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Thank you so much for creating something for me! I am super excited about each and every one of these pairings, and can’t wait to see which one you choose and where you go with it. This exchange is my favorite damn thing.

So I generally tend to err on the side of lots and lots of details, ideas and prompts, because that’s something I appreciate myself as an exchange creator. However, if that’s not your thing, and you have your own completely different awesome idea that you’d like to run with, please go for it. My prompts are intended as a potentially helpful tool for you, not a demand!

Some general likes of mine: first times/getting together, playing with power dynamics/power exchange, working relationships-turned-something-more, rivalry and conflict that sparks sexual tension. Wacky hijinks and humor. Some tropes (fake relationships are a fave), and trope subversions (soulbonds/soulmates is one I like to see turned on its head a lot). Happy endings (to the appropriate degree for the individual pairing/canon, naturally). Sexytimes, kink (D/s, bondage, service, roleplaying). For art, I particularly love scenes that look like they’re in the middle of the action/an illustration from some kind of story. And cracky humor. I also tend to prefer sexy and suggestive art to anything fully explicit. (Oh, and please remember that many of the characters in my requests are not white! It’s always pretty upsetting when fanart inadvertently whitewashes someone.)

DNW: non-con, non-canon character death, grim-darkness, character bashing, cheating/jealousy, excessive (ie non-canon-typical) violence, A/B/O (or any mates/biological imperative stuff), soulmarks, super fluffy domesticity. I also tend to be kind of picky about AUs and crossovers, especially for fic (I'm generally not very into them when they're just for the hell of it, and don't spring from some specific connection with the characters/canon).

Here are some thoughts on specific pairings (alphabetical by fandom):

The Arcadia Project
The interactions between these two were the high point of Borderline for me. They’d be anything but easy or simple, as a pairing, with their respective attempts to manage their intense emotions (Millie through her DBT practice, Caryl via attempting to completely remove that part of herself into an artificial construct), but I’m dying to see them find a way to construct a relationship that allows them to balance their various needs and issues. They each, in their own way, seem to need someone to back them up, and I can see them becoming that for each other (possibly in spite of themselves, especially on Caryl’s part). Possibly the two of them get tangled up in a fae/Hollywood caper (with varying degrees of reluctance) and have to depend on each other to solve it/survive? Caryl tries to bring Millie back into the Arcadia fold, and it winds up requiring a more personal touch than she’s comfortable with? Caryl’s own position is threatened, and Millie is compelled/inspired to come to her defense?

Art-specific prompts: Elliot being demonstrative towards Millie, to Caryl’s apparent chagrin! Or maybe something based on the Borderline climax, where they have to hold hands to keep Caryl alive?

The Craft Sequence
I have a bit of a weakness for boss/protege relationships, especially where the boss character often presents as devastatingly unflappable, but is also willing to go to the mat for her assistant. It might be interesting to see Tara and Elayne reconnecting (working together on a case?) after the events of Four Roads Cross, navigating the way their positions have changed in relationship to each other? Conversely, something set during or immediately after Three Parts Dead, where Tara is learning from Elayne, or Elayne is processing Tara’s decision to stay in Alt Columb?

Art-specific prompts: working on a piece of complex Craftwork together? Possibly with some surprising results for one of them? Dapper professional clothing is a must with these two. ;)

I like the somewhat uneasy partnership between these two; they have different backgrounds and internal issues, but they’re good at working together where their interests align, and I appreciate the way that they both seem inclined to push each other. I’d enjoy a story about them working together through aftermath/rebuilding, set after either Three Parts Dead (as Tara deals with her career change, and Cat with the shift from Justice to Seril) or Four Roads Cross (Seril could give them some interesting common ground at that point)! Fighting, arguing … making out? ;)

Art-specific prompts: a night on the town together? Post-battle (or bar brawl) makeouts? (Bonus for an exasperated/embarrassed Abelard somewhere in the vicinity.)

I was not expecting to ship this, but after Four Roads Cross … a goddess brought down almost to mortal level, and having to deal with thinking, communicating and perhaps feeling in those terms? And a Craftswoman, already off-balance because of her shift in allegiance, who finds herself working so closely with the divine that they practically share a skin? Damn. An elaboration on their interactions in the book could be fabulous, or working together (complete with continuing tension) on post-book rebuilding projects? Seril, having regained her sky, dealing with the shift in perspective (again)? Tara getting a little fed up/reluctantly intrigued by Seril’s continuing tendency to borrow Tara’s appearance for physical manifestation?

Art-specific prompt: Seril-as-Tara hitting on/making out with Tara?

I’d love to read an exploration of the bond between avatar/servant and goddess, especially one that explores Cat building a new relationship with Seril in the wake of her more problematic and painful experience as a soldier of Justice. Perhaps set after Four Roads Cross, building on what we’ve seen there … Cat has finally ’surrendered’ in some sense, so what now?

Art-specific prompt: semi-reluctant Divine communion? However you want to play that. ;)

I would most like to see a depiction of Teo and Cat working out their partnership and joint mission during and prior to the events of Full Fathom Five. They must have been very uneasy allies, with their huge philosophical differences; both have such strong personalities and dramatic past experiences. It could be fun to frame this like a heist movie, maybe, with added UST?

Art-specific prompts: I'm a little stuck on “heist planning scene with flirting,” here. I also always tend to imagine Teo in pinstripes. Mmm.

