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I'm having a rotten day for no real reason, bah. (Just my brain being a jerk!) But things aren't all terrible; someone left cookies in the break room (good timing), and I have some [community profile] processfest catch-up to do.

I'm not going to push myself on the ones I'm having trouble answering, though, so I'm skipping around a little!

Day 7: Luxury Desert Island. That's everything I want right now. )

Day 9: Tools. A tale of fifty billion pens. )

As I've been gaining momentum on my central project, recently, I've been thinking about getting some software to help organize all my notes and drafts and things; it's all getting a bit unwieldy. A friend recommended EndNote (I was specifically asking about freeware, because I'm a bit broke at present); would anyone out there have opinions/additional recommendations/input?

Hmm, I don't know how interesting any of that is going to be, but it was still kind of fun to write out. :)
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Oh hey, my first [community profile] yuletart piece, a Revolutionary Girl Utena jazz age AU, went up on Friday! I had a wonderful time revisiting one of my favorite old anime fandoms, and doing a bit of costume research is always a good time. ALSO, check out my flipping gorgeous giftart from [personal profile] ataratah! A deeply evocative moment between Teen Wolf's leading ladies (while Stiles snoozes, oblivious). <3

Here's some quick [community profile] processfest catchup!

Day Four: Challenges. Head, meet wall. )

Day Five: Collaboration. If there's an umlaut, we flip a coin. )

Okay, I feel like that's plenty for one day; I'll try and get to today's prompt tomorrow, I think. I'm ready to go write now. Is the work day over yet?
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Yesterday's [community profile] processfest prompt was Multiple Projects, and how (or whether) to juggle them. This is especially relevant to where I am in my creative life right now!

Too many balls in the air. Um. )
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I'm having a hibernate-y sort of week, mmf. Determined to stick with [community profile] processfest, though! Today‚Äôs prompt is where do you start? )

This feels rather disjointed and poorly organized, but it's my bedtime, so it's going to have to do. And now I wish I could stay up and write! Process talk is always so inspiring.
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Oh jeez, I've gotten so bad at posting here. I have a whole backlog of things I keep meaning to talk about, Thor 2 and comics and Sleepy Hollow and goodness knows what else. For some reason I've taking to living on tumblr & twitter even though I really prefer DW. It's a mystery.

However. I wanted to let you guys know that the [community profile] yuletart Weekly Challenges and Stocking Stuffer Claims have opened! Both are open to everyone, not just people who are signed up for the fest! You can wander in and cherry-pick a tasty prompt, or draw something for one of the challenges just because you feel like it. Yuletart is the best (I'm finishing up my first piece todaaaay)!

Also, [community profile] processfest has opened with its first prompt: Where do you create? What does your work space look like? Everyone who makes things should totally get in on this one; it's bound to be fascinating.

Anyway yes. Maybe now that there's going to be this ongoing DW-centric thing this month, I'll get around to updating this thing a bit more! I have things to say, but ... well, I have a talent for overfilling my plate, let's just admit that. I can't wait to be posting new fanart soon, though!


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