mine: Wacky hijinks, tropes and trope subversions, expansion on worldbuilding, team/found family/etc love, first times/getting together (for pairings). Angst and pining, but balanced out with humor. Happy endings. Sexytimes. For art, scenes that give you the sense of being in the middle of the action (not necessarily in terms of fisticuffs, but like, a story! something is happening!), and also naturally pairing cuddles/cuteness/intensity/sexiness (whatever fits). And cracky humor. And comics, although I feel like that's a big ask in an exchange.

A few things I generally DNW: non-con, non-canon character death, grim-darkness, character bashing, cheating/jealousy, excessive (ie non-canon-typical) violence, A/B/O (or any mates/biological imperative stuff), soulbonding where there's some kind of 'writing' or other physical mark to match up. I also tend to be kind of picky about AUs, especially for fic (I'm generally not very into them when they're just for the hell of it, and don't spring from some specific connection with the characters/canon - although sometimes this works better in fanart, when the point is to make everyone look pretty in regency clothing or crack a visual joke).

On to requests/prompts: I always try to get specific with these, because that’s what I like when I’m working on a gift, but please feel free to run in a totally different direction if you’d prefer!

Craft Sequence, Kai Pohala and Teo Batan (fic)
I really enjoyed the push and pull between these two in Full Fathom Five, and I think it’d be fascinating to explore a continuing connection between them after the story, perhaps as part of navigating business arrangements in the wake of all the changes on Kavekana? They have such different philosophies and allegiances, and it would be fascinating to watch more interplay there. (Sexual tension/shipping definitely encouraged, but not required!)

Craft Sequence, Tara Abernathy (fic)
I really missed Tara in the later Craft books. I’d enjoy seeing something set after the end of Three Parts Dead, with her working to help Alt Columb recover from the events of the novel. Maybe partnering/butting heads with Cat (who of course would be struggling with her goddess transition).

I also ship her with Elayne Kevarian (I have a weakness for boss/protege relationships). It would be interesting to see them connecting again after Tara’s time away rebuilding the city; how would their dynamic change, taking into account Tara’s growth and experience while working apart from the firm?

Killjoys, Dutch/Delle Seyah Kendry (fic or art)
There’s nothing I love more than a whole lot of UST in an adversarial/reluctant ally sort of relationship! I’d very much enjoy a story about the two of them off on some kind of side caper, pairing social intrigue and badassery with a whole lot of sexual tension (and maybe acting on the latter)? They are both so used to being in control of their respective situations, and it’d be neat to see a story that puts each of them off-balance at various times in various ways, giving the other the upper hand only to flip again … mmm. (A switchy power dynamic, if you will, even if nonsexual.) Both of them being forced to take on each others’s social surroundings/roles? (Even a fake relationship scenario?)

For art, well, some awesome noir-type setting, fancy costuming, getting all up in each others’ space, in the middle of some kind of caper where they’re clearly playing roles, etc?

Please no non-con, and I’d like to see Delle remain as problematic a character as she is on the show (even if you decide to, say, remove her from her position of power/send her on the run/etc in the course of their adventure). And I can’t see this pairing getting sentimental, so please avoid that.

The Wicked + The Divine, Cassandra Igarashi/Urdr, Laura Wilson/Persephone (fic or art)
One of the wonderful, tantalizing things about this comic is how much we can tell is going on behind the panels and between the issues. There’s so much to explore! I love Cassandra and Laura’s initial dynamic (and uneasy alliance) as critic and fangirl, and the way their grudging common interests evolve into a(n always fraught) friendship. Not to mention dealing with godhood, jealousy, death/resurrection ...! Pick any point along their relationship and develop it/tell me more about what they do and how they relate to each other, and I’ll be happy. Anything that plays with fandom/criticism/analysis/etc would be fabulous; so would Cassandra’s struggle with her transformation (and Laura’s with her jealousy, at that point). Getting drunk debating evidence of past Pantheons over takeaway? Art of them as gods (contrasting their rather different styles? or performing a duet?), or as humans investigating or arguing in the context of something Pantheon-related? Building on scenes we see in the comics, or showing a scene from a different perspective? A joint gig poster?

Shipping is welcome, but certainly not required.

The Wicked + The Divine, Laura Wilson/Persephone, Inanna (fic or art)
Sparkly BFFs with a common fandom background ... we didn’t get to see nearly enough of these two together, and I want it. I see them as functioning a bit like each other’s safe space from all the mayhem, and I’d love to see more of that, of them bonding over their past fannish investment in past Pantheons, having some quiet time outside/around the on-panel events of the comic, gossiping about the other gods, etc. Taking a break from all the angst and the mystery and snatching a little happiness together. Maybe art of them hanging out somewhere unlikely, laughing? Cuddling (platonically)? Laura all dressed up in an Inanna-inspired outfit and him teasing her/helping/taking her out on the town? You get the idea.

Steven Universe, Connie Maheswaran (fic or art)
I love Connie so much, and we haven’t had nearly enough of her on the show in a long time. I love her excitement about all the magic and mystery of the Gems, paired with her struggles to find where she fits in as a human. Her critical approach to fandom! Her friendship with Steven in all its glorious goofiness, and that solid core of love and devotion. Jam buds/increasingly badass team-up/Stevonnie! Really, anything with Connie being awesome will make me happy, although I have a pet daydream where Steven introduces her and Peridot and lets them run wild with either Unfamiliar Familiar or Camp Pining Hearts fandom. Marathons! Debates! Ship wars! Steven trying to peaceably go off and draw some fluffy fanart, only to get sucked back into the middle of it! But that’s just one idea. Art of Connie and Steven on an adventure, or practicing in the arena, or in a blanket fort, or with Lion ... Connie and Pearl training together ... Stevonnie freaking Peridot out? I would prefer to avoid anything really shippy (she’s a kid).

Steven Universe, Garnet (fic or art)
It’s hard to go wrong with anything involving Garnet! Something I’m particularly craving, though, is anything set in the past. The Crystal Gems have been on Earth for thousands of years, and we’ve had one or two tantalizing glimpses of how they’ve interacted with different eras of humanity, but I want more! Pick a decade or century; I’d like a (preferably upbeat) adventure starring Garnet (and maybe Rose, Amethyst and/or Pearl) interacting/colliding with humanity/human culture/a corrupted gem threatening contemporary humans. Ruby/Sapphire very welcome, as is Garnet/Pearl, in particular. Art of a historical-fashion-inspired Garnet form would be fabulous, with or without wacky hijinks.

Steven Universe, Garnet, Nanafua Pizza (fic or art)
This is related to the request above ... after their exchange about age in "Beach Party," I’ve been taken by the possibility of Garnet and a young Nanafua meeting and interacting years before. How and when did Nanafua come to Beach City, and how did she come into contact with the mysterious giant square lady around the corner? Maybe Garnet rescued her from something? (Or ... didn’t have to?) Alternately, maybe they hang out now and comment drily on all the ridiculous doings amongst the Beach City youngsters (ie everybody, and probably the other Gems too)?

I hope this has been helpful ... and again, please don’t get hung up on any of my specifics! They’re only suggestions; really, I will be thrilled with anything you write/draw/make about any of these beloved characters. Have fun! <3
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