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I am back from Chicago, and I'm going to require a break from a) Polish food and b) contemporary Catholicism. Other things are, well. You know. More of that whole it takes time business, I suppose.

A lot has been going on - feels like I was gone for much longer than I really was. I'm too tired and disgusted to deal too much with what just happened in my state (though at least I got home in time to vote, yesterday). Also I'm sorry to have pretty much missed [ profile] help_haiti (though under the circumstances I'm not sure what I could have contributed, artistically), but now that I have internet again I can finally make some direct donations.

On a more fannish note, I can't wait to get home and catch up on White Collar, because peoples' tweets were driving me nuts last night. ;) Must've been good, huh? I did watch last week's Leverage, and barely even spoilers! )

I am not remotely caught up on my flist, but I hear that Gerard Way fellow is being earnestly adorable again, and that there are all kinds of exciting bigbang sign-ups going on. I am most excited for this:

[ profile] trekreversebang is just what it looks like - a bigbang-style challenge where the fic is based on the art, instead of vice versa. Seriously, guys, you have to get in on that. If nothing else, you should totally leave prompts! There's no obligation attached to that! (The deadline for art is the day I'm going to that portfolio event. Ahaha, well, I work well under pressure.)

Also, speaking of portfolios, I still really need to respond to all the awesome comments on that advice post! Hopefully later today. You guys rock, did I mention? ♥
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Oh man. I watched The Wrath of Khan for the first time (twice) this week, and I just keep thinking "I hate it when villains quote Shakespeare" and chuckling to myself. I really want to watch Farscape again, right now. (It doesn't hurt that reboot!Kirk's characterization reminds me of John Crichton more than Shatner.)

Apart from that, I've been watching a bunch of TV. I caught up with Leverage long since and have been making my way through various peoples' bookmarks (I can see that this is going to be another deserving fandom that's tragically short of fic, but at least that means [ profile] yuletide - I might actually make two requests in one fandom this year). Eastwick is ridiculously entertaining, though I'm a little terrified that it'll go south suddenly. (That choice of phrasing was actually not on purpose, but now I kind of have to leave it.) Merlin continues to be bad but endearing, and I actually should write a little more about various developments if I ever remember. And well, there's Dollhouse. I watched the unaired first season episode back-to-back with the second season premiere, and I don't even know. Still can't look away.

I would really like to go see Amanda Palmer play with the Boston Pops on New Years Eve, but damn, those are some pricy tickets. I might pay that much to see Bowie, but that's about it. :(

Lastly, [ profile] yuletart sign-ups end in three days!
Kirk says sign up!

Errrr. I don't know, I've been looking for any excuse to try drawing them, and this was a quick first attempt? (So much more Uhura later. And er, all-around better, I hope.) I'm ridiculous. And excited. :D

And I should really go to bed. I'm even worse at that than usual, lately.
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Well, first and foremost: [ profile] yuletart sign-ups are live! :DDD OMG, I am so excited for this. A little sorry that I got into Leverage just too late to nominate it, but still. I requested bandom (MCR), Farscape, X-Men, Star Trek (TOS or XI), and The Middleman (because hope springs eternal), and I offered a whole ton of stuff! Kind of have a feeling I'll wind up drawing Merlin, but we shall see. :D

I have so much artistic energy lately; it's awesome. I'm currently working on some guest comic strips for a friend, and I have a couple random fanart pieces going as well. (As usual, fanart's good for making me try different things: I've been avoiding Photoshop again, but some of those will require it.)

Also, have I mentioned that I love Leverage? *_* (I need to make some icons.) I've been having a pretty rough week with non-art things, so I canceled my plans for last night and wound up watching the first five episodes of the second season straight through (while cooking and drawing). I love all the characters so much (particularly Hardison and Parker, because I'm predictable), and it's one of the most fun, relaxing viewing experiences I've had in ages. It mostly doesn't piss me off! How strange. /o\ Plus, talk about a cathartic theme.

I wonder if it'll be eligible for [ profile] yuletide? I haven't even thought about what I'm going to ask for yet. My two other big fannish preoccupations (bandom and Star Trek) don't remotely qualify, but I have no idea what Leverage fic is like (I will have to investigate).


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