I really enjoyed the push and pull between these two in Full Fathom Five, and I think it’d be fascinating to explore a continuing connection between them after the story, perhaps as part of navigating business arrangements in the wake of all the changes on Kavekana? It would be fascinating to watch more interplay between their wildly different philosophies and allegiances.

Art-specific prompts: mid-negotiation flirting? Out at poetry night, trying to relax with each other? Intense idol-poolside debate?

Dutch/Delle Seyah
These two are my pairing type, as much as I have one; a whole lot of UST between adversaries/ sometime (reluctant) allies! Unf. Delle with her possessive, controlling tendencies, and Dutch with her firm resistance, definitely ping my taste for power exchange/struggle kink. I’d very much enjoy a story about the two of them off on some kind of side caper, pairing social intrigue and badassery with a whole lot of sexual tension. They are both so used to being in control of their respective situations, and it’d be neat to see a story that puts each of them off-balance at various times in various ways, giving the other the upper hand only to flip again … mmm. Both of them being forced to take on each others’ social surroundings/roles? A fake relationship scenario?

I’d prefer something set during season one, before things between them would necessarily get a bit … grimmer. Please do keep Delle morally ambiguous, though.

Art-specific prompts: some awesome noir-type setting, fancy costuming, getting all up in each others’ space, in the middle of some kind of caper where they’re clearly playing roles, etc?

Marvel 616
One of my oldest, most ironclad OTPs; you can imagine how over the moon I was when Chris Claremont essentially declared them canon. I love their entire, complicated history--the importance of future "Kate" to Rachel's past, blended with her friendship with 616 Kitty (almost immediately her closest and most trusted ally in the confusing "new" world)--but I do have a particular attachment to the Excalibur era, complete with a more confident Rachel, zany adventures and the two of them being Lighthouse roommates.

So maybe wacky Excalibur-style hijinks? Cross-Time Capers absolutely encouraged! But if you’re less into/familiar with that era, maybe something at the Jean Grey Academy, two teachers trying to hide their relationship from a school full of obnoxious superpowered teens? Or something from the future, with Rachel working on one of Kitty’s political campaigns in Chicago? (Much as I appreciate the ’married’ vibe, though, I don’t have a very high opinion of the overall storytelling in X-Men: The End, so maybe steer clear of that, plot-wise.) On a slightly angstier note, I do have a special attachment to the "kiss hello" speech from Excalibur #75, so if you wanted to play on that …?

Art-specific prompts: Same again, really … wacky hijinks, clandestine teacher makeouts, clandestine candidate/political campaign manager makeouts? Alan Davis’s curly-haired, young-Katharine-Hepburn-inspired Kitty is definitely ’my’ Kitty, but feel free to ditch Ray’s mullet if you’re playing with that era. :p I’ve always thought she’d look great with short, choppy punk hair.

I adored the way this relationship was portrayed in The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet, especially the way they got together in the first place (careful, respectful communication and working to figure out different cultural cues!) … but I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see much of its further development! Missing moments from within the story would be neat (continuing cultural exchange, having fun sneaking around a bit behind their crewmates’ backs, etc). Or maybe post-book shore leave? I love all the wide-ranging worldbuilding in Long Way; feel free to play in that as much as you want!

Art-specific prompts: romantic spacewalk (per the end of the book)? Snuggling in one of their quarters on the Wayfarer? (I’d love to see your idea of what the ship might look like, complete with personal touches.)

The Wicked + The Divine
One of the wonderful, tantalizing things about this comic is how much we can tell is going on behind the panels and between the issues. There’s so much to explore! I love Cassandra and Laura’s initial dynamic (and uneasy alliance) as critic and fangirl, and the way their grudging common interests evolve into a(n always fraught) friendship. Not to mention dealing with godhood, jealousy, death/resurrection ...! Pick any point along their relationship and develop it/tell me more about what they do and how they relate to each other, and I’ll be happy. Anything that plays with fandom/criticism/analysis/etc would be fabulous; so would Cassandra’s struggle with her transformation (and Laura’s with her jealousy, at that point). Getting drunk debating evidence of past Pantheons over takeaway? Or hey, play more with the fact that, apparently, Persephone is the only god whose miracles work on Cass? (Maybe avoid fallout from the most recent issue, as I’d rather wait to see how that plays out in canon.)

Art-specific prompts: Persephone and Urdr performing some kind of duet? (What would that even look like? Ooh.) Human Laura and Cass, pouring over/arguing over research material in a pub, cafe or flat? Building on scenes we see in the comics, or showing a scene from a different perspective? A joint gig poster?


So I’m not looking for fix-it fic, really; I’d prefer stories that focus on these characters (whichever combination you choose) prior to Lucifer’s death, developing what we saw on-panel and playing with what might have been going on behind-the-scenes. However, if you wanted to … stretch out the canon timeline, that would work! (Maybe give Laura and Lucifer a little more time together prior to the interview-turned-assassination-attempt, or give Lucifer a little longer to be hiding out before Ananke shows up?) How does Laura, as a fangirl, commune with one of her gods one-on-one? Did Cassandra ever interview Lucifer prior to the first issue, and do they maybe have more common ground than they let on (certainly sharing a certain cynical streak)?

Art-specific prompts: Lucifer, Laura, and the effect of up-close-and-personal miracles. Anything inspired by seventies/eighties Bowie imagery/costuming/music videos/etc (I have such a thing). Lucifer and Cassandra in Lucifer’s dressing room pre- or post-show. AU art of Lucifer with Persephone or Urdr (compare and contrast, duet, concert poster, who knows).


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