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... and then I fell into an anxiety-riddled funk and kind of disappeared (online and IRL) for awhile. /o\ But hey! I've been doing a bunch of fanart to help pull myself out of it. Have a roundup? :D?

preview thumbnails of eight pieces of fanart (listed below)

Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury, dressed in brightly-colored Fabulous Killjoys costumes inspired by their original designs, pose in a crescent-moon-shaped slice of desert. Usagi, in her famous pose (but with a raygun in the pointing hand) says 'You are SO PUNISHED.'

So [personal profile] ataratah and I did one of our periodic art exchanges. The theme this time was fusions/crossovers, which is the most fun, I could do a whole series of them! (Well, if I had time.) I've been wanting to mix these two fandoms for awhile, and the weekend of the Sailor Moon: Crystal release seemed appropriate. :) I kind of hate coloring, but [ profile] sae gave me a good suggestion for the shading. It's an experiment, but I'm pretty happy with it! Also, CHECK OUT the gorgeous Teen Wolf/Lost Girl fusion art that [personal profile] ataratah drew for our exchange! <3 <3 <3

ghostly-purple Allison Argent hovers, brandishing a knife & her bow. in the background, in a round cut-out, Lydia Martin poses dramatically with the smirking ghosts of Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes hovering behind her, all framed by a dark alleyway and the title 'Teen Ghost' above their heads

I was thinking I wouldn't watch season 4 of Teen Wolf, given that I was COMPLETELY DISGUSTED with most of season 3, but um. I'm weak? That said, the weekend before the premiere I had to do a tribute to my favorite character and the spin-off I wish she were getting. Teen Ghost, clearly, would be the story of Allison, along with Erica, Boyd, and other departed women and POC characters, fighting the evils that the Beacon Hills pack can't even see ... liasing with Lydia, via her banshee powers. (And since this is my daydream, it would prominently feature Allison and Lydia's beyond-the-grave romance.) There'd also probably be a whole storyline about the dead Hales, also, complete with guest-starring Cora who'd finally get her own arc/development, and quite possibly culminating in the permanent death of Peter.

Seriously, someone should write that for me. :( Who knows, I might draw more of it at some point!

America Chavez smiles down at a tiny Kamala Khan sprawled in her open palm. 'Ms. Marvel, I presume?' 'Uh ...'

I believe I've already recced [personal profile] thingswithwings's ADORABLE America/Kamala fic, Embiggen. I had to draw something for it! I wish I had time to draw the WHOLE THING. Can these two team up in canon, please? *_*

An uneasy Emily Fields is flanked by Alison DiLaurentis, who is running her fingers through Emily's hair and tilting her head close, and Spencer Hastings, who has a hand on Emily's shoulder and is watching Alison intently

Oh, Pretty Little Liars. I was violently disappointed in the season premiere, but I am really enjoying Alison's return and interactions with the girls, especially the dynamic (all together and in various combinations) between these three. Mind you, I'm pretty sure Emily is about two seconds from bolting and insisting that the other two DEAL WITH THEIR SHIT if they even can, but. <3 I'd like to do more proper fanart for the show at some point ...

a black& white bust portrait of Allison Argent with a broad smile, arrows at her back, and her reworked family motto circling her head like a halo

Argh, it is SO HARD to draw a toothy smile that doesn't just look creepy as all fuck. :( Poor Allison. I've been feeling really nostalgic for how adorable she was in the early seasons, and tried to mix that with her badassery in the third, but it didn't really come across.

a mishmash of pen doodles based on the first two episodes of Teen Wolf season 4: Kira , surrounded by flames, swinging her katana, Braeden's face in profile, teen!Derek curled up and staring smittenly at Scott, from the shoulders up, Stiles and Malia spooning in bed, and a tiny Lydia head rolling her eyes and remarking 'Srsly, a baseball bat?'

Aaaand yeah, so, Teen Wolf. I'm such a sucker. How much do I wish someone would write some epic ensemble-fic (you know, the kind that's way better than the show, not that this would be hard) for me to illustrate? Because I really love the main cast right now (even though I miss Allison and other departed characters to death). Four amazing ladies! And Scott! Stiles and Derek can come too. :p

But yeah, here are some things I have been enjoying very much. :) I'm surprisingly into Malia/Stiles, mostly because Malia is hilarious and wonderful. I find myself super craving Scott/Derek fic lately (whether Derek is his usual hulking self or de-aged and adorable). And well, BRAEDEN. UNF. <3

Aaand last but not least, here are two more pieces for my birthday female characters doodle fest: the Queen and the Soldier (Serenity/Pluto) and Utena's birthday present. I know it's been months, but I'm still carrying the remaining prompts around, so you never know when more might pop up. :)

I can't believe there hasn't been any MCU fanart in all of this. I should fix that. Although I do kind of have (original) porn to be drawing, too.

At some point I really need to check around and see if there are any exciting bigbangs or reversebangs I want to participate in. I miss doing fic illustration so much ...

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Date: 2014-08-13 07:35 pm (UTC)
were_duck: Ellen Ripley from Alien looking pensively to the right in her space helmet (Default)
From: [personal profile] were_duck
Revisiting your art and I just looooooove your facility with expressions and faces, and also the detail you put into costumes. GAH. ILU


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