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Wow, okay, I needed that; just spent my whole night in, curled up with the second season of Castle and my sketchbook. It's terrifying how long it's been since I've had that much time to sit and draw. Clearly I can neglect my life of hermitude at my peril.

I've mostly been doing original work tonight, but I did finish up one very silly doodly thing, inspired by a stray comment from [ profile] tuesdaysgone and [ profile] fleurdeliser's latest OT3verse installment: because apparently, drawing semi-famous people in aprons is becoming my signature. )

It's good to be getting back on the horse. Apart from the ever-present original projects, I have some very intriguing commissions to do for my [ profile] help_japan winners, and just wait until you guys see the [ profile] trekreversebang art! I mean all of it ... got a sneak peek at everyone's work the other day, and it's one of the most stunning collections of challenge output I think I've ever seen. Hot damn, for serious.

Life has really been pretty great lately. The Patrick Stump show last week was fantastic (which totally took me by surprise and left me at a loss for words - [personal profile] jjtaylor had it covered, though, naturally), and in ten days I get MCR again. The weather has finally caught up to the season, too, and while this has prompted an avian riot to wake me up at four a.m. for the last couple of days, the dogwoods on Beacon Street are already in full flower and there were some forsythias blooming on my walk home today. And this weekend I might get to meet a few of my future classmates at an art festival in my hometown.

Now I just have to take care of a few things. Like, IDK, finally learning to drive.
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I really have no idea what fandom is doing to my brain lately. I fell asleep last night after watching part of this Grant Morrison panel from Comicon '08, which was delightful. Seriously, I love watching him talk more than most people. But then, I proceeded to dream that I was having a standoff with him in a doorway (I don't remember why, or who all the other people with us were), and I shot him in the shoulder. D: D: D: He was like, "psh, I'm okay" when I rushed over immediately after, but I woke myself up in dismay. WTF was that, subconscious? I mean, I appreciate the part where he let me look over concept sketches for a new comic (which apparently involved a rock band with some kind of Edwardian masquerade theme), but.

Oh dear. Too much Killjoys, possibly. Too much BLI!Patrick fanart-in-progress (and frankly, interviews like this one are not helping).

Which isn't to say that I can ever get enough of this band. Oh my goodness, Gerard Way, I am not sure my love for you can be textually rendered. "Don't ever let the media tell you what your body's supposed to look like. You're beautiful the way you are." ♥♥♥ Also, that is possibly the most coherent interview I've ever seen him give.

Bizarre dreams aside, all the distraction is appreciated, because work has been pretty tense lately; my boss had to take open-ended "informal familial leave" to take care of her sick mother, and as she's not very good at delegating, I've been trying to figure out how to take on a pile of essential tasks I have very little idea how to accomplish. Which may be fairly moot, as I've just learned that her mother passed away last night. There's still plenty to do.

Oh, I keep forgetting; [community profile] white_lotus reveals are up. :) There's a whole bunch of lovely fic, art, vids & crafts to check out! I drew Some Like It Hotman, a short comic in which Sokka shows up to, ahem, drag Zuko away from his Fire Lordly duties for awhile. ;)
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So I stepped off my bus this evening to find the entire neighborhood shrouded in darkness.

We've had a fair number of power outages before, but I've never come home to one; it was pretty eerie! As my roommate was off visiting her parents, and I could neither cook or draw in my apartment, I wound up heading down the street to my local comic shop (clearly the best place to be in an emergency); it was closed (like everything else on the block), but I'm friends with the guys who work there, so I wound up hanging around chatting about Battlestar Galactica and Jeopardy-playing computers. After an hour, though, I gave up and caught the first bus to somewhere with light and food.

I've been some flavor of cranky pretty much all day, and losing most of my cozy solo drawing night in did not particularly help. I'm just burnt out, which is pretty common for this time of year ... I need to get away from the city and decompress a bit. Fortunately I'm heading home to the Valley on Friday at last! There will still be snow, but it will be less filthy and congested and I will drink all the Haymarket mochas. While attempting to use really bright colors, meep. (Seriously, I am so excited for the picture I'm working on right now; I hope my Photoshop issues don't fuck it up.)

