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. . . I've already collected a huge list of prompts from [ profile] paintedspires, and it's only the second day of prompt-posting. Oh noes! I will never do them all; the good odds are that I won't do more than one. How will I decide? (Fortunately, some will be ruled out quickly as too ambitious. But still!)

Which isn't to say that you shouldn't all go post some prompts. There haven't been many with femslash yet!

I'm trying to decide if catching up on SgA episodes (I've missed the last four or so) will help or hurt my inspiration for the challenge. I'm not feeling the boys at all right now (I can't even enjoy Sheppard/McKay fic, recently, even when it's by my favorite authors!), but I'm quite chipper about the girls, and I'll probably just be drawing them anyway.

I had an amusing conversation with [ profile] zelempa earlier. I mentioned that I've really been liking Teyla/Dr. Keller recently, and she said that she thinks Keller wants Teyla (and Ronon, and Rodney), but she's not sure Teyla wants back. I said that I had images of Teyla kissing Keller "just to shut her up," and also:

[ profile] ave_eva: "I think that Keller is a woman who knows what she wants, and what she wants is . . . all the main characters on SGA."
[ profile] zelempa: "Ha ha ha! That is great, especially if you kind of think of her as like, a covert ops fangirl. "My mission: MUCHO KISSAGE." Ronon check, Rodney check (?), Teyla (??) check (???) I anticipate that she'll have some trouble with John."
[ profile] ave_eva: ". . . that is better than ANY of the prompts on Painted Spires." Which are all great, but! *has comicbunnies, oh nooooes*

Also, [ profile] pentapus wrote some awesome Teyla/Dr. Keller commentfic here.
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All right, folks!

Please come and prompt us to draw things! I've had the strong urge to make fanart for weeks, but I'm having the worst time coming up with actual ideas. My creativity has a headcold.

Femslash/female-centric/genderfuck prompts would be particularly appreciated by yours truly, though there are plenty of people there apparently willing to draw "anything" . . . and of course, the requisite masses of artists who want to draw McKay/Sheppard. So go forth!
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I'm buzzing with any number of fanart ideas--Avatar, Eroica, other things--but currently rather occupied with some "original" projects. However! What I really need is clearly some structure. I really do want to do more fanwork this year . . .

My interest in Stargate: Atlantis has also been flagging like crazy. I have possibly found the solution to both problems:

Painted Spires

So, consider this official encouragement to join in and/or watch. :) (And no, it's not only about the girls, at all. I just picked that particular banner for obvious reasons.) It's not just for artists, either: everyone is welcome to come and post prompts! (And I'm gonna need someone to post female character/femslash prompts besides me, so I'm not the lame one drawing only from my own. So yeah.)

(Man, I love being in a TV fandom that has fanartists. Hopefully I love this enough to fan the ashes of my love for the show itself. ^^;)
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Some squee, some issues, and a touch of surprise, because this show is actually making me think lately.

Dashed-off thoughts on SgA 3x09; 'Miller's Crossing' )
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Just finished watching "The Missing" (latest episode of Stargate: Atlantis). Oh man. More women. Having plots, and interacting, and passing the Bechdel test, and having character development, and kicking ass . . . what is this show coming to?

It probably goes without saying, but I really want some fic to come out of this!

The very end of the episode filled me with fear, but it's fear I've been expecting all season (having been spoiled for certain plot points).

This rather makes up for the fact that Bionic Woman was boring and irritating this week (as usual; one more Sackhoff-less episode and I think I'll quit), Heroes is driving me crazy, and Avatar is on hiatus 'til the end of the month.
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I've been having some very angry feminist days lately. Maybe it's time to cut down on reading WFA every day? Because much as I enjoy a lot of the writing there, I'm clearly hyper-sensitive lately. I mean, there is certainly plenty to be angry about (that last link = SPOILERS for "Death of the New Gods"), and that's just in pop culture/comics (and a very small sample at that). Our whole culture is sick. But it's not particularly useful to feel angry all the time, particularly when a lot of it is more of the same every damn week.

This kind of anger and frustration is really always at the edge of my consciousness (what I get for being a fan of comics and genre entertainment, I guess), but I think it's affecting me even more than usual. Certainly it's been impossible to escape or ignore when I'm watching TV, lately.

I think this may turn into a rant . . . it's been coming for awhile. Not to be expecting finesse. ^^; (Cut to protect recent spoilers, more or less, but if you aren't caught up on Heroes, Bionic Woman, and/or Stargate: Atlantis, you might want to skip.)

