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a short girl with wavy hair and a lapful of confused cat look on in bemusement as a slightly taller person in a suit rants and raves, apparently enraged. 'But tell me how you REALLY feel about Teen Wolf.'
Heyyy, sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth (again) ... I had a lovely, very full birthday weekend (with very tolerant friends!) and then things got all busy again, as they do. I have more than half a dozen awesome prompts I'm still planning to fill for the female character doodle challenge, all written safely down in my sketchbook! They might just be a bit staggered. (Convention season has been sneaking up on me, yikes.)

Here are a couple amazing things other people made for me for the fest (jeez I am still all a-flutter, you guys are so GREAT <3 <3 <3):
Bondage interruptus (Sailor Moon; Michiru/Haruka & Hotaru - pretty SFW) by [ profile] sae
Lydia and ghost!Allison team-up (Teen Wolf), by [personal profile] ataratah
Adorable Utena/Anthy vignette (Revolutionary Girl Utena), by [personal profile] alexmegami

And here's a quick round-up of what I've managed to produce so far:
♥TUXEDO ARCHER♥ (Teen Wolf/Sailor Moon fusion)
Leslie/waffles OTP doodle (Parks & Rec; prompted by [personal profile] analise010)
Alana Bloom puppy pile doodle (Hannibal; prompted by [personal profile] were_duck)
I AM FOUND doodle (Welcome to Night Vale; prompted by [personal profile] rhivolution)

So that was an awesome way to turn young for trees, basically. Love you allll.
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Ran away for some much-needed cafe worktime across the river, after being shut up in my apartment for a good chunk of the weekend. I'm trying to distract myself from the stress of waiting to hear back about job interviews, blah. Iced coffee and a nice, private little corner by the window. Comics.

I've been a little all over the place the last few days. Sleep has been filled to the brim with dynamic, colorful, plotty anxiety dreams about everything from employment to strained friendships, to, um, Hannibal. Which is probably what I get for watching the entire season over the course of a few days, I know. /o\ But really, subconscious of mine, do I need to have a dream which evolves from yelling at someone I'm close to for trying to control my career goals ... to freaking out that said person has been replaced by a cannibal doppelganger?

Also, last night there were murderous Star Wars muppets. I have no idea what to do with that one.

Maybe I should try watching something less violent next? I have to say, though, everyone was right: Hannibal is a quite compelling show. I find myself actively wanting to not read any fic for it, though. There's some gorgeous fanart out there, and I would absolutely watch vids, but the canon itself gives me all the story I want. I wouldn't want to see it taken anywhere brighter, and it's plenty dark for me as it is, I guess. I'm really regretting not watching as it aired, though, because I'd have enjoyed reading more meta, and a lot of that seems to be lost in the recesses of tumblr.

Anyway, let me end on an up note with this video a friend linked me to this morning. I didn't see the twist coming at all, somehow. It was beautiful.


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