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Oh, hallelujah. Tonight I am going to have an evening to myself for the first time in a (very intense) week. I'm FINALLY about to watch the Elementary finale (and Doctor Who, I guess; I have seen NO reactions to that, what is up). And work on COMICS again. I have the itch in my fingers.

Last night, though, I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness, and ... well. Okay. There were some lovely character moments in there! FEELINGS included. And some pretty decent suspense, entertaining action, and some lovely set and costume design ... but I left feeling frustrated. Where the 2009 film was an exhilarating experience (with a set of problems that I was comfortable compartmentalizing away, to be analyzed and acknowledged later), this was the kind of disjointed mixed-bag experience that I'm all too used to having, especially on the big screen.

Anyway, apparently I have more thoughts and feelings than I realized, and this post got long and ranty. If you want to focus on the squee, probably just scroll on by.

All the spoilers, naturally. )

On the bright side! )
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It is finally, finally properly winter out there, you guys, and so goddamn beautiful. I got back from The Hobbit with my mother last night and instantly swapped boots to shovel the driveway (in my kicky little skirt and tights, because why not, it was all just sparkly fluff). In honor of the season, I made a mix!

It's ... honestly super melancholy? Turns out that a lot of my favorite winter songs are also about heartbreak. But I think it captures a certain bittersweet calm, even peace, peppered with little touches of hope and forward momentum ... things I tend to feel about this season. It does have a little Christmas flavoring as well, though I wanted to have a light touch with that.

mix: mind of winter )

I've been having a really nice vacation, doing the rounds visiting some of my local (and fellow visiting) friends, hanging with my family, watching Christmas specials and doodling things. [personal profile] chaiminda crocheted me a(n adorable) pentapus. I cannot capture Jonathon Young (Sanctuary's Tesla)'s face, much to my disgust. I have barely touched Yuletide, although I did really LOVE this Fame story: Being What We Can. Ralph, Doris and Montgomery! <333 Chosen family! The eighties (and attendant trauma)! Coming of age, self-destruction and building new paths! Eventual v-shaped poly! Seriously, it's fantastic, a story I've always wanted for that film.

Speaking of stories, have some relatively quick (and spoilery) reactions to the seasonal viewing I've done this week ...

Doctor Who: The Snowmen )

Downton Abbey Christmas special )

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey )

Say, would anyone be able to hook me up with an audio version of The Silmarillion, by any chance? It's always good to have nice, lengthy material to listen to while drawing ...

Also, speaking of audio (and recs), check out [personal profile] pennyplainknits's recording of "Spin the Wheel of the Year (Close Your Eyes and Point)", the most recent piece of [personal profile] jjtaylor's Detective Agency bandom AU-verse. The story and the reading are both wonderful.
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I'm sincerely sorry, flist, for continuing to rant at you, but I guess I have a few more things to say about the warnings mess. I'll probably be stopping after this, though.

I just don't understand where some people are coming from. )

Whew, okay, that was much longer than I expected. Briefly, I discussed: "your triggers are not my problem"/community sensibilities, the anger of pro-warning fans, survivors and pro-warning advocates "attacking" ficcers, censorship, and demands for consensus on a list of triggers to warn for. With lots of attempts to explain what I think the pro-warnings camp is attempting to say and to accomplish. (My understanding of the situation ultimately represents nobody's opinions but my own. Obviously.)

I think I'm done now--shit, I have so much to do that is NOT THIS--but here are a few more links. While I think that the analogies being thrown around are inherently problematic (fandom is neither a bookstore nor a supermarket), [ profile] vassilissa's take on the food allergy analogy is at least better, IMO: "You'll have to find that out for yourself. You can always leave if you smell peanuts. It's your responsibility, not mine." [ profile] kalpurna has a handy list of ways to make your warnings optional by hiding them. And lastly, the [ profile] unfunnybusiness write-up has lots more links, including to a lot of the posts where the wank started and was primarily continued.

[ETA:] [ profile] quettaser does the math. *_*

[ETA 2:] As usual, have not been able to pull myself away from haphazardly reading more posts on this subject. /o\ The more I do (and the calmer I am; I fully admit that my previous post in particular was written in a haze of rage), the more things seem to boil down to one simple issue. People don't like to be told what to do. Duh, I know. (And: a simplification, I know. But significant.) I don't have a lot of respect for that reaction (in this case), but I get it. However, this is not about people telling other people what to do: it's about people asking for help. I wish some people out there would read [ profile] impertinence's post about triggers (again, if need be), and try to re-focus their perspective a little. In context, that contrary reaction is fucking selfish.
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I've been home and on the internet for about half an hour as of starting this post, and I already feel as though my head is going to explode from rage. The warnings wank seems to have expanded its borders to include more general areas of fandom, and the ugliness is greatly increased for me by virtue of the fact that it's now coming from people I've always had the greatest respect for.

