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Another huge fanart roundup, courtesy of the summer where I only have the energy to manage job search stuff, draw fanart, and let my whole professional identity lie pretty much fallow. :D?

Okay, that sounded a little ... yeah. Actually, things are looking up in a big way! I have a pretty big deal second interview tomorrow, for a position I'm genuinely excited for which also pays better than I'd had any hope of, so. Fingers crossed. And I am having a ball with letting myself soak more or less exclusively in fannish material for a bit. :)
a single, full-color comic panel showing Miss America Chavez and Ms. Marvel holding hands and simultaneously punching out a robot, visible in the extreme foreground. POW!
America & Kamala's first date. <3 )

a clipped preview image showing Allison Argent, in black & white but for some yellow highlights, looking into the distance in profile and holding her bow.

A Teen Wolf collaboration with Ataratah! )

a clipped preview of the image below!

Character death won't stop my shipping. )

two versions of the same comic panel panel, in which Lindsey Way peers into a coffee cup saying 'Uh-huh,' a seated Gerard Way looks up nervously all '...' and the coffee cup goes '<3'

Revisiting six years ago. )

Orphan Black & Sailor Moon doodles. )

This ... actually isn't quite everything, but I'll take a breath and save the rest for its own post. ;)
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Oh man you guys, what even is this week. I have this freelance art project due on Friday (taking a restaurant review and translating it into comics form for the local free paper; I keep getting so hungry), which means I have to do a ridiculous amount of lettering today. (Prose writers, always so wordy! Um, I mean, naturally.) They want it in color, too, sigh. Not that it isn't exciting ... my first paid art gig! Not the career I'm actively seeking as such, but a great experience nonetheless, and I could definitely use the money.

Anyway, I also have, uh, three phone interviews tomorrow for jobs at various colleges back home, there's a wedding on Friday (<333), and then I'm gonna go visit my family for a few days. Everything is REALLY INTENSE and busy.

And now I'm kind of scared to watch last night's Teen Wolf, judging by some of the preliminary reactions I'm seeing. Um. I guess I will avoid tumblr like the plague today. Yikes.

I've also spent my art time over the last couple days watching Orphan Black, which is an AMAZING show, you guys. The main actress plays at least five different characters (it's a clone show) and she is fantastic (everything Eliza Dushku wasn't, in Dollhouse). She plays great relationships (with herself), even; a female-dominated cast of one. It's a bit violent ([personal profile] were_duck sent me a list of triggers, although many of them were not as graphic as I expected), but highly recommended!


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