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So the other day I saw this post fancasting Rihanna as Crowley and Lupita Nyong'o as Aziraphale on my tumblr dash, and had to try and give it a shot. Could've done a better job with the shading, but it was super fun to do nonetheless! I should make a point of drawing more fancasts in the future.

Crowley!Rihanna and Aziraphale!Lupita lean on the rail of a bridge in St. James Park, their wings translucent but visible; the sound of quacking rises up from below

Summer's ending, and with it, I'm supposed to be doing less fanart, but ... that doesn't really seem to be happening, does it? I'm currently signed up for [ profile] fanartremixexchange, [community profile] femslashex, and [ profile] tw_fallharvest. All my assignments are super exciting! And of course, here I am producing completely random things.

Scott McCall is posed dramatically in front of a pink, sparkly background, the full moon behind his head, promising to protect everyone. In front of him is a swirly logo that reads TRUE ALPHA SCOTT MCCALL.

Yeah, I ... have no particular excuse for this, except that [personal profile] ataratah and I kept talking about it and also I've been watching so much Sailor Moon lately. I'm not sure I quite pulled off the shoujo sparkle effects, but in my own defense, I did try to do them all by hand. Which is hardly the traditional method.

Also, speaking of fanart, Teen Wolf, and Sailor Moon, I'm meant to be reccing the latter on [community profile] fanart_recs this month (and I'm behind! I need to get another post up, stat). Here's a roundup of my Teen Wolf recs from last month:

tarot card set, by [ profile] hydrae (Scott, Stiles, Lydia & Allison)
aim our arrows high, by [ profile] boaillustration (Allison/Lydia)
various recap comics by [ profile] kendrawcandraw (cw for drug use, character death & institutionalization)
The Queen and Her Court, by [ profile] yellowis4happy (Major female characters through 3A)
Family Time with the McCalls, by [ profile] madeoftin (Melissa & Scott McCall)
teen wolf horror illustration series: zombies, by [ profile] kissingcullens (Boyd, Erica & Cora; cw mild gore)
Lydia Martin's Bestiary: Kira Yukimura, by [ profile] ataratah (Kira Yukimura)
Too Many Teens In A Jeep (And Derek), by [ profile] guzusuru (S2 main cast)
untitled fantasy AU, by [ profile] anobviousaside (Allison/Lydia)
Moon Alpha Power, by [ profile] ocicatsy and [ profile] wensleydale (Derek Hale)

It occurs to me that I know nothing about any incoming new shows this fall. Anything you guys are excited about?


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