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Oh my god, it stopped raining! \o/ Seriously, you guys, I don't mind daylight savings most of the time (I'd much rather wake up in the dark, if it means getting an extra hour of sunshine after work), but having it happen in the midst of four days' steady downpour is just playing dirty. Can't wait to finally enjoy that sunlight this evening, while I run around my apartment trying to prepare for the beekeepers.

Tomorrow: holes knocked in my bedroom ceiling! Vacuuming up honeybees! Most exciting. Cross your fingers for me that it'll work? If they're in among the bricks instead of the crawlspace, we might be forced to exterminate after all. (Which, apart from the fact that killing bees is a shame, would entail potential habitability issues that I'm not sure how to deal with. :/)

Okay, so there's a lot of buzz (err), both positive and negative, about Dreamwidth again. You may notice the little automatic message at the bottom of this post; I've been crossposting for months now, but I've decided I'd like to make that a little more obvious. I have no plans to ever turn off LJ commenting! I prefer Dreamwidth on a whole number of levels, but I get that plenty of you don't, and I have no intention of trying to pressure anyone into switching. That said, I consider Dreamwidth my primary location now; I'm working on taking all crossposters off my LJ default filter and all that jazz, and if you don't mind commenting at DW (either with your own account or OpenID), that would be neat.

I have to get back to work, but: [ profile] trekreversebang writer/artist match-ups have been announced, and you should go check out the totally tantalizing thumbnails of the art submissions (so far). :D I have to go email my writer! Can't wait to see how this all turns out.

Also, you might want to check out [ profile] coc_m_madness (Characters of Color March Madness, multifandom character voting modeled on [ profile] f_march_madness). It is painful. I just had to pick between Zoe Washburn and Gunn! And Charlie Young and Wallace Fennell!

Lastly! Gold Motel just announced East Coast tour dates on their myspace, including one for Allston. Yes, Greta, come to meeeee. *_*
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This has been the wackiest of weeks.

The BND show on Tuesday with [ profile] fuschia, [ profile] inkjunket, and [ profile] greendreaming was mostly fabulous, although All Time Low is pretty much permanently on my shitlist for the disgusting things they were saying to their severely underaged audience. >:( Apart from that, though! I haven't paid much attention to Hey Monday because I can't really get into their music, but Cassadee is a tiny dynamo. ♥ Not sure I want to ship her with anyone, but people should totally write Decaydance ensemble fic featuring her. (Oh man, I haven't read bandom ensemble fic in ages.) Cobra and FOB were each predictably fabulous . . . I don't even know, Pete Wentz. I do not even know. ♥ His attempts at making a political statement were pretty damn faily, and then there was his having to be extracted from the audience by large body guards, twice (once separately from his bass). Also, Patrick sounded great; from what people have said, I guess he must have done some training.

On Wednesday I enjoyed a relaxing day off with new comics and the angelology book I picked up from the university library (comic project research). Unfortunately, I proceeded to lose my cell phone, freak out, and stand up my friend for dinner. /o\

Today, I arrived at work to find things in some disarray due to a suspected case of the H1N1 virus on campus. Fun times! My boss stayed home, so under her advice I wound up leaving, though I'm not sure that was really necessary. Of course, the Comcast people showed up on my street about ten minutes after I got home and made my internet kaput, and now I'm sitting in a cafe trying to get my shiny new dreamwidth account set up.

About that: there are a lot of opinions flying around, and I fall somewhere in the middle of them. Maybe I'll get into that later. I'm probably going to import my LJ entries and start crossposting sometime soon; I'll make any further decisions once I see how things go. I've only subscribed to a few people, because you guys are hard to keep track of, but I'll try and catch up over the weekend. I have A Winter's Tale with [ profile] hermionesviolin tonight.

Lastly, because life really isn't boring right now, I am really excited about my [ profile] bbbartists claim! And nervous! I can't wait to read my draft and start planning ideas. :DDD


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