reflectedeve: Worried Rachel Summers/Phoenix, reaching out to touch a smiling, out-of-costume Kitty Pryde. (checking in - crosstime caper)
... and then I fell into an anxiety-riddled funk and kind of disappeared (online and IRL) for awhile. /o\ But hey! I've been doing a bunch of fanart to help pull myself out of it. Have a roundup? :D?

preview thumbnails of eight pieces of fanart (listed below)

Sailor Moon/Killjoys fusion (like a neon pink raygun to the face) ) Also, CHECK OUT the gorgeous Teen Wolf/Lost Girl fusion art that [personal profile] ataratah drew for our exchange! <3 <3 <3

Teen Ghost: the Teen Wolf spinoff that exists only in my head )

Quickie illo for thingswithwings's America Chavez/Kamala Khan fic )

Scribbly little Teen Wolf & Pretty Little Liars doodles )

Aaand last but not least, here are two more pieces for my birthday female characters doodle fest: the Queen and the Soldier (Serenity/Pluto) and Utena's birthday present. I know it's been months, but I'm still carrying the remaining prompts around, so you never know when more might pop up. :)

I can't believe there hasn't been any MCU fanart in all of this. I should fix that. Although I do kind of have (original) porn to be drawing, too.

At some point I really need to check around and see if there are any exciting bigbangs or reversebangs I want to participate in. I miss doing fic illustration so much ...
reflectedeve: Worried Rachel Summers/Phoenix, reaching out to touch a smiling, out-of-costume Kitty Pryde. (checking in - crosstime caper)
Ugh, am I awake? I have royally messed with my own sleep schedule this weekend. Mainly because I made the mistake of reading [personal profile] prozacpark's old rec post for Pretty Little Liars, started watching it while coloring one of my [community profile] kink_bingo pieces, and wound up binging. I had to forcibly remove myself from the computer yesterday afternoon in order to get in the script revisions I had planned. It's all very ... dramatic and somewhat overblown, in terms of the plot, but it's certainly entertaining. The real draw, however, is absolutely the female-dominated cast, and the marvelous set of nuanced female friendships that the show develops. It's something I miss from the majority of my media, and it's so damn refreshing.

(I have to say, it's also really trippy to be watching Bianca Lawson play an adorable high school lesbian when I've just been watching her as a morally ambiguous high school guidance counselor!)

So maybe there'll be some fanart at some point ...

Meanwhile, speaking of the [community profile] kink_bingo art I posted a couple days ago (here and here - simulated gore in the former, nudity & sexual situations involving tentacles in the latter), I've been trying some new process stuff and I thought it might be neat to talk about it a little. )

I should get going; I have more comic script revisions and job search stuff ahead of me. And then Teen Wolf ... which, in spite of its flaws, continues to inspire large amounts of sheer fannish giddiness. But I leave you with this question: what even IS Gerard Way? He certainly makes me feel a bit better about myself (I feel like someone's been telling me that I look at least five years younger than I am every other week lately). Ugh, come do a signing near me, bb. (I really can't wait 'til I have time to get down to my hometown comic shop and grab some Killjoys already!)


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