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So the other day I saw this post fancasting Rihanna as Crowley and Lupita Nyong'o as Aziraphale on my tumblr dash, and had to try and give it a shot. Could've done a better job with the shading, but it was super fun to do nonetheless! I should make a point of drawing more fancasts in the future.

Crowley!Rihanna and Aziraphale!Lupita lean on the rail of a bridge in St. James Park, their wings translucent but visible; the sound of quacking rises up from below

Summer's ending, and with it, I'm supposed to be doing less fanart, but ... that doesn't really seem to be happening, does it? I'm currently signed up for [ profile] fanartremixexchange, [community profile] femslashex, and [ profile] tw_fallharvest. All my assignments are super exciting! And of course, here I am producing completely random things.

Scott McCall is a Magical Girl. )

Also, speaking of fanart, Teen Wolf, and Sailor Moon, I'm meant to be reccing the latter on [community profile] fanart_recs this month (and I'm behind! I need to get another post up, stat). Here's a roundup of my Teen Wolf recs from last month! )

It occurs to me that I know nothing about any incoming new shows this fall. Anything you guys are excited about?
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... and then I fell into an anxiety-riddled funk and kind of disappeared (online and IRL) for awhile. /o\ But hey! I've been doing a bunch of fanart to help pull myself out of it. Have a roundup? :D?

preview thumbnails of eight pieces of fanart (listed below)

Sailor Moon/Killjoys fusion (like a neon pink raygun to the face) ) Also, CHECK OUT the gorgeous Teen Wolf/Lost Girl fusion art that [personal profile] ataratah drew for our exchange! <3 <3 <3

Teen Ghost: the Teen Wolf spinoff that exists only in my head )

Quickie illo for thingswithwings's America Chavez/Kamala Khan fic )

Scribbly little Teen Wolf & Pretty Little Liars doodles )

Aaand last but not least, here are two more pieces for my birthday female characters doodle fest: the Queen and the Soldier (Serenity/Pluto) and Utena's birthday present. I know it's been months, but I'm still carrying the remaining prompts around, so you never know when more might pop up. :)

I can't believe there hasn't been any MCU fanart in all of this. I should fix that. Although I do kind of have (original) porn to be drawing, too.

At some point I really need to check around and see if there are any exciting bigbangs or reversebangs I want to participate in. I miss doing fic illustration so much ...
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Hey guys, you should leave me some prompts to doodle from for my little informal female characters fest! I encourage making things too, but give me something to do, yeah? ;)

This one’s not a doodle, but ... I’ve been meaning to draw it since early on in Teen Wolf season 3(a), and after this week in television, I needed something really ridiculous and fun. Plus, the theme song for the new Sailor Moon anime has been going around, and I am exciiited.

Allison Argent, dressed as Tuxedo Mask, runs through the night. Lovesick Sailor!Isaac and Sailor!Scott stare after her.

More appropriate tribute art later, I suspect, but I enjoyed this way too much. ;)
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Hrm, I am several days behind on [community profile] snowflake_challenge! Need to catch up. The thing is, Day 8 was about setting fannish goals, and ... I don't feel like I can do that right now. I mean, I suppose I could set a goal for the summer, but I think it's better if I don't even think about it. Thesis.

Day 9, on the other hand, was awesome ... it just took me two days to complete: In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something. I drew some fanart! Inspired by someone's Day 4 wishlist, because I love the whole circle of fannish gift-giving. So [personal profile] mammothluv wished for
"crossover fanworks of any of my favorite ladies." We seem to have a fair number of favorite ladies in common, so that took a bit of narrowing down ...

preview image of two ladies with guns

Renee Montoya teams up with yet another Kate. )

Day 10's challenge--rec a creator--is also awesome, and I want to do it justice! I may post again later today. Right now there are things I need to get moving on. I have the day off (breaktime work schedule is kind of nice), and I think I'm going to hop the free commuter bus a couple towns over and work in a cafe with fewer distractions. There is never, never enough time!

Still, David Bowie announced this week that he's putting out a new album in March. There are always, always things to look forward to, jfc.
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Well, 2013 starts in an hour, and I'm sick and taking a rest before I join my family for the countdown and toasting and all that jazz. (It's not that bad, but I think my poor little pseudo-niece is disappointed in my lack of energy. I can't figure out why I'm her favorite entertainment in the first place; possibly because I listen endlessly?)

This year has been a progression for me; I think I've grown a great deal on a number of levels. (Also I started teaching myself to draw porn! Clearly a huge accomplishment.) The new year will be the year I finish school for good (as far as I have planned) and launch ... the rest of my life, I suppose. Which could be daunting, but headcold aside, I feel energized and ready to take it all on (starting with my thesis, of course). I don't have resolutions so much as ongoing goals. And all the creative projects ever.

I wish you guys all the best in this new year; I can't wait to spend more time with some of you and to see all the amazing things you produce! Absentee though I've been this year, I adore fandom and my circle and appreciate all the little ways you always help me through my rough patches. <3

It's awfully puny, but here's a roundup of this year's fanart. )

And here's one last little thing for the year (not that it's in any way seasonal) ... the Warehouse 13/Sanctuary crossover I've been pondering, featuring H.G. and Tesla. (Ugh, Tesla! I have failed your face, or your face has failed me ... challenge accepted for sometime in the future!)

