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First of all, thank you so much! I'm so excited about this exchange, and I'm going to be thrilled by whatever it is that you do. I dearly love each of these characters and pairings, and it's great to be able to share that love with you.

In my request details (reposted below), I tried to offer some quick ideas for each of my requested pairings. Please don't feel bound by them; they're provided in case you find them useful or intriguing (personally I always really appreciate some specific prompts!), but this is your show!

In fic, I often enjoy "first time" set-ups for my pairings; I like to see how they get together, how their canon relationship evolves into something romantic/sexual. I tend to enjoy tropes, wacky hijinks and the like ... I like angst too, and pining, but prefer some balancing humor and a happy ending in most cases. I also really love pairing stories that also have a plot or adventure, and don't forget the existence of other important cast members/friends/etc, when there's time to mention them or fit them in a little.

For art, I really love pieces that give you the sense of being in the middle of a story! This doesn't have to be in a plot-heavy sense (although that can be very fun), but even with a simple cuddling pose or something, it's great when you imply a bit of context (whether with setting/environment, or some other indicator of the moments before and after the one you're capturing)! As with fic, I like sheer goofiness, angst, intensity, friction ... whatever fits what's happening between the characters!

I am all for porn (when the characters are of age), especially the written kind (in art I tend to be a little more into the suggestive, although it depends on your awesome idea). I like heat-of-the-moment hotness and kink a whole lot (especially power play), although for the latter, relatively responsible portrayals (negotiation, aftercare) are appreciated! However, I am also all for NOT porn.

Things I'm not particularly into include non-con, character death, torture or excessive gore (canon-typical violence is fine), character bashing, shaming, or cheating/jealousy. Also, in fantasy/scifi/etc fandoms, I tend not to particularly be into human/mundane!AU settings.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful; sorry for the tl;dr! Thank you again, so much; I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Pairing specifics:

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Kaiou Michiru/Meiou Setsuna/Tenoh Haruka
I have an enormous soft spot for the whole 'Outer Senshi family' dynamic, and would love a sweet, domestic, or silly story about, or piece of artwork depicting, Hotaru's three mothers navigating their relationship and learning how to parent a magical, fast-developing baby soldier of destruction. (Or teenaged soldier of destruction, for that matter!)

I could imagine and would be open to any number of relationship configurations between the three; I certainly see Michiru and Haruka as being romantic and sexual partners, but how Setsuna is included in that is up to you! (Her relationship to one or both of them could be sexual, romantic, both, or neither; as long as all three have a strong emotional connection and partnership!)

Meiou Setsuna/Queen Serenity
I haven’t been able to let go of the idea of these two since a friend suggested it to me last year. The Queen of the Silver Millenium and her furthest-flung soldier, visiting each other occasionally for a brief interlude from their duties on the Moon or at the gates of time; both separated and united in their commitment to duty before anything else. Something playing with chivalry and devotion, perhaps? A glimpse of happy days in the Silver Millenium before the war? (Maybe with a child!princess and Inner Senshi?) Or Setsuna, reborn without her beloved queen, remembering their relationship and vowing to protect the queen’s (or their?) daughter and granddaughter? I feel like there are a lot of unexplored possibilities to run with! I would definitely prefer something more bittersweet than desperately tragic, if you go for the post-war approach.

Craft Sequence - Max Gladstone
Elayne Kevarian/Tara Abernathy
Mmmm, boss/protege relationships; I have a bit of a weakness, and it doesn’t hurt when the boss character is pretty devastatingly unflappable (even after showing some pretty serious weakness and vulnerability). It would be really interesting to see these two connecting again after Tara’s time away rebuilding Alt Columb; how will their dynamic change, taking into account Tara’s growth and experience while working apart from the firm?

Catherine Elle/Tara Abernathy
I really missed Tara in the later Craft books. I’d enjoy seeing something of her after the end of Three Parts Dead, working to help Alt Columb recover from the events of the novel and partnering/butting heads with Cat, who of course would also be dealing with the transition of her devotion from Justice to Seril.

Catherine Elle/Seril
I’d love to read an exploration of the bond between avatar/servant and goddess, especially one that explores Cat building a new relationship with Seril in the wake of her more problematic and painful experience as a soldier of Justice.

