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I don't think I have the energy for a really thorough round-up post today ... I had unusual and awful insomnia last night, and today has already been full of family and running around. But I wanted to commemorate the end of 2013 somewhere, at least a little. It's been a fairly significant year, a whole mix of things.

I worked hard on the development of what will be my first graphic novel. I got to hang out with a bunch of wonderful fan-people at MJ in March. I was unable to repair my relationship with my grad school roommate, and seriously fucked up another friendship that was important to me, to my great regret. There was a new Bowie album for the first time in years. I finished my Master's program, although I did not receive my degree on time. I completed my additional assignment handily and was awarded my MFA. I took on my first freelance jobs, and got paid for making art. I attended an amazing fan-heavy wedding and danced with umbrellas in the rain. I made a friend and non-sexual play partner and got tied up a few times. I moved back to my hometown. I published erotica under my real name. I dated someone lovely, and broke up with them amicably. I attended a number of conventions and made professional progress on several levels. I took a temp job after a frustrating and mostly fruitless job search. I attended a munch and, once, a play party (and didn't play, but did make a professional connection; go figure). I also attended both of my best friends' weddings, about a month apart. I moved into a new apartment with two fantastic new roommates and a sweet, if needy, kitty (at last!). I started meeting people from OKC, and while that hasn't gone anywhere particularly useful yet, found that I have become much better at getting to know new people; they hardly ever even read me as shy, anymore. I went back to developing the aforementioned graphic novel, getting ready to launch it as a webcomic. I left my temp job and am facing the new year unemployed (but for some minor freelance work), though hopefully, not for long.

So, I mean, whew. It was neither a good year or a bad year, but it was a whole lot of year. It feels old and tired, in a sense, and I'm looking forward to the symbolic fresh start. I've spent the last six months transitioning away from being a student; this year I will focus on building a life for myself based on the things I most want to do. I'm going to make a webcomic and date more people and have a front porch garden in the spring, attend more conventions and find a job or jobs and think about whether I want to stay in New England or try someplace new. I'm excited, but I need some sleep before I get into all that ...

Also, in 2013 my favorite band broke up, and my focus shifted entirely away from the fandom that has been my primary focus for years. I've bounced around a bit between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Teen Wolf, as well as any number of other (less fic-heavy, for me) pursuits such as Night Vale, Pacific Rim, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Pretty Little Liars, Orphan Black ... I am happy being fairly multifannish, and looking forward to whenever I have time to fit in a little fanart here and there. Hopefully, this coming year, I'll be able to participate in a few more fannish challenges again, especially big/reverse bangs. I miss doing more collaborative work.

Well, I should get back to the doings of the day, but! My second [community profile] yuletart contribution, an Allison & Lydia-centric Teen Wolf ensemble piece, went up a few days ago.

a thumbnail preview

badass lady team-up
illustration for Anticipating Your Next Move by [personal profile] fleurdeliser and [personal profile] tuesdaysgone
canvas (warning for simulated gore)
poor unfortunate soul? (NSFW; tentacles)
'I don't want a boyfriend'
my voice, your ears
Friday night at the Ohtori Club
if you want something done right ...

Happy New Year, dear friends. I hope that 2014 is full of good things for all of you! Much love.


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