Helena G. Wells holds a Tesla gun on Nikola Tesla
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Something weird that happened last week: it seems that this shirt is irresistibly fascinating to some segment of the population. In the space of a few hours of wearing it (not for the first time or anything!), three separate strangers felt the need to read it aloud; one man was so intrigued as to get up in my face and try reading it to me while I was on the phone with my brother. In a T station. That was fairly disconcerting. To top it off, I later ran into a woman (another stranger) wearing an identical shirt, who told me she'd had several similar experiences that day.

Okay then?

In other news (ha), I have been sketching away at various projects and mainlining Fringe continuously; I'm about halfway through the second season. Have I mentioned that I kind of love this show? It's pretty damn fascinating stuff, conceptually ... oddly, a bit more "out there" than I expected. (General weird stuff, sure. A centralized focus on alternate dimensions? I guess I hadn't picked up on that from my peripheral awareness.) Also, I really like everyone in the main cast, and their relationships (although, weirdly, I don't feel any particular need to 'ship them). I'd like a little more focus on Astrid, though, I must say.

I'm trying to complete small pieces somewhat steadily even while working on longer projects: prompts are helpful for this! So here's another: [personal profile] ataratah originally requested "Firefly-verse Beckett, with optional sidekick Mal/Castle." Subsequent discussion lead to an ex-Alliance Beckett to whom Mal is not so much a sidekick as ... well, it's a little unclear. However:
space!Beckett holds Mal Reynolds at gunpoint

So that was really fun. :D I'm intrigued by this 'verse, I have to say; after all, Castle and Beckett make great foils, but Mal and Kate would probably have a bit in common (and also, I suspect, friction). If I had time to play with this more, I'd bring in the rest of the precinct cast members as her kickass crew ... hmm.

I should probably get back to work-like things now, so. Briefly: I'm excited for Grant Morrison writing Superman again, but DC is still mostly full of fail. (Hello, it seems I'm seriously ~invested in canon Clark/Lois. Not actually much of a surprise.) And I must rec [personal profile] thingswithwings's fantastic multifandom manpain vid and accompanying meta. I love celebratory vids and themed vids and all the rest, but ... criticism!vidding is one of my favorite things in fandom, period.

So happy Friday, bbs! I am finally going to see X-Men: First Class this weekend. I don't know if I've ever read so much meta (and squee) for a movie before I've seen it.
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Oh um, hi internet! /o\ I am kind of swamped these days. I've taken on a number of original comics projects for the summer (not to mention my grad school application). So it looks like I'm just going to have even less time for fandom stuff than usual. (Although, I say this five days before Leverage comes back, so IDK. Grain of salt.)

That said, the fabulous [ profile] bandombigbang story I drew for has gone live! Only Going One Way, by [personal profile] ataratah and [personal profile] jjtaylor, is a BANDOM/DUE SOUTH CROSSOVER. Yeah. :DDD It is fucking hilarious and cracked-out and amazing, and you should totally go check it out! Not only is the main pairing adorable, but these two have a real gift for writing great secondary characters as well - in both fandoms. (Buck Frobisher, omg. :DDD)

You can see my four illustrations on LJ or on DW. How could I possibly pass up the chance to draw Gerard Way in a Mountie uniform? I had so much fun with this, seriously. It was particularly appropriate, since I started working on it during the drive to/from Canada for my brother's graduation.

Of course, now I've done fanart of Fraser and Kowalski, but not Vecchio ... which means that at some point, I'll have to make time to rectify that. ;)

On a less gleeful note, you've probably all heard about the most recent, sickening bit of fandom racefail by now? But here's a rather belated signal boost, just in case, because I think it's important to be aware of shit like this. (Link goes to the most comprehensive round-up post of the debacle, by [ profile] amazonziti.) In a nutshell: a SPN fan decided that the tragic (and ongoing) aftermath of the Haiti earthquake would make a great backdrop for her two white dudes to ~find themselves and have hot sex, piling on plenty of painful racist and imperialistic tropes along the way. Her betas, artist, cheerleaders, and quite a few commenters apparently agreed. Eurgh.

I'm sorry for both being so late and so brief on the matter ... I may try and get a post together later about some different instances of pop culture/fannish fail I've been encountering lately (much of it about race). I hope.
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Holiday reveals post! (Does this feel spammy to you? Last New Years-y item, I swear.)

So this year for [ profile] yuletide, I wrote Turn, a Gunnerkrigg Court fic. [personal profile] nextian requested Kat/Annie, which happened to be exactly what I'd been hoping to write. :D I had a lot of fun reviewing the comic, and trying to invent some new crazy Forest stuff that fit with the occasion, without interfering too much with any of the unsolved mysteries in canon. I am . . . not the most dynamic ficcer ever? But I'm pretty happy, overall, with how this came out.

And since [ profile] yuletart reveals are today, here's my contribution: a Middleman/Umbrella Academy fancomic. [ profile] bluelittlepig and I matched on four fandoms, so it was a little hard to pick. ;) I went with this combination because I love wacky fanart crossovers, and because there is no Middleman fanart out there. I'm super proud of the piece: I spent two solid weeks on it! (So much Photoshop, oh my god. I barely noticed the bus crawling home at half-speed, the day before Thanksgiving.) I think I may need to start reigning in the background detail a bit, though; that large panel is kind of, er, cluttered.

I had some awesome fannish holidays . . . I'll think of them fondly while I'm wallowing through admissions season at work. /o\ I'm going to try and get those [ profile] yuletart recs up tonight, but you should really go poke through the whole comm if you get the chance. What an amazing year.

roundup of this past year's fanart )


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