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I am back at work after another "snow day" (it was really slush and ice, and therefore worse), much of which I spent rather delightfully hanging out with [ profile] omnia_mutantur and her cats. Focus eludes me, so here is a post about many exciting fannish challenges that are going on right now.

So first of all, [ profile] bandombigbang artist sign-ups are now open! I so wish I could sign up for both waves, but the second one is happening right around the time I'll be quitting my job, packing up all my possessions, and gearing up to move north for grad school. I have been stupid about taking on fannish commitments before, but yeah, no.

Also, [ profile] trekreversebang artist sign-ups are closed, but author sign-ups are ongoing! :D? :D? I have to think of what to draw now, meep. (You could always share some prompts, no strings attached!)

On the other end of schedule things, posting has begun for the Lunar New Year Exchange at [community profile] white_lotus, which promises to be fucking amazing. Multimedia Avatar: the Last Airbender fanworks (one will be by me)! And I haven't had a chance to do much more than skim the many [ profile] halfamoon offerings yet, but I very much enjoyed the Tightrope vid by [personal profile] such_heights (kickass women in multiple fandoms set to Janelle Monae! ♥).

Oh, on one important real life note: my amazing roommate is going to be losing her job in a little over a month, because the local stationary chain she currently works for is shutting down. :( If anyone hears about decent full-time work (probably in the clerical or customer service areas ... or art-related?) local to the Boston area, I'd be grateful for a heads-up. ♥
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