Sadly, I am not one of the more eloquent, articulate people addressing this subject, and I'm not feeling particularly diplomatic either. I just really need to vent.

I am honestly fucking shocked that we're not better than this. )

Above all, I'd appreciate it if people would stop acting as though survivors are attempting to oppress them into submission, here. They don't have that kind of power over you. They aren't censoring you. They are asking you to be decent to them, and it just makes you look like a shitty excuse for a human being when you get so fucking defensive about it.

I may update this post with links to people who are making what I consider to be good points on the subject. I should probably make dinner first.

[ETA:] Okay, I'm kind of failing at hunting up all the fantastic posts I've seen, but in brief: one of the first posts I saw on the subject was [ profile] iamtheenemy's, here (it's excellent, if a few days out of date by now). [ profile] ficbyzee says I would never want any story that I write to cause someone to relive a traumatic experience. (It's a brief post, but it's exactly the attitude I hope ficcers will have.) [personal profile] wistfuljane has a roundup here and a follow-up here. And most importantly (to reiterate a link from yesterday), there is [ profile] impertinence's important post about triggers (what they are, how they work, why they are not like squicks): Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

There has been so much more, and so many people are making fantastic arguments in the comments of other posts that I don't want to go back to right now. I need to start winding my emotions down for bed; ugh, I got nothing I wanted to do done this evening.

[ETA 2:] [ profile] sinsense just linked to a great post by [ profile] untappedbeauty that calls out the use of fallacious analogies and says something I keep forgetting to say, though I was getting more and more irritated about it earlier: I wish they could just pretend it's not about them. Because it's not. [...] It's about extending a courtesy to our fannish community, not trying to stifle authors.
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Just got back from spending my weekend with the family. Oh hey, the first BBB I drew for--Through The Longest Hours, by [ profile] thelemic--has been posted. \o/ You can find my art here. It's based on old pre-Code horror comics covers (though it's not remotely gruesome). I was reading The Ten-Cent Plague at the time. ;) Anyway, it was a super fun fic to draw for, and the piece is pretty different from my usual.

I am still really behind on BBB, and pretty much everything else. All I've managed to pay attention to online in the last day or so has been the bandom warnings wank. With regard to that: warnings are a courtesy people in fandom perform for each other, and while YMMV on the exact extent of their use, they are on the whole a positive and useful convention for our community. As far as I'm concerned, refusing to warn for potentially triggery material in fanfiction is a seriously shitty thing to do, and lecturing survivors on being 'stronger' is more or less unspeakable. Some of what I've seen this weekend has just been horrifying; my flist (which itself is not horrifying ♥) has been full of posts that have been long and eloquent on the subject. [ profile] impertinence has a particularly important--and disturbing, graphic, and personal--post that deals with triggering in an in-depth way. Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

I think a lot about artistic responsibility, though I don't have postably eloquent thoughts on it (as a general topic), right now. Fandom, however, is not a space for putting artistic integrity (such as it is) before other peoples' pain. Ugh.

Anyway . . . stuff. TOS has proved to be the best of all pick-me-ups lately, so I think I'll curl up with some more of Season 2 and my [ profile] thelittlebang piece (which is going great). I should post something reaction-y at some point, though at this point it might mostly be "OMG SPOCK ♥___________♥ WTF I AM MY MOTHER." We were having a lot of fun rehashing random plots in the car today, to the amusement of my father and brother.
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Something I've been meaning to post about for awhile now: the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie casting. I know I mentioned it awhile back, when I first heard the news, but I think it could use some elaboration.

If you've never watched Avatar, I highly recommend it. It's not only one of the best cartoons I've ever seen: it's some of the best television I've watched, period. It has a large cast of well-developed characters; notably, a sizeable number of kickass female characters, who are "kickass" in more ways than just "they are hot and punch people." (I mean, female characters with character.) It has a gripping plot, completely fantastic worldbuilding, it's both hilarious and serious, doesn't talk down to the kids who are its intended audience, and is certainly complex enough to hold adult interest. (It also has several adorable canon het couples, and plenty of slash and femslash potential.) Oh yeah, and it's a fantasy world more or less entirely based on Asian cultures (the way so many of the high fantasy worlds I grew up were based on England/western Europe).

Frankly, this is the kind of show, the kind of storytelling, that we desperately need more of.

