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I am back from Chicago, and I'm going to require a break from a) Polish food and b) contemporary Catholicism. Other things are, well. You know. More of that whole it takes time business, I suppose.

A lot has been going on - feels like I was gone for much longer than I really was. I'm too tired and disgusted to deal too much with what just happened in my state (though at least I got home in time to vote, yesterday). Also I'm sorry to have pretty much missed [ profile] help_haiti (though under the circumstances I'm not sure what I could have contributed, artistically), but now that I have internet again I can finally make some direct donations.

On a more fannish note, I can't wait to get home and catch up on White Collar, because peoples' tweets were driving me nuts last night. ;) Must've been good, huh? I did watch last week's Leverage, and was amused that everyone kept right on calling Sophie, just like in every post-2x09 fic ever. (This was not surprising, but I am so thrilled she's still on the show.) Also, I love the OT3 to bits and all, but I CAN HAZ MOAR PARKER/SOPHIE, PLZ? :D? :D?

I am not remotely caught up on my flist, but I hear that Gerard Way fellow is being earnestly adorable again, and that there are all kinds of exciting bigbang sign-ups going on. I am most excited for this:

[ profile] trekreversebang is just what it looks like - a bigbang-style challenge where the fic is based on the art, instead of vice versa. Seriously, guys, you have to get in on that. If nothing else, you should totally leave prompts! There's no obligation attached to that! (The deadline for art is the day I'm going to that portfolio event. Ahaha, well, I work well under pressure.)

Also, speaking of portfolios, I still really need to respond to all the awesome comments on that advice post! Hopefully later today. You guys rock, did I mention? ♥
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