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So yeah, that happened. (The lurker in the alleyway is Derek. And no, there was no contextual reason whatsoever for me to be wearing a towel.)

Hi internet! I have missed you. Miraculously, I am basically done with all my immediate deadlines more than a week before the end of the semester (although, you know, there's still my thesis). So I can breathe a little, sort of, and daydream about the actual fanart I'll draw on my break.

There have been a few exciting developments around lately! Every once in awhile someone on my feed retweets stupidly adorable photos of the Teen Wolf cast on the season three set! (As you can see above, my brain remains eaten!) Also, what is this about a Stiles kiss, internet? Surely there is more context than just the slightly hypnotizing gif I found myself staring at earlier?

Also I really enjoy this resource post [personal profile] brownbetty put together with werewolf lore and various ephemera. Ugh I want to make things.

On another side of things, I'm having feelings about the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer, of course. Naturally the whole "The Glass" reprise makes my heart clench every single time. JJ Abrams, you, ugh. Well played, sir. So mostly I'm extremely excited and ready to dig out all my fannish enthusiasm for this cast (god I love this cast). I have to say, though ... I'm also falling a tiny bit into the camp of people who are a little discomfited by all the shiny explosions and ~end of your world rhetoric. I mean, it's a contemporary science fiction film and of course that means high drama, but ... I miss the (attempts at) nuanced looks at culture clash and the excitement of going out into space and the (fake, but still delightful) science talk and general NERDERY. The stuff that makes a lot of Trek "slow" to plenty of contemporary audience members delights me so much. IDK, it's hard to judge from a first teaser, but I was at the very least hoping for a good dose of sheer exploratory exhilaration (and maybe some crew dynamics and interpersonal development) before we plunged into the next great, dark crisis of universal proportions?

I mean, I'm almost certainly going to love it, but this reminds me that I need to get back to my meandering intake of all the TV series (I'm still in Next Generation somewhere).

Anyway, I'm sitting here drinking tea and singing along to old Christmas Vespers recordings while one of my classmates attempts to put her website together and frequently raises her voice to the internet in general. It's been a fantastic semester and generally just a really good time in my life. <3 to you all!

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Date: 2012-12-13 02:02 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tuesdaysgone
Hi, you <333

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Date: 2012-12-13 06:56 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] fleurdeliser
I had to watch the first reboot movie the other night because I just could not watch the trailer alone. I think perhaps once my dad and I are done with Doctor Who, we'll go back and re-watch Star Trek.


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