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On the train back to Vermont ... probably for the last time, as a resident anyway. :) I had two fairly good interviews during my trip; really hoping they pay off. The end of July looks awfully close, now.

It's been a busy few days, but whee, I got my [community profile] kink_bingo card! I'm so exciiiited.

kink bingo card image cardset1-42.jpg || row 1: | mirrors / doubles | washing / cleaning | dressup | begging | service || row 2: | hypnosis / mind control | pegging / strap-ons | class fantasies | watersports | ritual || row 3: | silk velvet feathers furs | whipping / flogging | wildcard (icon #52 contains: bondage, obedience / disobedience, power exchange, ropes / chains) | in public | voyeurism || row 4: | tickling | historical roleplay | enemas | objectification kink | plushie or furry kink || row 5: | caning | scars / scarification | leather / latex / rubber | roleplay | queening / facesitting

Some serious challenges, and some super perfect options. :) I ... think I might try and get a second card this year, too, because with the mods taking next year off, it'd be great to have tons of card to work with. At the very least, bingo this year. There are too many possibilities to resist!

Meanwhile, I am feeling pretty frustrated with Teen Wolf right now. My expectations for the show aren't what you'd call high (and that's okay, most of the time I'm happy to be taken for the ride of ridiculousness, that's what it's for!), but this season is in desperate need of a little less action and a little more character development time. SIGH.

Well, whatever. Life is pretty great! I will be moving soon, I am making all the comics and porny artwork in the meantime, and I attended the most wonderful wedding this weekend. People were comparing [personal profile] bluestalking and [personal profile] feverbeats's wedding to a con, and that was pretty apt; it was full of giddy, joyous fans. Also umbrella dances, and two people who love each other SO MUCH that it's just palpable. Best. <3333


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