Heroes has never exactly been a shining example of happy-feminist television. The show's usually relatively multicultural and diverse (for mainstream American TV), at least with its male characters. But, last season, the only two major female heroes were very blonde and generically "attractive" (not that I don't love Claire, and Nikki's okay, but wow); the one really major female character of color was a textbook WiR, and quite a few other women were killed off as well. (Charlie's also a pretty WiRish example, though I did like Eden's heroic death.)

This season, well. )

Bionic Woman, meanwhile, is a relatively average action show. Jaime's a pretty boring main character, lacking in much personality, but at least she looks great kicking ass (I know, I suck like a big hypocritical sucking thing sometimes). She can be a total idiot sometimes (she discovers that Will has had files on her since two years before they met, but he's still the only man she ever loved? wtf?), and I hated that unborn-baby-death-trauma BS they threw in for no reason, but at least Will died, so we don't have to watch her suck by trying to forgive him or continue to be in a relationship with him, which I'd worried about. Also, in spite of cooperating with them most of the time, Jaime remains healthily furious when the people who changed her try to control her. That's something.

Really, though, I'm watching the show for Sarah Corvis (AKA Katee Sackhoff, siiiigh), and particularly for the scenes with the two Bionic Women together. Their chemistry is incredible, and their relationship would be the most interesting part of the show even if they weren't so very fraught with subtext. (So very. Where are my boatloads of femslash, people?) If Sackhoff leaves the show, I might very well drop it, but . . . I've been starving for female relationships lately, and Jaime has both Sarah and her sister (which could be done better, but it's a start), so there's enough to keep me in there. That, and the fun ass-kicking. I have missed Buffy more, recently.

Lastly, of course, there is Stargate: Atlantis, arguably my biggest fandom show. I've been less in love with it lately, in large part because I am feeling so very female-oriented right now, and SGA has rarely done a good job with its women. Teyla is a really fabulous character, but they rarely seem to know what to do with her, so she usually takes a backseat to plots focusing on her male teammates (though she generally proceeds to be completely awesome in the backseat anyway). Elizabeth was apparently even more difficult for the writers to deal with, stumbling along 'til she was finally dumped. Which made me angrier than I expected, though I at least appreciated that she was allowed to go out more or less in a blaze of glory.

Of course, this new season did add two new female characters to the cast; Sam Carter, imported over from SG-1, and Doctor Keller. I've remained cynical, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the most recent episode, Doppleganger. )

At least there's always Avatar: The Last Airbender. Katara's a bit of the annoying self-righteous "girl is the heart and soul of our group" cliche, but she's often pretty kickass. Toph is amazing. Azula bores me, but her cohorts are fresh and fun. And yeah, those girls do relate to each other! (Katara and Toph could stand to do it more, but still.)

[ETA:] Note to self. Do not forget to do this!
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Augh, fandom is going to be the death of me.

I've signed up for three holiday exchanges this year--[ profile] yuletide, [ profile] yuletart, and [ profile] go_exchange. All of which should be awesome, but that's a lot to do.

And now there's this challenge. How on earth am I supposed to resist that? Even though it means trying to draw actors, which I am terrible at. Can't be helped, I suppose . . . [ profile] mutecornett's art is too damn inspiring.

Plus, I'm tired of being a total lurker in all my fandoms. Challenges that include both art and writing are still few and far between, too.

I really ought to do a post about my feminist sci-fi gripes lately, specifically Re: Heroes and SGA. I finally watched "Lifeline," and while I actually really enjoyed it, and really enjoyed Elizabeth . . . well, in some ways, that makes me all the more frustrated. (I taped "Kindred" . . . have to watch it tomorrow or something.)
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This . . . is a piece of fanart for [ profile] auburnnothenna and [ profile] monanotlisa's fantastic (continuing) SgA AU, Ardhanarishvara. (If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? It's fucking fantastic.) It's not of any particular scene, just two of the (altered) characters.

John and Ronon. )

I should do more black and white stuff. I've been forgetting how much I love it, even better than computer color, really.
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This is my submission to [ profile] fish_like_bikes (the Women of Stargate Universe Kink & Cliche Fiction & Art Challenge).

I am so happy that someone finally ran a challenge for both fic and art in one of my fandoms. Fic is really hard for me. This is better! (Plus, girl-centric. Fantastic.)

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Teyla/Heightmeyer
Rating: PG-13
Prompts used: "Sleeping theme ([. . .] dreams or nightmares)" and "Time travel"
Summary: Sort of a medieval version of "The Gift." Lady Teyla Emmagen confides in Sister Kate Heightmeyer about a troubling dream (in which she is a demon). The good sister's imagination runs a little wild.

I love medieval nun habits )

I almost never do art for my "real people" fandoms. (Media like TV and movies for which I have to draw "real" faces, as opposed to book/comic illustrations.) That was a little nerve-wracking, but fun.


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