So of course, for the live-action Hollywood adaptation, white kids have been cast to play the heroes. All of them. (One of those kids has been heard to comment that he'll "need to get a tan.") More recently, they've cast actors of color in all the major villain roles.

I can't say my expectations for a Hollywood version of this brilliant show were ever exactly high, but this is truly abominable. It's so blatant, I . . . honestly, it's hard to find words. It inspires a visceral, sick-to-my-stomach kind of anger.

For much more thorough information and actual, you know, eloquence, check out this website. The site was established by fans who have been working their asses off to raise awareness and bring their concerns right to the studio, and it has all kinds of resources and suggestions about how to help. Speaking of which!

Even if you're not an Avatar fan, I hope you'll consider signing this petition in protest of the whitewashing. This isn't an issue of fannish entitlement, this is racism in action; and while I don't usually put much stock in online petitions, I doubt it can hurt. (Particularly since it's meant to be delivered physically; these people are dedicated, they'll get it done.) It's so easy to do, too.

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I've been having some very angry feminist days lately. Maybe it's time to cut down on reading WFA every day? Because much as I enjoy a lot of the writing there, I'm clearly hyper-sensitive lately. I mean, there is certainly plenty to be angry about (that last link = SPOILERS for "Death of the New Gods"), and that's just in pop culture/comics (and a very small sample at that). Our whole culture is sick. But it's not particularly useful to feel angry all the time, particularly when a lot of it is more of the same every damn week.

This kind of anger and frustration is really always at the edge of my consciousness (what I get for being a fan of comics and genre entertainment, I guess), but I think it's affecting me even more than usual. Certainly it's been impossible to escape or ignore when I'm watching TV, lately.

I think this may turn into a rant . . . it's been coming for awhile. Not to be expecting finesse. ^^; (Cut to protect recent spoilers, more or less, but if you aren't caught up on Heroes, Bionic Woman, and/or Stargate: Atlantis, you might want to skip.)

Heroes has never exactly been a shining example of happy-feminist television. The show's usually relatively multicultural and diverse (for mainstream American TV), at least with its male characters. But, last season, the only two major female heroes were very blonde and generically "attractive" (not that I don't love Claire, and Nikki's okay, but wow); the one really major female character of color was a textbook WiR, and quite a few other women were killed off as well. (Charlie's also a pretty WiRish example, though I did like Eden's heroic death.)

This season, well. )

Bionic Woman, meanwhile, is a relatively average action show. Jaime's a pretty boring main character, lacking in much personality, but at least she looks great kicking ass (I know, I suck like a big hypocritical sucking thing sometimes). She can be a total idiot sometimes (she discovers that Will has had files on her since two years before they met, but he's still the only man she ever loved? wtf?), and I hated that unborn-baby-death-trauma BS they threw in for no reason, but at least Will died, so we don't have to watch her suck by trying to forgive him or continue to be in a relationship with him, which I'd worried about. Also, in spite of cooperating with them most of the time, Jaime remains healthily furious when the people who changed her try to control her. That's something.

Really, though, I'm watching the show for Sarah Corvis (AKA Katee Sackhoff, siiiigh), and particularly for the scenes with the two Bionic Women together. Their chemistry is incredible, and their relationship would be the most interesting part of the show even if they weren't so very fraught with subtext. (So very. Where are my boatloads of femslash, people?) If Sackhoff leaves the show, I might very well drop it, but . . . I've been starving for female relationships lately, and Jaime has both Sarah and her sister (which could be done better, but it's a start), so there's enough to keep me in there. That, and the fun ass-kicking. I have missed Buffy more, recently.

Lastly, of course, there is Stargate: Atlantis, arguably my biggest fandom show. I've been less in love with it lately, in large part because I am feeling so very female-oriented right now, and SGA has rarely done a good job with its women. Teyla is a really fabulous character, but they rarely seem to know what to do with her, so she usually takes a backseat to plots focusing on her male teammates (though she generally proceeds to be completely awesome in the backseat anyway). Elizabeth was apparently even more difficult for the writers to deal with, stumbling along 'til she was finally dumped. Which made me angrier than I expected, though I at least appreciated that she was allowed to go out more or less in a blaze of glory.

Of course, this new season did add two new female characters to the cast; Sam Carter, imported over from SG-1, and Doctor Keller. I've remained cynical, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the most recent episode, Doppleganger. )

At least there's always Avatar: The Last Airbender. Katara's a bit of the annoying self-righteous "girl is the heart and soul of our group" cliche, but she's often pretty kickass. Toph is amazing. Azula bores me, but her cohorts are fresh and fun. And yeah, those girls do relate to each other! (Katara and Toph could stand to do it more, but still.)

[ETA:] Note to self. Do not forget to do this!


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