Also, this is definitely improving my mood: Gerard singing happy birthday to Grant Morrison at the Glasgow show tonight. ♥______♥ (Thank you, [ profile] tuesdaysgone!)
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I meant to do a post-FOB exploration this weekend, but I mostly wound up getting stuck on Patrick. I've lost track of how many times I've listened to the Rolling Stones acoustic performance of "Love Selfish Love" since Friday night, and I want that album now. ("Hereby hangs a tale," much?) Need to give the Black Cards more than just a first listen, but I'm intrigued. (Oh Pete, what IS that outfit? I love that first shot, with Bebe looking completely gorgeous in the front, and then ... bear wolf.)

The other thing I couldn't stop watching all weekend was this Avatar vid to Vienna Teng's "Watershed," because JFC is it gorgeous and powerful.

Things have been looking up in general. In spite of the dangerously icy condition of all the sidewalks in the city, I've really been enjoying this whole forty-degrees-and-sunny thing we have going. (It's an evil NE trick, I know that, but I might as well get what I can out of it.) I even ventured out of my cave apartment to attend a clothing swap on Saturday, which also involved some comics talk and a competitive game of Uno, because I know good sorts of people. :) Also I drew some things; there might be a locked announcement about minicomics and etsy in the next couple of weeks, if people don't mind a little plugging.

Speaking of things I've drawn: I am not entirely pleased with this one, but I like the concept enough that I've changed my mind about not posting it. I have too many ideas right now to try redrawing. /o\ Also, contains GRANT. )

People making comics, as subject matter, is apparently irresistible.
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I should note that this took place during an over-earnest (at least, on my side) exchange regarding RPF and boundaries.

... anyway, as far as Grant goes, I'm acknowledging that the reservations I have there are fairly ridiculous (I could as easily have them about Gerard), and anyway he has penetrated directly into my central narrative ... I can freak out, or I can just enjoy it.

[personal profile] jjtaylor is a terrible influence. Whatever, I have some more fic to read.
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Thank fucking goodness it’s a three-day weekend. I may, at times, have wondered if I was blowing this time of year out of proportion a bit, but really, not so much. Once again, I’m grateful that the windows on my floor don’t open – defenestration of particularly uncooperative faculty members does get a bit tempting now and then. (Seven more months ... and only three more weeks of Admissions season. I'll just keep daydreaming about dyeing my hair outrageous colors the second I can do that again, and maybe other things too.)

It’s just as well that bandom has eaten my brain again, really; it’s a pretty great distraction. A few days ago, I randomly dreamed that Greta Salpeter asked me out on a date and we cuddled in the middle of a big, sunny field (there was some sort of festival setting up nearby). My subconscious isn’t usually so fluffy, but it was nice. Of course, it’s probably only a matter of time before all the Grant Morrison-related ephemera I’ve been consuming catches up to me. (I watched the Disinfo speech a few days ago. I don’t even know, nor am I sure I want to. I do want to finally get back to reading The Invisibles, though.)

Seriously, how did this even happen? Fandom in comics and comics in fandom … I’ve watched the Talking With Gods documentary twice in the last week, so I suppose fanart is only a matter of time, really. Particularly since I seem to have made illustrating [personal profile] jjtaylor my fannish occupation of late.

Speaking of which! It was her birthday yesterday, a fact which helped me decide which scene from “The Detective’s Secret” I’d play with next. (I have a longish list.) Hope you like it, bb; happy belated! ♥

Not going into the pool. )

It occurred to me recently that I miss using this space for conversation, rather than just as a slightly talky gallery. I’ve seriously gotten out of the habit of commenting and communicating on DW/LJ, and I’m finding getting back into it something of a challenge. Definitely want to do better on that.

In a slightly more interactive vein (and to prove that I do in fact have other fandoms still): there’s an interest-gauging poll going on for [ profile] trekreversebang right now! That’s the reverse Star Trek bigbang where ficcers sign up to write stories based on fanart; an awesome idea that I’d love to see spread around a bit more. You guys should check it out.

Before I go work on my actual minicomic for awhile, one more thing I have to share: the spectacle of Pete Wentz interviewing himself. I still love his stupid face.


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