Kai Pohala/Teo Batan
I really enjoyed the push and pull between these two in Full Fathom Five, and I think it’d be fascinating to explore a continuing connection between them after the story, perhaps as part of navigating business arrangements in the wake of all the changes on Kavekana? They have such different philosophies and allegiances, and it would be fascinating to watch more interplay there.

Teo Batan/Catherine Elle
I would most like to see a depiction of Teo and Cat working out their partnership and joint mission during and prior to the events of Full Fathom Five. They must have been very uneasy allies, with their huge philosophical differences; both have such strong personalities and dramatic past experiences. It could be fun to frame this like a heist movie, maybe, with added UST?

Mad Max: Fury Road
I’d be very interested to see/read something about Furiosa & Angharad’s relationship prior to the start of the movie, learning from each other, supporting each other and eventually planning their escape together, along with the other Wives.

(Please feel more than free to ignore the “prequel” comic. I haven’t read it and am not planning to.)

Furiosa/Valkyrie (and/or)
Capable/Cheedo/The Dag/Toast
I’m a sucker for stories and illustrations that focus on all the rebuilding and social reorganizing that (in theory) comes after a movie like Fury Road, as our surviving characters heal, mourn the dead, and begin creating a new life for themselves and the people who were formerly living under the thumb of Immortan Joe. And develop new relationships! I’d love a post-film piece with a focus either on Furiosa and the Valkyrie, getting to know each other (again?) after the long years apart, or the remaining Wives, taking care of each other and taking charge of the gardens beneath which they were formerly imprisoned. Or both! Give me hope and a new community, a garden in the desert, probably also grief and growing pains … etc!

Marvel 616
I love the complicated bond between these two; the importance of future "Kate" to Rachel's past, blended with her friendship with 616 Kitty (almost immediately her closest and most trusted ally in the confusing "new" world). I'd be thrilled with just about anything about these two. Maybe wacky Excalibur-style hijinks (true to that stage in their relationship, where Rachel's grown a little steadier, teasing Kitty instead of just clinging to her)? Cross-Time Capers absolutely encouraged! Or maybe something at the Jean Grey Academy, two teachers trying to hide their relationship from a school full of obnoxious superpowered teens? On a slightly angstier note, I have a special attachment to the "kiss hello" speech from Excalibur #75, so if you wanted to play on that.

So the way I see it, we have America Chavez the total badass, an experienced and level-headed superheroine ... and Kamala Khan, new to the experience and kind of feeling her way around, full of enthusiasm but a little uncertain still. Such a great combination, right? Their first meeting, first team-up, first date ... I love sheer pulpy superhero ridiculousness, or it could be more about the surprising sexiness of battle, who knows? Maybe America takes Kamala under her wing, maybe Kamala tries to convince her to partner up ... so many possibilities!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
I’ve really enjoyed watching Dot come out of her shell and grow into a “modern woman” over the course of the series! I could really go for some role model/protege romance taking place over time, as Dot realizes she rather enjoys some aspects of Miss Fisher’s wild life, or at least enjoys taking care of her danger-prone employer. If you’re an artist, a scene of the two dancing, or off on some adventure (based on one of the episodes, or brand new), or of Dot patching Phryne up post-adventure, would all be lovely! If you’re a writer, feel free to make this an AU where she doesn’t get involved with Hugh, or where they wind up amicably parting ways because of compatibility issues (I like Hugh and generally their relationship very much, in canon, so I’m not looking for anything that goes rough on him).

I’d enjoy just about any take on these two; some sort of romance during pre-series adventures (which grows into the firm friendship and partnership we see in canon) could be fun! So could an ongoing occasional-lovers sort of arrangement, with adventures, no doubt. I always want more Mac than the show generally gives to us, and especially to get to watch her enjoy a relationship for once (instead of dealing with the aftermath of murder and mayhem that intrudes into her personal life). If you’re an artist, please do have fun with Mac’s lovely, dapper wardrobe! Mmmm.

Tortall - Tamora Pierce
Alianne Cooper/Dovasary Balitang
I'd really love something set years after the novel (when Dove's more grown up) ... the Queen and her Spymaster/friend, strategizing and taking some comfort/strength behind closed doors. Interplay between Aly's bantery confidence and Dove's straightforwardness and keen insight. Any glimpses of the Islands being rebuilt/reconstructed would be really neat, too. Would prefer an AU take on the characters where Aly never had a romantic relationship with Nawat.


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