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Isaac and Allison are confused by the presence of a kid with a unicorn horn There will be time for life updates later, but for now ... have some relatively quick TV fanart drawn as warm-ups/procrastination on my real work.

I enjoyed last week’s episode of Teen Wolf, possibly because of the blessed absence of all the various characters from season 3A that I could never really care about (although of course the alpha twins will be back tonight, bah). The nightmare-within-a-nightmare thing was overdone, sure, but there was some good character stuff. I love the parents being in the know now ... seriously, could we maybe have the Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski show? That would be a fresh take on all the teen supernatural business, to have it through the parents’ perspective. Yes please.

And there was even some silly stuff! Like the introduction of Kira and her father. I had the irresistible image of a show where the Nemeton, contrary to everyone’s expectations, did not turn out to be a magnet for evil killer beasties, just ... regular folks, albeit not quite folks, who start moving into the neighborhood. The creature from the black lagoon next door; the mermaid in your Geometry class (wheeling herself around, Lori Lemaris-style). Conflicts that would be more at home in a sitcom than a horror movie!

You know; a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures. )

I’m sure we’ll get our usual serving of grimdark instead. So glad I have some reliably fantastic shows as well ... I really haven’t seen nearly enough meta about Elementary 3.13 yet! I had a predictable reaction )

Well, there are other things I should be drawing, probably. Hope everyone’s weathering this bizarre winter well (if you’re in this hemisphere)! <3
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Gaaaaah. It's ninety-plus degrees out, humid and sunny, and the air conditioning in this old building (the school, where I'm working 'til I find more gainful employment) is kaput. I feel like I've been put on a slow broil, here.

Here are some current fandom-related articles I've been reading lately, since I'm too fried to try and provide much in the way of my own content right now!

The Truth Of Wolves, Or: The Alpha Problem - written with urban fantasy fiction (mostly novels, I think) in mind, but interesting to reflect on with regard to Teen Wolf and TW fic. I was talking about the whole intensely stratified Alpha/Omega 'verse thing with a fannish friend a few weeks ago ... something I haven't exactly been surprised to see proliferating in TW fandom? But I was surprised to hear that she's been seeing it in other places (like hockey RPF, apparently?), and even being used separately from anything related to (were)wolves. IDK. It reminds me of how fascinating I found the concept of Recognition in ElfQuest (if anyone besides [personal profile] were_duck and myself have read that) as a kid, only to grow up and be kind of disturbed by the whole 'biological imperative" thing.

The Mary Sue's Star Trek: Into Darkness review - WARNING: not squeeful. A rather good, articulate analysis of the same problems I was having with the film.

Elementary, My Dear Joan Watson: An Egalitarian Sherlock? - a bit of a love-fest for Elementary and Joan Watson, cosigned 100%. I was trying to convince a non-fannish classmate of the show's amazingness some time back, and he was very dubious, citing less-than-gripping mysteries. Which I would only sometimes argue, but as s.e. smith writes, "On Elementary, the real case study is in human beings, not in criminology." Fantastic (platonic!) relationship dynamics FOR THE WIN.

Watsons, Hudsons, and Invisible Labour - a fantastic post by [personal profile] thingswithwings that does a beautiful job of articulating my thoughts on various Watson portrayals (and the reason why I always, always prefer the active, smart Watsons, and find Joan to be the most rewarding of all) ... and makes some really excellent point about the way Hudsons are and aren't (generally the latter) valued in Holmes adaptations. (I agree: I really hope we see MUCH more of Elementary's fantastic Ms. Hudson next season!) All outlining a point about decentralizing and reversing the worshipful, exceptionalist white dude genius centric narrative that I often find so troubling (even though I love Holmes, and so much of Holmes--canon and adaptation--is all about that).

Oh god, okay. Almost time to go. Tonight I am taking the excuse to go hole up in a movie theater and watch the story of another troubled white dude genius ... and his robotic armor. :p Finally.
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Spoilery squee for the Elementary finale! )

Sadly, I found the Doctor Who finale to be a bit meh, but that's been fairly common this season.

Meanwhile, this whole Kindle Worlds thing has been showing up all over my fannish and professional circles, and ... I'm just having a lot of trouble mustering up the energy for it. I mean, I realize that this is a bit different, because it's a company as big as Amazon ... but I feel like we've seen all this bullshit before, and it never really seems to go very far. Mostly I think I don't feel like dealing with yet another round of people from the non-fan side of my life talking about fandom (especially since some creator-types inevitably get judgy, bleh). I guess I'll keep a lookout for a decent round-up post.

On a completely different note! Still on the lookout for any particularly funny/awesome/FAVORITE band/musical artist interviews and articles, if anyone feels like sharing! Badass ladies (of any age or genre) especially. :D?
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Hey guys hey. It is an exciting life these days! I am waiting for important thesis news tomorrow, and starting to look for jobs and housing back home ... prospects don't look half bad!

Anyway, I have a random question that is SPOILERY for the end of last week's Elementary! )

Oh man, what do I even do with myself. I am free to draw whatever I want, and overwhelmed with possibilities. Wheeeee.
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Oh man, this has been a week. So the minute I got back from Boston I was basically overwhelmed with school things, even more than usual, if that's possible. We had this big event with multiple industry guests, a big old elbow-rubbing networking and reviewing kind of thing, and all my time was taken up preparing for and attending that (with a few extra meetings on the side)! Yesterday was my birthday, and all I wanted was leisurely dinner and drinks with my friends, and time to take a breath. Which I certainly got (epic hour-long wait for our food notwithstanding; at least it was delicious).

With all this, I could not handle all the bandom feels that have been running rampant this week. I had to absent myself from twitter, which was kind of tragic, and I haven't even watched The Phoenix yet. (Oh hi, Fall Out Boy, you know just where my buttons are. Augh.) I did make time to read Gerard's tweets, because they just made me happy as fuck. (Oh man, I hope the mailbox thing doesn't turn into a fiasco for him. Such earnestness, Mr. Way.)

On the other hand, probably my best birthday present of all was fannish. [personal profile] klb recorded an amazing little Elementary fic for me: In Practice, by [ profile] inlovewithnight. My favorite show, currently, and I haven't had time to read anything. I was complaining last week that there was NO podfic at all, but she's changed all that! And oh god, that story (which is kinky gen) is PERFECTLY relevant to my interests, to my interpretation of Sherlock & Joan's dynamic ... and [personal profile] klb gives a beautifully nuanced reading that enhances the text in just the right way. GO LISTEN.

I'm off to a roller derby bout in a little bit, feeling extra dapper with the pocket watch my uncle sent me(!) and my much-missed vintage spring coat, freshly repaired. And then I have to hunker down and get back to work. I miss the fan community from last week so much, though: much love, you guys!


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